Monday, January 09, 2012

Bang Bang Freed, Bang bang boom and bang bang...

Bang bang... and Anwar is acquitted! After 2 years, Anwar is acquitted by Judge Mohamad Zabidin Mohamad Diah.

901 is another historic day for Malaysia. Not because Anwar is free but more on PDRM's maturity to allow the rally to proceed without major hiccups.

Let's talk about the decision. Honestly Judge Zabidin's judgement caught me by surprise. I prayed that Judge Zabidin rule to Anwar's favour by discharging the case not amounting to acquittal. I did not expect the total acquittal of Anwar. Not with the way how the Judge handled the case.

If Judge Zaibidin discharge the case not amounting to acquittal, then both side can claim victory. The prosecutor can then claimed that only the lack of evidence failed to nail Anwar whilst Anwar's counsels can claim that there are no consistent evidence to put Anwar behind bars. Then, it is a matter of time for the Government to "unearthed" new evidence to prosecute Anwar. They might even bring back Munaweer or Anwar's foster brother, Sukma, as character witness. When the prosecutors failed to link the dots between sodomy I and sodomy II, it is then clear that the prosecutors do not has a strong case and they only rely on Saiful's statements. When that happens, it is more of whose statement the court choose to believe.

Judge Zabidin must has been under tremendous pressure such that the Judge took time off to review the case. I believe that Judge Zabidin finally makes peace with his Maker when he made the bold decision to acquit Anwar. Maybe, by now Judge Zabidin has been called to "mengadap" his superiors in Putrajaya.

You can sense the feelings when PDRM did not mount serious blockades around town to filter out those peaceful rally goers. One of the reason for PDRM's soft ap[proach is due to 901 is a working day and PDRM do not want to jeorpadise the many businesses including offices. Bravos to PDRM for carrying out their duties.

Whilst supporters celebrate Anwar's win, three booms failed to destroy the festive mood. Mischievous people are out there planning to provoke. Some may point it to the small packets of Perkasa/Perkida supporters and some may say it is PR's own supporters or maybe PDRM has a hand in this. Whatever it is, PDRM will use all their skills to flush out the culprit(s) and charge them in courts.

Now, who is the clown of it all? Unfortunately it is not Hishamuddein. Rais Yatim came close with his version that the courts are free. The winner is Hassan Ali. Even at 0700 morning news, Hassan Ali is still blubbering about Anwar and accused Anwar as the prime reason for his sacking. What Hassan Ali failed to realise (or maybe his ego is too big for his songkok) is PAS acted on collective decision or syurah.

Since Hassan Ali is no longer a deputy President then he should learn to abide to the collective decision. I am sure Nik Aziz has reminded him on that when they met in Kota Bharu recently. When Hassan Ali decided to call the Christian group and threatened to expose the se-called Malay Bible, that's when he took a step too far.

Who is Hassan Ali to dictate this and that? Yes, he may be idealogically Islamic but he should learn to resolve matters discreetly. No need to be heroes. You can even be a silent hero for when Islam matters, it is the One God that judge you for your deeds and the masses to credit you. Hassan Ali may be a motivator but this time around, he failed to self-motivate. That's why he is now at the wrong end of the stick!

When you talk about Hassan Ali now, then you will remember Nakhaie. Why? Both are former PAS leaders. The difference for the time being is Hassan Ali has some grace period to appeal PAS's decision. No need to shoot your mouth off the press. If Hassan Ali is sincere in his Islamic struggles, then he should eat some humble pie and appeal his sacking. In the meantime, Khalid Ibrahim has all rights to replace him in Selangor EXCO!

Yes, Anwar is free. But at what cost? Is RPK and Malaysia-today part of the deal to get Anwar acquitted? What about Haris Ibrahim? Or even Zaid Ibrahim?

RPK -Haris Ibrahim partnership is no longer there since last week. Without the third independent force, PR may well disintegrate. It is the 3rd force that supply endless information and suggestions to improve PR. Why? They are the third eye who is free to look within and offer honest observation.

I hope that Judge Zabidin's load is finally off his shoulder. I pray that Judge Zabidin make the right decision and Ustaz Kazim once mentioned "When there are slanders, it s best that you sit and keep out of trouble".

Judge, for the time being, you are the beacon of justice. It is not an easy decision and by now you may receive some tongue lashing. The One God will reward you for your decision. Better still, switch off your phone. You don't need the unnecessary limelight which is taxing on you. Just take another short holiday and pray to Him that your decision is right. And I salute you for your courage, against all odds...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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Anonymous said...

According to SakmongkolAK47, Anwar may not be out of the wood yet. I tend to agree with him. All this acquittal maybe according to script and another charge may be preferred against Anwar, a lesser charge but much more solid that may put Anwar out for good until the GE13 is over. Give a thought to what Sak wrote. PR should be several steps ahead to preempt NTR's next move.
Pak Tua