Saturday, December 22, 2007

Of flood, somnabulant, veiled threats....

December is normally accompany by rainy season in Malaysia and as usual 2007 brings flood to the states of Kelantan, Pahang and johor. Although thousands are temporarily placed in schoold and community halls, there are voices commenting on the slow pace of relief coming from the federal government.

The DPM of Malaysia lamented on the lack of social and community support from the private sector. The reasons for that is not immediately known - is it because the private sectors are hard pressed and preparing for the turbulent economic future or whether it is an advanced signal to the Government that they are not happy with how things are done.

Apart from that, it is a common sight in the Government controlled media of the DPM making his rounds in the flood affected areas. The difference is that now the PM is in Malaysia as compared to 2006 when he was reported to be going on a leasure trip with Datuk Jean Todt and Michelle Yeoh aboard a luxury yatch in Australia. Maybe that was when the PM was a prisoner of love.

Moving on, life is full of opportunities when of late there is a new buzzzing word - somnabulant. It has been an open secret that the current PM of Malaysia has been zzzzzzzzzzz his way and seems to lost control over his oversized cabinet. The recent few gatherings has been labelled illegal when the NGO's, bar councils, opposition parties have all staged some form of protest against his handling of certain issues concerning the judiciary and the election commission.

One of the component parties from the ruling coalition party has openly voiced out his concern on the treatment to the minority Indians. And for his comments, he is currently being draggged into an open controversy - different from the treatment reserved to Keris Hishamuddin who has been waving his daggerlike Keris when the latter is swearing to uphold the "special priviledges" of the Bumiputras. Heck -as far as the records show, the special privildeges are actually a mask to provide the "special class" UMNO members with golden opportunities to make good with portions of economics goods such as negotiated tenders and the likes. There are also reports coming in to say that the crowd has openly booed a senior minister from the ruling party recently. U be the judge and watch youtube under the search

And all this comes amid the veiled threats from Government leaders in response to the assemblies and gatherings which are gaining momentum due to the frustration of alleged judiciary mismanagement and election commission's role as a hidden hand to secure voting advantage to the present ruling parties.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Of being challenged, media manupulation, BERSIH ...

10th November will go down in Malaysian history book as the day when the people signals to the Government of Malaysia that they wanted a fair and clean election.

Despite the statement made by the PM that he does not like to be challenged, made during the closing of the UMNO general assembly, the people next day responded by streaming into the capital in thousands to deliver their memorandum to the King.

Against the tight security net set up by the Police starting from the perimeters of Malaysia, people of all race, religion, age defy the odds to converge into the meeting points before marching to the palace to hand over the memorandum.

Roadblocks in Sg Besi, Gombak, Setapak, Federal highway, diverting traffics from entering directly into KL, mass transit system opting not to stopat the meeting points do not deter the people from braving their way in the heavy rains to converge at Central market, SOGO, Masjid Jamek, Masjid Negara.

Bloggers Raja Petra provided the space for others to voice their actions and unofficially pave the chronology of the events whilst provided the scenario from the scene.

Al jazeera broke the news at 3.00 pm at interviewed jeff ooi of screenshot on the BERSIH's demands for a fair and free election whilst Minister of Information did has his share in the al jazeera interview.

For some, this is a historic events as they come not because of their political believe but a common cause unites them all i.e. to see a fair and free election.

For some, their trip is laced with souvenirs from the police in the likes of tear gas, water canon etc when they are non-confrontational. Yet the police claims the crowd is unruly.

Not only that, the IGP states that only 4,000 attended the illegal assembly. True or false when al jazeera says tens of thousands indicating that there are more than 10,000 people in the Masjid Jamek area alone.

Independent sources claims that approximately 40,000 manage to converge to the palace whilst the other half were being chased around by the police. Buses from other states were blocked from joining the crowd and diverted elsewhere.

All in all, the people has manage to out their message across - enough is enough...provide a fair and free election. The irony of the matter is that the mainstream newspaper and TV downplay the significance of the event which isolated the rural people from knowing the truth about the assembly.

All said and done, this is the beginning and maybe more to come.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Of General assembly, peaceful gathering and ...

The rhetorics seem few notches lower than the past year as PM deliver his key speech in the annual UMNO general assembly. Mentioning that the party is receptive to collective ideas, PM is seeding the assembly with coated speech to win the hearts of non-Malays.

Gone are the "Go, if u don't like" challenge, PM is trying his best to provides the prelude of the coming delegates speeches. True to the core, most of the delegates tend to be concilatory in nature and potrays the need of their people, as if they are the true fighters and represents the rakyat.

Apart from the PM's address, the Youth wing has re-define the reasoning behind the kris unsheathing. From the words of defending the Malay rights to the last spill of blood, now the rhetoric talks about protecting all, as the umbrella.

The questions that raised through my mind is how can they defend the rights of a common Malaysian when the UMNO youth brigade (PUTRA) enjoys supporting the mat rempits, those king of the road comes Saturday nights?

Come 10th November when the UMNO general assembly is over, there will be another kind of assembly. This time the assembly is not held in the air cond halls of PWTC but under the blue skies of Malaysia where thousands of people is expected to gather for a clean and fair election whilst voicing their support to the Rulers of Malaysia.

Whether the 10th November gathering manage to gather 1o, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, 1000000 people is not important. What is important is that there is a decent voice for a cleaner and fair election procedures as well as a solid support to YDPA.

It is not politically motivated and UMNO should use this opportunity to prove that they are also citizens who support the YDPA.

As I see it, if UMNO could not activate their members to join in the peaceful gathering, then it is clear who is the arrogant party - the one who feels that they own the country and can rundown normal citizenss without care...

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Of submarine, astro-not, ballot boxes...

The main newspaper to day highlighted the unveiling of the first Malaysian submarine named Tunku Abdul Rahman, in rememberance of Malaysia's first Prime Minister. The submarine is expected to be delivered in 2009 which will reinforce Malaysia's defense where the sea lanes across the Straits of Malacca happens to be one of the busiest sea routes of the world.

The unveiling of the submarine is a refreshing occasion and downplay the murder trial of Alantuya, which some has connected to the submarine deal. Come to think of it, if the murder does not takes place, will Razak Baginda be standing next to the DPM???

Out of the ocean depths, the next focus is of course the first Malaysian in outer space. Again the mainstream newspaper reported that Sheikh Muzaffar will be given a hero's welcome on his short return to Malaysia in November 2007. Why November when he will be undergoing experiments in European space agency on effects of space condition to man. General election around the corner??

On further comment, it will be a proud moment for the nation if a Malaysian is chosen by USA or Russia to be an astronaut (or cosmonaut) based on his ability and not paid by the taxpayer's money. Poor Dr Sheikh...he will be a victim of circumstances when political parties will use him as political mileage.

A small caption in Bernama mentions that transparent election boxes is currently distributed nationwide ahead of the General election. Why now?? Is General election coming soon??

The three news though significant pales when compared to the news of Lim Goh Tong's death. His story and his success shall be remembered, not because of his richness but on how hard work will be rewarded.

Whatever it is, the one news that should be anticipated by all peace loving Malaysians is whether the CJ's tenure extended or not...

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Of Ali, Abdullah and I don't read...

On the first schooling day after Eid Mubarrak, it is unsettling to read the news of PM claiming ignorance to PPP's, one of BN's component party, request to regain their lost seats come the next General election.

Abdullah Badawi, for reasons best known to him, has openly declared that he has not read the letter from PPP's President, Deputy Minister Kayveas, on their request to regain their 4 Parlimentary seats and 12 state seats which they had won in 1969. Funny thing is Kayveas made the claims 38 years later. The question is, has Kayveas finally gather his nerves to make the demands to PM? Is this a sign that PM's is not as strong as what he is perceived to be ? Will Kayveas made the same demands if the PM is other than Abdullah Badawi? After all, one of UMNO's vice President has openly make a statement that if PPP does not like how they are treated, they can always leave the BN. And to top it all, Kayveas claims that he sent the letter in March 2007 but PM has not read it in October 2007, after 8 months!!!! Incompetent? Unimportant?? Trivial issue??? U decide. If something of this importance has not been attended by PM after 8 months, then what about the promises made during the past election??? Just toppings to win over the votes??

Kayveas, being Kayveas, runs to PM and reported on UMNO's vice President remarks during the recently concluded PPP's annual general meeting. Is Kayveas playing with fire ? Or is he personnaly making the statement to corner PM to one corner, hoping to force PM to grant PPP's demand of extra parlimentary seats come the next General election ?

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Of election promises, accountability, MyT2...

The PM of Malaysia today has indicated that the next General Election is around the corner when he agrees that he has not deliver the promises made during the last General Election's campaign. In a rare speech made in Penang, he has requsted for 15 years to make good his promises. So, my Dear PM...if the promises made in 2004 needs 15 years what about the promises made in 2007? And hat about the promises u are going to pledge during the next General Election? It seems that ur promises goes beyond vision 2020...And the funny thing is, u can still afford to smile despite admitting that u cannot deliver the promises made during the 2004 campaign. And to top it all, u r so confident that u will be around in 2022 (15 years on). My dear mere mortals who are subject to the alMight graciousness, pls don't be cocky with ur life span...for who are we to say that we will be around for the next 15 years.

And the Malay newspaper screamed out that the Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) is going to make big announcement on actions to be taken/recommended to be taken on light of the recent Auditor General's report. And yet, reading between the lines i is clear that ACA can only take action against the Government servants whilct the policy malers aka the Ministers and the Politicians are not bounded by ACA and as such ACA will not be going for the Ministers, Deputy Ministers or the politically appointed persons. This is accountability ? U decide...In the meantime, feel free to read a good article from Bakri Musa extracted from Malaysia Today.

Even the sports has not been kind to our PM when My T2 (My Team 2) lost out to the Indomesian selection 0 - 2. With the money spent and the build up, the football match today clearly demonstrate that My T2 is outclassed, outpaced and only suitable for estate matches. The My T2 team is not ready to play undet the floodlights nor are they ready to play entertaining soccer match.

When the leaders are busy entertaining to their stomach, the public will be facing higher flour prices. That will be coming soon...

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Of Eid Mubarrak, King, Politician...

Although 1st Syawal has been celebrated on 13th October, 2007, it is not too late to wish all Eid Mubarrak. However, in Malaysia Eid Mubarrak is celebrated quite differently this year...

1st HRH the King, as usual celebrated the 1st Syawal with his subjects in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur before flying down to his homestate on 2nd Syawal to pay respect to his late father in the Royal mouseluem of Ladang, Terengganu. And barely a week later, the de Facto Law Minister Nazri fired the first warning shot reminding all and sundry that the King has to listen to the PM's advise regarding the extension of Chief Justice service. The statement was clearly objected by others, a day later. So, which is which?

Looking back, the issue was blown up when the lingamgate tape was uploaded into utube where a prominent lawyer was seen and heard talking on the phone discussing the appointments of senior lawyers, of which one of the names mentioned is the current Chief Justice of Malaysia. Is the tape authentic ? Who tape it ? Malaysian lawyers and opposition parties as well as NGOs demanded a Royal commission but the Government under the present PM is dragging their feet and instead set up an independent panel. After 3 weeks of its formation, the panel is still groping in the dark like a headless chicken with no direction and objective.

Now, looking back there is also another new issue on the issue that is bigger than the extension of CJ's service.
This issue has been purposely hidden between the lines but sooner will get the public with their pants down..the issue of the ever increasing fuel price. The Minister in charge has pre-warned the public on the possibility vide his statement on 17th October 2007. And how much is the fuel price increment? Nobody wants totalk about it now. Instead, everyone is focussing on the rumour that the General election is coming..soon.

The plot thicken and this time the nightcaller will be around regularly to give his 2 cents comments

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Of live bullets and sleep standing...

The normally sleepy Sunday tranquility reacts to the distubing news that there was a riot in the Eastern states of Terengganu where the police was forced to employ the Federal Reserve Units and the Quick action squad to disperse the so-called riots.

The riots happened when the police cordoned off the designated ceramah area where the movement for the anti-corruption was supposed to held a mass rally. The police claimed that the rioters swelled fropm the initial 3000 to 6000, hurling molotov cocktail and stones to the uniformed police.

The organisers claimed that the police acts first resulting in 2 critically wounded and now in the hospital for serious gunshot wounds. Who to believe? Well, for one, it depends on how the events are seen? For the Government and the politicians, it is the police who are cornered to take a drastic action (although they were mentioned about the 2 who are seriously wounded).

For the opposition, they also issue a press statement claiming the opposite. The Government controlled TV even show the chaos that happens during their nightly news.

Me? It shows clearly that the general election is coming. The politicians from both sides are using the issue as a political mileage. However, one thing that is baffling is the different approach taken by the Government when they are faced with the tense situation. Recently, the Government has backed down from their target to cull domestic pigs which have over-populated the state of Malacca. There, the State government started to take action on the pig farms which have created health problems to the surrounding neighbourhood. The exercise were later called off when the pig farmers staged a sit in to protest the action and reportedly will turn aggressive if the actions were continued. If the Government can negotiate when it come pigs, then why can't the Government and the police use the same approach in handling the rally? After all, experiences have proven that the opposition has been co-operative with the police if negotiations were held and they can control the crowd.

Internationally, the PM of Maslaysia attended the APEC meeting held in Australia and for once he has another clown in his company in the form of the Preesident of US of A, the most powerful nation on planet earth. Although, the President managed to keep true to his form of bloopers and blunders, the PM of Malaysia still manage to go 1 up on the President by appearing to sleep standing - a feat that could not be confirmed just yet by the Guiness book of records.

The PM is in the front row, second from left. And he is the only one with his eyes closed. Sleeping ? meditating ? Blinking? it's your call.

Wonder what will happen if the President (of US of A) and the PM (of Malaysia) stands side by side...will they be able to pull off another record or will they be sufficient time for them to compare notes...

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Of 50 years down the lane...

31st August 2007 is a significant date, a date where Malaysia celebrates it's 50th year independence. At 50, Malaysia should be matured and Malaysians should be able to act as a nation, ready to launch forward into a more progressive country.

However, what happens indicates that Malaysians are far from matured. The incident involving the referee of a sports competition held in Malaysia potrays the immaturity of the enforcement agency in handling situations.

Apart from that, the growing discontent against the present PM is getting louder and louder. Notwithstanding the percentage of truth in the accusation, the facts remained that there is a party who is reaping profits from the so called monsoon cup. And that particular person does not hail from the state of Terengganu where the Monsoon cup is held.

50 years on, there is a growing concern on the difference in culture between the major etnics composition of Malaysia. There should be a concerted effort for all parties, from the NGO's, the political parties to sit down and formulated a Malaysian nation, where citizens can be proud of - the same as they are proud to write Malaysian as their nationality when travelling overseas.

Against all that, there is also a growing anticipation of the next General election where the date has been shifting regularly, like those of the desert sandstorm.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Of murder case and murdered dreams...

First and foremost, it has been quite some time when this blogger last posted the views ...not for giving up but due to the many work constrains and datelines...

The start of the high profile court case send the crowd packing in Shah Alam. From the beginning, it looks like something fishy when the moral standing of the deceased is put on trial. On the blog, the PI is grilled on the events leading to her disappearance. The coming weeks will be more interesting when the case unfolded. It has all the ingredients to be an International story, the PI insist to talk in Tamil when he took the witness stand. The deceased's cousin provide evidence in Mongolian. Will there be more?

On the local front, the DPM vented his angers on the EU envoy for making statements against the NEP. Is that a simple diversion on what is happening elsewhere? Is there something behind the former PM's visit to Bosnia ? And thePM was there earlier..Is there any specially arranged meeting there? Will someone care to explain...

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Of Ijok and the Iraqi wall...

The recent nomination for the Ijok by-election clearly demonstrate that even close to the capital city of Putrajaya, the Election Commission (EC) has failed to carry out their duty fairly, without fear and favour.

The bottle throwing contest between the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) and the opposition (PKR) reveals that leaders from both sides has failed to control their supporters. Even worse, the situation deterioarates further with the proddings from the so-called second echelon leaders.

And yet on the weekend mainstream papers, photos of the second echelon leaders riding the motorcyle clearly show his disrespect towards the law. First, he did not put on the safety helmets. Second, his pillion rider did not wear the helmet and lastly, did he has a valid license?

And then again, the roughening to the PKR candidate and independent photographers by the BN workers is totally uncalled for. BN, with all its machinery and political heavyweight should not resort to the gangsterism style to get the votes.

And all in a sudden, the Chief Minister of Selangor decided to adapt Ijok. Why now? And now the lighting posts are coming in, the roads are tarred, the potholes are filled.

Away from the local issues drummed up for the by-election, the spotlight is on the Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) on the muder case of the Mongolian model. Rightly or not, the case offer an extra weight for the DPM to carry in his capacity to retain the seat for BN. Fortunately, the PKR candidate considers the Mongolian model's case is a non-issue in Ijok.

Internationally, is there another wall going up after the Berlin wall? USA is constructing a dividing wall in Baghdad to separate the Sunnis and the Shias. Is this the best solution? Or Uncle Sam is sowing the seed oh hatred and mistrust between the two religous factions of Islam?

Datelined 22nd April '07, the Iraqi PM has ordered the wall construction separating the Sunnis and the Shias to be abandoned, This is after numerouos protest and comments received during his tour to the neighboring Arab countries. Funny, how Uncle Sam is taking the cuefrom the Israelis on soving sectarian violence as parallel to the approach made by Israel government to avert suicide bombers.

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Of Machap brawl, Bloggers and the Summer house...

The e-mail received jolts my belief that no matter what transpire, members from both sides of the competing parties will tow the line. However, the you tube images capture the ugly scene captured in film footage about unruly crowds who could not contain their emotions.

The response from the police are firm but the aftermath is not known. Will the culprits be charged? If they are, it can presume that the ruling party's set of lawyers will be able to worm their way out, bringing victory and the verdict "not guilty". How different the set of rules applied to members of the ruling party.

Away from the serenity of Machap, another by-election may be called soon in Selangor. This is made possible with the sudden demise of the state assemblyman in India recently. Will the incident recurs, whenthis tome around, it may be MIC against the DAP ?

Closer to the e-world, the bloggers of Malaysia has formed a pro-tem committee to manage the National Alliance of Bloggers. And more gatherings are in the pipeline.

And yet, another disturbing news is about the Prime Minister. Malaysia Today show the purpotedly summer house of Abdullah Badawi in Australia. And the exposure is made after the famous Son in Law challenge for proof.

The house shown, complete with the address is under renovation. Now will the Prime Minister deny the exposure? Will he wake up? Will the Son in Law respond? Will the Minister of Foreign Affairs clarify in the parliment?

Going back, the exposure was earlier made by the former Prime Minister. The question now, will the truth prevail ? Will there be another news blackout?

Will the Prime Minister come clean? As clean as what the main media made him to be? Declare it openly...

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Of Machap, pre-election psycho.....

As the nomination day for Machap by-election is drawing closer, aspirational parties started to fire pre-election salvos, marking the beginning of the psycho and counter psycho to test the mood swing of voters.

The BN head of Malacca, Datuk Ali Rustam has expressed his desire for the voters to be given the day off on the election day, come 12th April 2007.

The Deputy Prime Minister, who happens to be the No 2 man in BN claimed that the opposition parties are inconsistent in their stand, referring to the previous Batu Talam by-election when the main opposition parties decided to boycott the by-election.

Democratic Action Party (DAP) who many feels will put their candidate in the by-election has accused the Election Commission's Chairman of bias in selecting the date for the all important by-election.

This is the by-election closly monitored by all parties from both sides of the fence, BN or opposition and maybe the fence sitters and the political analysts.

The online news will play a small but important role in the by-election. Whether the online bloggers will be able to sway the voters will be closely monitored by the main media as well as the guys from the so called 4th floor in Putrajaya.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Of Gelombang Biru, revived mega project and election war chest...

The planned ruling party's blitz across Terengganu and Kelantan signal the final phases of BN's election preparation to keep Terengganu and to capture Kelantan from PAS. The events drawn up by the respective state's BN's dominated UMNO underlines the seriousness of BN to control the 2 eastern states of Peninsular Malaysia and draws a strong parallel to the Gelombang Biru that distances the voters from re-electing PAS to govern Terengganu.

However, the keypoint to the carefully staged programmes pointed to one thing - BN, or rather UMNO is going all out to win the hearts of the Malays of Terengganu and Kelantan. And why is Kelantan and Terengganu so important to UMNO? It is for a pure reason that UMNO is desperate for the Malay supports of the rural areas. UMNO can no longer depends on the urbanised Malay since there are too many issues that keeps coming out which can no longer swept under the carpet. Further, the urban areas are multi-racial and the non-Malays votes hinges on the performance of the present ruling party which, coincidentally nothing worth bragging.

The coming by-election of Macap, Melaka can be a good barometer to gauge the support and the voting trends on non-Malays. The election campaign for Macap will not be the same as those of the rural Terengganu and Kelantan. Here, the voters will not be coerced with kain pelikats, bicycles and praying mats. The Macap voters will be asking the BN to tasks including the welfare of non-Malays, the education and other worldly things.

The recent announcement by the Government to revive the double tracking rail project is another pointer that the elections are drawing near, maybe providing the present Prime Minister with many beautiful dreams consisting of numbers i.e. dates. The mega project will be one of the sources for the election war chest. The project is raising eyebrows to many when it was first cancelled, then KIV and now revive.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Of makeover and self denial...

After all the excitement of accusations involving bribery to both a senior politician and a senior public official, the statement by the Prime Minister has put a damper to the ongoing saga of theories and tale spinning.

The latest news by the Select Committee cancelling the coming 12th March '07 invitation to both the ACA director and its accuser, on the pretext that the police are investigating the case seems to be illogical at times. The police was given a chance several months ago to pursue the case but the AG has opted to classify it as NFA (No Further Action), so is there a need for investigation now? It should be the Select Committee to pursue the case, not to prosecute anybody but to get to the bottom of the things. If the ACA Director is innocent, then declare so.

The case of the Senior politician, on the other looks set for an interesting showdown, with the police nabbing the second detainee mentioned in the original accusation of bribery. And the interesting part is the detainee was nabbed by the ACA. What a coincedence. Has the ACA becomes super-efficient surpassing that of the police? Is there a friendly competition between ACA and the police with the police investigating the ACA Director and the ACA nabbing the detainees released by order of the Deputy Minister in charge of police?

However, it shall also be noted that the flurry of events happen after the Prime Minister commented that on the monthly gathering for Departments under the Prime Minister's Department.

The Prime Minister himself is not spared from entering the self-denial mode of side-stepping the issue whether he has re-married or remains a widower. The Prime Minister should come out clean and openly declare whether he has re-married or not. The issue of whether it is a rumour or not should be left as that. A rumour may be true and can be false. A statement of fact will remain a statement of fact. So, Mr Prime Minister, are you married now?

Another interesting news is the goody claimed by Ceupacs, the national body representing the public sector, that the Government may agree to the salary hike requested by the public sector. Is this a danggling carrot for the General Election?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Of events leading to NFA...

Lately, the Malaysian media is playing on the supposedly accusation that the current Director General (DG) of Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) is amassing properties beyond his capabilities based on his monthly drawn income and the police report regarding his sexual misconduct of 1997.

A flurry of media exchanges from the Attorney General (AG), the Police No 1 (IGP), The Chairman of Select Committee and even the Prime Minister circulated and base on the media preference, it will either be highlighted or carried on as a supplementary news.

However, it is interesting to note that although the initial accusation was made early on by one of the outgoing ACA officers, the headlines were only made when the oppossition raised the issue in the ceramahs. It will not do so if this is not highlighted by the opossition and relentless echoed by the bloggers.

And yet the end of the tunnel has been indicated by the Malaysian PM from Yemen with his statement that the DG of ACA has been vetted twice and by two different government agency provides the clear signs that the DG will be scot free. At most, the Government will set up another committee to review the processes of vetting top civil servants.

All in all, the events will be a drama of sorts stemming from the miscommunications between the Police and the Attorney General (and that's why the investigation papers were neglected for the past few years), the oversight from both the Police and ACA vetting processes (due to insufficient documented proof), the wrong advise and recommendation to the PM (due to the insufficient time as the PM is always abroad - :) , the non-executive power of the Select Committee (as they can only call for hearing but cannot pass any judgement) - the results shall be NFA (No Further ACtion) stamped on the file folder and laid to rest.

And at least the Government has something better to do that is to scrutinise and to provide recommendations on what the DJ Linda Onn shouldwear at the Grammys...

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Of missing leaders and questionable officers...

Traditionally, at least one of the top two leaders of a country will be in the country toadminister the state of the country. This is not so in Malaysia. For the past few days, the Prime Minister and his Deputy is criss crossing the Arab world. Are there any elections there where BN is putting its candidate there?

Whilst performing his official duty, the Deputy Prime Minister takes time off to perform the Umrah (small haji). This is evident with the photo caption of Najib with his ihram.

WWith the Deuty talking on the possibility of more Arab students enrolling in the Malaysian higher centres of learning.

Does all the travelling needed to divert the media attention to the now scarcely mention case of the Mongolian model?

The drop in Malaysian share market may force the Prime Minister to seek for divine indication when the General election being held. Maybe another chance for the Prime Minister to take a good luck to his current team and get the best out of them.

Or are both the leaders purposely travel abroad to glance off the possible inquiry of Datuk Zulkifli, the head of Anti Corruption Agency on several issues bordering between the legal and illegal connection.

It is time for the masses to say "Enough is enough"
It is a sad day when the country are run by those behind the table.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Of feeling good economy and broken promises...

For the past few days, the mainstrem news are harping on the leaps and bounds of Malaysian economy with share index breaching the 13 year old record. Despite the cautious assessment of alternative news, the Prime Minister responded that the economy is genuinely taking a turn for the better.

And returning from Jakarta, another news awaits the good time economy...that of Malaysian Government offering India to bid for the double track project between Seremban and Gemas, where the portion was initially packaged by China related companies (CREC) before the project was shelved due to controversies surrounding the award of the project to MMC-Gamuda.

It seems that the circle is coming to full cycle with a twist here and there. And yet, the role of CREC or China is unclear. When or rather what will the Malaysian government offer to China? Or is it going to be another broken promises and empty talks to camourflage the fact that MMC-Gamuda is already putting their proposal for the northern portion of the project?

Or maybe the Malaysian Prime Minister is still in cloud nine if what RPK writes is true and Malaysia will be introduced to a new Mrs PM. In the meantime, the Malaysian bloggers are keenly following the cases involving Rocky and Jeff.

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Of treats and threats....

Normally, the children in USA will go door to door with their fancy costumes and the immortal words of "treat or trick" during the haloween whilst the older guys/gals will party the night away.

In Malaysia, the "treat and trick" has been dramatically changed to "treat or threats" where the higher up in the political echelon will pass his decree to remind the normal guys on the street to toe the line or else...

Just the other day, the Minister of Public Works has revealed the repair cost of Middle Ring Road II (MRR) which comes up to RM 70 million from the initial RM 40 million announced a year earlier. This is 75 % more than the initial estimate provided by the same Ministry. Now, the question that goes begging is whose fault is it? Has the Ministry and its in-house experts has undersetimate the repair cost? Or has the Contractor inflate the price? As this is a public project, with public money, the Ministry shall be more responsible in providing data and details.

And yet the same Minister is more concern with the toll agreement with the private toll operators. The Minister, upping the Ministry of Internal Affairs declare that the documents pertaining to the toll is classified as OSA. The question is when is the documents regarded as OSA and when does the OSAship of the documents can be declared as null and void. Being a layman, an OSA document can be recklessly left on the table for all to see unless the cover is printed in bold, red wordings of OSA or similar with appropriate warnings like those found by the side of a cigarrete box.

So where is the treat ? The treat is for the public to use MRR and the tolled highway. And the threats ? Additional RM 30 million (75 % more than the estimate) to be borne by public funds and also the ever increasing toll along the highways.

Further threats come in the form of OSA when the toll increament was challenged by the opposition.

And in all this affair, the Kingpin of Malaysia's BN is busy warding off news like the new executive jet, yatch, nasi kandar restaurant in Perth, free trade talks with USA etc.

It is no surprise that all this leads to the question on competency, who is competent enough to lead the country towards achieving Vision 2020 and whether what the public is facing now is the "treat or threat" situation, in view of speculations of an early General Election.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Of magnificient bloggers and the truth...

It is with pride when the two bloggers flanked by more bloggers and would-be bloggers walked into the courts today for round 1 of the defamation suit between the media giant and the bloggers.
From different background and different races, the bloggers represent the aspiration of many who could turn up in court to provide moral support to the bloggers.

And if this is the beginning, the future is surely brighter if other well-known bloggers with present an past connections can throw in their support, even morally, to the two. Bloggers like Lim of DAP, Malaysia today, A kadir Jasin to mention a few will even thing up.

What the bloggers wrote and will continue writing are not pluck off from the dark room of Putrajaya. It should be given the chance to provide the other side of the coins. After all, how far can the bloggers reach? Unless, of course, if someone up there is not happy with the scoop after scoop that rattles the weak heart.

Why the need for PM to conduct a press conference on the VVIP plane? Exerpts from A Kadir' blog "

[UPDATE, Jan 29]THE Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, confirmed that an Airbus A319 Corporate Jet is being made available to the country’s VVIPs, including the King.

But according to The Star newspaper’s short message service (SMS), the PM said the Government did not buy the plane but instead leased it.

Whether the Government is buying the jet or is leasing it, the cost of leasing and operating it will still have to be shouldered by the taxpayers.

It is understood that the US$50-million plus aircraft is bought by Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad (PMB), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Berhad. PMB has a leasing arm. It owns all the aircraft operated by Malaysia Airlines Berhad (Mas)."

And that is 1 truth. The truth is, the taxpayers' monies are used by a Govt related company to purchase the plane. The truth is, it will add to the existing stable of fleet of airplanes, the truth is, it was not publicly announce, the truth is is it necessary? the truth is why the purchase done in 2003? If it is for the Agung's use, the new Agung was installed in 2006.

From NST "Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the voters "knew better", judging from the 5,857 win margin, which more than doubled the majority obtained in the last general election." And the truth? The truth is, it is a 1 sided affair because BN is against the independent candidate who can't even round up election agents, the truth is the whole BN machinery is camped in Batu Talam during the campaigning period, the truth is the same BN election workers can be better diverted to Batu Pahat to help in flood relief centres, the truth is why KJ did not make any impact in Batu Talam? the truth is the voters obtained by the ruling party is not reflective of the actual support from the masses, the truth is , call for an early GE and see the support from the public..

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Of VVIP plane, flowers and by-elections...

Weekends are fun times. Beaches, malls an such. Malaysia launced its floral parade on 27th Jan '07 where 50,000 strong spectators lined up the administrative capital Putrajaya to witness the parade which is a showcase to the world of Malaysia's truly Asian.

The King is there together with his consort, the DPM is there, the brass bands were aplenty to celebrate the parade which one day may be as famous as the Pasadena parade in USA.

And where is the PM ? Maybe too busy granting an exclusive interview to a mainstream media (as a reward to sue bloggers, maybe?). Whatever it is, read the exerpts of the interview linked here. What is fair is fair and ample opportunity should be given for the PM to respond to criticm and accusations. The question is, is the right answer given or the right questions asked...

Whilst the spectators are there milling around and admire the floats, there is another news floating around - that of the VVIP plane purchase by the Malaysian government. The cost ? Around USD 40 ~ 45 million (without outfitting).

Accompanying the photo is the write up on the purchase of the plane. Amongst others, the author mentioned of the existing current fleet of 4 VVIP. 4 not enough?

And what is served on the plane? Nasi kandar from Perth, I presume. Why from Perth? It seems that the PM has just officiated an opening of a global nasi kandar in Perth owned by one of his close relative.

So why not bring the nasi kandar on the VVIP plane globally ?

Back to the national scene, 28th Jan '07 will be closely scritinised by political analyst for that day will be the by-election of Batu Talam. The candidates ? BN and an independent. So how will the BN candidate fare against the novice independent? The writings are there. BN will win but the qusetion is how big?

A majority of less than 3000 votes will signal something is wrong with the strong BN election machine. Voters turnout is also closely monitored since the opposition has ecided to boycott the election.

An on a private owned TV late last night, the election commission (EC) has warned those who "pursuade" the voters to boycott the election with a veiled warning to bring them to court.

For political pundits, this is something to look for, maybe better and more suspense than the Alfred Hitchcock movies.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Of bees and masjid...

Returning from my daily errands, it cross my mind several issues that affect me and the surroundings.

The first is the happening in a semi-urban Taman Andalas Klang when a group of students on a familiarisation run, in preparation to their annual X-country were attcked by a swarm of bees, courtesy of 2 pranksters amongst them who took the liberty to throw stones at the hives. As a result, 4 were warded and scores of others were given outpatient treatment in the nearby hospital. Their age? 12 years old.

And tonight in the nearby masjid, the Imam mentioned of a youth who held a knife at the masjid keeper's throat and warning him before thinking the kitty money.

Both the incidents indicate the seriousness of the moral decay happening in our society where the youth of today disregard peer respect and no second thoughts to commit crime even in places of worship.

Something must be done and done fast to stop the decay. I leave it at that for u guys to think...

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Of metally challenge person...

Weekend is a good time to catch up with reading interesting articles ranging from the light hearted comics to a more serious political discussions, both in the mainstream media or from other blogs. A few articles written touch on my interest. One of them being from a blog administered by the cousin of one of the Sultan titled "Our mentally challenged PM" and another is titled "2 events to boost Pak Lah's image" administered by another well known Malaysian blogger who has been recently sued by a mainstream media.

Reading both of the articles, another politically motivated article mentions on other prominent politicians and how to remove the thorns and political obstacles. Combining the facts or speculations, as how uyou would like to interpret it, it is clear that there is no permanent alliance in politics. Back in 1986 when Tg Razaleigh openly challenge the then PM of Malaysia, one of the casulaty is one Abdullah who was sidelined from UMNO. Being patient or rather submissive, the person was later elevated to DPM when Anuar Ibrahim choose to go for broke against the then PM. Others, as they say it, is history. The submissive guy is now the PM, the fighting Tg is staying at the fringes of power and the rebellious Anuar is effectively politically dead.

The last person standing is the son of former premier Tun Razak. Being calculative, it is yet to be seen whether he will wither the storm blowing in his way or he will be like the ever changing lallang. Time will tell. Behind the scene will be the ambitous SIL who has made known his intention to be the youngest PM of Malaysia.

The preparation for the next GE will be dependent on Batu Talam by election results. A big win by the ruling party will instill extra confidence for the PM to call for early election. A poor show by the ruling party will be an indication of the future.

Whatever it is, the next few months will be instrumental in shaping the political course of Malaysia.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Awal Muharram...looking back

When most of Malaysians are looking with interest on the Mongolian model's murder case, Judge K.N. Segara refused bail on the prominent polical analyst who was charged with abetting the high profile murder, I am more concerned with the state of affairs of Muslims across the world.

President Bush's statement that the Iraqi government has botched the hanging of their former President is actually timed to respond to the public outcry against the hanging which was carried out at dawn of the recent Eid-Adha, a holy day for the Muslims. But Bush being bush, takes the opportunity to pressure the present Iraqi premier Nuri al-Maliki to take drastic steps to sever ties with Shias militia by directing the Iraqi armed forces to actively engage the militias and jointly with US forces arrested a close aide of Moqtada al-Sadar.

Is this a planned strategy by the foreign forces to split Iraq and pitting the Shias against the Sunnis. With both factions weary of each other, Bush will have an easier time to manipulate Nuri to do his bidding and easing off pressure from the Democrats.

In Asia, the Philippine military has positively conclude that the Abu Sayyaf leader has been neutralised . This neutralisation will be closely monitored to see who ascends the leadership with Janjalani's demise.

In the middle east, the continued clashes between Hamas and Fatah has diverted both factions from confronting their real enemy which is the Israel government. Instead of joining hands to face the common enemy, the factions are more interested in harping on their differences which is typical Arab custom.

And all this brings us closer to OIC, the umbrella organisation that is supposed to look into the welfare of Muslims and the Muslim countries of 56 countries. The President of OIC, who happens to be the present Pime Minister of Malaysia welcome the Muslim New Year with special prayers in the Malaysian National Mosque.

Looking at the photo, I still remember during my younger days when my parents repeatedly scolded me for putting the Koran on the floor whilst reading it. And yet, I see with my own eyes Abdullah Badawi did the same when reading the Yassin on the Awal Muharram eve. Islam Hadhari allows this?

If Muslims are not sensitive to the Koran, then how can we xpect to be sensitive to the plights of our Muslim brothers across the world?

Saying that, it is now clear that Muslims are now like bubles above the waves, burst easily and swept by the currents. It shows that Muslims have stray away from the core of their religion and if this is comntinued, their future is bleak to face the advancing materialistic world.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Election Commission Review and Batu Talam

After many long years, the Chairman of Malaysian Election Commission (EC) finally put forth suggestions to review the election laws. The question is why now? Why when there is an impending by-election to be held in Batu Talam.

After all, the same Chairman of EC is the one who denies about the existence of phantom voters during the last general election. Is there something cooking ?

Funny how the statement was made in concert with the former PM's statement that BN might lose the seat if the voters are unhappy with the Government.

At the same time, PAS has revealed the existence on untraceable voters in Kg Ulu Sungai, one of the villages under the Batu Talam state constituency. What is EC going to do about it?

Is this another ploy? Preparing for the standard "Voters support to BN and its program" as the PM expressed his confidence.

Being a state constituency, the parties shall be targetting on local issues which holds dear to the hearts of the voters.

There will be the usual round of kain pelikats, sacks of rice, the holy book, the turncoats, the rumour mongering, the anak angkat program, the putris, putras, UMNO youth, the blockades which will turn Batu Talam as the most popular spot for the "local tourist" in Visit Malaysia Year 2007 for the 2 week period starting from 16th january 2007.

Will there be another hand show bt the MB of Pahang? Will KJ brings his "new" wife along during the road tour? How many projects will be promised? How many Ministers will camp in Batu Talam?

So many questions, so little time.....A little bird from Ulu Tiram is boasting that BN will win without a fight, since the opposition has no funds. Wishful thinking?

Or will Batu Talam be converted to Mat Rempit's circuit when the Putera UMNO camp there? Imaging the Mat Rempits carrying the Putris to the polls stations...

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Re-surfacing in Malaysia after a long vacation, it is indeed a bleak year ahead when the country's CEO is entertained to the fireworks display to launch Visit Malaysia Year. During the launching ceremony, there was no mention of the difficulties faced by the flood victims in Johor and on the flood situation in Sabah, Terengganu and Kelantan. Nor was there any mention on the public extra sufferings due to the toll fare hike which took effect from 1st Jan '07.

The flood in a remote town in the Northern part of Sabah has cut off roads and forced the school students to walk 3 miles to school along the muddy path, crossing rivers using dangerous single log bridge. Andwhere is the aid? And if the opoosition parties were to offer their lending hand, the deed will be scorned and accused of politicking. But where are the Putri UMNOs, the UMNO youth, the Putera UMNOs ? Still dreaming of riding the 'eye on KL'? Where are the officials from the Ministry of Education? Is it the case of no see, no problem?

And yet the CEO used to say that Malaysia has to develop its human capital...How do we develop human capital when there is no concertive effort to develop them, regardless of race, geographical location or social standing?

Nearer to the capital, thousands if not hundreds of protestors gather across Sunway Pyramid to voice their displeasure on the recent toll increase involving 5 highways namely Cheras-Kajang Highway, Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP), Kesas Highway, Kuala Lumpur-Karak Highway and Guthrie Corridor Expressway. Early reports mention that there are some efforts taken by the Police to discourage and disband the gathering.

Initial reports are still sketchy on the outcome of the gathering but maybe, just maybe, the Government will use the protest to make a u-turn on their decision regarding the toll price. One element that is conspicously missing from the gathering is the UMNO youth who regards themselves as the saviours of the Malays and Malaysians. Where are they now ? Still having nightmares on the C4 case?

All this while, where are the elites? Maybe busy gaping at the RM 30 million wonder across Taman Titiwangsa. The 'eye on KL' shall be open to public for the whole of 2007 at RM 15 per ride for adult. On that alone, the 'eye' needs 3 million adult visitor to break even on the construction cost, without taking into consideration the maintenance and operating cost.

And is the 'eye' meant to go hand in hand with the newly launched RM 4 million public toilets that needs RM 1.50 per entry for 15 minutes ?

How I wish that all this funds can be diverted to help the flood victims, wishful thinking? Or maybe the profit raked by the National Petroleum company can be used to offset the toll increase....

All this can be done, when and if the rakyat choose Batu Talam to make their stand - loud and clear to the ruling party.

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Toll for the Masses, Eye of KL for PM

In its infancy, 2007 has provided a momentum for the public to voice their displeasure on the recent toll rate increase for the concessionaires. The Malaysian Government has recently approved toll increase of between 20 - 30 % for five concessionaires which will be an additional burden to the public.

Anti-Toll Coalition will hold a gathering at 4.00pm, January 7 (Sunday) in front of the Sunway Pyramid shopping complex, where Litrak office is located nearby, to launch a rakyat's protest against the toll increase. Prior to this, PAS has also launch a similar peaceful gathering to protest the toll hike on 6th Jan '07 at Gombak. As usual, the Police are there to ensure that there is no untowards incident happening whilst warning the protestors that action will be taken on the pretext of illegal gathering.

On the other hand, on the same day (6th Jan '07), Malaysia launch the Visit Malaysia Year campaign with the unveiling of 'Eye on Malaysia' which was built without proper tendering processes. A smaller version of the 'Eye of London' the 'Eye on Malaysia' has air conditioned gondolas able to carry 8 person per gondola. The 'Eye' will be launched by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, who incidentally surfaced after a long oversea vacation in Turkey, Venezuela, Autralia to mention a few and has been missing from Malaysia during the height of the recent flood that hit the state of Johor.

It has been widely circulated that the 'Eye on Malaysia' cost RM 43 million ringgit. This is not a small amount of money where the tender committee can by-pass the normal tendering process. Further, the 'eye' may not be a permanent feature to grace Taman Titiwangsa. Further, the Department of Machinery and other relevant departments may not have enough data and information to declare the structure safe, when the opening ceremony is to be graced by the Prime Minister.

2007 may start at a wrong footing for Malaysia - toll increase for the masses and the PM is treated to another 'white elephant'. And I believe at the same time, not many read the sacrifice of one late Tun Dr Ismail, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia during Tun Abd Razak's term in office. You can read about him here and follow the series from there onwards.

Even the assurance from the Second Finance Minister that the fuel price will not be increased,
there is no assurance that the price will drop as the world fuel price has drop to USD 60 from the previous high of USD 70. The negation strategy will not make the public happy and will raise more questions - who is the Government accomodating, the public or the Concessionaires ?

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