Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Election Commission Review and Batu Talam

After many long years, the Chairman of Malaysian Election Commission (EC) finally put forth suggestions to review the election laws. The question is why now? Why when there is an impending by-election to be held in Batu Talam.

After all, the same Chairman of EC is the one who denies about the existence of phantom voters during the last general election. Is there something cooking ?

Funny how the statement was made in concert with the former PM's statement that BN might lose the seat if the voters are unhappy with the Government.

At the same time, PAS has revealed the existence on untraceable voters in Kg Ulu Sungai, one of the villages under the Batu Talam state constituency. What is EC going to do about it?

Is this another ploy? Preparing for the standard "Voters support to BN and its program" as the PM expressed his confidence.

Being a state constituency, the parties shall be targetting on local issues which holds dear to the hearts of the voters.

There will be the usual round of kain pelikats, sacks of rice, the holy book, the turncoats, the rumour mongering, the anak angkat program, the putris, putras, UMNO youth, the blockades which will turn Batu Talam as the most popular spot for the "local tourist" in Visit Malaysia Year 2007 for the 2 week period starting from 16th january 2007.

Will there be another hand show bt the MB of Pahang? Will KJ brings his "new" wife along during the road tour? How many projects will be promised? How many Ministers will camp in Batu Talam?

So many questions, so little time.....A little bird from Ulu Tiram is boasting that BN will win without a fight, since the opposition has no funds. Wishful thinking?

Or will Batu Talam be converted to Mat Rempit's circuit when the Putera UMNO camp there? Imaging the Mat Rempits carrying the Putris to the polls stations...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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