Saturday, January 20, 2007

Awal Muharram...looking back

When most of Malaysians are looking with interest on the Mongolian model's murder case, Judge K.N. Segara refused bail on the prominent polical analyst who was charged with abetting the high profile murder, I am more concerned with the state of affairs of Muslims across the world.

President Bush's statement that the Iraqi government has botched the hanging of their former President is actually timed to respond to the public outcry against the hanging which was carried out at dawn of the recent Eid-Adha, a holy day for the Muslims. But Bush being bush, takes the opportunity to pressure the present Iraqi premier Nuri al-Maliki to take drastic steps to sever ties with Shias militia by directing the Iraqi armed forces to actively engage the militias and jointly with US forces arrested a close aide of Moqtada al-Sadar.

Is this a planned strategy by the foreign forces to split Iraq and pitting the Shias against the Sunnis. With both factions weary of each other, Bush will have an easier time to manipulate Nuri to do his bidding and easing off pressure from the Democrats.

In Asia, the Philippine military has positively conclude that the Abu Sayyaf leader has been neutralised . This neutralisation will be closely monitored to see who ascends the leadership with Janjalani's demise.

In the middle east, the continued clashes between Hamas and Fatah has diverted both factions from confronting their real enemy which is the Israel government. Instead of joining hands to face the common enemy, the factions are more interested in harping on their differences which is typical Arab custom.

And all this brings us closer to OIC, the umbrella organisation that is supposed to look into the welfare of Muslims and the Muslim countries of 56 countries. The President of OIC, who happens to be the present Pime Minister of Malaysia welcome the Muslim New Year with special prayers in the Malaysian National Mosque.

Looking at the photo, I still remember during my younger days when my parents repeatedly scolded me for putting the Koran on the floor whilst reading it. And yet, I see with my own eyes Abdullah Badawi did the same when reading the Yassin on the Awal Muharram eve. Islam Hadhari allows this?

If Muslims are not sensitive to the Koran, then how can we xpect to be sensitive to the plights of our Muslim brothers across the world?

Saying that, it is now clear that Muslims are now like bubles above the waves, burst easily and swept by the currents. It shows that Muslims have stray away from the core of their religion and if this is comntinued, their future is bleak to face the advancing materialistic world.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever you are...

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