Sunday, January 21, 2007

Of metally challenge person...

Weekend is a good time to catch up with reading interesting articles ranging from the light hearted comics to a more serious political discussions, both in the mainstream media or from other blogs. A few articles written touch on my interest. One of them being from a blog administered by the cousin of one of the Sultan titled "Our mentally challenged PM" and another is titled "2 events to boost Pak Lah's image" administered by another well known Malaysian blogger who has been recently sued by a mainstream media.

Reading both of the articles, another politically motivated article mentions on other prominent politicians and how to remove the thorns and political obstacles. Combining the facts or speculations, as how uyou would like to interpret it, it is clear that there is no permanent alliance in politics. Back in 1986 when Tg Razaleigh openly challenge the then PM of Malaysia, one of the casulaty is one Abdullah who was sidelined from UMNO. Being patient or rather submissive, the person was later elevated to DPM when Anuar Ibrahim choose to go for broke against the then PM. Others, as they say it, is history. The submissive guy is now the PM, the fighting Tg is staying at the fringes of power and the rebellious Anuar is effectively politically dead.

The last person standing is the son of former premier Tun Razak. Being calculative, it is yet to be seen whether he will wither the storm blowing in his way or he will be like the ever changing lallang. Time will tell. Behind the scene will be the ambitous SIL who has made known his intention to be the youngest PM of Malaysia.

The preparation for the next GE will be dependent on Batu Talam by election results. A big win by the ruling party will instill extra confidence for the PM to call for early election. A poor show by the ruling party will be an indication of the future.

Whatever it is, the next few months will be instrumental in shaping the political course of Malaysia.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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