Sunday, January 28, 2007

Of VVIP plane, flowers and by-elections...

Weekends are fun times. Beaches, malls an such. Malaysia launced its floral parade on 27th Jan '07 where 50,000 strong spectators lined up the administrative capital Putrajaya to witness the parade which is a showcase to the world of Malaysia's truly Asian.

The King is there together with his consort, the DPM is there, the brass bands were aplenty to celebrate the parade which one day may be as famous as the Pasadena parade in USA.

And where is the PM ? Maybe too busy granting an exclusive interview to a mainstream media (as a reward to sue bloggers, maybe?). Whatever it is, read the exerpts of the interview linked here. What is fair is fair and ample opportunity should be given for the PM to respond to criticm and accusations. The question is, is the right answer given or the right questions asked...

Whilst the spectators are there milling around and admire the floats, there is another news floating around - that of the VVIP plane purchase by the Malaysian government. The cost ? Around USD 40 ~ 45 million (without outfitting).

Accompanying the photo is the write up on the purchase of the plane. Amongst others, the author mentioned of the existing current fleet of 4 VVIP. 4 not enough?

And what is served on the plane? Nasi kandar from Perth, I presume. Why from Perth? It seems that the PM has just officiated an opening of a global nasi kandar in Perth owned by one of his close relative.

So why not bring the nasi kandar on the VVIP plane globally ?

Back to the national scene, 28th Jan '07 will be closely scritinised by political analyst for that day will be the by-election of Batu Talam. The candidates ? BN and an independent. So how will the BN candidate fare against the novice independent? The writings are there. BN will win but the qusetion is how big?

A majority of less than 3000 votes will signal something is wrong with the strong BN election machine. Voters turnout is also closely monitored since the opposition has ecided to boycott the election.

An on a private owned TV late last night, the election commission (EC) has warned those who "pursuade" the voters to boycott the election with a veiled warning to bring them to court.

For political pundits, this is something to look for, maybe better and more suspense than the Alfred Hitchcock movies.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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