Friday, April 30, 2010

US has oil slick, we have silica-lick...

  1. In a country where internet connection is just as unpredictable as a woman, you have tro work fast... as I used to say to my friend - hati mesti baik, mulut mesti manis :)
  2. What happen after that may be quickies or eternal relationship. The choice is yours. And hey! don't let funny and provocative minds control you because I am just talking about internet connection, nothing more and nothing less :)
  3. Malaysia is indeed world standard! When the world condemns human traficking, we have our own human traficking syndicate in the form of illegal immigrants or at times "unregistered" tourists who choose Malaysia as a transit point before making their way to Australia and beyond...
  4. When the world talks about nuclear arms control, our own "national-owned" company have employees who deals with Iran and we choose to "rest" the middleman in our self-cooked ISA...
  5. Talk about oil embargo to Iraq and again we have "sleepy head" on top of things when his "family connection" is said to be selling oil to Iraq before he quit his chair in 2009...
  6. And now, for the latest - when the world is focussed on environment impact that might happen when the oil slick hits the coast of Luisiana, we are not far behind...
  7. Somehow or rather, MACC decided to turn its focus on the sand thieves who have been raking billions in profit and at the same time exposed Malaysia to an environment disaster, waiting to happen or waiting to be chronicled...
  8. Imagine this - the sand thieves are believed to be amassing almost RM 49M per month which works to be almost RM 590M per year!
  9. MACC "unearthed" these sand thieves syndicate who "exported" silica to neighbouring countries and silica is a component in sand to make glasses. Aiyaa! Ask any form five students and they too can tell the same.
  10. My statement? This has been going on for years and can be classified as another "open secret". My, my...dig back past issues of MSMs' and there is a big chance that a "baldy" from Johor is also linked to the issue. So? That means it has been common knowledge and if I am not mistaken, even Nahathir brought this issue when there is rampant claim that sand were exported to our southern neighbour.
  11. MACC may be "re-unearthing" this issue BUT the bigger problem is - what is the impact on our environment? MACC may be able to quantify how much these sand thieves are making for a year. I would not be surprised if MACC "decided" to go after some big fish frm the southern state of Peninsular Malaysia. More so, if there is some "turbulence" in BN's backbone.
  12. But who will champion the environmental issue? Is the government willing to expose on the impact? Malaysia is a small country and we need to save our environment for our next generation. I dread the day when Zainal Abidin's "Hijau" becomes reality.
  13. internet connection is coming down to save and post it before.....
  14. Z - beers here are damn cheap! Angkor will cost you RM 1.50 per glass and works out to be RM 6 per jug! Happy hours? From 6 pm to 2 am...So, if you are through skinny dipping in Magick river, come on over...heh heh....
  15. Me? My conscious is still intact - cheap is cheap, I still have to answer to my One God...and I am not about to incur His wrath! God willing...
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Prowling RTM's tiger?

  1. If you guys curse on the internet connection speed during Hulu Selangor by-election, you might be running out of expletives if you fly 2 hours from KL. The internet connection, or rather disruption practically means you spend most of the time reconnecting...and it's costing me almost RM 50 for a 24 hour card!
  2. But I am not here to complain and gripe on the service provider. This time I will try to make it short...and straight to the point.
  3. Just a couple of months ago, blogger world is abuzz with another blogger making it to RTM's top in Angkasapuri. I heard they call him Tiger Ib.
  4. If what I read is true, then this must be a stripeless tiger Ib. Reason? I don't mind much when NTV7's award winning producer claimed "political interference". NTV 7 is part of media prima and if you follow the dots, it ends up with UMNO related persons.
  5. Thus, if what the producer claimed is true, why not media prima just change their slogan to just "saluran UMNO anda"? No need to hide behind eye-catching slogan of "saluran ceria anda"! Nothing so ceria about "manipulative and suggestive news and documentaries".
  6. But when another producer from TV2 which is government owned claimed "political meddling", then it's a different ballgame.
  7. Yes, BN is the government of the day but NO, the government agencies should not be "puppets" of BN. And if what the producer claimed is true, then TigerIb should do something.
  8. Denying is not macho, lah Tiger Ib. If it does happen, then admit it. Or else, you don't live to your name of Tiger Ib!
  9. So, what is it going to be? Tiger Ib or Tigerless Ib? Harimau mati meninggalkan belang, manusia mati meninggalkan nama. In short, Tiger IB - since you took up the name Tiger, then leave a good impression for a better Malaysia. Or is it too tough for you in view of such good perks and "circles of friends and dignitaries"?
  10. Are the perks too good for you that you are willing to forego your conscious? Tiger Ib - the ball is in your court. ill you roar or will you purr? If you purr, then time for you to change the name to Pussy Ib.
  11. No hard feeling. Someone needs to knock something in your head and I know that you are not pontianak where a nail might change you to a lovely lady...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, April 26, 2010

P94 Hulu Selangor returns to BN...

  1. On paper Zaid Ibrahim lost Hulu Selangor. So what? For today, let me say that Zaid Ibrahim reminds me of Rocky Balboa. Do you guys know Rocky Balboa? The character played by Sylvester Stallone of an Italian who soak punches before ....
  2. It takes Najib, Muhyiddin, Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir to beat Zaid Ibrahim. And Najib called Zaid a cabinet reject. So, if it takes Najib, Muhyiddin, Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir to take out a cabinet reject, the message is clear. Individually, Najib, Muhyiddin, Ibrahim Ali or Mahathir cannot bring Zaid down. Period!
  3. Zaid Ibrahim did not lose nor does Kamalnathan wins Hulu Selangor. Why did I say so? Read on...
  4. PR can stop whinning on what they perceived as abuses during the election. Mahathir himself admitted that "All is fair in love...and politics". With that, PR has to go back to basics and see where they go wrong.
  5. First and foremost, PKR election machinery in Hulu Selangor is crippled with Halili's defection. Anwar can deny this, Shamsul Iskandar can brush it off, Khalid Ibrahim can pooh-poohed it but the fact is PKR's election machinery in Hulu Selangor is kaput!
  6. Remember NC's trip to Hulu Selangor, to some of the places such as Sg Buaya, Rasa, Rasa Tambahan, Batang Kali, Ulu Kalong, KKB, Sg Pertak? What is it for? It is not for look-see, look see but to gauge first hand on what is termed as "FIRST IMPRESSION".
  7. PR's first impression is "NO IMPRESSION". There is basically no PKR's operation center in Sg Buaya. Maybe there is one there but the location is not strategic enough to give that first impression.
  8. Sure, there are some pondoks here and there but it is manned! In fact some of the pondok has no tables nor chairs? It looks like PKR pondok but is it?
  9. In one pondok stationed by PAS Titiwangsa, they are working their butts off to help BUT they are late comers, mobilised when PKR is already drowning in Hulu Selangor. That means "TIMING".
  10. Salutation to those volunteers who came from as far as Perlis, Kelantan, Johor and yet their expertise are not fully used. There is no "BRIEFING AND DE-BRIEFING CENTRES".
  11. That leads to volunteers trying their best to make use of whatever facilities provided without taking into account their input. I will not go into further details on what is not done and what should be done. As I said many times, NC is an observer and happy to stay that way until such time when...
  12. So, who actually wins Hulu Selangor? The real winner is MIC. Full stop. With minimal effort and scarce resources, MIC twisted their way in for 1 parliament and 1 senatorship and 1 possible deputy ministerial post. UMNO and MCA? They can go and fly kites, as far as Najib is concerned.
  13. If there is a winner, then there must be a loser. Who is the loser? The loser is none other than UMNO. Kata orang Melayu "Menang sorak, kampung tergadai".
  14. UMNO puts in afterburners to make sure Kamal wins, little realising that Kamal is actually Kamalnathan! UMNO goes to the ground with a simple plea - please give Kamal a chance and the kampung folks responded with glee. These simple kampung folks has been duped by UMNO for more than 50 years and they are still being led by the noses with promises and threats, the standard operating procedure of UMNO.
  15. Now, if BN wins Hulu Selangor, then why did UMNO lose? Isn't UMNO part of BN? Isn't UMNO the backbone of BN? UMNO lose because they do not gain any additional senatorship, nor do they get any additional deputy ministerial post! On top of that, there is no "special gift" for the voters, unlike UMNO-initiative to bail out MIC-related MAIKA.
  16. UMNO lost because with this win, all the allocation funds which were in the hands of UMNO division leaders will be transferred to MIC. Kata orang "berputih mata lah orang UMNO kali ini"
  17. UMNO lost because "lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama". Don't believe? You will see in the next few days how Samy personally works with the Indians or Palanivel spending sleepless nights for Kamalnathan or Mugilan worked insanely hard to give Kamalnathan this win.
  18. UMNO lost because UMNO will not be in the picture for Huku Selangor win. Will you hear about how UMNO youth "friendlies" turn the youth over? Will you read about how UMNO "motorcycle groups" effectively cut PR-leaned voters from voting? Will you hear about UMNO youths who cried their voice hoarse for those valuable votes? No, none will make the front pages. These are just the forgotten. Now that MIC has gotten what they want, MIC forgot about UMNO!
  19. Zaid Ibrahim! NC salute you and I believe you stand tall with your commitments. Those voters in KKB, Rasa and other Chinese-dominated areas realise your potential and that's why they voted you. The Malays are as usual, a confused lot who are too scared to let go of their "bantal busuk" for a better and brighter future.
  20. The Indian voters? Let's put it this way - HINDRAF, MMSP, IPF, KIMMA will try to put a front to claim credit. The least said, the better!
  21. Zaid Ibrahim! Take this lose as a lesson. Now, you know how low UMNO is willing to go to protect their territory. It is also a good lesson on how to work with limited resources and exposure. But take heart, there will always be a guiding hand to pave the way for you.
  22. Of course, there are other factors contributing to Zaid's lose..but why should NC share it in public? It will be done...but in due course, of course.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Masjid : Untuk keredaanMu jua...

  1. Sultan Selangor reminded all to avoid using the masjids for negative demonstrations and HRH also hope that the masjids shall not be used as political arena.
  2. MB Selangor said that he had no problems complying to the order issued by HRH.
  3. However, it shall be duly noted that in prayers, a Muslim recite this " prayers, my deeds, my life and in death is for Allah, the one God"

    What it basically means is that as a Muslim, the whole life including our social, community, family. rules and laws are encompass in Islam and that includes politics. Of course politics is not confined to elections and the running of country but also in other aspects of our life.

  4. That is the main difference between Islam and secularism. Islam is a way of life whereelse secularism differentiates the state from theology. As such the masjids is a community centre acting as a solat hall, a community centre for meetings, a place to gain knowledge, a library, a "hostel" for travellers, information centre, collection centres for zakat (be it property, income or fitrah).

  5. In short, a masjid is a Muslim one-stop centre. Therefore, it is not entirely correct to stop politics from being discussed in masjids because one of the definition of politics is "the total complex of relations between people living in a society". It simply means that politics is aprt and parcel of human life and is not limited to "the art or science of government"
  6. If that is the case, then what are Muslims looking for in masjids? Simple question therefore simple answer. Keredhaan Allah. Sometimes it is difficult to explain but you will experience inner peace when your body blends with the soul.

  7. Try solat in jemaah and you will the difference. And you just can't do that in the comfort of your own abode. Not impossible but extremely difficult! You just get that level of concentration when you are praying alone, not with the disturbances and noises...

  8. Back to our posting - Masjid IS the one-stop centre of Muslim activities. Yet, I truly supported HRH's call that it should not be use for negative demonstrations. The big question - what is negative demonstrations?

  9. They say that "a man's meat is another man's poison". What is negative to some is positive to others and vice versa. Then, if that is the case - who amongst us is qualified to categorise what is positive and what is negative demonstrations? If gatherings against a foreign nation is negative, then are we saying that those who took offence against Israel's bombings in Palestine are negative demonstrators? I bet, if that is so, a whole lot of Muslim NGOs' will rise and demand otherwise...

  10. It seems that a more definitive and comprehensive categorisation is in order. And who is best amongst us to catalogue the positive from negative demonstrations?Will it be HRH, Mahathir, Perkasa, UMNO, PKR, PAS, DAP? Any one of them or a combination of their expertise?

  11. I say that as a 53-year old nation, the people should be given the liberty to demonstrate. The community is sufficiently well-informed to differentiate what is positive and what is negative. What is positive today may turns out to be negative tomorrow, it's a matter of perception and who the society look at it.

  12. As we must be able to let the society to dictate what a masjid should be, we must also allow the community to do self-check or "muhasabah". We learn through experiments and experience or we can choose the path as prescribed by Him. Surely the Creator knows what is best for his creations...

  13. HRH has well intentions especially after taking into account the many demonstrations held in the capital. We have demonstrations against Australia, USA, Israel, Holland, UK and all these demonstrations are either government-sanctioned or NGO-organised. We have local demonstrations too and as said earlier, it all depends on perception.

  14. Thus, it is indeed most important for the demonstration organisers to be accountable for what they preach. We need an independent third party to study and catgorise a demonstrations.

  15. To me, HRH should allow the society to demonstrate up to a level as long as there is no damage in property and do not de-stabilise Malaysia. From thereon, let's take a step at a time...Surely, we will be there...

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

P 94 : Chuck the MSM's, the real picture is on the ground...

Maybe PR is not ready to offer the olive branch thus let Nightcaller be the first person to offer KJ to join Barisan Rakyat's cause. And KJ, if you decided to join this third force, please get your general and chief strategist, WJ together. So, what say you, KJ? Are you ready to join the cause for a better Malaysia?

  1. I will not lie. Yes, NC visited KKB for three consecutive days although officially some knew that I was there for 2 days.
  2. For those who rely on MSMs' for news, let me say that if you want the real news, you just have to make that trip to Hulu Selangor!
  3. Rasa, Serendah, Batang Kali, Kolompang, Rasa Tambahan, Kerling, Rasa Tambahan, Kuala Kubu Baru, Sg Pertak were amongst the areas visited and as I said, you have to be there to feel the winds of change.
  4. When Zorro mentioned of the youngs coming in trom the North to lend a hand, it is real. They were they in numbers to provide support for a better Malaysia!
  5. As for the pictures, PerisikRakyat is doing fine with his group of friends covering PR's events, shuttling for KKB to the far reaches of P 94 Hulu Selangor.
  6. The Chairman will gladly share his take on Hulu Selangor.
  7. However, NC sincerely feels that someone is working from the wrong side. It is undeniable that he is doing his best with limited support. That view is jointly shared by Perisik Rakyat and those new acquitances in KKB. And, if you are wondering who we are referring to - that person is KJ, currently UMNO youth leader and BN youth chief.
  8. Maybe PR is not ready to offer an olive branch thus let Nightcaller be the first person to offer KJ to join in with Barisan Rakyat's cause. And KJ, if you decided to join this third force, please get your general and chief strategist, WJ together. So, what say you, KJ? Are you ready to join the cause for a better Malaysia?
  9. Let's be real. A new nameless Chinese friend in KKB is correct in saying that the Chinese are receiving Nik Aziz with open arms, as proven in Rasa last night. And he correctly observed that Rosmah's nasi Lemak and teh tarik-do is a flop. Not many locals attended the event.
  10. A couple met during 1MPM6's tour of KKB today reveals another trait. When asked by 1MPM6's bodyguard on who they will be voting tomorrow, the wife diplomatically tai chi her way out whilst the husband just noded in agreement. But their body language is clear, they are not comfortable with the question and that means another 2 votes to PR on 25th April 2010.
  11. In Rasa Tambahan, you can just feel the electric when Nik Aziz makes his way. He just broke the barriers and all responded as one - Malaysians! Kalumpang? Imagine the Indians coming out to welcome Nik Aziz and Zaid Ibrahim. Such far cry with BN who needs to have more than 5 bus loads of "imported" to make up the numbers.
  12. Try going to the masjids and suraus. Words can't describe it but the bondage is there. The knowing look and the smiles speak volumes of friendship and comradice - all because they want a change for the better through PR!
  13. 25th April will again teach BN a valuable lesson. Najib said BN mampu berubah but do they? 53 years on, and now only they declare that they are willing to change? What happen to the past 53 years? How can BN berubah if they are stuck with the likes of Noh Omar, Rais Yatim, Hishamuddein, Ibrahim Ali, Muhyiddin?
  14. Posters showed Najib with our future generation implying a better education BUT how can BN do that when they are teaching our young something wrong. Tell me Najib, how do you add up 2 (UMNO) +1 (MIC) + 1 (MCA) = 1Malaysia. NO wonder our young are poor in mathematics!
  15. But that is not all! In Bukit Beruntung, KKB there are posters of "UMNO+MCA+MIC = 1 Malaysia". Apa ke hal nie? Najib sir, why are you not recognising Gerakan, PPP and other BN components? Are you stuck with "Perikatan" idealogy?
  16. Honestly, NC just shake in disbelief to see IPF trying to please 1MPM6 in KKB when their posters and workers are trying to make an impact to please Najib. The same goes for KIMMA who is trying to steal some BN thunder with their scarce posters.
  17. And yes, NC has left KKB knowing that the voters are in the good hands of Zorro, Duke, Perisik Rakyat and those eager young ones. But don't worry...a ronin will strike where you least expected as long as victory is PR!
  18. For those dedicated PR workers and supporters, give yourself a good applause and good hugs. You deserve it.
  19. Win or lose, Hulu Selangor prove that the bonding between those sharing the dream is getting stronger and stronger. For sure, the great wall of BN is cracking and leaking, it's just a matter of time before they crumbles...
  20. Ah...for Z, the next round is on me, if and only if you are in Angkor wat country next week where your favourite drinks are dirt cheap. Unfortunately, there are no banana leaf rice over there. They do serve crickets and scorpions for snacks though...:)
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

P 94 : Final turn before home run dash... the way Mr PM sir - do you know that your favourite acquitance was in Singapore recently? He is itching to share his thoughts on some models with you, and I don't mean the two-legged models but possible jihad models (or is it modules?). Oh...just in case you hear it wrongly, this Razakis currently allergic to two legged models.

  1. Now that Najib's home on time for the final turn, let's see what 1MPM6 has in store for us. Well! For one, is Najib in Washington for the nuclear summit or is he there to collect dossier on Anwar Ibrahim?
  2. Never mind that Najib claimed that Zahrain and Zul Nordin were the ones who did the exposure. It's a pity that Najib had to bring them along to Washington to get the information and it's double pity that our secret service and BN's agentys could not give Najib the info that Zahrain and Zul Nordin gave.
  3. Now that PKR is stripped to the underwear, why not Najib exposed it to the delight of Hulu selangor and saved the headache of either voting for Zaid or Kamalanathan? Unless, Najib is afraid that his info will get PR stripped to the underwear but the info with PR may leave BN strip naked. Which is worse - stripped to the underwear or stripped naked?
  4. And since Zul Nordin and Zah-rained were the ones who pass the information, why not elevate them to cabinet ministers or house speakers. Put them up in the pedestal and see what Ibrahim Ali will say and see how long they can stay on the pedestal. Care to try, eh 1MPM6?
  5. Next, Najib claimed that he met Obama as equals. Betul ke ni? Simple logic says it can't be so. How can David claims he is Goliath? How can we claimed to be of US equal when we are not even considered an Asian tiger, let alone superpower?
  6. One of the sentences uttered by Najib was

    “We do not have to agree with every issue but at least we can disagree in a good and respectful way." - Najib Razak
    His statement sets me wondering - if Najib can say that towards US which are miles away across continents, why couldn't BN approach their differences with PR the same way? Why must Najib accussed of PR as spin masters when the real spin masters are those in Angkasapuri, Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad dan kawasan-kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya?

  7. If Najib meet Obama as equals, then why did he acknowledged that Malaysia had cut off gasoline supplies to Iran, a fellow Islamic nation and fellow OIC member. Now Najib denied the report after considering the potential damage and vote loss in P94 Hulu Selangor. Is Najib sincere in carrying out his responsibility or is he playing to the gallery - anything and everything is possible as long as BN continues to grip on to the corridors of power?
  8. To round his first night in Hulu Selangor, Najib "officiates" a reject shop when he labelled Zaid Ibrahim as "cabinet reject". Najib, how do you feel having the likes of Rais yatim, Nazri, as your cabinet minister? You did not take any action to reject them or dressed them down when they blunders and goofed. Are they holding you by the balls? Does Rais has something up his sleeve on that fateful night in PD? Does Nazri holds some influence within the chambers of justice?
  9. Someone reminds me of "Jangan buka keaiban orang lain, dan Dia tidak akan membuka keaiban mu".
  10. Talk is cheap. Everybody can holler "let's put a stop on gutter politics" but how can the followers follow when the leaders are not practising what they preach? Apakah kamu sayang kepada "orang yang berilmu tetapi tidak mengamalkan ilmunya?" Saying is one thing, practising is another.
  11. Since Najib is all for transperancy, would he care to explain the poser over RM 8 Billion for 257 armoured personnel carriers? That will be RM 31.1 M each. Prototype or not, someone need to explain the rationale of spending RM 31.1 M per armoured vehicle when the "off shelf" price ranges from RM 2M to RM 6 M only. Care to explain the differences, Mr PM sir?
  12. And what about the RM 1.6B deal involving eurocopter? Everything back in order? No more possible dirty linen in this deal? No more delays, right? No more delay like the case involving Zahid Hamidi, right? And since this posting revolves around 1MPM6, does Najib knows what his UMNO deputy President is charged of? Does he condone the act if it is really true that Zahid punched the other guy?
  13. Najib, will you pounce on the opportunity to "crucify" Anwar by getting your subordinates in BN to censure Anwar in parliament? Why not do it now so that you can get Anwar out of the way in Hulu Selangor?
  14. the way Mr PM sir - do you know that your favourite acquitance was in Singapore recently? He is itching to share his thoughts on some models with you, and I don't mean the two-legged models but possible jihad models (or is it modules?). Oh...just in case you hear it wrongly, this Razak is currently allergic to two legged models.
  15. Oh...before signing off, some lice-infested bats keeps hovering above screeching that BN is doing fine and relayed a message that our PM need to catch up with his sleep as he has been overly-active since gaining a 40 minute audience with Obama. OOpps, sorry, his equal...
  16. Then again, another hyper-ventilating bat just screeched by to inform that all is not well in Hulu Selangor for BN. Taking that as another psycho-warfare from BN operatives, this news should not lulled PR to be complacent. If it is just plain psycho-warfare, then why is Mahathir will be making special appearance in Serendah? Is something really not right in Hulu Selangor?
  17. Where is my scorpene? Think I need to go underground and measure on-site sentiments. So, if you see a non-diveable sub, please give way because this scorpene is brakeless...:)

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

P94: Day four - will BN stop horsing around...

  1. First salvo against Zaid is about his past drinking habit followed by his penchant for horses.
  2. Mahathir said "All's fair in love, war...and election" but the question is At what cost? It has been warned before that mud-slinging does not benefit any single party. One side started and the second will respond. In the end, it will be "Menang jadi arang, kalah jadi abu" or in simple terms - die die lor...
  3. Now, let's go for simple retaliation of drinking habit where pictures of 2 past PM and 1 current senior Muslim minister were seen in gathering involving alchohol. The irony is these 3 persons whose photographs were splashed in blogs did not responded to counter-accusation (although 1 has met his Maker). Another MP was questioned on the issue and unfortunately that MP is KJ. What is interesting is his respond which goes something like this "Am I drinking in the photo? Am I drinking in the photo? Am I drinking in the photo? Am I drinking in the photo? Was I drinking in the photo? Have you seen the photo?"
  4. Isn't that pure rhetorics? Tell me, dear KJ - how do you snap photo of a person drinking?. You can snap photos of cans or bottles or glasses. You can snap photos of a person holding the cans, bottles or glasses. You can even snap photos of the cans, bottles or glasses touching the lips. But taking photos of a person drinking? Come on, KJ - of all people, an Oxford graduate should know that a photograph is not live cam. Thus, how do you take photos of a person drinking?
  5. That said, it does not mean that a person do not consume alchohol nor does it confirm that the person do indeed consume alchohol. But the Maker knows what a person do, either publicly or in secret. Period!
  6. Now what do MSMs have in mind when some of them splash photos of one of the candidate's horse in the front page? Isn't that another bad intention? Another delicate way of seeding doubts and indirectly implying something mischievous? The problem with the photos and the implication is far reaching...
  7. Is it a sin to own horses? Do all horse owners gamblers? If that is so, then do the MSMs' imply that one of our national horse riders who incidentally bestow titles of Tun, Tan Sris is also one of them? Can we assume that Mahathir also gamles, by virtue that he owns horses? Are we implicating KJ as a gambler because he owns horses to play polo?
  8. Sheeesh...when will BN and their cohorts stop horsing around? When will PR supporters stop retaliating?
  9. Najib rightly slams those who indulge in "gutter politics". His statement is correct but that does not mean BN is free from gutter politics. In fact, it is BN and its subsidiaries in the form of sponsored cyber-troopers, MSMs who initiate gutter politics in P94. Yes, Najib slammed gutter politics and his statement should be applicable to all, including both BN and PR election workers.
  10. Above all, why is Kamalanathan pushing the smear campaugn as UMNO's idea? Kolly, Kamalanathan is BN's candidate and surely he should be held accountable to the campaign. Even if it is UMNO's idea, isn't UMNO part of BN as MIC is BN's component? If Kamalanathan keep on blaming UMNO, it won't be long for UMNO to abandon posts and let Kamalanathan to fight it alone - ada berani ka?
  11. Instead of falling deeper into the gutters, both parties should use P94 by-election to explain their stand on both national and local issues. PR did make use of the opportunity to explain the issues to the voters and at the same time provide reasons why BN should be rejected. BN? I have not seen BN actively engage in explaining national and local issues.
  12. What BN did is to explain why the voters need to stick to BN and all the reasons are revolving around Najib's vision. It doesn't matter that the vision, KPIs', NKRAs' are still hazy but nevertheless they are trying to sell the point.
  13. As for BN candidate, his statement of "Ask about what I can do, not what BN does" sounds flat and hollow. Hello Kamalanathan - are you telling me that you can do what BN does not sanction you to do? Are you telling us that you are independent of BN's actions? Are you not BN candidate? Rasanya ku pernah dengan ungkapan Kamalanathan nih, dimana ya!! Doesn't his statement an echo of JFK's "Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for America!"
  14. Is Kamalanathan shying away from what BN did? Is he not proud of BN's achievements? If he is not proud of BN's achievements, then I pity Najib who "listen" to Samy's suggestion of Kamalanathan as the compromised candidate. And Samy said he made a costly mistake of jumping the gun - false start against Najib. Read Samy's exclusive interview.
  15. Tonight, a bat whispered to me that teh reason why BN stick to MIC. UMNO calculated that their carrot and stick tactic in Feldas' are ringing the Malay votes towards BN. If they choose a Malay candidate, UMNO is very sure that the Indians will protest, so the best way is to named a candidate from MIC. Why not Mugilan? Simple, my bat told me that Palanivel's caste is higher so no way for Mugilan to pass-by Palanivel. Not in a caste system. And would you be happy if your rep is Mugilan? What happen if someone spell his name wrongly and miss an "n" - would it not be "mu gila"? I am not, are you?
  16. Before signing off, let's briefly touch on Najib. BN really don't care! How can BN leaders, including Muhyiddin, "demands" Najib to go to the ground tonight when he barely recovers from his jetlag? I am not sure of you guys, but as for me - jetlag can make me fumble something incoherent. I hope Najib is coherent enough not to utter the words "Tonight, I join PKR". If he does, then we might have a new government tomorrow. Just kidding - it will not happen, not tonight, at least.
  17. Now Najib, go and get some sleep and remember...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

P94: T-6 Jerat makan tuan, BN mengelabah, PR gelisah...

  1. Jerat yang dipasang BN tidak menjadi. Kini BN mengelabah...Apa tidaknya, setelah begitu beriya-iya menyerang karektor calun pembagkang, BN mula mengendur dalam isu tersebut apabila KJ mengarahkan pemuda BN menurunkan papantanda, poster dan bunting yang bertujuan mengaibkan pihak lawan.
  2. Dalam masa yang sama, PR pula menyerang balas dengan menyiarkan beberapa gambar menteri kabinet dan juga bekas PM yang terang-terangan terlibat sama dalam masaalah yang sama. Bedzanya, calun PR telah mengaku meninggalkan perbuatan tersebut tetapi perkara yang sama tidak diulangi oleh menteri-menteri berkenaan.
  3. Inilah akibatnya apabila satu pihak mengambil langkah aggresif untuk menyerang karektor lawan kerana ia akan mengundang tindakbalas yang lebih hebat dari pihak yang satu lagi.
  4. Ada pihak-pihak yang menunding jari kepada PR kerana dituduh menyerang karektor calun BN di Penang. Tetapi sebenarnya ada perbedzaan yang ketara diantara karektor calun PR Hulu Selangor dan bekas calun BN di Penang. Di Penang, bekas calun tersebut telah mengamalkan poligami tanpa pengetahuan isteri pertama. Lebih dari itu, calun tersebut tidak mengaku bahwa beliau mengahwini gadis tersebut. Ini adalah sifat tidak bertanggungjawab! Sekiranya beliau boleh tidak bertanggungjawab salam hal rumahtangga, bagaimana rakyat boleh menaruh kepercayaan kepada beliau untuk bertanggungjawab menjalankan tugas sebagai wakil rakyat?
  5. Sebagaimana hari-hari terdahulu, sekali lagi taktik sama iaitu pengisytiharan keluar parti berlaku lagi. Tetapi, kali ini ahli PR yang keluar parti tidaklah sehebat atau segah Halili.
  6. Rata-rata kempen di Hulu Selangor hari ini lebih aman dan lebih teratur. Walaupun begitu, Ng Yen Yen mencuri perhatian apabila masyarakat Bukit Koman berjaya bersemuka dengan beliau atas isu Cynide di lombong emas Bukit Koman.
  7. Kali ini Ng Yen Yen terpaksa berdepan dengan aktivis Bukit Koman dan dalam perbincangan tersebut, Ng Yen Yen dilapurkan oleh Malaysiakini sebagai berkata

    “We are Chinese! The Chinese must support MCA. You saw how they bullied me just now,” Ng Yen Yen

  8. Apa ke hal ni? Mestikah keturunan Cina menyokong MCA? Ng Yen Yen belajar dimana keperluan ini? Kalau benar apa yang dilapurkan, apa bedzanya Ng Yen Yen dengan Ibrahim Ali? atau Noh Omar? Kalau Ng Yen Yen berkata demikian, maka apa perlunya MCA bergabung dengan UMNO,,MIC, PPP, Gerakan? Adalah lebih baik bagi MCA bergerak bersendirian dengan sikap perkauman Ng Yen Yen...
  9. Anehnya UMNO membenarkan MP bebas Ibrahim Ali untuk menggunakan pentas politik untuk berkempen untuk BN. Apa dah jadi? Apakah BN ketandusan pemidato? Apakah BN mengiktiraf perjuangan dan pendekatan Perkasa? Ibrahim Ali boleh menafikan tetapi kehadiran beliau akan dilihat sebagai kehadiran pemimpin Perkasa....
  10. Di Kuala Lumpur, Nazri Aziz bagaikan cacing kepanasan. Mungkin kerana Najib akan pulang ke Malaysia dalam masa terdekat. Nazri telah mengubah cerita dan telah menyangkal kenyataan terdahulu beliau sendiri yang mengaitkan APCO melobi untuk mempertemukan Najib dan Obama di AS tempoh hari.
  11. Dengan melantik menteri bertarafkan Ng Yen Yen dan Nazri, sebenarnya jalan terbaik Najib ialah untuk terus berada diluar negara sehingga P94 selesai. Apa tidaknya, are these the best BN can offer? If these are the best, then BN has no business to run the country especially with ministers like Ng Yen Yen, Nazri, Rais Yatim and goofer number 1 - Muhyiddin Yassin.
  12. Tindak tanduk BN akhir akhir ini adalah lebih pada mengelabah tahap gaban. Harapkan cybertroopers, cybertroopers pun kaput. Harapkan menteri, menteri keluar kenyataan memakan diri. The question is - are these "slip ups" genuine or staged to conveniently ensure Kamalanathan lose the election? Sesuatu yang diimpikan oleh UMNO Hulu Selangor sejak 4 penggal yang lalu...
  13. PKR pun tidak kurang kecohnya. Walaupun pengisytiharan keluar boleh dikaitkan dengan PRK Hulu Selangor tetapi sebenarnya ia membuktikan bahwa PKR sebagai satu parti baru masih mencari-cari identiti. Pengisytiharan keluar ini seharusnya dipantau dari awal lagi.
  14. Tuduhan bahwa si anu atau si anu keluar parti kerana sebab-sebab komersial perlu diselidiki. Benar ke begitu? Atau ada sesuatu yang salah dalam kepimpinan tertinggi PKR?
  15. Sebenarnya PKR memang bernafsu besar. PKR merasakan bahwa sebagai parti yang meletakkan calun dalam PRK, PKR needs to take the lead. However, it has been proven that PKR do not have strong established political machinery like those of DAP and PAS. In the end, DAP and PAS has to step in to help out PKR in tackling the voters. Apa kata perpatah Melayu? Hajat dihati nak peluk gunung apakan daya tangan tak sampai...
  16. Hari hari mendatang akan menjadi lebih panas apabila Najib sendiri akan turun padang ke Hulu Selangor. Kali ini, sekali lagi Halili dan rakan rakan bekas PKR akan dijaja for maximum political mileage. Mungkin juga Ezam akan sekali lagi diberi peranan cameo appearance sebagai pak pacak kelas satu!
  17. Najib akan menggunakan Hulu Selangor untuk mengumumkan strategi pakej bantuan Maika untuk memenangi hati keturunan India, berjanji akan menyelesaikan masaalah NCR orang asli, mengumpan keturunan Cina dengan penyelesaian Rawang high tension project, Bukit Koman gold mine dan top-up dengan isu SRJK Cina. Untuk mereka yang berketurunan Melayu? Najib tahu beliau tidak perlu mengula-gulakan Melayu...kerana Melayu begitu mudah dicucuk hidungnya oleh UMNO.
  18. Mungkin juga BN akan menggunakan pentas Najib untuk memperagakan model-model ex-PKR saperti Zul Nordin, Zahrain, Halili, Ezam dengan penampilan khas Ibrahim Ali. Wah! Itu akan pasti mengamatkan suasana....
  19. BN dan PR masih belum menghidu siapa yang akan memenangi kerusi P94. Hari Khamis dan Jumaat akan menjadi malam-malam penentu dan penunjuk arah siapa yang mempunyai peluang untuk memenagi P94. Wallahualam.
Hingga ketemu lagi...selamat malam M'sia...dimana jua anda berada...
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Perak : Murka, derhaka, tersisih atau lalai...

  1. Kita lupakan tentang P 94 Hulu Selangor barang seketika untuk membincangkan apa yang terjadi di Perak.
  2. Dalam titah ucapan Sultan Perak, antara lain baginda meluahkan rasa dukacita atas sikap segelintir rakyat yang memalukan Malaysia di forum antarabangsa. Itu yang dilapurkan dalam MSM.
  3. Dikaki lapuran tersebut, tertulis juga mengenai ketiadaan wakil rakyat PR dalam majlis tersebut. Dilapurkan juga bahwa wakil rakyat PR tidak mendapat jemputan kemajlis resmi yang dihadiri oleh Sultan.

    Petikan dari STAR 20hb April 2010

    No Pakatan state assemblymen were present during the ceremony.

    When contacted, state DAP chairman and Sitiawan assemblyman Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham said the Pakatan state assemblymen did not receive any invitations to the ceremony.

    “We have been waiting for the invitations but none of us received any,” he said.

    State secretary Datuk Seri Dr Abdul Rahman Hashim could not be reached to verify Ngeh’s claim.

  4. Meskipun ini mungkin dipandang remeh oleh sesetengah pihak tetapi sebenarnya ia akan membawa implikasi yang amat besar di masa depan. Persoalannya siapa yang bersalah dalam hal ini? Adakah ini merupakan satu titah atau arahan dari pihak Bukit Chandan? Apakah Baginda terlalu murka sehingga menitahkan supaya tiada jemputan dikeluarkan kepada wakil rakyat PR?
  5. Sekiranya baginda begitu murka, apa akan terjadi seandainya pihak lain selain BN menguasai negeri Perak dalam PRU 13 nanti? Apakah akan ada pertembungan terbuka antara Bukit Chandan dan pilihan rakyat? Apakah insiden ini akan membuka jalan untuk Zambry untuk terus mentadbir Perak serta membuka ruang untuk BN memperlekehkan PR?
  6. Seandainya kemurkaan itu benar-benar terjadi, maka adalah lebih baik untuk Bukit Chandan menarik balik segala gelaran yang telah dikurniakan kepada wakil rakyat PR. Let the open confrontation begins ! Tak perlu lagi berselindung!
  7. Tetapi, kalau wakil rakyat PR tidak hadir kerana surat jemputan mereka "tersasar" ke alamat yang salah, maka apakah ini satu bentuk derhaka kepada kehendak baginda? Siapa pula penderhaka ini? Apakah penderhaka ini dari kalangan pegawai istana atau pegawai pentadbir? Mungkinkah juga penderhaka ini dari kalangan ahli politik. Atau mungkinkah penderhaka ini hanyalah posmen yang terlupa menghantar surat kerana terlalu gembira mengira kenaikan gaji yang akan menjelma?
  8. Mungkinkah jua wakil rakyat dari PR sudah tersisih dari masyarakat elit Bukit Chandan? Kalau benar mereka tersisih, maka apakah masyarakat Bukit Chandan mensisihkan juga rakyat yang menyokong PR dalam PRU 12? Sekiranya ia terjadi, bagaimana kalau yang mensisih juga tersisih? Tak ke haru namanya?
  9. Apakah sekretariat keputeraan lalai sebegitu rupa sehingga seluruh barisan wakil rakyat PR tidak tersenarai? Dalam masa yang sama, apakah sekretariat juga "lalai" dalam menjemput Jelapang dan rakan-rakan beliau untuk sama-sama meraikan anugerah "Datuk" kepada Jelapang?
  10. Barisan wakil rakyat PR telah mengeluarkan kenyataan untuk mempertahan kemungkinan tohmahan bahwa mereka memboikot majlis tersebut.
  11. Pihak Setiausaha Kerajaan Perak tidak dapat dihubungi untuk mengesah samada wakil rakyat PR dijemput atau memang tidak dijemput hadir. Apakah mereka yang terbabit sedang merencanakan jawapan? Mungkinkah pihak sekretariat menjawab bahwa surat jemputan telah dikeluarkan kepada wakil rakyat PR beralamatkan P94 Hulu Selangor?
  12. Jangan ada yang keluar dengan kata-kata hikmat Hang Jebat atau mempertahankan tindakan dengan menggunakan kata-kata Hang Tuah. Andainya itu berlaku, yang rugi adalah mereka yang menabalkan raja sebagai ketua agama Islam dinegeri yang terbabit. Wallahualam...
Hingga ketemu lagi...selamat malam M'sia...dimana jua anda berada...
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P94: Day two - And now there are two...

  1. First there are 4 eyeing for P94 Hulu Selangor but that does not last long. As correctly posted in "Untuk BN, permulaan yang terdesak", V Chandran and later Johan Md Diah decided to withdraw from standing in as candidates. Too much "durian runtuh" offered that they just simply could not refuse.
  2. Both V Chandran and Johan Md Diah can come up with prepared speeches and throw their support behind BN but the truth is, they will be smiling in their dreams counting the sheeps jumping over the fence.
  3. That is not enough. Halili has also declared that he is quitting PKR and will be submitting his application form to join UMNO soon. What Halili did not realise is - he is joining the ranks of Ezam Md Noor and will be riding into oblivion soon. His services will be called from time to time when BN finds it fit to strut him on stage, prancing to the tune of Najib this coming Wednesday.
  4. Overall, V Chandran and Johan's withdrawal will force teh voters to choose either Zaid Ibrahim or Kamalanathan. BN should be happy with V Chandran and Johan's decision. Apparently, V Chandran and Johan proved one thing - good things are hard to forget. Both Chandran and Johan has been too long in BN and their "addiction" to BN's candu is a tad too much for them to the extent that they can forego their frustration and anger for a taste of "special brew candu", courtesy of BN.
  5. This time, hats off to KJ for his "gentleman" conduct of ordering BN youths to remove offensive campaign materials in the form of billboards, posters and banners that attack the dignity of candidates. However, whether his instructions will be adhered to by BN youths and UMNO is another matter especially when his arch rival Khir Toyo gave "thumbs up" to the booze strategy. Talk about class and crass...
  6. And now there are two candidates standing to square off this 25th April. It will be either Zaid or Kamalanathan.
  7. How important is P94? It is so important that Anwar Ibrahim himself leads PR's election machinery and najib himself will make his appearance on 21st April in Hulu Selangor. UMNO can downgrade Najib's appearance by claiming that Najib is there in his capacity as Selangor UMNO chief but reality is Najib is there because he did not trust Muhyiddin.
  8. Not only that, both Najib and Muhyiddin are jostling for credit in the event BN wins the seat. The open question is - can BN wins?
  9. Najib's appearance is a clear indication that all is not well in BN. They need Najib to get that "extra" oomph, something Muhyiddin is lacking. But Najib will be coming in with an additional baggage. The baggage has been stealing Najib's thunder and fortunately she did not feature in Najib-Obama meeting!
  10. Najib's speacial appearance will be countered with Nik Aziz's scheduled appearance on 23rd April.
  11. Right now, BN is going strong with candidates withdrawal, Halili's quit and even tacit support from Ibrahim Ali. How much that will be converted into BN's votes will be instrumental when it comes to 25th April.
  12. PAS is now getting into the picture and the impact will be seen within the next few days.
  13. BN is not resting on its laurels now as PR will retaliate to win support from voters. On last count, the orang asli votes are no longer rock solid for BN. PR is making inroads in orang asli villages and JHEOA could no longer hold monopoly to their votes.
  14. PR is also making inroads to Felda scheme and if PR plays their cards right, BN will "berputih mata" on polling day.
  15. Ibrahim Ali predicted BN win by 3000 votes whilst RPK opts for PR by 5000 votes majority. What it means is that this is going a major fight and both parties are not aiming for small majority. It is going to be a decisive by-election.
  16. It is still too early to predict the voters swing. BN may thinks that they are winning but PR still has the edge...
  17. However, the real decider may be these 13,488 or 20 % of the registered voters who has their polling centre changed by EC on grounds to avoid congestion. The intention may be good but the question is - why didn't EC make it known to all contesting parties prior to PKR's "discovery"?
  18. Remember 2004 GE when voters were given the run around in KL and Selangor? Will the same chaos repeated in P94 Hulu Selangor? I have not been following much on MAFREL lately. Are they still recognised by EC and will they be given access to polling station this 25th April 2010? Or are there hidden hands working to get MAFREL out of the picture in monitoring the by-election, especially with these "possible" 13,488 voters predicament?
  19. It will not be surprising that these 13,488 voters plus another 228 voters who have been "transferred" to Selayang parliamentary constituency will be an issue after 25th April 2010. On this, what is EC's KPIs and NRAs? Have they achieved their target in P94 Hulu Selangor? Or have they stumbled in in dutifully informed these 13,488 voters of the changes? Or is EC playing "king maker" in P94?
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Monday, April 19, 2010

P94: Day one, desperate BN let it loose...

  1. Whilst some subscribe to the belief that all is fair in politics, I for one do not look at it that way. To me, only desperados will stoop that low hitting below the belt and what BN did on the first day of "official" P94 campaign is reminiscence of Mike Tyson chewing off a part of Evander Hollyfield's ear in their boxing bout.
  2. When BN decided to attack candidate's preference to beverages, it reveals the state of BN's desperation. BN seems to forget that in Islam, there is a term "taubat" and the one God will accept one's taubat as long as one's lifeforce is not a breath away from death and as long as the sun do not rise from the west and sets in the east.
  3. Fine! BN is taking a high moral road. But in doing so, is BN claiming that their top Muslim leadership are alchohol free? I have a friend who can vouch that he personally saw one of UMNO's top echelon leaders drinking away in a club and there are eye-witnesses who claimed that dangdut lounge is extremely popular during AGMs'.
  4. For this observer, there are more important issues than to debate on whether so and so is a reformed person or not. Who are we to be judges on issues that are best are known by Him, the maker and Creator?
  5. If my grey cells are still serving me right, there is a hadith that clearly mentioned something like "when corruption reigns, beware that the country will soon falls into ruins". What does that mean? Shouldn't we be placing corruption as priority 1? If that is so, BN are still failing to meet our expectation and the recently released myprocurement portal indicated that our system just stinks.
  6. We have jetplanes with missing engines, we gloat on submarine that once cannot dive, and we are signing contracts in the ongoing Defense Strategic Alliance (DSA) to procure armoured vehicles possibly from Indonesia. The question now - why is French government opening its investigation papers on the submarine deal? Why is the government stiffling request to get to the bottom of the submarine deal?
  7. There are other cases hogging the limelight such as the PKFZ, the "prada" shoes, the "billion" ringgit contract on food supplies to mention a few. What are the government plans to arrest these issues? Having KPIs' and NKRAs' is just not enough. Something must be done and those guilty should be brought to courts.
  8. How desperate is BN? They are so desperate that they are going fishing for defectors and helping PKR in house cleaning. Today, its Shah Alam youth. Tomorrow? Muhyiddin mentions of another big fish flying into BN's net.
  9. In trying to appeal and charm the voters, BN has resorted to some desperate moves. And I say it again - all is fair in politics but how low can you go?
  10. One day, BN will be running out of tricks and that's the day when all hell will break in BN's camp. I may not live to see the day but definitely the seeds have been sown. Remember "from acorn grows might oak"? The day will surely come, if and only if BN do not repent their ways whilst the leaders are nose-deep in "irregular" practices.
  11. Back to Zaid. I feel sorry for the BN leaders who choose to attack Zaid's personality whilst conveniently choose to forget that they are no better than him. I have to agree with Sak47's "Living in the glass house" posting. In that sense, this observer choose to keep mum when it comes to personalities. Who are we to act God and pass judgement?
  12. Hishamuddin had since deny that UMNO is behind the alchohol onslaught, however he did not deny that BN and UMNO bloggers are behind the onslaught. If that is the case, then aren't these cybertroopers part and parcel of UMNO? Are they not trained by UMNO? Is Hishamuddin denying that UMNO has conducted series of talks and get-togethers with these bloggers?
  13. Every party wants to win. The same in Hulu Selangor. But to this observer, attacking Zaid's personality is just like hitting below the belt and it is just uncalled for.
  14. Since those bloggers who attacked Zaid's personality are such "perfect" human beings, then answer me this - what are the criteria to choose a leader in a Muslim country? And if they do not have a clue - let me give one. Basically, if you believe in the One god then your choice is already crytal clear - the choice is Zaid for he stands and fight for justice and peosperity to all.
  15. For the time being, let's just say that it is OK for BN to be desperate. But let not desperation force BN to resort to tactics which may backfire on them. This observer has been patiently remains above the political fray, but at the rate it's going, the timing may be right for more pro-active solutions.
  16. Sak's kagemushas may be in the form of Anwar and Najib. But remember that shadow warriors are no match for ronins...if and when they strike! One ronin has gone MIA and AWOL after too much curry, another ronin may surface in Hulu Selangor in these coming days....and if he does, BN can say bye-bye to P94...
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P94: Nomination day photos...the way I see it

Some goes for drama, some goes for bragging rights, some choose financial rewards over substance...Me? I choose...

Yes, this is BN's candidate procession towards the nomination centre. Groupies are jostling for spaces to be within Muhyiddin's eyeview (which later injured Samy Vellu when he was pushed by BN's own supporters against the police-erected barbed wire barricade).

Pity Samy Vellu - not only he got his ego flattened by Muhyiddin days earlier, Kuala Kubu Baru "presented" him with bodily injury from his own supporters. Has BN supporters forgotten how Samy looks like?

The man with an identitiy crisis - Kamal@Alan@Nathan basking in instant glory, flanked by Muhyiddin, Liow TL, KJ.

8 days down the line, will he still be in the same league with them or will he be demoted to another subordinate member, waiting to please his political masters? Will they be Najib? Muhyiddin? Samy Vellu?

Or will he be another one of the faceless names loafing at the Mall ?

On PR's side, it is carnival-like atmosphere. When it's hot, all you have to do is open up the umbrella...and voila, all BN's misdeeds are there for others to read.

A misdeed for each panel. Will the umbrella make its way to be one of the top-sellers of 2010?

They say that "Black is beautiful" but will Najib/Rosmah be smiling if and when they see the umbrellas?

By-election aside, this is the time where activists come out and play.

This is from Rawang folks who are still angry with BN's approach on Rawang high tension project.

And yes, they do make their points and gain support from PR crowd.

Even Confucius has his day in Kuala Kubu Baru.

Interestingly, these Confucius banners came complete with Confucian chants.

For those Chinese illiterates, one of the sentence read something like "He will bring good and prosperity to all, regardless of who you are and what background you came from"

That's what my "official" translator told me...:)

Issues came in all sizes and forms and age. These activists brought issues regarding SRJK (Cina).

Remember the Damansara Chinese school issue? This time, these activists claim that there are more SRJK (Cina) schools closed than re-located.

My Chinese is getting better...:)

BN mampu berubah? Mampu saja tak membawa apa-apa erti. Tiada nilai!

Will it not be better if the slogan is written "BN sudah berubah"? Poor Najib! He paid millions to build his image and launch 1Malaysia concept but these guys could not even get simple things right...

Najib can forget about being the special 1. That has been taken by Jose Mourinho. He can also forget about being "The one", that is Jet Li's film.

And then, why choose "Pilihlah BN"? Wouldn't it be better if "Pangkahlah BN" is chosen instead?

Clearly, BN is One misguided party...tsk tsk...

Wanita UMNO? You want to pantun? Go ahead...You want to use pantun 2 kerat? OK...make my day...

But what is this? No rhyme! And you call yourselves "pejuang bangsa"? Shame on you....

Will it not be better if ? "Ayam den ayam selasih, Undilah BN terima kasih"

Aiyaa! Why KJ never advise these wanita? Or is KJ eyeing on Puteris' only? Even if KJ could not offer any advise, where is WJ when BN needs him? MIA? Or is he AWOL?

Whatever it is, NC is a man of peace and a natural Nature lover.

It would be wonderful if the police rounded up all those rowdy hecklers from both BN and PR and dip them in Sungai Pertak...

I am sure the cold and refreshing water will do wonders to cool down tempers...

But one thing for sure... I saw few nice cool dames that day. Well! my gain is your loss...:)

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

P94: Untuk BN, permulaan yang terdesak...

PRK P94 Hulu Selangor kali ini melibatkan empat calun iaitu Kamalanathan dari BN-MIC, Zaid Ibrahim dari PR-PKR, V. Chandran dari Bebas-MIC dan Johan Md Diah dari Bebas-UMNO. Mereka berempat mempunyai tempoh sehingga 24hb April untuk memenangi hati pengundi dan mempengaruhi undian mereka pada 25hb April nanti.

Kali ini, sekali lagi BN berada didalam keadaan terdesak dan hampir nazak apabila 2 calun bebas yang menghantar pencalunan mereka merupakan ahli parti komponen BN. Ini sedikit sebanyak akan memecah undi BN. Sejauh mana Chandran dan Johan dapat mempengaruhi pengundi akan menyaksikan samada BN berada dizon selesa atau tidak.

Buat masa ini, mari kita menilai kedudukan BN yang terdesak berpandukan kepada fakta-fakta berikut :-

  1. Calun bebas dari MIC - V. Chandran

    19% dari 63,593 atau 12,082 pengundi berdaftar terdiri dari keturunan India. Barang diingat bahwa Kamalanathan merupakan calun "kompromi". Meskipun Samy Vellu akhirnya bersetuju dengan cadangan Muhyiddin memilih Kamalanathan sebagai calun BN di Hulu Selangor, pemimpin pertengahan dan bawahan MIC belum tentu dapat menelan ego mereka yang begitu beriya-iya mempertahankan keputusan awal MIC yang bermati-matian mempertahankan hak mereka untuk menamakan Palanivel sebagai calun BN di P94.

    Lapuran awal menunjukkan4 cawangan MIC akan dibubarkan sementara pusat operasi MIC kelihatan lenggang. Bukan itu saja, kehadiran ahli MIC dihari pencalunan tidak menggambarkan bahwa MIC bersatu dalam isu pemilihan calun.

    Berdasarkan pemerhatian tersebut, faktor V Chandran mungkin akan menentukan siapa layak mewakili Hulu Selangor di Parlimen. Masih terlalu awal untuk menganggarkan penyokong setia V Chandran dan pastinya MIC serta UMNO akan bekerja keras untuk "memujuk" V Chandran menarik borang pencalunan dan seterusnya memberi sokongan "tidak berbelah bagi" kepada BN. Ia bergantung kepada berapa banyak "durian runtuh" yang akan diperolehi V Chandran...

  2. Calun bebas dari UMNO - Johan Md Diah

    Lebih dari 50 % pengundi P94 berketurunan Melayu. Walaupun Noh Omar, Khir Toyo memperjuangkan peluang untuk wakil dari UMNO dipilih sbagai calun, Najib dengan tegas berkehendakkan MIC menjadi calun. Maka terlukalah hati para pemimpin UMNO Selangor dan berkuburlah hasrat Mohamad Mohamad Taib dipilih sebagai calun BN di P94.

    Apakah UMNO Selangor akan terus berdiam diri? Apakah dengan memilih Kamalanathan dapat meredakan keresahan UMNO Selangor? Apatah lagi, calun MIC yang disokong UMNO Selangor ialah Murali tetapi cadangan tersebut ditolak mentah-mentah oleh Samy Vellu dan pusat kepimpinan tertinggi MIC. Dimana UMNO Selangor nak menyembunyikan aib mereka?

    Kehadiran Johan Md Diah memberi nafas baru kepada UMNO. Seandainya Johan bijak mengatur langkah dan dibantu oleh Perkasa, tidak mustahil untuk Johan meraih undi protes dari pengudi tegar UMNO yang ingin mengajarpinan BN dan MIC ertikata "bertolakansur".

    Saperti juga V Chandran, ketahanan mental Johan akan diuji dengan pelbagai bentuk "durian runtuh" dari BN.Sekiranya Johan dapat bertahan sehingga 21hb April, tidak mustahil sekiranya Johan dapat meraih undi dalam sekitar 10,000.

    Sekiranya Ibrahim Ali, Zul Nordin dan Zahrain bergabung tenaga untuk membantu Johan di P94, tidak mustahil kalau P94 mencipta sejarah dimana calun bebas menang dalam PRK tersebut. Itupun kalau Johan Md Diah mempunyai pakej yang lengkap termasuk dana yang mencukupi untuk bersaing bersama BN dan PR.

  3. Calun sebenar BN - Kamalanathan

    Jelas sekali bahwa BN kali ini begitu terdesak sehinggakan terpaksa menongkah arus. Muhyiddin telah berjanji bahwa calun MIC akan dipilih dari pemimpin tempatan. Kamalanathan bukan orang tempatan Hulu Selangor. Apakah Muhyiddin sudah lupa pada kata-kata beliau? Apakah Muhyiddin fikir pengundi buta?

    Mungkin Kamalanathan tidur sebantal dengan Palanivel dan makan sedulang bersama Murali tetapi tidak mustahil untuk Palanivel dan Murali berkerja "kuat" untuk memenangkan calun lain. Najib dan Muhyiddin telah secara terang dan bersuluh menolak timbalan presiden MIC sebagai calun BN. Dimanakan maruah MIC, Samy Vellu, Palanivel, Murali? Apakah mereka sanggup menelan air liur dan bersetuju dangan tanggapan Najib dan Muhyiddin bahwa Palanivel tidak layak dipilih sebagai calun P94. Apakah BN memang benar-benar memberi hak samarata kepada parti komponen mereka atau UMNO mempunyai kelebihan hak dalam BN, sebagaimana UMNO melabelkan keturunan lain sebagai "pendatang", apakah BN juga beranggapan bahwa parti komponen lain sebagai "melukut ditepi gantang" dan hanya suara UMNO merupakan suara BN - parti komponen lain adalah sekadar pelakun cacak atau pelakun tambahan yang boleh dipulas telinga dan dizip mulut mereka?

    BN sekarang begitu bekerja keras untuk menonjolkan Kamalanathan sehingga sanggup menamakan beliau sebagai "Kamal" untuk mengabui mata pengundi Melayu. MSM juga begitu kuat mempromosikan Kamalanathan sebagai anak kelahiran Selangor yang ingin berjasa di Hulu Selangor. Apakah pengundi Hulu Selangor begitu senang untuk diperbudak-budakkan?

    3 faktor ini sudah cukup merungsingkan BN. Dalam keadaan yang terdesak ini, BN mula "buang batu, sembunyi tangan"apabila menyerang peribadi calun PR. Apakah pengundi HUlu Selangor akan "melepas anjing tersepit" bernama BN? Hari hari berikutnya akan memberi gambaran awal kemungkinan kekalahan BN...

    Hingga ketemu lagi...selamat malam M'sia...dimana jua anda berada...

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Of P94: First round belongs to PR...

  1. 17th April 2010 is an unusually busy day for Kuala Kubu Baru. As reports have it, cars and buses makes its way into this quaint town as early as 2 am in the morning with masjids and suraus opened its doors to travellers who came to offer moral support to the party of their choice.
  2. An officer from one of the government agencies casually told me taht he has been camping in Kuala Kubu Baru since the past 2 weeks and he has anotehr 8 days to go before he packed his bags and report back to his office along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur.
  3. Kudos to the many police personnel who have provided their best to accomodate the continuous streaming cars making theri way to Kuala Kubu Baru. On one part, the police action plan of separating the party supporters from direct confrontation is highly appreciated and has largely confined the verbal exchanges (and missiles) to the minimum.
  4. Yes, BN supporters came in full force but strategically they lost the first round during the nomination day. Be patient, we will be there in due course.
  5. Honestly, BN came out roaring when they assembled on the road next to the masjid. Their singing and slogan chatting is loud but then it started to fizzle when BN supporters reach the nomination center.
  6. What started as a long column of supporters actually started on the wrong footing. This observer is amused to see the apathy shown by BN facilitators and co-ordinators. Why didn't they notice a group of people carrying banners of independent candidate is within their midst? Is this a "back-up" plan just in case Kamalanathan's nomination papers has technical problems and rejected by the RO?
  7. Then the IPF supporters. No doubt they have declared their support to BN but the question is - where were MIC party members? On this day, IPF members easily outnumbered sari-clad MIC women and men. Don't tell me that MIC branches in Hulu Selangor get the date wrong!
  8. Malaysian Makkal Sakhti Party? What are they doing joining BN's procession? Have they resolved who is the righful president of the party? The banner clearly stated that! What MMSP is doing is more of self-promoting their lost cause.
  9. What started with a bang ended like a whimper. BN supporters were left to dry under the scorching sun whilst PR supporters were having a carnival-like stalls with speakers boosting their morale and the "black" umbrella with BN sins were seen to be making its entrance here. Even issues like the TNB transmission lines, Bukit Koman gold mine were making its rounds to educate the supporters.
  10. BN's gimmick of using motor driven paragliders is something new on by-elections. But that's about all than BN can be proud of.
  11. PR supporters took control of the hill overlooking the nomination centre, again leaving BN supporters standing on the lower ground. To me...that's bad feng shui!
  12. Even with shouting matches between the supporters were handsomely won by PR. The way I see it, BN supporters left the nomination centre with tails between their legs...tsk tsk looks beaten before the war...
  13. After the nomination process and passing-by Serendah, Rasa, Bukit Beruntung, the poster wars are just erupting with DAP taking lead over MCA in Chinese dominated areas.
  14. As for the Malay dominated housing, there is not much BN and UMNO flags. Maybe, poster wars have not really started for them...
  15. For the orang asli votes, there is some good omen for PR when several orang aslis supporters were seen on PR side during the nomination process. Anotehr chink in BN's bastion. perhaps?
  16. Yes, this writer has some photos and it will be uploaded here in due course...suffice to say that for today, clearly round 1 belongs to PR.
  17. BN needs to exercise major damage control. With 2 independents each formerly from MIC and UMNO, a considerable votes meant for BN will be lost through protest votes. So, you guys better watch out for "jackpots" in either 4D or sports toto. Someone may "strike" before the polling day. Mark my word because my Chinese friends have linked "jackpots" with "froggies" and elections.
Let's stop here for day one...the fun has just started. My next trip to P94? Heh heh heh...let's not break teh suspense, ok?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Friday, April 16, 2010

Of P94: Pala Mugil MIC...

  1. In politics, everything is possible. If it is true that Malaysia paid RM 76M to get Najib on the world stage with Obama and then with the 40 minute meeting 1MPM6 suspends gasoline supplies to Iran, it shows how low one can go to be in the good books of big brother. But that is a different story which will be attended to later.
  2. For now, the one that interest me more is BN's choice for P94. By nomination day Palanivel will just be Pala who? The same for Mugilan. He will just be plain Mugil! Unfortunately P94 is not in Penang. If not, someone will have a field day saying Pala mugil or is it Buah Pala murah?
  3. Who actually strike with BN's choice for P94? Is it Palanivel? Samy Vellu?, MIC? Kamalnathan? UMNO? The only losers thus far is Mugilan and KJ. Believe me, after this KJ will be getting more desperate to be in Najib's good books. Let's go for the losers first...
  4. After careful orchastration in promoting Murali, MIC top leadership slammed UMNO's choice and threatened to expel Mugilan from MIC if he were hosen above Palanivel. Who are Mugilan backers? The answer is simple - UMNO Selangor and KJ.
  5. UMNO Selangor's dream of putting an UMNO candidate was shredded by Najib and at the same time Najib openly warned UMNO Selangor warlords to toe the line during the recently concluded Selangor BN convention. With that, Noh Omar and Khir Toyo ran helter shelter back to the safety of their coccoons and reluctantly agree that P94 candidate shall be from MIC.
  6. For KJ, promoting Mugilan as the candidate is to show that he has the influence as BN youth head. Alas, all his rhetorics and camourflaging that Mugilan's youth is a great asset has been brutally shot down by MIC supremo, Samy Vellu and his band of usual "groupies". Like it or not, KJ is left standing to lick his own battered ego. A lesson to be learnt by KJ - never cross Samy's path. Better still - don't ever think of forwarding proposals. It is better for KJ to keep away peeping Tom during Isa Samad's honeymoon trip to Hulu Selangor.
  7. MIC? They are the real winners! Say what you want but MIC manage to maximise their gains in P94. Just look at the goodies lining MIC's hallway. First they have Kamalanathan, a non-Hulu Selangor local to be chosen as P94 BN candidate.
  8. Then, they manage to "force" Najib to pave the way for Palanivel to be elected as senator and later promoted to deputy minister. What MIC did is killing two birds with ne stone - MIC manage to get another senatorial chair and an additional deputy ministerial post. MCA cannot do that, Gerakan can dream for it, PPP salivate for the chance but it's MIC who hits the jackpot.
  9. But MIC is not done yet. MIC is using P94 and Palanivel as bargaining tools for more! Although the news are not confirmed (yet), it is believed that MIC is using P94 to set the terms for Samy's political exit by rewarding him with a post as ambassador-at-large for South Asia (and that includes India) with senior ministerial rank equivalent to JJ in USA.
  10. That is not all. To placate MIC's central leaders, it is widely believed that something is in the works for Maika holdings. Somethig that will be rewarding to MIC members and at the same time douse Subramaniam's claims on Maika mismanagement et al. This is designed to paint a better picture and act as a sprngboard for Palanaivel to take over MIC.
  11. In return, MIC may "surrender" Hulu Selangor to UMNO in GE13. That will not ruffle any feather in MIC as they know that when MIC "relinquish" one parliamentary seat in Hulu Selangor, they may be further "rewarded" with alternative parliamentary seats elsewhere. Maybe at the expense of PPP or Gerakan.
  12. It is worrisome to read about Muhyiddin getting sleepless nights just thinking about MIC candidate for P94. If P94 by-election is giving him sleepless nights, then i,agine what will happen to him when GE13 comes! He may be having nightmares...
  13. Muhyiddin himself admitted that the moment he woke up, he saw Samy Vellu. What does that mean? Is Muhyiddin sleeping with Samy Vellu ? Or is Muhyiddin hinting that his sleeping partner looks like Samy? If the latter is true, then all the cosmetics in the world will not change the facial and "wigged" look ala-Samy...pity Muhyiddin.
  14. Whatever it is, P94 will see UMNO working their butts off to win over the voters whilst MIC will be giggling and calculating their windfall - at UMNO's expense. MCA, Gerakan will still have to make their rounds in Chinese-concentrated areas whilst PPP may be working "in protest".
  15. Win or lose - MIC is actually the winner now. Even Berjaya's million ringgit jacpot is chickenfeed compared to MIC's pot of gold. At the end of the day, it is not Pala who nor Mugil who matters. It all boils down to what Samy wants, he will get through his SPV named MIC. The rest like Noh Omar, Khir Toyo, KJ, Muhyiddin and even Najib can fly kite...
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

P94 Hulu Selangor : A trip before a's the 1M flag!

They say " A picture paints a thousand words" and borrowing from the Love story song, I say "Where do I begin?"...

In one of last week's posting, NC mentioned that NC was let down by something in Pejabat Daerah/Tanah Hulu Selangor in Kuala Kubu Baru. A week has passed and yesterday NC make another unannounced call to Pejabat Daerah/Tanah Kuala Hulu Selangor.

On the left is the entrance to Pejabat Daerah/Tanah Hulu Selangor. Let me assured you that those in the pictures are not linked to NC :)

This is the lobby area to Pejabat Daerah/Tanah Hulu Selangor, complete with banners. The numbering system works and the services are pleasantly efficient :)

Maybe it's the P94 by-election or maybe because of it's sudden prominence, there is a sudden surge of interest for TOL applications, land status application, application to extend leasing years. Everybody has something in need and the politicians are just a call away - be it BN or PR :) How's that for people friendly service? But, no worry - it will be back to normal after 25th April 2010...:(

1M flag at the left side of the reception counter.


go down for more.....


As I have said earlier, I am proud to be a Malaysian and what I see is just simply unbelievable! For those unfamiliar with 1M flag, notice that star comes before the crescent and that is WRONG!

Is it apathy? Is it insensitivity? Is it indifference?

1 week has passed and nothing has been done. Correct, NC did not lodge a formal complain on last week's observation but the officer should have taken a liberty to correct the situation. Afterall, there are many mini 1M flags around the office. All he has to do is to replace the "defective" 1M flag with the crrect one. Is it so difficult?

And those who frequented the office - are they that insensitive or are they just don't care or not sensitive? Don't tell me that they are all did not observe!

We just could not rely on the cleaners to observe this trivial matter. They are Indonesian claeners and I will not blame them if they cannot differentiate our 1M flag with US flag... but what about those who claimed to be Malaysian citizens?

My hope? My hope is for the flag supplier to be more diligent and ensure that the flags are correct. History has shown how we struggle for 1M flag and gain independence. History has shown how proud we are when pur 1M flag flies high when Lee Choon Wei wins the All England or when Nichol David rules the squash courts or when our brave Malaysians conquers the Everest, the Artics and teh Antartic. Will we be as proud if in any of those occassions we find that they hoist the "wrong" 1M flag?

Will BN people be happy if they see their "dacing" tilting one way? Will DAP be happy of they see their "rocket" tilted? Will PKR ne happy if their "mata" is shaded differently? Maybe, only maybe PAS has no problem since whichever way you hoist their symbol, thei "bulan" is always round :)

There you have it. It's your choice on what you see with the "defective" 1M flag. Whatever it is, I hope that Pejabat Daerah/Tanah Hulu Selangor will take immediate corrective action to this issue. Me? I will be in Kuala Kubu Baru again this Saturday 17th April 2010 for another round of mass sun-bathing.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, April 09, 2010

P94: Malam masih panjang...

LATEST : Another by-election? This time Sibu P212 parliamentary seat...

  1. Untuk PRK P94 Hulu Selangor, proses penamaan calun akan diadakan pada 17hb April dan sekiranya ada pertandingan, hari mengundi telah ditetapkan pada 25hb April 2010. Pendek kata, masih terlalu awal untuk menyingkap "mood" pengundi dan kearah mana kecenderongan mereka kali ini.
  2. Walaupun demikian, BN dan PR sudah mula mengorak langkah dan mengerakkan jentera parti masing-masing meredah hutan, mengharung sungai, mendaki bukit dengan senyuman dalam usaha mereka untuk menambat hati pengundi berserta dengan taburan janji-janji manis yang sinonim dengan PRK.
  3. Terkini, Malaysian Insider mengeluarkan artikel bertajuk Hulu Selangor Barisan's to lose yang antara lain menggambarkan kedudukan selesa BN untuk menawan kembali P94 dari tangan PR dengan menyiarkan pengakuan PR bahwa PR menghadapi kesukaran untuk mengekalkan P94.
  4. Sahabat saya Sakmongkol AK47 membuat penganalisaan awal Siapa menang di Hulu Selangor dan saya bersetuju dengan pendapat beliau bahwa sebenarnya BN sedang berhadapan dengan masaalah dalam pemilihan calun kali ini.
  5. Katalah apa pun, sebenarnya P94 mempunyai demographi yang unik dan ini memerlukan seorang calun Melayu tempatan sekiranya parti yang bertanding (atau bebas) ingin menang.
  6. PRK memberi lebih peluang dan ruang untuk calun tempatan menyerlah dan menawarkan diri untuk berkhidmat kepada pengundi. Masaalahnya, ramai yang ingin bersuluh walaupun sudah terang dan nyata. Mungkinkah mereka tidak menyelami posting-posting terdahulu Najib sanggup dukung biawak hidup, Of 1MPM6 : Carroting the public sector to support GST..., P94 Hulu Selangor : First thoughts...sure no go.
  7. Masaalah terbesar yang berhadapan dengan BN ialah kenyataan Najib bahwa calun BN untuk P94 akan datang dari MIC. Samy Vellu beriya-iya mahu meletakkan dan mengekalkan Palanivel sebagai calun walaupun mendapat tentangan dari UMNO dan akar umbi. Apakah cara untuk BN keluar dari kemelut ini? Senang saja...caranya begini :-
    • MIC dengan cara baik dan "demi kepentingan bersama BN" memberi laluan BN meletakkan calun dari UMNO. Ini akan menyelamatkan "maruah" Najib dengan MIC "mengorbankan" Palanivel" dan dalam masa yang sama membuka peluang untuk BN merampas P94 kembali;
    • MIC mengenepikan Palanivel dan memilih ahli MIC yang berketurunan India tempatan tetapi beragama Islam sebagai calun. Walaupun calunnya masih dari MIC tetapi peluang untuk BN akan menjadi lebih cerah kerana MIC memilih calun yang "lebih dekat dihati" dengan majoriti pengundi P94. Ini juga memerlukan "pengorbanan" Palanivel dan menyukarkan jalan beliau untuk mengambilalih tampuk Presiden MIC nanti;
    • membiarkan MIC untk bertanding atas tiket BN tetapi dalam masa yang sama UMNO "membenarkan" calun Melayu tempatan dari PERKASA untuk bertanding atas tiket bebas. Cara ini akan memecah undian Melayu dan memungkinkan calun BN memenangi PRK tersebut;
  8. Begitu juga dengan PR. Desus-desus untuk mencalunkan Zaid Ibrahim sebagai calun perlu diketepikan sekiranya PR benar-benar ingin memenangi P94. Pengamatan ini berteraskan kemungkinan berikut :-
    • BN mungkin "mengumpan" dengan membuat kenyataan terbuka bahwa calun mereka akan datang dari MIC. Tatkala PR termakan umpan tersebut (kerana PR dijangka akan mengistiharkan calun mereka pada 13hb April), BN akan menyentak dengan menamakan calun mereka (yang dijangka akan diistiharkan pada 15hb April) dari UMNO. Ketika itu, hampir pasti P94 akan ditawan balik oleh BN;
    • BN membiarkan PR menamakan calun PR dahulu. Kemudian BN akan menamakan calun tempatan dari MIC dan BN akan memainkan sentimen "tempatan" untuk meraih undi dan menggambarkan PR sebagai parti yang ketandusan pemimpin sehingga terpaksa memilih calun "payung terjun" sebagai calun;
  9. Untuk masa ini, cukup lah setakat ini. Apapun, malam masih panjang dan 17hb April masih seminggu lagi. Conggak politik masih berjalan dan coretan ini hanya sekadar membuka pemikiran tentang realiti PRK P94.
  10. BN harus berani berubah dan keluar dari pemikiran sempit yang berlandaskan sensitiviti parti komponen.
  11. PR pula harus lebih praktikal dan turun ke bumi nyata bahwa faktor tempatan masih lagi memainkan pernan dalam menentukan kalah menang PRK P94.
  12. Secara jujur, pemanggil malam akan membuat kujungan hormat ke Kuala Kubu Bharu pada 17hb April ini sebagai pemerhati bebas. Apa kata, jom ke Kuala Kubu Bharu pada 17hb April untuk menikmati pemandangan indah di bawah pohon-pohon besar yang mengelilingi Jabatan Kerajaan disana?
Hingga ketemu lagi...selamat malam M'sia...dimana jua anda berada...
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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Of 1M : BN is not ready, parliament is not accomodating...

  1. Only this morning I have a word with 1 E.P.I.C. volunteer and true enough, we are not ready...yet.
  2. Let's start from the top. That means BN. Not because of anything personal against BN but BN has been in the corridors of power together with its predecessor, Perikatan since 1957.

    By chance, BN Selangor held its convention in Shah Alam on 7th April 2010, few days before the important P94 by-election. Noh Omar in his keynote address alluded that non-Malays should be grateful that they were granted Malaysian citizenship. 47 years after the formation of Malaysia , Noh Omar still brings out this issue and with that 15 delegates from MCA Kapar walked out of the convention in protest. Simple question really - is Noh Omar's non-Malays means Jawa? Is he implying that Khir Toyo should be grateful of being considered a Malaysian citizen when his father is born across the straits?

    Do you guys still remember Noh Omar? His controversial speech in parliament back then cause sight diplomatic riff with China. He never seems to learn from mistakes, did he?

  3. From thereon, let's make a brief tour detour to parliament. Remember how Anwar Ibrahim was referred to the Rights and Priviledge committee for bringing up APCO? He was accussed of misleading the house and thus referred to the committee.

    Then, what about Tajuddin Abdul Rahman? He claims that Penang DAP leaders frequented Hong Kong and Singapore to sell government secrets but he was spared from being referred to the Rights and Priviledge committee.

    Instead,Karpal Singh was suspended from parliament for 10 days. Not only that, Mahfudz was also referred to the Rights and Priviledge committee which was later withdrawn the day after.

    Just like that, the house speaker has effectively possibly "remove" 3 opposition votes by virtue of referring Anwar to the committee, suspending Karpal for 10 days and almost referring Mahfudz to the committee. Now, what happens if there is an important bill of say GST bill to be tabled. Will this effectively be passed as BN will surely scores a 2/3 majority by way of suspended opposition parliamentarians?

  4. And do you think I will let PR off the hook? Sorry, no dice. PR parliamentarians are also at fault. Yes, Anwar did provide "documented" evidence to back up his claims. Whether the documents are genuine or hearsay is up to the people to judge.

    What I don't understand is - is there any need for Mahfudz to chant UMNO-APCO? If I want to have cheerleaders, I can easily go to Los Angeles and get the Laker girls here! What we want are responsible parliamentarians and not bunch of cheer-leading packs!

  5. Where does that leads us? Are we really ready for 1Malaysia? If BN themselves are confused with the "pendatang" and "grateful" issue, then how can they live up to Najib's 1Malaysia's concept?

    Recalling back, Najib's 1Malaysia slogan is "rakyat didahulukan, prestasi diutamakan" which is translated as "people first, performance now". However, Selangor BN convention prove that for Noh Omar and his bunch of UMNOputras, it is "Melayu didahulukan, kedudukan diutamakan" which can be loosely translated as "Malay first, position now". It proves that UMNO has not change and is still living in their "UMNO is the world" syndrome!

    Our parliament is not ready. The parliamentarians are too busy accussing each other and thus spare less time in positively giving constructive and dynamic ideas to better the peoples' welfare. They are more adapted in turning the august house into an animal farm and the chairs have proven again and again that they are biased against the opposition MPs'. Is this the 1st world parliamentarian mentality that we are talking about? Honestly, I think the kids in kindergarten can discuss better and more matured than some of the parliamentarians!

    The opposition block? Obviously they are too engrossed in opposing everything that sometimes they forget that they are part of the team that should look into our well-being!

  6. That said, should we encourage our young to register as voters? Surely, we have many ways to get the masses to register as voters but will that change the parliamentarian behaviour? Will that rid us of unnecessary "glamour seeking", "cheer-leading" rants? Will it guide our speakers from being overly biased?
  7. Just try to understand why Najib is bringing along 2 independent MPs in the form of Zahrain and Zulkifli Noordin to be part of Malaysia-USA caucus. Why is Najib bringing along 2 independent MPs who are not party-driven to be part of the caucus? Are we leaving the caucus into the hands of 2 independent MPs' who are known to be individually motivated and who, on record, are fiercely championing the "Melayu didahulukan" and overtly strong stance on "Allah" issue?

    If that is Najib's line of thoughts, then I did not see his 1Malaysia concept live to celebrate a third annivesary and I am being modest when I said that.

  8. Therefore, I believe we are not ready for 1Malaysia concept. We have not lived up to 1Malaysia concept. What we have now is just pure action talk only. NATO!

    The way out from this quicksand is for us the rakyat to intelligently convey the message that we are looking for 1st world parliamentarians. The rest ie 2nd world and 3rd world parliamentarians can start queing up to collect their retirement cheques. We have to rid our parliament from those "rent-seekers" who gobble the highlights by accussing others without documented back-up and evidence, those who purposely create discord in parliaments and also to replace speakers with more fair and just people.

    If this is too hard to find,NC is just a call away and he will gladly share his list of preferred parliamentarians, regardless of their political affiliation...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More