Thursday, April 08, 2010

Of 1M : BN is not ready, parliament is not accomodating...

  1. Only this morning I have a word with 1 E.P.I.C. volunteer and true enough, we are not ready...yet.
  2. Let's start from the top. That means BN. Not because of anything personal against BN but BN has been in the corridors of power together with its predecessor, Perikatan since 1957.

    By chance, BN Selangor held its convention in Shah Alam on 7th April 2010, few days before the important P94 by-election. Noh Omar in his keynote address alluded that non-Malays should be grateful that they were granted Malaysian citizenship. 47 years after the formation of Malaysia , Noh Omar still brings out this issue and with that 15 delegates from MCA Kapar walked out of the convention in protest. Simple question really - is Noh Omar's non-Malays means Jawa? Is he implying that Khir Toyo should be grateful of being considered a Malaysian citizen when his father is born across the straits?

    Do you guys still remember Noh Omar? His controversial speech in parliament back then cause sight diplomatic riff with China. He never seems to learn from mistakes, did he?

  3. From thereon, let's make a brief tour detour to parliament. Remember how Anwar Ibrahim was referred to the Rights and Priviledge committee for bringing up APCO? He was accussed of misleading the house and thus referred to the committee.

    Then, what about Tajuddin Abdul Rahman? He claims that Penang DAP leaders frequented Hong Kong and Singapore to sell government secrets but he was spared from being referred to the Rights and Priviledge committee.

    Instead,Karpal Singh was suspended from parliament for 10 days. Not only that, Mahfudz was also referred to the Rights and Priviledge committee which was later withdrawn the day after.

    Just like that, the house speaker has effectively possibly "remove" 3 opposition votes by virtue of referring Anwar to the committee, suspending Karpal for 10 days and almost referring Mahfudz to the committee. Now, what happens if there is an important bill of say GST bill to be tabled. Will this effectively be passed as BN will surely scores a 2/3 majority by way of suspended opposition parliamentarians?

  4. And do you think I will let PR off the hook? Sorry, no dice. PR parliamentarians are also at fault. Yes, Anwar did provide "documented" evidence to back up his claims. Whether the documents are genuine or hearsay is up to the people to judge.

    What I don't understand is - is there any need for Mahfudz to chant UMNO-APCO? If I want to have cheerleaders, I can easily go to Los Angeles and get the Laker girls here! What we want are responsible parliamentarians and not bunch of cheer-leading packs!

  5. Where does that leads us? Are we really ready for 1Malaysia? If BN themselves are confused with the "pendatang" and "grateful" issue, then how can they live up to Najib's 1Malaysia's concept?

    Recalling back, Najib's 1Malaysia slogan is "rakyat didahulukan, prestasi diutamakan" which is translated as "people first, performance now". However, Selangor BN convention prove that for Noh Omar and his bunch of UMNOputras, it is "Melayu didahulukan, kedudukan diutamakan" which can be loosely translated as "Malay first, position now". It proves that UMNO has not change and is still living in their "UMNO is the world" syndrome!

    Our parliament is not ready. The parliamentarians are too busy accussing each other and thus spare less time in positively giving constructive and dynamic ideas to better the peoples' welfare. They are more adapted in turning the august house into an animal farm and the chairs have proven again and again that they are biased against the opposition MPs'. Is this the 1st world parliamentarian mentality that we are talking about? Honestly, I think the kids in kindergarten can discuss better and more matured than some of the parliamentarians!

    The opposition block? Obviously they are too engrossed in opposing everything that sometimes they forget that they are part of the team that should look into our well-being!

  6. That said, should we encourage our young to register as voters? Surely, we have many ways to get the masses to register as voters but will that change the parliamentarian behaviour? Will that rid us of unnecessary "glamour seeking", "cheer-leading" rants? Will it guide our speakers from being overly biased?
  7. Just try to understand why Najib is bringing along 2 independent MPs in the form of Zahrain and Zulkifli Noordin to be part of Malaysia-USA caucus. Why is Najib bringing along 2 independent MPs who are not party-driven to be part of the caucus? Are we leaving the caucus into the hands of 2 independent MPs' who are known to be individually motivated and who, on record, are fiercely championing the "Melayu didahulukan" and overtly strong stance on "Allah" issue?

    If that is Najib's line of thoughts, then I did not see his 1Malaysia concept live to celebrate a third annivesary and I am being modest when I said that.

  8. Therefore, I believe we are not ready for 1Malaysia concept. We have not lived up to 1Malaysia concept. What we have now is just pure action talk only. NATO!

    The way out from this quicksand is for us the rakyat to intelligently convey the message that we are looking for 1st world parliamentarians. The rest ie 2nd world and 3rd world parliamentarians can start queing up to collect their retirement cheques. We have to rid our parliament from those "rent-seekers" who gobble the highlights by accussing others without documented back-up and evidence, those who purposely create discord in parliaments and also to replace speakers with more fair and just people.

    If this is too hard to find,NC is just a call away and he will gladly share his list of preferred parliamentarians, regardless of their political affiliation...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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