Wednesday, April 07, 2010

What has Julio Iglesias got to do with Najib's NEM and Ibrahim's Perkasa?

  1. Who's Iglesias? Well! For those non-crooners, he stands for Julio Iglesias who performed in KLCC on 1st April 2010. And his quote for blogger Fi-sha is
    "Love is like wine. To sip is fine, but to empty the bottle is a headache." - Julio Iglesias
  2. Najib? If you don't know him, then frankly I will say that you do not deserve to stay in his 1Malaysia :). On 30th March 2010, he announced NEM (New Economic Model) which is still a blurry vision of what he wanted to do to spur catapult Malaysia into a high-income based economy.
  3. Ibrahim? No, not the Quranic or biblical Ibrahim (or Abraham) but this Ibrahim is the independent MP who spearhead PERKASA.
  4. So, how is the three linked? Jeng, jeng jeng....
  5. In announcing NEM, Najib declared that his aim is to help the lower 40 % of the population whose earnings are less than RM1500 per month. Najib vategorically mentioned that in implimenting NEM, his government will cut across board and will offer assisstance to households who earns less than RM 1500 per month regardless of race, religion and cultural barriers.
  6. Along the same line, Najib re-assures all that he will not neglect Malays and other bumiputras when implementing NEM and gunning down "rent-seekers". In fact, Najib paints himself as being vulnerable to manipulative attacks from UMNO warlords. That's what Najib says to gain the peoples' trust and backing.
  7. Ibrahim Ali wanted the government to continue with policies that will lift the Malays economically to match with the non-Malays and meet the NEP's aim of 30% equity for Malays (and Bumiputra?).
  8. If that is the case for both Najib and Ibrahim Ali, then what about this? A friend who attended Julio Iglesias concert told me that 70 to 80 % of the concert goers are Malays (read: Bumiputra). And this friend vouched that the tickets are priced between RM 150 to RM 800 and they opted for RM 350 tickets. That's not cheap!
  9. So, my reasoning this time is simple - if these Malays can spend RM 300 for a ticket and form 70 to 80 % of the concert goers in Julio Iglesias concert, then how do Najib and Ibrahim Ali justify that Bumiputras are still left behind in equity? It is not easy to spend RM 150 to RM 800 for a 90 minute concert unless you are damn well off and money is not a problem.
  10. Another point to be considered. Remember MT's article on PJH (Putrajaya Holding) non-exec staff grumblings on their contract?
  11. Well! Another friend confirmed to me that the salary range for PJH and PJCC for senior execs are crazy. Just imagine senior execs getting salaries ranging from RM 5K to RM 13K. Such a wide range of RM 8K difference and mind you that these are senior execs and not Managers, Project Managers, Site Managers yet! For this - maybe someone will come up to confirm how many of these PJH and PJC's taffs are non-Bumis!
  12. What this means is that PJH and PJC is a goldmine for these Bumis to earn such high-income. The question is - are they worth that much? Or are these people earning what they have because they are part of the "rent-seekers" mentioned by Najib? No wonder, Putrajaya cost so much to build.
  13. The dots are there. I leave it to you to join the dots and make you own conclusion...
  14. Now, I must admit that I was in Kuala Kubu Bharu yesterday. And no, I was not part of Selangor's state govt which starts operating from Hulu Selangor's District Office nor was I part of BN's machinery who are making their rounds in the constituencies.
  15. Suffice to say that what I noticed yesterday does not reflect BN's 1Malaysia concept or the "Save malaysia" slogan of PR. Let me state that I am a Malaysian and proud to be one. But something let me down yesterday and I have pointed that out to an officer in Pejabat daerah Kuala Kubu Bharu. He admitted that what I commented is right and he noticed the same thing. I will let it pass for a few days and I will purposely make a trip there and see whether it has been corrected or not.
  16. If it is not corrected - let me assue you that I will post the photo for all to see. Let me give a clue : it has nothing to do with BN or PR. It has everything to do with being Malaysian regardless of race, religion or cultural diversity. Another clue : it is located on the ground floor of the Pejabat Tanah.
  17. So, let's see whether the staff of Pejabat Tanah are sensitive or not. Let us see whether the patrons of Pejabat Tanah are sensitive or not and is there any souls out there, apart from Nightcaller who can detect what is not right there. For info, ground floor of Pejabat Tanah Kuala Kubu Bharu is not that big.
  18. For those in the vicinity, please make an effort to take a short tour there and solve this simple puzzle - what is not right there?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Dnightcaller

I dont mind headache just dont give me heartache ;)

So, please share the photo mentioned so we could see what is wrong with all of us malaysians..


nightcaller said...


Be patient...let some complete their assignment first and see whether they can trace what is wrong. Somesort of "treasure hunt" :)

Anonymous said...

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