Saturday, April 17, 2010

Of P94: First round belongs to PR...

  1. 17th April 2010 is an unusually busy day for Kuala Kubu Baru. As reports have it, cars and buses makes its way into this quaint town as early as 2 am in the morning with masjids and suraus opened its doors to travellers who came to offer moral support to the party of their choice.
  2. An officer from one of the government agencies casually told me taht he has been camping in Kuala Kubu Baru since the past 2 weeks and he has anotehr 8 days to go before he packed his bags and report back to his office along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur.
  3. Kudos to the many police personnel who have provided their best to accomodate the continuous streaming cars making theri way to Kuala Kubu Baru. On one part, the police action plan of separating the party supporters from direct confrontation is highly appreciated and has largely confined the verbal exchanges (and missiles) to the minimum.
  4. Yes, BN supporters came in full force but strategically they lost the first round during the nomination day. Be patient, we will be there in due course.
  5. Honestly, BN came out roaring when they assembled on the road next to the masjid. Their singing and slogan chatting is loud but then it started to fizzle when BN supporters reach the nomination center.
  6. What started as a long column of supporters actually started on the wrong footing. This observer is amused to see the apathy shown by BN facilitators and co-ordinators. Why didn't they notice a group of people carrying banners of independent candidate is within their midst? Is this a "back-up" plan just in case Kamalanathan's nomination papers has technical problems and rejected by the RO?
  7. Then the IPF supporters. No doubt they have declared their support to BN but the question is - where were MIC party members? On this day, IPF members easily outnumbered sari-clad MIC women and men. Don't tell me that MIC branches in Hulu Selangor get the date wrong!
  8. Malaysian Makkal Sakhti Party? What are they doing joining BN's procession? Have they resolved who is the righful president of the party? The banner clearly stated that! What MMSP is doing is more of self-promoting their lost cause.
  9. What started with a bang ended like a whimper. BN supporters were left to dry under the scorching sun whilst PR supporters were having a carnival-like stalls with speakers boosting their morale and the "black" umbrella with BN sins were seen to be making its entrance here. Even issues like the TNB transmission lines, Bukit Koman gold mine were making its rounds to educate the supporters.
  10. BN's gimmick of using motor driven paragliders is something new on by-elections. But that's about all than BN can be proud of.
  11. PR supporters took control of the hill overlooking the nomination centre, again leaving BN supporters standing on the lower ground. To me...that's bad feng shui!
  12. Even with shouting matches between the supporters were handsomely won by PR. The way I see it, BN supporters left the nomination centre with tails between their legs...tsk tsk looks beaten before the war...
  13. After the nomination process and passing-by Serendah, Rasa, Bukit Beruntung, the poster wars are just erupting with DAP taking lead over MCA in Chinese dominated areas.
  14. As for the Malay dominated housing, there is not much BN and UMNO flags. Maybe, poster wars have not really started for them...
  15. For the orang asli votes, there is some good omen for PR when several orang aslis supporters were seen on PR side during the nomination process. Anotehr chink in BN's bastion. perhaps?
  16. Yes, this writer has some photos and it will be uploaded here in due course...suffice to say that for today, clearly round 1 belongs to PR.
  17. BN needs to exercise major damage control. With 2 independents each formerly from MIC and UMNO, a considerable votes meant for BN will be lost through protest votes. So, you guys better watch out for "jackpots" in either 4D or sports toto. Someone may "strike" before the polling day. Mark my word because my Chinese friends have linked "jackpots" with "froggies" and elections.
Let's stop here for day one...the fun has just started. My next trip to P94? Heh heh heh...let's not break teh suspense, ok?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


sunwayopal said...

Nice update NC.

Pakatan must win this election, if nothing else but just to see Datuk Zaid enter Parliament.

I think he will b a breadth of fresh air in Parliament.

nightcaller said...


Thanks...wish you were there with the crowd. After all the funfare, a nice dip in Sungai Pertak is heavenly.