Monday, April 26, 2010

P94 Hulu Selangor returns to BN...

  1. On paper Zaid Ibrahim lost Hulu Selangor. So what? For today, let me say that Zaid Ibrahim reminds me of Rocky Balboa. Do you guys know Rocky Balboa? The character played by Sylvester Stallone of an Italian who soak punches before ....
  2. It takes Najib, Muhyiddin, Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir to beat Zaid Ibrahim. And Najib called Zaid a cabinet reject. So, if it takes Najib, Muhyiddin, Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir to take out a cabinet reject, the message is clear. Individually, Najib, Muhyiddin, Ibrahim Ali or Mahathir cannot bring Zaid down. Period!
  3. Zaid Ibrahim did not lose nor does Kamalnathan wins Hulu Selangor. Why did I say so? Read on...
  4. PR can stop whinning on what they perceived as abuses during the election. Mahathir himself admitted that "All is fair in love...and politics". With that, PR has to go back to basics and see where they go wrong.
  5. First and foremost, PKR election machinery in Hulu Selangor is crippled with Halili's defection. Anwar can deny this, Shamsul Iskandar can brush it off, Khalid Ibrahim can pooh-poohed it but the fact is PKR's election machinery in Hulu Selangor is kaput!
  6. Remember NC's trip to Hulu Selangor, to some of the places such as Sg Buaya, Rasa, Rasa Tambahan, Batang Kali, Ulu Kalong, KKB, Sg Pertak? What is it for? It is not for look-see, look see but to gauge first hand on what is termed as "FIRST IMPRESSION".
  7. PR's first impression is "NO IMPRESSION". There is basically no PKR's operation center in Sg Buaya. Maybe there is one there but the location is not strategic enough to give that first impression.
  8. Sure, there are some pondoks here and there but it is manned! In fact some of the pondok has no tables nor chairs? It looks like PKR pondok but is it?
  9. In one pondok stationed by PAS Titiwangsa, they are working their butts off to help BUT they are late comers, mobilised when PKR is already drowning in Hulu Selangor. That means "TIMING".
  10. Salutation to those volunteers who came from as far as Perlis, Kelantan, Johor and yet their expertise are not fully used. There is no "BRIEFING AND DE-BRIEFING CENTRES".
  11. That leads to volunteers trying their best to make use of whatever facilities provided without taking into account their input. I will not go into further details on what is not done and what should be done. As I said many times, NC is an observer and happy to stay that way until such time when...
  12. So, who actually wins Hulu Selangor? The real winner is MIC. Full stop. With minimal effort and scarce resources, MIC twisted their way in for 1 parliament and 1 senatorship and 1 possible deputy ministerial post. UMNO and MCA? They can go and fly kites, as far as Najib is concerned.
  13. If there is a winner, then there must be a loser. Who is the loser? The loser is none other than UMNO. Kata orang Melayu "Menang sorak, kampung tergadai".
  14. UMNO puts in afterburners to make sure Kamal wins, little realising that Kamal is actually Kamalnathan! UMNO goes to the ground with a simple plea - please give Kamal a chance and the kampung folks responded with glee. These simple kampung folks has been duped by UMNO for more than 50 years and they are still being led by the noses with promises and threats, the standard operating procedure of UMNO.
  15. Now, if BN wins Hulu Selangor, then why did UMNO lose? Isn't UMNO part of BN? Isn't UMNO the backbone of BN? UMNO lose because they do not gain any additional senatorship, nor do they get any additional deputy ministerial post! On top of that, there is no "special gift" for the voters, unlike UMNO-initiative to bail out MIC-related MAIKA.
  16. UMNO lost because with this win, all the allocation funds which were in the hands of UMNO division leaders will be transferred to MIC. Kata orang "berputih mata lah orang UMNO kali ini"
  17. UMNO lost because "lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama". Don't believe? You will see in the next few days how Samy personally works with the Indians or Palanivel spending sleepless nights for Kamalnathan or Mugilan worked insanely hard to give Kamalnathan this win.
  18. UMNO lost because UMNO will not be in the picture for Huku Selangor win. Will you hear about how UMNO youth "friendlies" turn the youth over? Will you read about how UMNO "motorcycle groups" effectively cut PR-leaned voters from voting? Will you hear about UMNO youths who cried their voice hoarse for those valuable votes? No, none will make the front pages. These are just the forgotten. Now that MIC has gotten what they want, MIC forgot about UMNO!
  19. Zaid Ibrahim! NC salute you and I believe you stand tall with your commitments. Those voters in KKB, Rasa and other Chinese-dominated areas realise your potential and that's why they voted you. The Malays are as usual, a confused lot who are too scared to let go of their "bantal busuk" for a better and brighter future.
  20. The Indian voters? Let's put it this way - HINDRAF, MMSP, IPF, KIMMA will try to put a front to claim credit. The least said, the better!
  21. Zaid Ibrahim! Take this lose as a lesson. Now, you know how low UMNO is willing to go to protect their territory. It is also a good lesson on how to work with limited resources and exposure. But take heart, there will always be a guiding hand to pave the way for you.
  22. Of course, there are other factors contributing to Zaid's lose..but why should NC share it in public? It will be done...but in due course, of course.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

It's Sibu time! DAP has finally got the chance to stand for election. This time, most probably the candidate would be Wong Ho Leng.
Of course, not sure Halili type DAP would be in the list. Watch out for Wee Choo Keong to do a brutus. I don't trust that fella.

DAP folks hated betrayers. Just listen to what Karpal Singh say about party hoppers. Perhaps, Pasir Salak MPO is correct, DAP inherited the legacy from PAP.
DAP folks willing to sack former Nibong Tebal MP, Goh Cheng Huat without a bad of eyelid. Suspend Voon Lee Shan for 6 months (Voon is loyal & Goh didn't jumpto BN). Those who jumped "mampus".

Just as Tunku Aziz says The Most Principled Political Party in Malaysia. The most commited member in Pakatan Rakyat. Even Tengku Razaleigh knew it when Semangat 46 formed alliance with DAP.

I believe DAP would save the day for Pakatan when they deliver Sibu back to PR.....In the absence of 27 years....Hehehe

Anonymous said...

It's confirmed. Wong Ho Leng (David) would be challenging the mighty BN. You can say it's DAVID against GOLIATH.
DAP has been very precised in their political campaign. Can Wong Ho Leng (David) defeat the mighty BN with one "shot"?

nightcaller said...


Based on my personal observation in Hulu Selangor, PKR needs a lot of cleaning up and revamp to do if they wants to remain relevant.

As I said before, DAP and PAS had tostep in and plug the gaping holes in PKR. When I say revamp, it might also means re-structuring - something which I suspect Anwar is incapable of doing. Not when he is stuck with the courts.

Sibu? DAP has to take the lead to take on teh full force of both federal and state govt. Not impossible but PR needs to work hard...