Saturday, April 03, 2010

Muhyiddin's "1 Malay" vs Najib's 1Malaysia

  1. For politicians, language is their tools of the trade. A slip of the tongue and all hell may nreak loose. Remember the time when Mahathir was alledgedly quoted "We will shoot them" when he later clarified that he said "We will shoo them"? or remember the longstanding joke on Samy Vellu saying "Saya suka buka kain..." when officiating events that calls him to draws the curtain?
  2. That was then. Now comes Muhyiddin with what may be the blooper of the decade when he said that "he is a Malay first then a Malaysian" in reponse to Lim KS's challenge in Parliament on 31st March 2010.
  3. 1MPM6 defended Muhyiddin's statement a day later and that Muhyiddin does not contradict his commitment to 1Malaysia concept. Wah! Easier said than done!
  4. My non-Malay friends are not happy with Muhyiddin and some of them simply said "Moo-yiddin" "cerdik macam lembu". My Kedah friends said that what Moo-yiddin uttered in parliament is equivalent to what Aziz, the ex=UMNO youth leader did when he threatened to burn down the Kuala Lumpur assembly hall. If Kedah can reject Aziz during GE 12, then it will be no surprise if Malaysians decide to reject BN in GE 13.
  5. A Malay proverb "Kerana mulut, badan binasa" is waiting to happen on Muhyiddin.Muhyiddin cannot claim that he is cornered by Lim KS as he has all the time in the world to repond to Lim's question. What Muhyiddin uttered is a reflection of his conviction and I see it as a conviction which is not inline with 1MPM6's 1M's concept.
  6. As the DPM, Muhyiddin should have chosen his words carefully. He did not do so.Why? Is he sending a message to PERKASA? Is he loading his gun to gun down 1MPM6? Is Muhyiddin banking on Merdeka centre's survey that roughly 65 % Malays agree with PERKASA? Is Muhyiddin purposely de-railing 1MPM6's 1M concept?
  7. Look at PERKASA. Nazri Aziz say that PERKASA are opportunists whilst Najib says that PERKASA is not extreme. Does Nazri says what he says because Mahathir is in PERKASA side? Does Najib say what he says to avoid direct confrontation with Mahathir? Are they referring PERKASA to Mahathir and not Ibrahim Ali? Will the real PERKASA stand up?
  8. Why is Muhyiddin taking the "1 Malay" path? Has Muhyiddin disregards his press officer's advice? Or has he forgotten the art of communication?
  9. My friends further retorted and said that they will declare they are Chinese (or Indians) first before they say Malaysians the next time they go abroad. Frankly, I smiled at their suggestion. However, deep down, I fear this issue will be blown out of proportion and out of control. Simply, What is wrong in saying "I am Malaysian of Malay (or Chinese or Indian or Kadazan or Dusun) origin"?
  10. What is so difficult in that? Being a Malay is not an automatic qualification that you are Malaysian. Don't come and tell me that a Malay from the Cocos island is a Malaysian and don't come running to justify that a Malay from Seychelles island is also a Malaysian. By the same reasoning, being a Chinese or Indian or Kadazan or Dusun or whatever does not qualify them as "pendatang". A Chinese or an Indian or Kadazan or Dusun or whatever born in Malaysia is a Malaysian. Period.
  11. It is a risky thing if Muhyidin (and for this matter the government) thinks that all Malays are automatically Malaysians. No wonder, we have illegals setting taking over our commercial districts in Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and the rest of the country. Heck, I don't even know whether Nilai is in Malaysia or in Pakistan, anymore based on the numbers of Pakistani traders there. What about the "colonies" sprouting like mushrooms in KL's urban jungle? It is said that some illegal colonies at the city's fringes are manned by "look-outs" to relay warnings on impeding raids. Just go to any construction site and you will see the illegals "housing scheme" aka kongsi.
  12. Muhyiddin and 1MPM6 talked about 1Malaysia. Are they really seriously taking actions to guard the welfare of Malaysians? Do they realise how many Malaysian girls fall prey to the smooth-talking non-Malaysians? How many Malaysians were duped by the lure of black money? And goodness sake, can someone tell me why is that "Billionaire" Ellie Najeem still around? Haven't we have enough of him? Or is there some hidden hands working hard to grant him extended stay in Malaysia?
  13. 1 Malay, 1 Chinese, 1 Indian, 1 Kadazan, 1 Dusun, 1 whatever bears no consequence. What Malaysia should be aiming for is to build a Malaysian nation, rich in tradition, superb in performance, par excellence in productivity, unmatched in income. So far, the government has failed us in providing what we want. So far, it's all talk, talk and more talks. Talks of liberation, talks of high income, talk of transperancy, talks of competency but most of them are still in working stage. So, as one US ad says "Where's the beef?".
  14. Back to Muhyiddin. It is time for Muhyiddin to be "re-educated". Will BTN be able to come up with a special module to "reform" Muhyiddin? If BTN is working on that, may I make a small request? Will BTN work on a special module to accomodate Muhyiddin along with a class of say 25 and let the rest of the module members come from non-Malays? Better still, can we make it a module with non-Malay speakers - just for Muhyiddin?
  15. Muhyiddin may be busy but I trust this "re-education" module is what Muhyiddin needs to reform. I am willing to pay to be in that module. So, BTN - can or cannot, ah?
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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