Wednesday, April 21, 2010

P94: Day four - will BN stop horsing around...

  1. First salvo against Zaid is about his past drinking habit followed by his penchant for horses.
  2. Mahathir said "All's fair in love, war...and election" but the question is At what cost? It has been warned before that mud-slinging does not benefit any single party. One side started and the second will respond. In the end, it will be "Menang jadi arang, kalah jadi abu" or in simple terms - die die lor...
  3. Now, let's go for simple retaliation of drinking habit where pictures of 2 past PM and 1 current senior Muslim minister were seen in gathering involving alchohol. The irony is these 3 persons whose photographs were splashed in blogs did not responded to counter-accusation (although 1 has met his Maker). Another MP was questioned on the issue and unfortunately that MP is KJ. What is interesting is his respond which goes something like this "Am I drinking in the photo? Am I drinking in the photo? Am I drinking in the photo? Am I drinking in the photo? Was I drinking in the photo? Have you seen the photo?"
  4. Isn't that pure rhetorics? Tell me, dear KJ - how do you snap photo of a person drinking?. You can snap photos of cans or bottles or glasses. You can snap photos of a person holding the cans, bottles or glasses. You can even snap photos of the cans, bottles or glasses touching the lips. But taking photos of a person drinking? Come on, KJ - of all people, an Oxford graduate should know that a photograph is not live cam. Thus, how do you take photos of a person drinking?
  5. That said, it does not mean that a person do not consume alchohol nor does it confirm that the person do indeed consume alchohol. But the Maker knows what a person do, either publicly or in secret. Period!
  6. Now what do MSMs have in mind when some of them splash photos of one of the candidate's horse in the front page? Isn't that another bad intention? Another delicate way of seeding doubts and indirectly implying something mischievous? The problem with the photos and the implication is far reaching...
  7. Is it a sin to own horses? Do all horse owners gamblers? If that is so, then do the MSMs' imply that one of our national horse riders who incidentally bestow titles of Tun, Tan Sris is also one of them? Can we assume that Mahathir also gamles, by virtue that he owns horses? Are we implicating KJ as a gambler because he owns horses to play polo?
  8. Sheeesh...when will BN and their cohorts stop horsing around? When will PR supporters stop retaliating?
  9. Najib rightly slams those who indulge in "gutter politics". His statement is correct but that does not mean BN is free from gutter politics. In fact, it is BN and its subsidiaries in the form of sponsored cyber-troopers, MSMs who initiate gutter politics in P94. Yes, Najib slammed gutter politics and his statement should be applicable to all, including both BN and PR election workers.
  10. Above all, why is Kamalanathan pushing the smear campaugn as UMNO's idea? Kolly, Kamalanathan is BN's candidate and surely he should be held accountable to the campaign. Even if it is UMNO's idea, isn't UMNO part of BN as MIC is BN's component? If Kamalanathan keep on blaming UMNO, it won't be long for UMNO to abandon posts and let Kamalanathan to fight it alone - ada berani ka?
  11. Instead of falling deeper into the gutters, both parties should use P94 by-election to explain their stand on both national and local issues. PR did make use of the opportunity to explain the issues to the voters and at the same time provide reasons why BN should be rejected. BN? I have not seen BN actively engage in explaining national and local issues.
  12. What BN did is to explain why the voters need to stick to BN and all the reasons are revolving around Najib's vision. It doesn't matter that the vision, KPIs', NKRAs' are still hazy but nevertheless they are trying to sell the point.
  13. As for BN candidate, his statement of "Ask about what I can do, not what BN does" sounds flat and hollow. Hello Kamalanathan - are you telling me that you can do what BN does not sanction you to do? Are you telling us that you are independent of BN's actions? Are you not BN candidate? Rasanya ku pernah dengan ungkapan Kamalanathan nih, dimana ya!! Doesn't his statement an echo of JFK's "Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for America!"
  14. Is Kamalanathan shying away from what BN did? Is he not proud of BN's achievements? If he is not proud of BN's achievements, then I pity Najib who "listen" to Samy's suggestion of Kamalanathan as the compromised candidate. And Samy said he made a costly mistake of jumping the gun - false start against Najib. Read Samy's exclusive interview.
  15. Tonight, a bat whispered to me that teh reason why BN stick to MIC. UMNO calculated that their carrot and stick tactic in Feldas' are ringing the Malay votes towards BN. If they choose a Malay candidate, UMNO is very sure that the Indians will protest, so the best way is to named a candidate from MIC. Why not Mugilan? Simple, my bat told me that Palanivel's caste is higher so no way for Mugilan to pass-by Palanivel. Not in a caste system. And would you be happy if your rep is Mugilan? What happen if someone spell his name wrongly and miss an "n" - would it not be "mu gila"? I am not, are you?
  16. Before signing off, let's briefly touch on Najib. BN really don't care! How can BN leaders, including Muhyiddin, "demands" Najib to go to the ground tonight when he barely recovers from his jetlag? I am not sure of you guys, but as for me - jetlag can make me fumble something incoherent. I hope Najib is coherent enough not to utter the words "Tonight, I join PKR". If he does, then we might have a new government tomorrow. Just kidding - it will not happen, not tonight, at least.
  17. Now Najib, go and get some sleep and remember...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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