Thursday, April 22, 2010

P 94 : Final turn before home run dash... the way Mr PM sir - do you know that your favourite acquitance was in Singapore recently? He is itching to share his thoughts on some models with you, and I don't mean the two-legged models but possible jihad models (or is it modules?). Oh...just in case you hear it wrongly, this Razakis currently allergic to two legged models.

  1. Now that Najib's home on time for the final turn, let's see what 1MPM6 has in store for us. Well! For one, is Najib in Washington for the nuclear summit or is he there to collect dossier on Anwar Ibrahim?
  2. Never mind that Najib claimed that Zahrain and Zul Nordin were the ones who did the exposure. It's a pity that Najib had to bring them along to Washington to get the information and it's double pity that our secret service and BN's agentys could not give Najib the info that Zahrain and Zul Nordin gave.
  3. Now that PKR is stripped to the underwear, why not Najib exposed it to the delight of Hulu selangor and saved the headache of either voting for Zaid or Kamalanathan? Unless, Najib is afraid that his info will get PR stripped to the underwear but the info with PR may leave BN strip naked. Which is worse - stripped to the underwear or stripped naked?
  4. And since Zul Nordin and Zah-rained were the ones who pass the information, why not elevate them to cabinet ministers or house speakers. Put them up in the pedestal and see what Ibrahim Ali will say and see how long they can stay on the pedestal. Care to try, eh 1MPM6?
  5. Next, Najib claimed that he met Obama as equals. Betul ke ni? Simple logic says it can't be so. How can David claims he is Goliath? How can we claimed to be of US equal when we are not even considered an Asian tiger, let alone superpower?
  6. One of the sentences uttered by Najib was

    “We do not have to agree with every issue but at least we can disagree in a good and respectful way." - Najib Razak
    His statement sets me wondering - if Najib can say that towards US which are miles away across continents, why couldn't BN approach their differences with PR the same way? Why must Najib accussed of PR as spin masters when the real spin masters are those in Angkasapuri, Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad dan kawasan-kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya?

  7. If Najib meet Obama as equals, then why did he acknowledged that Malaysia had cut off gasoline supplies to Iran, a fellow Islamic nation and fellow OIC member. Now Najib denied the report after considering the potential damage and vote loss in P94 Hulu Selangor. Is Najib sincere in carrying out his responsibility or is he playing to the gallery - anything and everything is possible as long as BN continues to grip on to the corridors of power?
  8. To round his first night in Hulu Selangor, Najib "officiates" a reject shop when he labelled Zaid Ibrahim as "cabinet reject". Najib, how do you feel having the likes of Rais yatim, Nazri, as your cabinet minister? You did not take any action to reject them or dressed them down when they blunders and goofed. Are they holding you by the balls? Does Rais has something up his sleeve on that fateful night in PD? Does Nazri holds some influence within the chambers of justice?
  9. Someone reminds me of "Jangan buka keaiban orang lain, dan Dia tidak akan membuka keaiban mu".
  10. Talk is cheap. Everybody can holler "let's put a stop on gutter politics" but how can the followers follow when the leaders are not practising what they preach? Apakah kamu sayang kepada "orang yang berilmu tetapi tidak mengamalkan ilmunya?" Saying is one thing, practising is another.
  11. Since Najib is all for transperancy, would he care to explain the poser over RM 8 Billion for 257 armoured personnel carriers? That will be RM 31.1 M each. Prototype or not, someone need to explain the rationale of spending RM 31.1 M per armoured vehicle when the "off shelf" price ranges from RM 2M to RM 6 M only. Care to explain the differences, Mr PM sir?
  12. And what about the RM 1.6B deal involving eurocopter? Everything back in order? No more possible dirty linen in this deal? No more delays, right? No more delay like the case involving Zahid Hamidi, right? And since this posting revolves around 1MPM6, does Najib knows what his UMNO deputy President is charged of? Does he condone the act if it is really true that Zahid punched the other guy?
  13. Najib, will you pounce on the opportunity to "crucify" Anwar by getting your subordinates in BN to censure Anwar in parliament? Why not do it now so that you can get Anwar out of the way in Hulu Selangor?
  14. the way Mr PM sir - do you know that your favourite acquitance was in Singapore recently? He is itching to share his thoughts on some models with you, and I don't mean the two-legged models but possible jihad models (or is it modules?). Oh...just in case you hear it wrongly, this Razak is currently allergic to two legged models.
  15. Oh...before signing off, some lice-infested bats keeps hovering above screeching that BN is doing fine and relayed a message that our PM need to catch up with his sleep as he has been overly-active since gaining a 40 minute audience with Obama. OOpps, sorry, his equal...
  16. Then again, another hyper-ventilating bat just screeched by to inform that all is not well in Hulu Selangor for BN. Taking that as another psycho-warfare from BN operatives, this news should not lulled PR to be complacent. If it is just plain psycho-warfare, then why is Mahathir will be making special appearance in Serendah? Is something really not right in Hulu Selangor?
  17. Where is my scorpene? Think I need to go underground and measure on-site sentiments. So, if you see a non-diveable sub, please give way because this scorpene is brakeless...:)

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

His good friend is a changed man now after being given a new lease of life. He should have been hung and shot together with the other two blokes. Since such a punishment will set him squealing revealing the truth, he is spared. Wait for the change in government and a new trial will be held. Then the real murderess can be punished.

nightcaller said...


Change of government? At the rate Hulu Selangor is going, that will almost be eternity.

Latest on the airwaves is that there is a possibility of 5 more MPs jumpong ship either today or tomorrow. With that 5, BN is back in biz with 2/3 majority in the house...

BUT, as long as there is hope, anything is possible...

Anonymous said...

They will regain their two thirds majority soon? Malaysia is doomed. Nowadays everything is up for sale.

Super Deep Throat said...

Wenger said that BN was going to find it tough this time round and alarm bells to start sounding on Thursday. Dato Sak has yet to update his blog with his predictions - the silence is certainly deafening.
I think Wenger is right. The on the surface indicator seems to prove Wenger wrong, but somehow I have to trust Wenger on this one. The act of bringing TDM to campaign is causing many in HS to question who actually is the PM?

Anonymous said...

So funny.

When PKR members quit and hop over to UMNO, theres almost mass hysterical reporting in the print media and TV medias.

When somebody like Tamrin Ghafars shares the same stage with Pakatan leaders yesetrday night, total silence !!!!!

The media have become so blatantly one sided in their reporting, i seriously wonder, is there anybody that left in this entire country that does not think the newspapers and TV stations r just propganda machines and nothing else.

Is there ?


nightcaller said...

Super deep throat

Yes, It' alarm time for BN. The MSMs' are giving misleading reports and only those on the ground can feel the tremors...and this is going to be big (but not at 7.0 richter scale yet).

Nik Aziz's presence is boosting PR and it's going to be difficult for BN to counter him.

Wenger is right and hats off to KJ for doing "lone ranger" with HS youths. KJ do not have 1mPM6's backing but his approach is refreshing and should be appreciate. Hope Wenger can pursuade KJ to think of joining forces with PR...:)

Anon 3:23

Yes, Tamrin was present and he did not speak at Rasa last night. Have you ever heard of PM going down to the ground 3 days in a row for a by-election? That shows BN's level of confidence.

Chairman Kaga said...




nightcaller said...


Bisa di atur...:)