Monday, April 19, 2010

P94: Day one, desperate BN let it loose...

  1. Whilst some subscribe to the belief that all is fair in politics, I for one do not look at it that way. To me, only desperados will stoop that low hitting below the belt and what BN did on the first day of "official" P94 campaign is reminiscence of Mike Tyson chewing off a part of Evander Hollyfield's ear in their boxing bout.
  2. When BN decided to attack candidate's preference to beverages, it reveals the state of BN's desperation. BN seems to forget that in Islam, there is a term "taubat" and the one God will accept one's taubat as long as one's lifeforce is not a breath away from death and as long as the sun do not rise from the west and sets in the east.
  3. Fine! BN is taking a high moral road. But in doing so, is BN claiming that their top Muslim leadership are alchohol free? I have a friend who can vouch that he personally saw one of UMNO's top echelon leaders drinking away in a club and there are eye-witnesses who claimed that dangdut lounge is extremely popular during AGMs'.
  4. For this observer, there are more important issues than to debate on whether so and so is a reformed person or not. Who are we to be judges on issues that are best are known by Him, the maker and Creator?
  5. If my grey cells are still serving me right, there is a hadith that clearly mentioned something like "when corruption reigns, beware that the country will soon falls into ruins". What does that mean? Shouldn't we be placing corruption as priority 1? If that is so, BN are still failing to meet our expectation and the recently released myprocurement portal indicated that our system just stinks.
  6. We have jetplanes with missing engines, we gloat on submarine that once cannot dive, and we are signing contracts in the ongoing Defense Strategic Alliance (DSA) to procure armoured vehicles possibly from Indonesia. The question now - why is French government opening its investigation papers on the submarine deal? Why is the government stiffling request to get to the bottom of the submarine deal?
  7. There are other cases hogging the limelight such as the PKFZ, the "prada" shoes, the "billion" ringgit contract on food supplies to mention a few. What are the government plans to arrest these issues? Having KPIs' and NKRAs' is just not enough. Something must be done and those guilty should be brought to courts.
  8. How desperate is BN? They are so desperate that they are going fishing for defectors and helping PKR in house cleaning. Today, its Shah Alam youth. Tomorrow? Muhyiddin mentions of another big fish flying into BN's net.
  9. In trying to appeal and charm the voters, BN has resorted to some desperate moves. And I say it again - all is fair in politics but how low can you go?
  10. One day, BN will be running out of tricks and that's the day when all hell will break in BN's camp. I may not live to see the day but definitely the seeds have been sown. Remember "from acorn grows might oak"? The day will surely come, if and only if BN do not repent their ways whilst the leaders are nose-deep in "irregular" practices.
  11. Back to Zaid. I feel sorry for the BN leaders who choose to attack Zaid's personality whilst conveniently choose to forget that they are no better than him. I have to agree with Sak47's "Living in the glass house" posting. In that sense, this observer choose to keep mum when it comes to personalities. Who are we to act God and pass judgement?
  12. Hishamuddin had since deny that UMNO is behind the alchohol onslaught, however he did not deny that BN and UMNO bloggers are behind the onslaught. If that is the case, then aren't these cybertroopers part and parcel of UMNO? Are they not trained by UMNO? Is Hishamuddin denying that UMNO has conducted series of talks and get-togethers with these bloggers?
  13. Every party wants to win. The same in Hulu Selangor. But to this observer, attacking Zaid's personality is just like hitting below the belt and it is just uncalled for.
  14. Since those bloggers who attacked Zaid's personality are such "perfect" human beings, then answer me this - what are the criteria to choose a leader in a Muslim country? And if they do not have a clue - let me give one. Basically, if you believe in the One god then your choice is already crytal clear - the choice is Zaid for he stands and fight for justice and peosperity to all.
  15. For the time being, let's just say that it is OK for BN to be desperate. But let not desperation force BN to resort to tactics which may backfire on them. This observer has been patiently remains above the political fray, but at the rate it's going, the timing may be right for more pro-active solutions.
  16. Sak's kagemushas may be in the form of Anwar and Najib. But remember that shadow warriors are no match for ronins...if and when they strike! One ronin has gone MIA and AWOL after too much curry, another ronin may surface in Hulu Selangor in these coming days....and if he does, BN can say bye-bye to P94...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


PopWire said...

Zaid: Saya rela dikutuk untuk membela rakyat

nightcaller said...


It reminds me of "kalau takut dilambing ombak, jangan berumah ditepi pantai"

Time to work harder and spread the message around...

Anonymous said...

Sir, somehow I feel sorry for you. I think you don't want to let your instinct telling you the truth.

Obviously it is not good to resort personal attack but almost in every PR ceramahs nationwide, they did personal attack to UMNO leaders.

So some people think that is a payback time and I think it is fair.

But that is my personal opinion and I love to read your postings.

nightcaller said...

Anon 2:52 am

Thks for the compliment :). Personal attacks during ceramahs are done by both PR and BN speakers. If you don't believe me, try attending PR and BN ceramahs.

When PR linked BN with the Mongolian model, BN speakers curse Nik Aziz personally.

However, when the attacks become personal and using posters, banners then that is a little bit too much. Something I am not proud of when we are thriving to be a 1st world parliament and politicians.

You can read it more in my next posting...:)