Wednesday, April 14, 2010

P94 Hulu Selangor : A trip before a's the 1M flag!

They say " A picture paints a thousand words" and borrowing from the Love story song, I say "Where do I begin?"...

In one of last week's posting, NC mentioned that NC was let down by something in Pejabat Daerah/Tanah Hulu Selangor in Kuala Kubu Baru. A week has passed and yesterday NC make another unannounced call to Pejabat Daerah/Tanah Kuala Hulu Selangor.

On the left is the entrance to Pejabat Daerah/Tanah Hulu Selangor. Let me assured you that those in the pictures are not linked to NC :)

This is the lobby area to Pejabat Daerah/Tanah Hulu Selangor, complete with banners. The numbering system works and the services are pleasantly efficient :)

Maybe it's the P94 by-election or maybe because of it's sudden prominence, there is a sudden surge of interest for TOL applications, land status application, application to extend leasing years. Everybody has something in need and the politicians are just a call away - be it BN or PR :) How's that for people friendly service? But, no worry - it will be back to normal after 25th April 2010...:(

1M flag at the left side of the reception counter.


go down for more.....


As I have said earlier, I am proud to be a Malaysian and what I see is just simply unbelievable! For those unfamiliar with 1M flag, notice that star comes before the crescent and that is WRONG!

Is it apathy? Is it insensitivity? Is it indifference?

1 week has passed and nothing has been done. Correct, NC did not lodge a formal complain on last week's observation but the officer should have taken a liberty to correct the situation. Afterall, there are many mini 1M flags around the office. All he has to do is to replace the "defective" 1M flag with the crrect one. Is it so difficult?

And those who frequented the office - are they that insensitive or are they just don't care or not sensitive? Don't tell me that they are all did not observe!

We just could not rely on the cleaners to observe this trivial matter. They are Indonesian claeners and I will not blame them if they cannot differentiate our 1M flag with US flag... but what about those who claimed to be Malaysian citizens?

My hope? My hope is for the flag supplier to be more diligent and ensure that the flags are correct. History has shown how we struggle for 1M flag and gain independence. History has shown how proud we are when pur 1M flag flies high when Lee Choon Wei wins the All England or when Nichol David rules the squash courts or when our brave Malaysians conquers the Everest, the Artics and teh Antartic. Will we be as proud if in any of those occassions we find that they hoist the "wrong" 1M flag?

Will BN people be happy if they see their "dacing" tilting one way? Will DAP be happy of they see their "rocket" tilted? Will PKR ne happy if their "mata" is shaded differently? Maybe, only maybe PAS has no problem since whichever way you hoist their symbol, thei "bulan" is always round :)

There you have it. It's your choice on what you see with the "defective" 1M flag. Whatever it is, I hope that Pejabat Daerah/Tanah Hulu Selangor will take immediate corrective action to this issue. Me? I will be in Kuala Kubu Baru again this Saturday 17th April 2010 for another round of mass sun-bathing.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Wenger J Khairy said...

Surprise choice of candidate or was it planned all along?


nightcaller said...


If Palanivel is chosen, then it's bye bye to BN...

If Mugilan's the pick...MIC will revolt ...

so...take the middle road...and hopefully that choice will appease KJ and Samy....

BUT the real loser is still UMNO. Why? Choosing kamalanathan with carrots of appointing Palanivel to senator and later deputy minister means MIC has a possible 1 new MP and then again 1 additional deputy minister.

UMNO? KJ will still be left wanting and Selangor UMNO is by-passed by Najib/Muhyiddin.

And the real winner? MIC and Samy Vellu.... Muhyiddin has again prove that he can successfully maintain his record - shooting his own foot with help from Najib, of course.


That said. It is high time for KJ to make his move...and go for the very top... if he dares, that is :)

Super Deep Throat said...

This entire fiasco is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Kamalanathan is a very weak candidate and the worst choice of all. Already UMNO is now playing the blame game. Losing to Anwar this time round will be most unpalatable.

I venture to say wengers "rumble in the jungle" theory with 1-2 sucker punch (sibu) will mean the end of 1MPM6.

Would u bet against a return of PL?
Put yourself in a Ketua Bahagian's shoe. Then in an MT's shoe.

wonder what role wenger will play. will he be part of tingkat 4 if that were to come true?

nightcaller said...

Super Deep throat...

Wow...1-2 sucker punch? Or will SUPP plays the same game like MIC? With PKR giving way to DAP, this will be an interesting by-election. A DAP win will means 1MPM6 is closer to the exit door that he thinks and Taib Mahmud is no longer THE factor in Sarawak.

Wenger? I don't think he will be in tingkat 4. Reason" He's afraid of heights and he is more of a lone ranger. A more suitable place for him will be in MoF on condition that he comes out in the open.

Knowing how "timid" WJ may take years for him to come out from the closet...:)