Friday, April 16, 2010

Of P94: Pala Mugil MIC...

  1. In politics, everything is possible. If it is true that Malaysia paid RM 76M to get Najib on the world stage with Obama and then with the 40 minute meeting 1MPM6 suspends gasoline supplies to Iran, it shows how low one can go to be in the good books of big brother. But that is a different story which will be attended to later.
  2. For now, the one that interest me more is BN's choice for P94. By nomination day Palanivel will just be Pala who? The same for Mugilan. He will just be plain Mugil! Unfortunately P94 is not in Penang. If not, someone will have a field day saying Pala mugil or is it Buah Pala murah?
  3. Who actually strike with BN's choice for P94? Is it Palanivel? Samy Vellu?, MIC? Kamalnathan? UMNO? The only losers thus far is Mugilan and KJ. Believe me, after this KJ will be getting more desperate to be in Najib's good books. Let's go for the losers first...
  4. After careful orchastration in promoting Murali, MIC top leadership slammed UMNO's choice and threatened to expel Mugilan from MIC if he were hosen above Palanivel. Who are Mugilan backers? The answer is simple - UMNO Selangor and KJ.
  5. UMNO Selangor's dream of putting an UMNO candidate was shredded by Najib and at the same time Najib openly warned UMNO Selangor warlords to toe the line during the recently concluded Selangor BN convention. With that, Noh Omar and Khir Toyo ran helter shelter back to the safety of their coccoons and reluctantly agree that P94 candidate shall be from MIC.
  6. For KJ, promoting Mugilan as the candidate is to show that he has the influence as BN youth head. Alas, all his rhetorics and camourflaging that Mugilan's youth is a great asset has been brutally shot down by MIC supremo, Samy Vellu and his band of usual "groupies". Like it or not, KJ is left standing to lick his own battered ego. A lesson to be learnt by KJ - never cross Samy's path. Better still - don't ever think of forwarding proposals. It is better for KJ to keep away peeping Tom during Isa Samad's honeymoon trip to Hulu Selangor.
  7. MIC? They are the real winners! Say what you want but MIC manage to maximise their gains in P94. Just look at the goodies lining MIC's hallway. First they have Kamalanathan, a non-Hulu Selangor local to be chosen as P94 BN candidate.
  8. Then, they manage to "force" Najib to pave the way for Palanivel to be elected as senator and later promoted to deputy minister. What MIC did is killing two birds with ne stone - MIC manage to get another senatorial chair and an additional deputy ministerial post. MCA cannot do that, Gerakan can dream for it, PPP salivate for the chance but it's MIC who hits the jackpot.
  9. But MIC is not done yet. MIC is using P94 and Palanivel as bargaining tools for more! Although the news are not confirmed (yet), it is believed that MIC is using P94 to set the terms for Samy's political exit by rewarding him with a post as ambassador-at-large for South Asia (and that includes India) with senior ministerial rank equivalent to JJ in USA.
  10. That is not all. To placate MIC's central leaders, it is widely believed that something is in the works for Maika holdings. Somethig that will be rewarding to MIC members and at the same time douse Subramaniam's claims on Maika mismanagement et al. This is designed to paint a better picture and act as a sprngboard for Palanaivel to take over MIC.
  11. In return, MIC may "surrender" Hulu Selangor to UMNO in GE13. That will not ruffle any feather in MIC as they know that when MIC "relinquish" one parliamentary seat in Hulu Selangor, they may be further "rewarded" with alternative parliamentary seats elsewhere. Maybe at the expense of PPP or Gerakan.
  12. It is worrisome to read about Muhyiddin getting sleepless nights just thinking about MIC candidate for P94. If P94 by-election is giving him sleepless nights, then i,agine what will happen to him when GE13 comes! He may be having nightmares...
  13. Muhyiddin himself admitted that the moment he woke up, he saw Samy Vellu. What does that mean? Is Muhyiddin sleeping with Samy Vellu ? Or is Muhyiddin hinting that his sleeping partner looks like Samy? If the latter is true, then all the cosmetics in the world will not change the facial and "wigged" look ala-Samy...pity Muhyiddin.
  14. Whatever it is, P94 will see UMNO working their butts off to win over the voters whilst MIC will be giggling and calculating their windfall - at UMNO's expense. MCA, Gerakan will still have to make their rounds in Chinese-concentrated areas whilst PPP may be working "in protest".
  15. Win or lose - MIC is actually the winner now. Even Berjaya's million ringgit jacpot is chickenfeed compared to MIC's pot of gold. At the end of the day, it is not Pala who nor Mugil who matters. It all boils down to what Samy wants, he will get through his SPV named MIC. The rest like Noh Omar, Khir Toyo, KJ, Muhyiddin and even Najib can fly kite...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Super Deep Throat said...

I think the dynamic will change once the results are announced. All prior deals will be null and void and MIC left with a piece of paper worth less than a CDO from Goldman Sachs.

(PS: Would MIC "short" their own candidate??)

Anonymous said...

But Super Deep throat,
How about the event Manikumar does a runner on PKR 2 days before the election?? jeng jeng
Ask wenger, he knows all the details surroundung Radhi, Wei Shu and Manikumar.
But knowing wenger he will deny. But still knowing wenger, he would have worked this scenario out.

"Zaid will confidently aim to build up the momentum until the final 48 hrs of campaigning. What is PKR campaigning on? Well - that they are not MIC, as simple as that. However, the BN leadership knows that they completely miscalculated the Wei Shu resignation - it did not even register a prick in the national scene. Even worse, should Manikumar suddenly find that he is "upset with certain individuals et. al" and decide to do a runner, would BN want to risk facing an election in Kedah? So Manikumar would probably stay until BN feels the time is right for him to leave.
Then Wenger contradicts himself. Manikumar stays, Zaid takes the seat, DAP slams SUPP, and 1MPM6 enters the summer vacation season, worse off than where he was 1 yr back."

nightcaller said...

Super deep throat/Anon

That's interesting especially when all BN is looking for is another 3 toto/4D jackpot strike and Kedah may follow Perak's way. If it happens, it will be double whammy for PAS MBs', the first being Nizar.

However, another bat reported that he has been camping in Seputeh for the past 1 month before being"relocated" to Hulu Selangor. So, watch out for Seputeh..something is brewing there...

DAP is gaining momentum in Sibu..maybe enough to create an upset. If that happens then Kedah will be on hold, at least until someone goes for early summer vacation and Wenger overcomes his fear to stay on tingkat 4.

As for P94 nomination, it is such a contrast. BN choose the lower ground whilst PR lined the hills - anotehr Bukit Gantang? And finally, PR's crowd in carnival mood and BN supporters seems directionless - no place to go and not enough shade to hide. Fortunately, BN motorised paragliders brings consolation joy to the crowd :)