Thursday, April 01, 2010

Of Perak state assembly: Legally it's half settled...reminds me of half past sixes...

The past few days, I chose to take a slow loris ride in penning thoughts to this blog. There is one about MCA presidential election which is still on the works and maybe will not be completed... because MCA central delegates have failed to convince me that the new President is ethically correct and morally clean. For the time being, let MCA "terjun dengan batu tergantung ditengkuk".

As usual, Perak state assembly is fiery although the first day was relatively tame because Raja Muda of Perak was there to deliver the royal address. What's puzzling me is why should the fracas continue? Hasn't the courts delivered their judgement and recognise Zambry as the legally elected MB of Perak? Whether the courts are right or wrong is immaterial at this moment of time - and it is up to the relevant parties to interpret the laws as they deem fit and suit their arguements. For the time being, let's put aside the inefficiency of the courts to deliver their judgements on who is the legally-recognised speaker of Perak state assembly. As it is, no one can tell for sure when the case will be heard in courts - maybe a month after GE 13?

Now, why did the following happened during the sitting :-

  1. Why is there no debate of thanks on royal address? Did the BN-elected speaker put the debate on the agenda ie order of the day? Why didn't the speker addressed to this issue when repeatedly raised by PR lawmakers? Is it done on purpose? Is it done out of ignorance? Is it done because there is no more respect towards the royal house?;
  2. Zambry claimed that he was wooed by PR shortly after 308- is that true? Why did he reveal it now, after 2years? Why was there no police report lodged on this? What is Zambry's assets that make him "overly-precious" to PR? Who are the other 2 wooes by PR? Why must PR wooed these 3 if they have the majority at that time?;
  3. Not to be outdone, Jamaluddin Behrang also claimed that he was offered the MB's seat after 308. And his claims were carried "live" during TV3's Warta Perdana aired on 31st March 2010. What a way for Jamaluddin Behrang to celebrate April Fool by trying to make fools out of Perakians!
Looking at the issues raised, I believed that :-
  1. The BN-elected speaker should allow PR to raise standing orders 3,4 and 6 which challenged the legitimacy of the speaker. Then, with the house majority of Bn plus the three independents, Ganesan can be voted in as speaker. What is so difficult? Or rather, why make it so difficult? Unless BN do not have the majority quorum during the sitting or maybe BN is not confident that the three independents will vote in their favour;
  2. If BN-elected speaker has erred in by-passing debate on thanks to the royal address, this can be easily corrected by allowing the debate of thanks to take place. The speaker can even allocate time limit for debate of thanks. Is that so complicated? Why must it be complicated? Unless there is ulterior motives in by-passing debate of thanks on the royal address;
  3. Now comes the tricky part - it has been noted that HRH has not attended Perak assembly sitting since that fateful "BN take-over". Is HRH sick? Is he overseas? If he is, do he need to choose this particular date to be away from the state? Is he showing displeasure by not attending the assembly?;
  4. On Zambry's claim of being wooed - what is his assets to PR? Who is the PR leader who Zambry claimed made the offer? Which party is he supposed to join if he were to cross-over?;
  5. As for Jamaluddin's claim - just take it as your afternoon sip before siesta. There were discussions to appoint one of PKR's slected reps as the MB after 308. However, the idea was shot down when DAP prefer Nizar to lead the government based on his qualification and experience;
2 years have passed since 308. It is time for the elected reps to let pass issues that gripped the state for the past year. It is high time for both parties to discard ill-feelings and work on improving the welfare of Perakians, regardless of race, religion and political beliefs. Harping on past issues will not resolve anything - it will create more animosity and tension. More tension means higher blood pressure and that is not good. Unless someone is praying for by-elections in Perak...

PR elected reps missed their chances to raise issues in the assembly yesterday and since the speaker has adjourned the assembly sine dine, PR lawmakers has to bide their time to have another go in the state assembly. Maybe, just maybe, this time HRH Perak ruler will grace the opening ceremony. Can't be passing the buck to the regent all the time... seems that Malaysian politics are going the modelling and fashion way ie introducing eye-catching fashion for the year and the season. For year 2010, the in-thing is to openly declare "I have been wooed by PR" or "I have been promised by PR for...." Now, it's Perak, which will be next? Zambry and Jamaluddin had came forward to put their claims, who will be next on the catwalk? Will it be Tajol Rosli? As for the states, will Selangor be the next state with another round of bombastic exposures and claims?

That's all for now, folks. Got to catch some sleep now that the adrenalin of watching Arsenal grabbing a draw against Barcelona has succumbed. Time to catch quality sleep before enjoying the fruits in Hulu Selangor... ah, time to make some calls to long-lost "friends" there ...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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