Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Of misplace target.. the wrong heartland

Pakatan Harapan is spoiling for GE 14.

Pakatan Harapan's anti-kleptoracy rally falls flat with recorded attendance lower than projection. Still Pakatan Harapan's ego is too big for their heads when they train their guns on fellow opposition PAS in their heartland. When will Pakatan Harapan learn or are they regressing to neverland.

Will there be another case of documents dragging to the courts including matresses, mistress and stained underwears?

Pakatan Harapan draws 25,000 supporters in Petaling Jaya last weekend, far below their expectation level. Jamal Sekincan did not show his face to see fish whilst I see it as Pakatan Harapan's failure to bring out supporters to the rally. The targetted crowd of 100,000 was not there. What gives?

For one, Pakatan Harapan do not have superb co-ordination between the parties. It was reported that PKR supporters "forget" to bering the flag post so they could not erect their party flags to the venue and was later resolved.

Pakatan Harapan is banking on carnival-type atmosphere to drum up support and this too failed. I guess Pakatan Harapan needs to go back to their drawing boards.

Mad Sabu got it wrong when he claimed that the anti-kleptoracy rally is not to rival PAS's fastaqim 2017. He said that knowing well ahead that Pakatan Harapan could not match with PAS' 200,000 attendance during fastaqim 2017. However, his other statements need some evaluation such as :-

1. Pakatan Harapan is not competing with any party, Pakatan is only against BN;
2. Pakatan Harapan targetted 100,000 to turn up on their rally (4 main parties DAP, Bersatu, PKR, PAN) meaning that the targetted attendance for individual party is only at 25,000 (which they failed to do);
3. Pakatan Harapan talk about downing BN but their action is multi-prong attack on PAS;

FRom what I gather, Pakatan Harapan is more serious in downing PAS-led Kelantan government than to overhaul BN in the coming election. To Pakatan Harapan, defeating PAS is more meaningful than overtaking the federal government.

If that is the main aim, Pakatan Harapan needs to declare their unwritten allegiance to BN and their "win at all cost" attitude against PAS. IN that, Pakatan Harapan is not building a viable opposition but more towards killing one of its own kind in political arenas. I see that in the event of PAS' political demise, PKR, Bersatu and PAN will be fighting over PAS former heartland. Forget the talk of better governance at federal level. What these parties doing is to fight for some political mileage as bargaining chips with BN.

In short, Pakatan Harapan is signalling that they are not ready to take on BN and pass their shortcomings to PAS.

On the other hand, with the exception of Hadi Awang, PAS has been consistent in their fight against BN. They have declare that they want transperancy in 1MDB, they listen to Arul Kanda but at the same time, they are asking what are the steps taken to correct the wrong.

PAS is open to different idealogies but they are steadfast on LGBT issue. They welcome other religion rights to co-exist but at the same time they want to strengthen the syariah law.

What PAS did and fight for is not to please sets of standards practise by others but they hope that what they fight for is to meet the set of standards as set out by universal law ie not human values per se. This is something that Pakatan Harapan is grappling with. Their heroes are those that has been on the wrong side of the law with LGBT taking centre stage, with confuse lawyers in the mould of Siti Kassim taking the spotlight... Pakatan Harapan is not a coaltion of hope, it is a coalition of mismatch...

Where is Pakatan Harapan direction now? Johor can be Bersatu's bastion. Is Bersatu ready to take the lead in Johor? Or will spoilers PKR, PAN, DAP claim the lionshare?

Pakatan Harapan is strong in Penang and Selangor. Is Pakatan Harapan confident they can retain Penang without PAS support? Likewise, is Pakatan Harapan ready to replace PAS in those seats previously won by PAS?

Pakatan Harapan is better off taking BN head on. Pakatan Harapan should concentrate on those seats held by BN and welcome
'healthy" competition with PAS. In that way, Pakatan Harapan + PAS can surely retain their respective seats with opportunities to add more by capturing additional seats at the expense of BN and with a joint effort from Sabah's Warisan and maybe PBB Sarawak, Malaysia can get a second chance to get things right.

Saying that, Pakatan Harapan should ask PAN, are they ready to lose seats at areas where PAS won before but the elected reps turn rogue and embrace PAN? Big talks by Khalid Samad, Zul and others is just hot-air.

Is pakatan Harapan ready for the nation's heartland ie at BN's bastions of Johor, Perak, Perlis etc?

On another front, there is a clear strategy to divert attention from the recently "undiscovered" Bali rendzevous.

It is more surprising when UMNO supreme council member quips of unnamed political forces out to unnerved MACC. Fuad should be more blunt and identify who he suspected as the unnamed political force out to disrupt MACC. Since he is supremely brave in coming out with the statement, he should be equally supremely blunt in naming the political force. Leave the statement hanging will be a distraction to identifying the possible culprits.

Tunku Aziz upped with statement indicating corrupt politicians. We want to know who the corrupt politicians are and it will be interesting if Tunku admits that Malaysian paparazzi is awesome in their undercover works. Could they be from the uniformed forces using facilities within their disposal or could it be an outfit far better than that?

Even MSN Utusan has its own views linking possible illegal gambling operators as the possible culprits to protect "comprising enforcement authorities" targetted by MACC.

Three different views from three different source certainly is a clear attempt to divert attention to the issue at hand. Did the MACC officer did it? Is he involved with a married woman? Do they spend holiday together in Bali?

Section 498 of the penal code reads: "Enticing or taking away or detaining with a criminal intent a married woman". Is the section all inclusive? What if it is done without criminal intent and more or "suka sama suka" or to say it bluntly consensual dating. Which section will it fall into or is there a loophole within section 498? Afterall, they say that both Bali tourists were attached to the legal section before, surely they are well-versed in how to wriggle from the sticky situation.

Unfortunately, the scars are there. Pity the officer's wife and children for the officer's Bali escapade and it will be hard for the woman's children to comprehend why their mother chose Bali as her tourism destination.

The next few weeks will be a determining factor of how the officer will react. Maybe less "Walking tall" approach to curb corruption and let the real puppet master dictate his next moves...

Or will it be 1MPM6's "I scratch ur back and u scratch mine" approach?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, October 13, 2017

Of targetted Sabah... be prepared

Only tesreday, I mention of arm twisting and today the STAR indicated that Sabah politicians are in MACC crosshair.

You doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to read between the lies. Sabah is going to be one of the deciding battlefields in GE 14 and MACC is providing the warning shot.

Truthfully, I have nothing personal against MACC. They are trying to do their job. When they did not take action, there are those who condemn them for being inactive. And when they are trying to do their job, there were also be those who claim foul on what MACC is doing. Take it with a pinch of salt and good faith that MACC is independently doing their job to stem off corruptive practise from its roots. Heck - why not start with Sabah, if MACC choose so...

Whilst Syafie Afdal welcomes MACC probe and ready to co-operate, it should be known that :-

1. What Syafie Afdal knows may not be what MACC is looking for;
2. MACC may ask a different set of questions that Syafie Afdal expected;
3. Syafie Afdal may provide information that is not related to MACC investigation;

As mentioned yesterday, 1MPM6 may capitalise on the independent MACC investigation to send a clear sign to his political allies and foes :- toe my line or be on the wrong side of the law. Game over...

Should politicians be the only ones to be blamed? Look at the RM 40M treatment plant white elephant project. Did someone up there consider the following :-

1. Treatment plant ready, water pipelines to be connected;
2. 4,000 villagers who is supposed to benefit from the project have yet to get their piped water;
3. Water supply from the river insufficient for the treatment plant to work;

My questions :-

1. Is it not the Economic Planning Unit (and impelementing agencies like JKR) supposed to do feasibility study on various projects before it takes off the ground?;
2. Who briefed the politician such that the projects were taken without taking into accounts other contributing factors like piped water?;
3. What is the Project Manager doing during the construction? Is he not supposed to raise the red flag if this is going to be a white elephant?
4. RM 40M to serve 4,000 villagers? That is an average cost of RM 10,000 per villager for treatment plant. Is that feasible? Is the treatment plant oversized? Where is the designer? What is his rationale in building the treatment plant of that size?;
5. Is the treatment plant Tested & Commissioned? How do you Test & Commission the plant if you do not have sufficient water?;
6. What is the operating cost for the treatment plant? Is it disbursed? If yes, who is the recipient for the operating cost? Another element of misuse fund?;
7. Who sign off the design and treatment plant acceptance? Why not haul them up and get to the bottom of this picture.

From what I see, the failure lies with the implementing agencies ie public officials who provide misinformation to politicians for decision to build the treatment plant. Or is it the weakness of our public servants who succumbed to politicians will and wishes? Malaysia have so many implementing agencies like Works Department, Water Authority, Sewage Authority, Economic Planning Unit, Federal Departments, State Departments. Are we telling ourselves that none of these departments foresee the problem? Does it take a non-technical person like MACC to point out the discrepancies before action is taken?

On this issue, what does the Auditor General say? Someone needs to dig the Auditor General report and see if this has been picked up. If yes, then clearly someone somewhere is not doing his job and getting paid blindly for his incompetence...

After Sabah, where next? Sarawak, maybe..?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Of hidden arm twisting ...

It is heating up in Sabah...

What better way to cool off, if not sending a few minions to inspect the lock-ups.

Things are brewing in the "safe" states of Sabah and Sarawak. "Safe" because this is where BN (read UMNO) can call on PBB and UMNO Sabah to deliver the required parliamentary seats in this coming crunchy GE 14.

However, "safe" is no longer immune to possibility of breaches when PBB has send strong worded statements on 1963 agreement prior to the formation of Malaysia. PBB wants more power and influence to determine Sarawak's future and at the same time expects the central government to accelerates progress to the state.

Sabah, as usual, is a fragile state where party hopping is second to nature. Eventhough Sabah UMNO helms the state leadership, there are growing consensus that Sabah deserves more. With Shafie Afdal forming Parti Wawasan, Sabah's political alliance is not that easy to read like those in peninsular Malaysia.

How does UMNO (read 1MPM6?) reacts? Of late, MACC has spend more time in Sabah looking through "irregularities" and in the process detains individuals for interviews. Amongst those detain is Shafie's brother.

Prior to his detention, Warisan big-wigs and several UMNO members were also detained concerning to the alledgedly misappropriation of funds for Sabah rural areas during Shafie Afdal's watch.

Skimming the surface, those detained were from both Parti Warisan and UMNO. Fair and square, right? However, I look at it from different angles :-

1. It is a subtle warning that Sabah politicians should toe the line, failing which their past (and current actions) will be scrutinised;
2. For Sabah and Sarawak politicians, to be considered as BN candidates, they must show "extra" loyalty to BN especially to 1MPM6;
3. Those who intend to cross over to opposition needs to think twice, either be dragged with alledged crimes or brought down by scandals;
4. Those who have crossed over, the BN door is still open for those who wanted to "repent" and retire comfortably with their spoils;

MACC is just doing their job. If there is any report and if the reports has basis, MACC will come in to investigate. Once done, the investigation papers will be handed over to the AG office either to take action ie to charge them in court or to be stamped NFA.

In a way, it is 1MPM6 applying his arm twisting to minimise future damage. BN can't afford to lose Sabah and Sarawak and see their 60 years of power crashed down. This must be prevented at all cost. How far will 1MPM6 is willing to go? How far will his lieutenants like Ahmad Maslan, Rahman Dahlan, Salleh Keruak is willing to up their loyalty remains to be seen.

Across the China Sea, not all things look as rosy in Johor. Can UMNO depends on Johoreans loyalty to UMNO as before? Or has UMNO lost its touch with reality that UMNO is now in critical state in Johor. If Johor falls, will BN (read UMNO) lose its grip on the premiership?

It is the calm before the storm... and it will not be surprising if Mr and Mrs 1MPM6 having nightmares like Marie Antoinette...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Of rally, really, rail-ly...

Will you be there? I am not...

14th October 2017... it should be another rally themed "anti-kleptoracy" to be held in Petaling Jaya. Whatever is said, Malaysians are getting tired of too many rallies... and all they want is GE 14 to settle the score, either for BN to retain power or to give opposition the chance of a lifetime to manage Malaysia.

On top of that, say whatever you want... Amanah, DAP, PKR, Bersatu fails to galvanise the crowd in the same magnitude as PAS. Hate or love PAS, they can galvanise the masses to attend rallies. This is something Pakatan Harapan has to admit.

Mat Sabu played it safe when he declares that the anto-kleptoracy rally is not to compete and compare with PAS's recently concluded Fastaqim 2.0.

The people are getting tired, jaded and worn out. With GST hitting them, unemployment rate going up, GE 14 seems to be the much awaited day for the great showdown. Remember Bersih 5.0? The crowd is just not there... not as many as Bersih 1.0 - 3.0.

I see anti-kleptoracy rally as a fish market for Jamal Sekincan to do business...

Whatever it is, if you decides to be at the rally, God bless... and take care yea.... Me? I am better off attending wedding invitation here, there, everywhere...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Of unbecoming Hadi...

Slow internet connection forced me to be on a backburner for the past few months, painfully looking at the spiraling opposition. Why do I say that? It seems that the opposition is jostling to outdo each other and harm themselves more than their thirst to see a better Malaysia.

Unfortunately, the brunt of opposition attack is on PAS, who seeks to be the lone ranger of opposition and the party that has been misinterpreted the most due to the concerted efforts of issuing contradictory statements by its leaders.

Now that the internet is back on track, nightcaller will be back regularly...rest assured.

Lately, Hadi cameup with another imploding statement rejecting secularism, Malaysian Malaysia and chauvinism. Honestly. Hadi is better-off monitoring his health charts and stop making nonsical statements that is putting him apart from PAS spirit.

Yes, it is correct for Hadi to reject secularism as all Muslims rejected secularism. To PAS, there is no division between religion and political ambition. Islam is a totality meaning it encompass religion as well as politics. Hadi rejected secularism and he is correct as all those who lafaz should also rejected secularism.

However, I did not see anything wrong with Malaysian Malaysia. As tere are those who proudly claim they are Saudis (although they are not from the Saud family), there is nothing wrong if you want to be proud of your country. Here, Hadi is wrong in his approach. What does Hadi wants? Does he wants us all to claim to be Saudis? Is it not mention in the Quran that Allah makes us in tribes so that we can know each other?

That said, Hadi is better off nursing his heart ailment and pass the political baton to his deputy.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Of special function... H2O or not

Barry Manilow, the singer with a string of hits like "Mandy", "Can't smile without you" and "Copacabana (at the Copa)" finally feels relieved when he confirmed his public secret that he is a gay. That he did when he turns 73.

Malaysia is a close society. Not many are willing to come out and openly declare they are gay, regardless whether they are artist, politicians, career guys...

This posting is not about Barry's Mandy, this is about H2O. This is not about chemical H2O but a special H2O by the name of Hishamuddein Hussein Onn...

1MPM6's appointment of Hishammuddin Hussein Onn as special functions minister is an indication of things to come. PKR sees the appointment as a stumbling block for Zahid, whilst pro-UMNO blogs hails it a possible transition plan post GE14.

If DAP is boosted with Lim's father-son combo, PKR has Azizah-Nurul tagteam then nothing can be said of Najib-H2O combination. In fact, H2O has been a cabinet member long before Najib became 1MPM6.

On Special functions minister, there are 3 that came to mind :-

1. King Ghaz, the master diplomat cum minister who was never meant to be DPM/PM of Malaysia;
2. Daim Zainuddin, the recluse roped in to face Malaysia's 90"s financial crisis;
3. Wahid Omar, the banker relied on to plug leakages.

Now, back to H2o. Is he tailored to be special functions minister? Whilst some vouched on his polished acts, there are moments when he could not deliver. One such case is the 2013 Lahad Datu incident. The other is his handling of Bersih 3.0.

H2O still lacks the international appeal and his keris antics will be long remembered. With his past record in UMNO's general assembly, it will not be easy for the non-UMNOs to accept that H2O speaks for the nation and has the nation's interest at heart.

If his special functions is limited to reining in UMNO and BN, then it will be a different story. H2O, being a cousin to 1MPM6 will be the final piece to 1MPM6's jigsaw. He is there to look over Zahid Hamidi and keep Zahid's ambition in check. With his special functions, he can checkmate Zahid if the latter thinks of pushing 1MPM6 off the power pedestal.

At the same time, his special functions can act as a detterent to BN's component parties, the likes of MIC and MCA to demand more seats for GE 14. Remember, he once wield his keris in General Assembly and there is no stopping him from reminding MCA and MIC of his past antics. As As for PPP and Gerakan, there are a non-issue.

H2O still lacks the political savvy to calm the storm and he is not moulded to go against Lim Kit Siang or even Muhyuddin. H2O ascendency to special funstions is to appease Johoreans. With Johore state EXCO in hot soup for land conversion issue, Muhyiddin cross over to BERSATU, 1MPM6 needs to calm Bangsa Johor by putting H2O as special funstions. It may not be DPM post nor is it DPM2 equivalent but sufficient enough to indicate that political power is shifting to Johore.

UMNO has seen Musa Hitam, Mahyuddin bumped off from DPM post, thus putting H2O as special functions will not be politiced by the opposition. Afterall, special functions have many different meanings. It may even be house cleaning or at worst toilet cleaning.

Whatever it is, let H2O get his job scope and we will see if he can achieve his KPI...

On the other front, Rafizi finally named Nasharuddin Mat Isa as ex-PAS leader who received who got SRC funds.

With PAS muktamar at the end of the month, political Hadi must come out clean. Either Hadi explained that Nasharudin, if he accepts money on personal basis or if he accepts on behalf of PAS. If he accepts on behalf of PAS, Hadi needs to explain why PAS accept the money from UMNO's najib and where is the money?

PAS is caught between 2 fires. One from its sworn enemy ie UMNO and the other from it's old ally - Pakatan. PAS has been playing with fire and now political Hadi is feeling the heat. You cannot get best of both worlds, not when it involved UMNO.

Rafizi has every rights to expose SRC money trail and Nasharudin will not be the main man. Rafizi is aiming at PAS leadership and political Hadi must come out clean. Unless, political Hadi is no better than what he called DAP recently. It stinks... will political Hadi comes clean?

PAS could not sweep this under the carpet. Doing so will expose PAS as a party similar to UMNO, only at a smaller scale.... maybe at the expense of more of its members abandoning PAS and migrate to other opposition parties. Is political Hadi willing to see that happen?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Of "embracing a live komodo"...

There is a Malay proverb "Saperti mendukung biawak hidup". That is the literal meaning of this posting. Again, the subject is political Hadi...

My last posting mentioned about an ulama should not be foul mouthed. Let's expand a little on it, ok?

Political Hadi is getting confused. Maybe, with both Nik Aziz and Harun Din gone, he has nowhere to turn to for advise. This leaves him in a very precarious position where his mind can be "make-over" by 1mPM6's seemingly nice overture. Little did Hadi realise that 1MPM6 is a thoroughbred UMNO and will do his utmost best to destroy PAS.

Political Hadi should consider these before making his own judgement :-

1. There are clear and eternity enemies;
2. There are trojan horse in his party who is out to destroy PAS from within;
3. There are "friendly parties" who have their own ulterior motive for their own gain;

When political Hadi berated others and say that it is not wrong for UMNO to be friendly with PAS when it comes to Islam, what about PKR, Amanah? Are there not parties with majority Muslims as their members? Are they not fighting for Islam too? So, why specifically allies with UMNO who has backstabbed PAS since time inmemorial?

Political Hadi should knpow that there is a heavy baggage and huge skeletons in 1MPM6's closet. It is a matter of time for it to be blown open, either by within or outside.

A question for political Hadi - Does receiveing donation from a "friendly" party acceptable? Even if it comes from a Jewish-related family? If it is not, then what is political Hadi trying to do in defending what is already wrong?

There is one thing called principle. If Hadi is a principled person, he will stay away from continually spewing foul mouthed words. It is good for the rural Malays...only as good as savouring kacang putih but in the end political Hadi will lose all the political clouts achieved in his early political career.

Someone asked me - why am I hard on political Hadi. It is not that. I believed in principle and political Hadi has crossed many red lines just to defends his decision and lately I see Hadi being sidelined for his actions. He lacks the strength to carry on PAS torch. He might be PAS president, winning uncontested but it is hightime for him to pass the baton to the next in line.

And Rafizi, don't hide behind your statements. If you are sincere in fighting corruption, then you should be equally truthful for the corruption within PKR camp... ada berani?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Of blind actions and blinded members...

Just because a newspaper lampooned your leader,it does not mean the newspaper is stoking religious tension.

Let's get it right, just because a leader is a Haji does not means everything he did represents Islam...

Let's ask ourselves, are we a matured society? There are leaders who categorically say that Malaysians are a matured society as he deemed it politically correct to utter the words. This, you can intermittently hear in parliament when government backers and opposition debate on issues of the day.

However, let's look deeper and ask ourselves - Are we really a matured society? You d not have to wait for an election to see party members lampooning the other side candidate in whatever issues possible, beginning from submarine, diamond rings, main belakang and what not. This is not limited to poster wars.

In this case, Nanyang Siang Pau lampooned both Pandikar and Hadi for RUU 355. Not familiar? Well, Pandikar allowed Hadi to tabled his private bill on ammendments to RUU 355 on the last day of recent parliamentary sitting. After tabling the bill and after the bill was seconded, Pandikar decided to end the sitting with many MPs' objecting as the debate on the bill is deferred to next parliamentary sitting.

Pandikar, on his part, explained that since the previous day sitting ended at 5 am, he is in the opinion that the parliementary staff and the MPs' are too tired to debate healthily. Thus, he make the ruling to defer the debate to next parliemantary sitting.

Whether Pandikar make the right decision or not, it is his call as he is the boss and he rules it that way. Whether Pandikar was instructed from "upstairs" to defer the debate is a non-issue.

The same goes for Nanyang Siang Pau. It is the newspaper's right to view the issue in whatever way they want. That is part of press freedom. As other mainline newspaper or online newspaper lampooned political leaders from both sides of the fence, it is Nanyang's view.

Just because someone feels Nanyang has crossed the line, a protest is held against the cartoon in front of Nanyang Siang Pau's office.

What about linking the cartoon to religious tension? What connections is there to link the cartoon to stoking religious tension? Yes, Hadi is PAS president but that does not mean whatever Hadi does is right. If whatever Hadi does does not mean it is automatically religious, then Nanyang has the rights to lampooned Hadi. That said, PAS supporters should not get overzealous in linking what Nanyang Siang Pau did to stoking religious tension. I did not see religious tension here. What I see is Nanyang Siang Pau lampooning Hadi as a political person. Period.

There are two sides of Hadi here. One is religious leader Hadi and the other one is political Hadi. Political Hadi claimed that Rafizi claim of an ex-PAS leader receiving 1MDB related money is 300% wrong. Well! is there any such thing as 300% wrong or 300% correct?

This is not about defending Rafizi. What Hadi claimed is based on his knowledge. Maybe Hadi did not receive the money and Rafizi never claimed Hadi did. Rafizi mentioned ex-PAS leader. Well - even Nakhaie is ex-PAS leader and he may well received some 1MDB-linked money. I am not accusing Nakhaie but I am not discounting an ex-PAS leader may receive the money knowingly or unknowingly.

Until Rafizi singled out the person, political Hadi cannot totally dismiss Rafizi's statement. Both Hadi and Rafizi are politicians and as politicians they will wriggle their way out somewhere or somehow. Hadi should not jump the gun...let Rafizi names an ex-PAS leader and the link to 1MDB money, only then Hadi can claim whether what Rafizi say is true or false.

With political Hadi dismissing Rafizi's claim so early, it shows that the opposition as a fractured lot. Not broken just fractured. How serious is the fracture depends on who is looking at it. The way I see it, it may be a bit too serious for the fracture to heal come August...(ooops) when GE 14 date is announced.

If political Hadi dislikes others from spewing harsh words against him, Hadi shud also learn to refrain from being overtly foul-mouthed. Hadi being a fiqh scholar shud learn to refrain himself. By being overtly foul-mouthed, political Hadi may be showing his concern that his ability to lead PAS is being openly questioned. Further, Hadi is no Nik Aziz. Hadi should go back to school and learn etiqquite. No harm dome to learn how to be patient and not bashing everybody as if he is the only person right in this world.

Now that I have said my piece, hope noone starts to lampoon me.... BTW, going for my vacation...and internet will be intermittently available. Maybe no posting until next week?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, April 07, 2017

Of political deferment...

Purely academic. I guess that's how legal fraternities look at RUU 355.

"Someone once said if you are in power you are powerful. If you don't use your power you are a bloody fool" - Pandikar Amin Mulia (6th April 2017)

Finally, Hadi got his chance to table private member's bill on RUU 355 ammendment on the last day of Parliament sitting. Takiyuddin, in his 1 1/2 hour speech supported the motion afterwhich Pandikar Amin ruled debate on RUU 355 will be held in the next sitting.

What does this means? STAR reported the bill could stay stuck based on the following :-

1. In future sittings, Hadi's motion on ammendment to RUU 355 will be treated as private member's bill and Government's business of the day will take precedence. It means Hadi's motion will take a back seat;
2. The speaker must give permission for Hadi's motion to be debated and this is not automatic. It means everything can be in limboland;
3. Hadi's private member's bill can only move forward if Hadi's motion is debated and voted. It means the motion is still a political play for the government of the day;
4. BN would follow the spirit of consensus and not take over the bill. It means 1MPM6 will play to the audience of BN political partners as well as Hadi where it suits him best;
5. Hadis' bill could rmain in the order papers without anything happening for a long time. It means the bill can be collecting dust or as the malays say it "Hingga kucing bertanduk";
6. Example of this is GST which was on order papers since 2009 and only passed in 2014. It means it can be 5 years for the motion to be debated and voted. That means maybe in the next 2 general elections;

Let's look from different angles, depending on where you are standing.

For BN (especially UNO), this motion can be a double edge sword. Wilst UMNO can boast to the rural Malays that they are in line to support Hadi's RUU 355 ammendments, they can simply make a u-turn to appease the non-Muslims by saying BN consensus will determine the fate of RUU 355. This will depend on who BN is addressing to and whose votes they need most.

For PAS, Hadi's private member's bill reflect their seriousness to strengthen syariah courts and whatever result needed can only be achieved with Muslims supporting PAS.

For collective opposition block, ammenments to RUU 355 is just another rhetorics from flip flop BN who will use anything possible to remain in power.

Remember when I mention purely academic? Why dis I say that :-

1. Since this is Hadi's private member's bill, what will happen when Hadi ceased to be an MP? Will this means ammendments to RUU 355 will face a natural death?
2. If it is Hadi's private bill, My opinion is the bill will meet an untimely demise if Hadi failed to continue to be an MP either by God's will or if he lost in the next GE;
3. 1MPM6 must call GE 14 wihin the year and there are not much sitting left. Apart from July sitting, Sept sitting will be more on budget. By the time it passed September (if GE 14 is not held by July 2017), BN will be busy propping their act to win over discahnted voters;
4. If Hadi or Takiyuddin or PAS lost big time in GE 14, who will pick up the torch for ammendments to RUU 355? I doubt BN will do that and I am very sure DAP will not. PKR is equally hesistant whilst Amanah is DAP's shadow. Bersatu is still too young to carry the burden;
5. When this happen, it is just purely academic to discuss ammendments to RUU 355 as judges will say "this will not happen and as such there is no need to think of crossing over the rive as we have not reached the river".

That said, despite the hoo haa and the on-off 1MPM6 support, ammendments to RUU 355 will be on the backburner for a long time to come.

Conclusion? Purely academic...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Of destructive self-promo... Shabudin style

You know it's GE season when politicians came out with expletive statements - all in the hope of catching the eye of political party leaders and hopefully wooed as potential candidate for the coming election.

Forget about Siti Kasim, she may be a good political pawn for DAP and maybe PKR but certainly she will not make it to rural areas. Her best hope is in urban mixed-area like Bandar Tun Razak.

Shabudin may like to retain his Tasek Gelugor seat. Shabudin who?

Every politicians want to be a hero. To catch 1MPM6's attention, BN politicians need to be creative. One such case happens to Shabudin Yahaya. The Guardian carried the news "Rape victims should marry their rapists, Malaysian MP tells parliament". In it, Shabudin was reported :-
1. Rape victims can "ward off" bleak future by marrying their rapists;
2. to suggest rapists can turn to new leave by getting married to their victims;

When the public turn against his views, Shabudin take a short cut answer by claiming that he has been misquoted. maybe the hansard in parliament can prove otherwise.

This is where Shabudin gets wrongly tanggled. He was a syaria judge before elected as MP of Tasek Gelugor. As a judge, syaria some more, Shabudin should have carefully choose his words. Shabudin should ask himself - which is his priority, to get his points across or to get 1MPM6's attention?

Even if Shabudin is misquoted, the initial news of his statements has grab world headlines from UK to Tokyo. Is it equally easy for him to get his statements corrected in Guardian and Tokyo Times? I doubt it...

Maybe it is time for Shabudin to look within himself and learn to think before shooting his own foot, just because he seeks the pleasure on 1MPM6 and hopefully retain as MP candidate for Tasek Gelugor.

Me? I will be ashame of him if I were a voter of Tasek Gelugor. The same response when someone's son was enraged when his father was mentioned in Parliament. What say you?

Will there be a group of Tasek Gelugor voters in Shabudin's office demanding him to retract his statement? Maybe, over a cup of coffee and nasi lemak...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Of unexpertise statement... backfire

I am not sure whether I have openly comment on Siti Kasim. If not, then serves her right... when Perak mufti advises her to learn and understand...

Sometime, it is better to keep your mouth shut if you do not know what you are talking about. This is none truer for Siti Kasim. Being a lawyer and activist does not grants us the rights and freedom to voice vocal ignorance on every issue, especially those affecting RUU 355 and Islam. Why? Simply because we are not an expert in Islam and its way of life. What we are doing now is to look at Islam from orientalist eyes and line of thoughts. As such, we are looking into Islam from a different set of thoughts which is not in parallel to Islam.

Is it possible that Siti Kasim has been out of touch too long during her 17 years stay in UK. She was there when she was 21 years old, a critical stage to critical thinking. If not properly addressed, there are possibilities that the line of thoughts has been compromised by western thoughts which is contrary to Islamic thinking. having said that, it explains where she is coming from and the possible cause to ignorance. Prove me wrong, there...

Inferred that she is not a normal Muslim, what is she then? Maybe she can highlight for others to know. At least, explain on her "blondeness", how she comes to the conclusion that her dyed hair is allowed for in her religion or in her understanding of Islam.

Her insistence that there is no requirement to wear tudung in Islam. Maybe she can explain what Al Ahzab verse 59 means. If that is not the requirement to cover the head, then she can explain what the verse means.

Kalau kita tak tahu, bergurulah pada yang tahu. Jangan berguru pada buku kerana buku tak boleh berinteraksi dengan murid....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Of abandoned RUU355 and sidelining PAS...

Now that the leak is out, BN (read 1MPM6) quoted consensus as the reason for BN to spurn RU355.

Malaysiakini said Govt won't table bill.

I guess 1mPM6 is laughing at Hadi (and PAS) for being gullible and falling into BN's trap...

I say "Apa lagi PAS tunggu...

I read it simply as a double whammy for PAS...

1. Now that Najib has confirmed it is consensus for BN to shy away from taking over Hadi's RUU 355 private bill, PAS is left stranded on its dreams of pursuing RUU 355;
2. With Pakatan Harapan finalising its co-operation structure, PAS is also left out from the Pakatan political equation;

What is PAS going to do about it?

PAS has to realise by now that whatever UMNO does, it is for their own political benefit. There is nothing sentimental about it. Najib might be desperate to potray himself as the person promoting RUU 355 but in the end Najib realise that if he were to embrace RUU 355, then it's lights out for him and the field will be wide open for his political enemies to capitalise on his weakness.

Najib also realise that with his precarious position, he has to rely on Sabah and Sarawak to deliver the support. Turning his back on Sabaha and Sarawak's wishes will be suicidal. Najib, whether he like it or not, whether he admit it or not is currently hanging on his PMship through courtesy of Sabah and Sarawak politicians. Now that Sarawak and Sabah has openly defies his RUU 355 aspirations, Najib has no other choice but to make U-turn (lallang) on his decision. Nothing personal Hadi, it is just politics.

With Najib's supposedly backing, Hadi was confident that his RUU 355 will go through. He miscalculate and since Najib has backed down, Hadi and PAS is now the lone ranger in his RUU 355. Not only that, PAS has bypassed their opportunity to work together with other opposition parties.

PAS has again been fooled, hoodwinked by BN. This time Najib played out Hadi. What are PAS options?

PAS can go alone on RUU 355 and for sure it will not be tabled as govt papers will take priority over Hadis bill. In fact, RUU 355 may never be tabled. That is something Hadi has to accept.

So what now? PAS can continue fighting for their RUU 355. Nevr say never if PAS truly believes that it will strengthened their resolve for RUU 355. Never mind what others say. In this way, PAS will remain true to their original struggle to uphold Islam.

Being a lone, PAS can now focus on GE 14. Forget about working together. PAS can now choose where and when they ant to fight. If need be, let it be 3 or 4 cornered fights. But PAS must choose intelligently. This is not about payback. This is about strategy. You don't put your candidate against someone just because they are not in line with your thoughts. You put up your candidate because you believe in your chance of winning. This is not about reducing one's vote to help the other party wins.

PAS can forget about UMNO. They are now uselessly untrustworthy. Forget about it if someone whisper to Hadi that this is not their decision but boss decision. UMNO is UMNO and UMNO is PAS's political enemy. Forget about those soothtalkers who whisper that PAS is calling the shots in GE 14. That is all sweeteners. PAS need to rely on its stregth. Some may choose to leave pAs now since RUU 355 is defeated. Some may think Pakatan is a better option. Let them be.

PAS befriended failures since the 60's. There is nothing stopping PAS now.


Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Of "fusion-like" politicians... BN and PKR alike

Reading Malaysiakini today is like experiencing fusion food. Fusion food is a blending of local and western cuisine make famous by Secret Recipe and today fusion takes a new meaning in Malaysian politics...

Forest City Johor is currently in the limelight especially when it comes to Johor EXCO who has been remanded for cases involving land deals and Bumi lots. On top of that, China's decision for capital control has indirectly hit Forest City project with the government taking steps to monior the situation.

Tun M continued touting BN with cliams of "freehold" land in Johor vis a viz Forest city. More importantly, Tun M managed to snare Sekinjang MP, Anuar Manap has to think hard to wriggle himself out of his own self-created mess. First Anuar Manap gallantly rebuts Tun M by declaring not an inch of Forest city is given out as freehold land only to u-turn and claim otherwise.

Now Anuar is claiming :-

1. Properties were constructed on reclaimed land;
2. Since it is reclaimed land, it did not exist before;
3. There are Malaysian buyers so selling to foreigners does not arise;

Is this the level of intelligence of our current MP? It is better for Anuar to shut up if he did not know the issue and worse, if he did not know what is freehold land.

Let's talk unintelligently for Anuar to understand and maybe can explain what he understands with the following :-

1. If reclaimation works is done within Malaysian boundary, what is te status of this reclaimed land? Free hold, Malay reserve, leasehold or undetermined?;
2. If a land next to the shores eroded into the sea, what happen to the said "lost" land? Will it still be Malay reserve, freehold, leasehold or classified as lost land?
3. If reclaimation land is not "a proper land", does that means the reclaimed land is excluded from paying quit rent and assessment?;
How many buyers are there in Forest city and how many % are non-Malaysians? If we go by normal convention of 30 % local, 70 % will be non-Malaysian owners. Isn't that selling to foreigners?

GE 14 is around the corner. Maybe Anuar is trying to bootlick Johor MB and 1MPM6 for a parliament seat. If this is his level of intelligence, BN can do without Anuar on board...

Remember Nurul Izzah? The one they called "Puteri Reformasi". The one who beat Shahrizat in Pantai Baru? PKR needs to rethink their strategy and not prioritising political votes over religious commitment.

Malaysiakini quoted Nurul Izzah on "Brothers' execution inconsistent with syariah objectives". Before proceeding further, let's list out what Nurul Izzah said :-

1. Execution of Batumalai's brothers is against syariah objectives;
2. Un-Islamic to hang the duo because application for pardon is still pending;
3. Convention of Islamic jurisprudence;

I am not going to dwell on whether the execution is right or wrong nor am I going to go through the case to determine the brothers guilt.

What I am highlighting is the fusion of politics whereby Nurul Izzah who has not state her stand on RUU 355 quoted Islam and Quranic verses in her argument against the execution. What Nurul Izzah failed to understand or pretending not to understand are :-

1. The Civil court found Batumalai brothers guilty and as such it is a civil court case and nothing to do with Syariah;
2. In ideal Islamic state, the brothers will be given an option to either be trialed under civil court or Islamic syariah system;
3. In fact, if Batumalai's brothers can also be subjected to their own religious courts if their religion has a complete legal system...;
4. Since RUU 355 is not yet implemented, syariah jurisprudence is not applicable here;
5. Even if RUU 355 beomes law, only Kelantan and Terengganu can impose RUU 355 as their state legislations have approved to follow syariah rule;
6. Other state including Negeri Sembilan where Batumalai's brothers hailed from and Selangor with majority PKR state legislators wll not be subject to RUU 355 until their states motion and approve syariah rule;
7. Syariah jurisprudence is for Muslims and non-Muslims has the options of which type of court system they want to use;

Saying that, I see both BN and PKR (and maybe other opposition parties) fused everything as long as they suit their politcal agenda. On one hand, Nurul Izzah is against RUU 355 and syariah jurisprudence but at the same time embrace the system when it suits her.

The same for Anuar who misinterpreted freehold status but still wanting to wriggle himself from his own ignorance.

What we need after GE14 are intelligent MPs and not chameleon MPs who act for their own political gains. Think carefully... it is still not too late..

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Of brimming BRIM...

Line up, queu up.... BRIM is here

Young or old..it doesn't matter. Line up if you want to BRIM-up

Malaysiakini blares "BN leaders in three states request to hand out BR1M manually" Why BN leaders (read : not necessary MPs or ADUNs') of Perlis, Kelantan and Perak insist on dishing out BRIM manually? When one request for manual handouts, it must be for a reason. This time, BN leaders excuse is for them to meet the constituents and understand their problems.

Hello.. where are these BRIM distributors for the past year or years? Why the sudden urge to meet the constituents now? Is it something to do with GE 14? Out of nowhere, these BRIM distributors needs that few precious hours to propagate and self-advertise themselves, hoping these constituents will "repay" their gratitude with an "X" where and when it matters.

Just because someone says there will be 7 million BRIM recipients this year and so far 1MPM6 declared 5,153,238 has been approved, does that validate the government to handout BRIM to the balance 1,846,762? Does this provide a "solution" for small business owners to get their hands on BRIM? What about those political leeches who hang-out in BN leaders office waiting for their "dedak"? If they do not have stable income, do they need to "register" as small business owners to get BRIM?

If BN leaders are really caring as they claimed (during every election), will they let some BRIM recipients to faint?

Why make BRIM handouts difficult?

Me? I am not a BRIM recipient... guess need to take short break and go somewhere, as long as it is not North Korea...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, March 06, 2017

Of persona non-grata ... right or wrong move?

Refraining from international news seems to be hard to do...

Expiry date : 6th March 2017 @ 6 pm

It is not easy living the lives of an ambassador in foreign countries. Remember Sergey Kislyak? Even his name is tongue twisting...

Sergey Kislyak is the current Russian ambassador to USA. Recently, he has been accused as a Russian top spy in Washington. It is immaterial whether the accusation has basis or not, or whether it is true or false but there is an effort to paint him as a Russian spy who met with Trump's political delegation during the recently concluded USA Presidential election.

Russia and USA is always playing the highest level of cat and mouse game. Whether the accusation holds any water is not important. What is important is the possibility is there and maybe there are people in USA who are concern with the accusation.

Alexander Litvinenko is another example of what might happen to those with sensitive information. A former Russian spy, he was poisoned by his ex-colleague. Not easy to be those working if diplomatic mission.

Closer to home, Kim Jong Nam's death (or is it murder?) is putting Malaysia head to head against North Korea. Regardless whether the dead is really Kim Jong Nam or Kim Chol or anybody else, it is the manner of death that gives rise to suspicion that it is murder or at worst a prank gone wrong.

It is not a case of mistaken identitiy nor a case of "cheap shot" cheating the 2 women from comitting the "prank", it is more of a why it happens. Why it has to be on Malaysian soil? Why it has to be North Korean?

Let others speculate on the motive, this time let's ask some dumb intelligent question on unearthed issues due to the death. Something that most Malaysians were unaware and maybe still unaware of :-

1. South Korea is a democratic country, North Korea is a communist country. Why "visa-free" priviledge for North Korea?
2. North Korea face economic sanction from UN. Why are North Koreans company (with Malaysia Director) doing communication business?
3. Malaysia and North Korea has diplomatic ties. What makes Malaysia expelling North Korean ambassador to Malaysia?
4. If there is not enough evidence implicating Ri Chong Jol to Kim Jong Nam's untimely death, why is he deported immediately upon expiry of remand orders and not charged for overstaying?
5. If Ri Jong Col nevers works in Malaysian company (that sponsors his entry), where is his income source?;
6. If the sponsoring Malaysian company (Tombol?) is providing false information to facilitate Ri Chong Jol's entry, is there any legal action taken to the company?

The laundry list may go on but for now, let's go on point by point form.

Malaysia provided 90 days visa-free travel to South Koreans and 1 month visa-free travel for North Korea, which has been recently rescinded by Malaysian government.

Clearly, North Korea will be more isolated now when Malaysia rescinded the visa-free travel. The decision was made due to escalating diplomatic tiff between Malaysia and North Korea, all over the death of Kim Jong Nam. Does this action means there will be no more North Korean labour in Sarawak's coal mining industry? Is the visa-free decision primarily made to accomodate these "specialised" labour?

Kim Jong Nam's death unearthed a few others which is unknown to us. It seems that North Korea manage to by-pass UN sanction by using a front company operating in Malaysia. Worse, when it is further revealed that the front company, Glocom has a Malaysia Director, Mustapha Ya'akub is a leader in UMNO. For Mustapha to claim ignorance to Glocom's nature of business and UN's sanction towards North korean products is uncalled for. How can a leader of Malaysia's leading political parties ignorant of these issues and as a Director, is he not responsible for the company's business?

Malaysia had established diplomatic ties with North Korea since 1973. That was 43 years ago. That said, Malaysia and North Korea has gone through patches of relationships but the latest frosty relationship resulting the expulsion of North Korean diplomat is serious.

It is really because Kang Chol blew his top with regards to recent events or is it something more deeper than meets the eye? Kang Chol, understandbly is trying to do his job and please his political masters. He has to present North Korea views of the event and if possible brush off accusations against his country and at the same time point to other countries or potraying that the investigation is biased. It is his job whether he likes it or not. It is his duty regardless whether what he say is true or not. In part, Kang Chol managed to provide alternative views and perspective relating to Kim Jong Nam's death. That is diversionary tactic.

What is surprising is the speed to expelled him. Is it because he touch the nerves of Malaysian leaders? Or is it because there are attempts to silence him from putting forth his theory and prolonging the issue will unearthed more dirt on Malaysia-North Korea relationship?

Ri Jong Chol, the North Korean chemist was immediately deported upon expiry of remand. His work visa was issued under Tombo Enterprise Sdn Bhd in 2013 but the company says he never comes to the company. That is 3 years!!!

Tombo Enterprise did not carry out any due diligence on Jong Chol and this is reflected when he is said to be in IT department which he has no knowledge of. Instead, Jong Chol is a chemist. Is he what he claims to be or is he an operative facilitating other North Koreans?

Tombo owner admitted Jong Chol's work visa application is done by the company. If he never shows up for work, then isn't Tombo now an accessory or maybe a conduit to possible illegal activities? If a company provides the documentation for work-visa, isn't the company responsible for the person and should be answerable to his action? Maybe someone is not digging enough. Could it be Tombo owner is somehow related to another political party? Why is Tombo not investigated for falsyfing information to give work visa? How long has this happen? How many other companies do the same? How many are "illegally legal" persons with work visas in Malaysia?

Kim Jong Nam's death is now beginning opening up many cans of worms in Malaysia. This is not good, especially when 1MPM6 is preparing for a political battle of his lifetime. Deporting Jong Chol and announcing kang Chol "persona non-grata" will not shut the lid on North Korea. Brace for North Korea to fire their own propaganda salvos soon.

Additional questions need answers :-

1. Is this 1 incident has the weight to severe ties with North Korea?
2. Is it more than Kim Jong Nam's death?
3. So far, it is a one-sided action. Where is North Korea's reactions?

Jong Chol has started his in Beijing and maybe by the time this posting is out, kang Chol will be firing his own and more dirt will come out. Malaysia do not need this... but life has to go on....

Expect turbulences ahead...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, March 03, 2017

Of defranchising UMNO Johor...

About time.

If this is not a wake-up call to Johoreans, then they must be over-hibernating.

Remember the case against Johore EXCO member which eventually leading him to go on leave to sort out his problems? You know, about the case where a few individuals were hauled up by MACC for "converting" Bumi lots to non-Bumi lots.

Heard that there is more to it that the surface news. It goes deeper with Abd latif named as one of the few right hand man of Johore MB ie Datuk Seri Mohamad Khaled. If you notice, Abd latif without the usual prefix of Datuk, Datuk seri or Tan Sri. A person who probably misuse his position should not be addressed with honourable mention for he has disgrace those who conferred him the title.

Why is the case more than skin deep? Malaysia Chronicle reads it as a power tussle in Johore UMNO with the caption " Power tussle and the word Waterloo".

Yes, the opposition is jumping in to give their version of the story and it is not surprising if they interpret it the way they do. However, when the Sultan himself is displeased with the disturbing events, it can be something more than just a clean cut MACC case.

With Muhyiddein out of UMNO, Johore has been simmering and waiting to explode. Many, including my friend from Johore Bharu expected Johore UMNO to collectively rise and show the exit for 1MPM6. This does not happen, partly due to Hishamuddin, Azalina, Fuad prefers power over 1MPM6's ouster.

A traditionally UMNO stronghold, Johore UMNO has been the "voice" of UMNO with their number of delegates as well as number of cabinet ministers. Johore UMNO's voice is like a beacon for the rest to follow. If Johore UMNO falters, UMNO Malaysia will fall.

It has been proven that Muhyiddin could not carry he task alone. With other Johore UMNO leaders deserting him, 1MPM6 remains in Putrajaya. Do you think 1MPM6 boys will not weed out those seem to be supportive of Muhyiddein? It is a matter of time before they strike and now with MACC investigating Abd Latif, it is time for another feast in Johore.

Being an EXCO member, Abd Latif's actions are deemed to be the action of Johore UMNO and specifically And latif's actions is seen to have the blessing of Johore MB. Johore MB may not know it or he may feigned it but he cannot claim ignorance to Abd latif actions.

With MACC investigating Abd latif, it is a signal to Johore UMNO on the choice they have. Either toe the line and follow 1MPM6's blindly or fully support Datuk seri Khalid in mitigating the rough days ahead. There are those who vie for Khaled's positions and this is the time for them to be "extra-loyal" to 1MPM6. Maybe, the newly minted FELDA Chairman needs to chip in to state his unwavering support on the investigation to secure hos hot seat.

Datuk Seri Khalid needs to weigh in his options :-
1. Let Abd latif to settle his issues alone;
2. Support Abd Latif as he is Johore EXCO member;
3. Turn around and go against 1MPM6;

Khaled options are limited. If he lets Abd Latif on his own, Abd latif will be dead meat.It might end up with Abd latif and his son charged with every possibility Abd Latif may want to "deal" for lighter charges. Whatever "deal" Latif do will eventually drag Khaled and maybe others down.

Supporting Abd Latif, Khaled will be exposed to main stream newspapers playing up issues which might border on sensitivity. This may leads Khaled shown the door, either after GE 14 or before GE 14 itself depending on 1MPM6 mood. This is a better choice for Khaled as nobody can say for certain whether UMNO will still lead the country after GE 14.

Khaled can go all out and choose the toughest path by supporting Muhyiddein. This will let fly Johore UMNO's coop feelings which has been venting since Muhyiddein's departure. Johoreans are known to defend their Sultan ferociously and they identify themselves as UMNO die-hards. Having said that, how many of them will make the ultimate sacrifice for the betterment of Malaysia? Or will they be the ones who will sink with UMNO?

Johore maybe UMNO's bastion but it should remain so only if UMNO is performing. Johore should declare their stand supporting actions against bribery and fund misappropriation. Johore is UMNO's birthplace, could it also be UMNO's deathbed?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Of forever in blue jeans... in principle

Money talks
But it don't sing and dance
And it don't walk
And long as I can have you
Here with me, I'd much rather be
Forever in blue jeans

- Neil Diamond "Forever in blue jeans"

Frankly, Neil Diamond's songs are always close to my heart, especially from his "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" album about a carefree seagull going against the norm towards reaching his dreams. You guys need to do some research on this as this an oldie album.. maybe in the 70's. It is a gem... that is all I can say.

Way back in my younger days, I love blue jeans when Levis 501 is just USD 12 in USA. The more I wear it, the more I love it when it faded followed by the jeans ripped at your knees area. I still wear them to the day my mom conspired with my other half and conveniently hid all my precious jeans... those were the days, my friends.

This is not about blue jeans but more of the spirit of blue jeans wearers. I see blue jeans as an extension of the free spirit when we are younger when everything is easy-going and almost carefree. I see blue jeans as the symbol of the 70's when the youths of that era rose and stood against the establishment, leading world-wide changes. Ahhh... those were the days when we stood together shoulder to shoulder against "injustice"...

Roy Clark get it right in "Yesterday when I was young"...

Yesterday when I was young
The taste of life was sweet as rain upon my tongue.
I teased at life as if it were a foolish game,
The way the evening breeze may tease a candle flame.
The thousand dreams I dreamed, the splendid things I planned
I always built to last on weak and shifting sand.
I lived by night and shunned the naked light of the day
And only now I see how the years ran away.

Now, where are the footsoldiers who will continue the legacy of standing up against injustice and social imbalance? Oddly enough, our youths are trapped within the rempits, the cyclists, the signage climbers, the clubbers with few having the heart and soul for the betterment of Malaysia.

Instead of focussing to ridding the corrupted from ruining Malaysia, the youths are easily swayed by out-of focus NGOs' who capitalise on youths innocence for their benefits. We have the reds coming out demonstrating their "prowess" of harassing others, we have the "yellows" who flooded KL with different agendas, we have the "purples" who converge in Padang Merbok for something that they might not fully understand.

Malaysia is now in a state of "rojak". Too many ingredients and we failed to collectively act as one demanding "those who ruin the country" should face the music. Instead of a collective joint effort of ridding those who ruin the country, we have different voices singing different songs to different tunes depending on who is the maestro. The youths of today is not moving as an integral part of the society. Just like opposition parties, we are actually promoting fragmentation within the ranks. There is no "focus" and "priority" to right the wrong facing Malaysia.

Whilst most mainline newspapers talked about the charges against the "women assassin", a small ripple caught my eye. It is about "lone ranger Ong Tee Kiat" quitting MCA. Why he choose to quit MCA was not revealed. It could not be of him sulking because there is no reason for him to sulk. It could not be about his displeasure against the current set of MCA leaders as he did not lose to them.

Could it be because he is "frustrated" with MCA for being "ball-less" in preventing the rot getting worse in Malaysia? If MCA which is regarded representing the Chinese and representing the business of Malaysia could not make a firm stand in ridding those who is ruining Malaysia, then it is a wise move for Ong Tee Keat to bade farewell to his favourite party, the party that propels him to national recognition and the party that once put him in Putrajaya.

We need more Ong Tee Kiats... the movement ridding Malaysia of those who is ruining the country should start within ourselves. There are too many pilferages going on, there are too many rakyats suffering and the politicians are too busy enriching themselves - be it from ruling party or otherwise.

What about G25 - Group of Eminent Malaysians? How eminence are they if this group fails to find a consensus on how to stop those ruining Malaysia in their tracks? Is G25 really putting Malaysia first or are they really a group of "has-beens" who is vying for bread crumps and are actually "supporters for hire"? I see G 25 as more of a reactionary group instead of a pro-active group. I see them more of a liberalist group than a group fighting to fight social and financial injustice.

What has G25 got to say about possible conflict of interest regarding the housing issue as published by Malaysiakini today? This should be looked into as police report has been done and the report involved Minister Rahman Dahlan and AG's wife. Not much can be said of Rahman dahlan as he is a politician and as mentioned numerous times, politicians are there to milk the rakyats. What G25 should seriously look into is on claims regarding AG's wife. G25, if it consider itself as a pressure group should ask for speedy investigation on the police reports as this involves the integrity of AG and God forbids, AG should not compromise his stands against crime eventhough that might ends him signing charge sheet against his own wife. What of importance is G25 impartiality in dealing with high profile cases, if G 25 is really eminent.

When I turn towards those who is at the fringes of corridor of power, I see a group of opportunists who are clamouring to be seen and fighting to be "chosen" to inherit the plump cushion of political power for financial gains. They are not there to propel Malaysia to a better future but more of being there to self-promote their selves for parliamentary seats, state seats or at least Chairman of GLCs'. To them, material wealth supercedes their moral obligation for a better Malaysia. Do you think they care if the rakyats is bleeding with 11 sen price hike for every kilo of sugar? Do you think they hear the rakyats sobbing on RM 2.30 per litre RON 95 fuel?

Blue jeans generation are those with principle. They are willing to go out and stand with the oppressed fighting against social and financial injustice. Eventhough this writer has many opportunities to be in the corridor of powers including head-hunted to be a potential MP, I am not willing to forego my principles for worldly wealth. This has shaped me into a seasoned observer, looking on as Malaysia is slipping further and further down.

Yes, I might have aged but I will forever be in blue jeans at heart. I believe Malaysia deserves a better future and has the potential to be so, with the right person to guide our country. I have done my job, now you guys go out and do yours...
Signing off... listen to the smooth melody of "Be" from original soundtrack of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull".. high above the clouds, dare to dream for perfection...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Of monkey see, monkey do... pilferaging funds

Monkeys see, monkey do.

If the Alpha male escapes, the sub-alphas will follow suit.

Thse days there is no more feeling remorse if one gets caught for pilferaging funds from the state coffers. In fact, maybe these pilferagers are proud that they almost homefree from their acts, only to be caught with their pants down.

Johor EXCO member ropes in his son and special officer to jointly loot others of special priviledges. This is the type of politician that we have now. Their main aim is to fatten their own self, in case they are not considered for the upcoming GE 14. Even if their names are shortlisted, there is every chance that their party may lose big this time around. To prepare for future uncertainties, they took the easy way out by devising plans to divert RM 45 million into their accounts. This is entrepreneurship, Malaysian style. Product of 59 years under the same party.

Even GLCs have the same practise. FELDA top officer managed to siphon off RM 47 million into their accounts by breaching SOP and by-pass their board. This is not an isolated case. It seems that GLCs' with their politically-connected CEOs and Chairmen have various means to go about business at the expense of genuine businessmen. Political retreats are used as opportunities to "i scratch your back and hopefully you scratch mine".

One of the Board to promote an agricultural industry is trying hard to maintain its KPI with promises to supply their products and at the same time decided not to recognise the recognition bestowed by a Federal ministry, all vainly done to protect their Chairman and soon-to-retire Director General.

Government officers too has their share of looting whatever they can. One got caught on solar panel issue in the rural areas.

With the prevailing rate, no wonder Malaysia is slipping further and further down. When once we were the financial tiger of Asia, now we are paper tiger, easily shredded.

Monkey see, monkey do... what are we going to do?

As laymen, we have every right to be angry. The rots starts from the above... Politicians, GLCs even government staff are doing it rampantly. Of late, graft cases matches criminal cases in terms of numbers and if nothing is done to arrest the slide, all Malaysia funds will be gone into the pockets of alpha male and sub-alpha males aptly termed as donations, special services, consultancy and whatever name appropriate as long as the word "graft" or "bribe" is not mentioned.

If this is not a wake-up call for the masses to reject the corrupted, then it is bye-bye Malaysia...all will be forever lost...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Of untwisting the truth... heresay vs facts

There is always two sides of a coin, that's what they say. Sometimes, you come across same face coins... and this is not in movies.

2 issues worth visiting : 1 about the unfolding saga of Kim Jong Nam's "mysterious" death and the other about the state of Saudi Arabia. Choose which one you believe in because in the end, the truth may churns something uglier that you can ever imagine...

When Kim Jong Nam's death diverted the world's attention to Malaysia, it has been mentioned in past postings of "who is the clown". Without delving further, obviously Rahman Dahlan is trying hard to vie for the "clown" and kudos to PDRM for tackling the issue as objective as can be. The DIGP did a good job and when IGP steps in, North Korean ambassador starts reacting forcing Anifah Aman to be dragged in. Even 1MPM6 was forced to give his piece.

Of interest is the constant newsfeed regarding the arrested suspects and in particular, the Indonesian lady. Latest, her friends claimed the lady celebrated her birthday in a well-known nightclub in Kuala Lumpur the night before her murderous prank on Kim Jong Nam. There are a few unanswered questions here :-

1. Her family claimed that she worked in Batam. How can she be in Kuala Lumpur at the time of incident?;
2. She worked as a saleslady in Batam, is her earning sufficient to party in a well-known nightclub in Kuala Lumpur?;
3. How is it possible for a clubbing girl to remain alert in the morning to carry out the prank in KLIA2? Would it be better for her to sleep off her partying fatique?

Is it possible that the party is intentionally planned as an alibi to her movement? An alibi to claim that she might be too tired to carry out the prank? And who are her party guests? Any Koreans in the list?

Reporters are there to carry out their job. Is it possible for "hidden hands" involvement in splashing about the party story? IGP claimed that PDRM investigations showed otherwise. Further, IGP denied the theory of the Indonesian lady "framed" for the act. The next few days will be interesting...

Kim Jong Nam's death is putting extra pressure on North Korean ambassador. Free Malaysia Today posted a little known information regarding North Korean's previous ambassador to Malaysia and his name was Jang Yong Chol. Apparently, Jang Yong Chol was sentenced to death by firing squad in early 2014. It seems that being a top North Korean officer is no guarantee at all.

Will STAFOC be out in full force tomorrow providing ample security coverage on the 2 gals in Sepang court? Heard that the 2 gals will be formally charged tomorrow. What about the Korean guy with chemical knowledge? Will he be charged too? Or will he be charged on lesser count of legally illegally obtaining work permit in Malaysia? What about his sponsor? Will the fella charged in court for providing false information and harbouring a suspected agent?

Back to the "clown", can someone explain why it takes 2 weeks before HAZMAT sweep KLIA2? With thousands patronising KLIA2 daily, imagine what would have happen if there are really poisonous chemical agents and radioactive residue in KLIA2? It will be epidemic and how do we contain the threat?

Would it not be better if HAZMAT did not sweep KLIA2 at such late stage? Or are we trying hard to remain in the news for all the wrong reasons?

IGP now says that PDRM has no problem sharing VX evidence with UN if Wisma Putra gives the go ahead. Over to you, Wisma Putra...

Turning middle east, a MalaysiaKini article "The Kingdom in Malaysia" puts forth interesting views on the "custodian of 2 holy cities". You may find an article claiming House of saud is of Jewish origin here. True or false? Ask the historians...

For Malaysiakini article, the main points are :-

1. Saudi Arabia is heading into extremely choppy financial waters;
2. Saudi Arabia is waging an ideological and proxy war with Iran;
3. Saudi Arabia leading a “coalition” against Yemen;
4. Saudi Arabia promulgating its version of Islam which has resulted in blowback across the world;

After years of living lavishly, the present oil prices is forcing Saudi Arabia to consider planning a USD 10B loan from a number of International banks. If this plan comes in place, do you think Saudi Arabia prince could afford donating millions and perhaps billions to others including Malaysia's own 1MPM6?

It could well be the historic visit is to ask Putrajaya to "show me the money". If the donation has been put in good use, surely there will be an accounted audit trail of where the spending goes to. Even if it is a personal donation spent individually, there should be receipts to account for large portion of the spending. With Saudi Arabia feeling the "squeeze", it is hightime to share the "squeeze" with donour recipients.

Questions aloud - is there any hidden agenda with ARAMCO's 50 % investment in PETRONAS Rapid project? USD 7B is not a small amount and is it really necessary for ARAMCO to invest in Rapid? How much will the deal-maker gets? If this is a truly 50-50 venture, who is calling the shots?

Right or wrong, Saudi Arabia and Iran has been long in proxy wars, starting from Ayatollah Khoemeini. Saudi Arabia use the "custodian of 2 holy cities" to continuously remind others that Iran's brand of Shiah is against mainstream Islam. Learned scholars can debate on this. To Malaysian Muslims, Shiah is deviant of sunnah wal-jamaah.

Saudi Arabia should not enforce its brand of Islam onto others. The most important question is - is the "custodian of 2 holy cities" subscribed to Al-Quran and hadith as well as sunnah rasul or is he practising his own version to control his 30million citizens?

With whatever shortcomings of Saudi Arabia, it does not absolve our leaders from their responsibilities. For now, I see Saudi Arabia needing Malaysia more than we need them. Malaysia needs Saudi Arabia to increase our hajj quota but Saudi Arabia needs Malaysia support to fund part of their loan as well as their planned IPO of ARAMCO.

Saudi Arabia has not gone through recessions as Malaysia had. Saudi Arabia is not prepared to face the financial crunch. It is not easy to adjust their habits of living lavishly and extravagantly. This may a prelude of unrest in Saudi Arabia. The house of Sauds need to brace themselves with the possibilities of civil unrest. Dishing Malaysia-like BRIM is not an answer to possible financial woes. Is it possible for House of Saud making the trip to Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei to get a quick education on citizen-control?

Hopefully 1MPM6 has nothing much to offer as his own house of BN cards is shaking and waiting to collapse...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, February 27, 2017

Of high scoring students...and loans

Malaysia is currently hosting the King of Saudi Arabia. At first, I was ecstatic as the "Custodian of 2 holy masjids" choose Malaysia as one of his destination. It was short-lived when the Saudi Arabia king decided to visit Indonesia for full 9 days with an entourage almost triple than those coming to Malaysia.

Who cares if the 1MDB donation issue resurfaced during this visit. You can try to sweep everything under the carpet or stuffed it in the already overcrowded closet. Someone can even gloat that Saudi Arabia has a similar scheme in their country.

All these are secondary, compared to the anticipated SPM/STPM results scheduled to be announced on 16th March 2017. Who gives a hoot why the delay. Who cares if the machine breaks down...as if it never happens in Malaysia. Pak lah used to say that we are a 1st world in terms of facilities but third world in terms of maintenance.

This time around, let's ponder on our homegrown talents. They deserve the best but do they get the best treatment?

Sometimes I honestly feel that SPM and STPM has lost its glitters. Years ago, this used to be the passport for well-performed students to look forward for scholarships to further their studies overseas. Years later, these students will return to Malaysia, filling in important posts and expected to rise through the ranks to head departments and ministries.

Now, I see the dark side of scholarships. Yes, the A-grade students still gets the scholarships and possible there are also some backdoor entrance to scholarships. If these A grade students are suppose to be the cream of Malaysian education, then I think aloud of their endurance to go through A grade universites overseas acting as our little ambassadors.

At the same time, those who could not achieve the same level as these A grade students go through various programs like matriculation, A levels etc to go through Malaysian public and private institutions.

4 years down the line, both these groups of students will be available in the job market. My observation - at this point of time, there is no clear advantage whether you are a government scholar or not. To the employer, they don't care whether u are an overseas grad from top 50 colleges or you are a local grad from run the mill private institutions.

Imagine that, when scholarship students bade temporary farewell to their families for a chance to be enrolled in a prestigious college, burn the midnight oil to maintain the grades and yet you have an equal chance of employment with those who choose the comfort of enrolling into private institutions in Malaysia. So, where is the "priviledge" of being top students?

Further, when Malaysia is facing financial crunch, sometimes the government decided to convert scholarships into loans. By the time, these students graduate, they are immediately burdened with RM 500,000 to RM 1 million loan depending on the courses and the location of their varsities.

Are we rewarding our top students with "automatic" loans which they have to burden upon their graduation? Are we sidelining our top students and open a "free for all" competition for jobs vacancies?

Just the other day, I heard of an Engineer graduate from Australia receiving a RM 500,000 loan reminder after graduating barely months ago. The same when I heard of a pasar malam lady complaining that her son is facing slight financial adjustments to his medical college because the money is coming a bit late.

Malaysia looks forward to burst into the 21st century propelling the country into a developed nation. Through the years, Malaysia has a steady growth of Engineers, Doctors, Accountants, Quantity Surveyors and whole loads of professionals. However, the construction industry is being taken over by the Hyundais, Samsungs, BUCG, CCCD and acronyms indicating it is not Malaysian company. Are we losing our edge? Are we sidelining our top students? Are we putting aside our own home-breed professionals?

Everybody has a role to play in building up Malaysia. We could no longer leave the task to politicians as they only know one thing - how to enrich themselves at the expense of others.

Let me give you a working example. If 2 CEOs (or Chairmans) of GLCs meet to discuss projects, they are first binded by their political affiliation. Just check how many GLCs are headed by apolitical persons. Then, whatever decision for their respective GLCs are conveniently reach during political workshops. In the end, whatever decision made is not for the best of the GLC but more on "I scratch your back and you scratch mine".

Back to our high-performance students - where are we actually heading? Are we actually rewarding our high-performnace students are is the government condemning them to an all-expense loan trip to further their education? I see it more of sending them on an educational nightmare with huge price tags. A person who goes for local institutions paid a fraction of the amount loaned to high performance students. At the end, a high performance student is saddled with RM 500,000 to RM 1M loan, a burden they automatically carry upon their graduation.

If we go down the system, you can always find a whole batch of blue-collared workers getting more pay than these high performance students. Reasons? Our politicians have foul-up our system to an extend of over-rewarding some as long as these politicians can command their votes at the expense of high performance students.

By the way, I guess only in Malaysia you can find cases where a person is appointed to head a department when the appointee has no heads or tails what the job scope is. Worse, the appointee may not even qualified to head the department.

And yeah, is it possible that someone out there just don't want smart kids to run the country? I mean... just look at how 1MPM6 approach the petrol hike issue today. He boasted that Saudi Arabia hike up 50 % of their petrol and we Malaysians complain like mad when our petrol increase by 20 sen or 10 %. Dear 1MPM6, 50 % of petrol hike in Saudi Arabia ended up for Saudis paying RM 1.07 per litre whilst we are bleeding at RM 2.30 per litre.

Does that explain why we have a 3 pointer like Ahmad Maslan in the cabinet? I guess the University where Ahmad Maslan graduated cringes everytime this Minister makes a comment. Of course, he has a few buddy buddy keeping him company like ...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Of conflicting views...poison or not

2 opposing views and I see deteriorating relationship.

1 week has gone by and still Kim Jong Nam's murder remains a mystery. By now, Malaysian authorities believed that the mastermind had left the country. Slowly and surely, his death is becoming a an item for mysterious death. Malaysia should be commended for trying their best to handle the situation and defuse unwanted confrontation. However, sadly, I see that someone up there on the hills feels the need to spice up things by first getting STAFOC in baclavas guarding the building housing Kim's remains.

If this is a high profile case needing STAFOC's presence, as claimed by PDRM then why only activate them after 1 week? Is it because Kim's relatives are here in Malaysia to identify his body? And why was STAFOC deployed for 1 night only? Is this a one night stand kind of thing?

Salute to Malaysian authorities for putting their best foot forward in handling the case. That is, until IGP Khalid comes out with a press conference that invites immediate response from North Korean embassy. Honestly, I feel that it is wise for IGP Khalid to let his deputy to do the daily update on the case. Avoid doing a copy-cat on Rahman Dahlan statement of avoiding another possible airport attempted murder on Kim Han Sol.

Let's be fair on the North Korean embassy. He has to do his job and if that means lying through his teeth, so be it. On top of that, he needs to think hard whether to instruct one of his second secretary to go to PDRM to get his statement recorded or use his diplomatic immunity to answer questions pertaining to his movement during Kim Jong Nam incident. PDRM must have a strong reason to call the diplomat in. Maybe he can give a better picture of what really happen in KLIA 2.

Me? I want PDRM to solve Kim Jong Nam's death be it natural, murdered or even that body is not really Kim Jong Nam. Only 1 thing I ask - be credible. The world is watching us and many are waiting to laugh us off if we blunders...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, February 20, 2017

Of understanding RUU 355...

RUU 355 seems to be the "in thing" with everyone wanting to chip in regardless they knows what it is all about or not...

For now, let's go to selected comments to get a grip of how misinformed we are in terms of RUU 355 and the syariah laws.

Although Himpunan RUU 355 is over, there are still voices heard for and against the proposed RUU 355. Unfortunately most of the voices did not address the core of RUU 355. Instead many are sidelined with their own understanding of religion and thus do their own interpretation of what religion is all about.

Dr Ronnie Ooi offered to hold a forum in Penang to give PAS a chance to explain the proposed RUU 355. It will be held this Saturday 25th Feb in YMCA hall, Jalan Macalister, Penang. Since it is to be conducted in English, this is a good chance for those interested to ask questions and information regarding RUU 355.

As I said earlier, let's revisit some of the misinformation regarding RUU 355 especially on "self-interpretation" of what it is about.

Anonymous_1421806811 claims Muslim does not need to think. What Anom fails to realise is that there are something beyond our knowledge which we as God's creations need to accept. As we do not know where feelings come from, it is the same with some of God's commands. As The Creator, He knows what is best for his creations and He has prescribed solutions for the misdeeds done by men. Being humans and thinking that we are superior beings, we failed to realise that there are so many things beyond our comprehension. And yet bevause we are ignorant, we tends to find "answers" which normally are misleads by Men's arch and sworn enemy ie Satan.

Vijay47 wanted to be allowed into Muslim ventures. To him, the answer is simple. Surah 109 Ayat 1 - 6 clarly says "To you your religion, to me my religion". As Muslims do not venture into other religions and the same should be applicable to Islam.

Keturunan Malaysia says there are many who choose to be quiet. Wrong. If we are not familiar with things out of our knowledge, then ask those who knows. In Islam, the priority is Quran, Sunnah rasul, ijtima' Ulama'. Go along that line. Of course there are many who are quiet. They are welcome to go learned people and ask them what RUU 355 is all about. There are many school of thoughts, so simpley put if we do not know, then ask. "Malu bertanya sesat jalan".

RUU 355 is not about PAS. RUU 355 is about those who longed for kemartabatan hukum syariah. Again, let us be clear that RUU 355 is applicable for Muslims. I am not being harsh here but there are cases when Muslims who were caught red-handed claims to be apostate (murtad) just because they want to escape worldly punishment. Do you think there will be no punishment in the hereafter? It is up to you to decide. Some may say that hereafter is not there...it is your rights. And there are those who take kalimah syahadah and in doing so knows that akhirat pasti datang and Syurga/Neraka pasti benar...

With this post, let's rest from RU 355 and look at other issues affecting us... Ambrin Buang was formerly tasked to audit 1MDB. Is there something going on in his auditing trail which shows him the door and a new Auditor General taking over???

For those Muslim politicians who are not in favour of RUU 355, ask yourself this question - do you do so because of your political affiliation and voters or because of your ignorance. Tapuk dada tanya selera. This statement is specially dediated to my friend who is a wife of a current Muslim MP in Peninsular Malaysia...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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