Friday, March 03, 2017

Of defranchising UMNO Johor...

About time.

If this is not a wake-up call to Johoreans, then they must be over-hibernating.

Remember the case against Johore EXCO member which eventually leading him to go on leave to sort out his problems? You know, about the case where a few individuals were hauled up by MACC for "converting" Bumi lots to non-Bumi lots.

Heard that there is more to it that the surface news. It goes deeper with Abd latif named as one of the few right hand man of Johore MB ie Datuk Seri Mohamad Khaled. If you notice, Abd latif without the usual prefix of Datuk, Datuk seri or Tan Sri. A person who probably misuse his position should not be addressed with honourable mention for he has disgrace those who conferred him the title.

Why is the case more than skin deep? Malaysia Chronicle reads it as a power tussle in Johore UMNO with the caption " Power tussle and the word Waterloo".

Yes, the opposition is jumping in to give their version of the story and it is not surprising if they interpret it the way they do. However, when the Sultan himself is displeased with the disturbing events, it can be something more than just a clean cut MACC case.

With Muhyiddein out of UMNO, Johore has been simmering and waiting to explode. Many, including my friend from Johore Bharu expected Johore UMNO to collectively rise and show the exit for 1MPM6. This does not happen, partly due to Hishamuddin, Azalina, Fuad prefers power over 1MPM6's ouster.

A traditionally UMNO stronghold, Johore UMNO has been the "voice" of UMNO with their number of delegates as well as number of cabinet ministers. Johore UMNO's voice is like a beacon for the rest to follow. If Johore UMNO falters, UMNO Malaysia will fall.

It has been proven that Muhyiddin could not carry he task alone. With other Johore UMNO leaders deserting him, 1MPM6 remains in Putrajaya. Do you think 1MPM6 boys will not weed out those seem to be supportive of Muhyiddein? It is a matter of time before they strike and now with MACC investigating Abd Latif, it is time for another feast in Johore.

Being an EXCO member, Abd Latif's actions are deemed to be the action of Johore UMNO and specifically And latif's actions is seen to have the blessing of Johore MB. Johore MB may not know it or he may feigned it but he cannot claim ignorance to Abd latif actions.

With MACC investigating Abd latif, it is a signal to Johore UMNO on the choice they have. Either toe the line and follow 1MPM6's blindly or fully support Datuk seri Khalid in mitigating the rough days ahead. There are those who vie for Khaled's positions and this is the time for them to be "extra-loyal" to 1MPM6. Maybe, the newly minted FELDA Chairman needs to chip in to state his unwavering support on the investigation to secure hos hot seat.

Datuk Seri Khalid needs to weigh in his options :-
1. Let Abd latif to settle his issues alone;
2. Support Abd Latif as he is Johore EXCO member;
3. Turn around and go against 1MPM6;

Khaled options are limited. If he lets Abd Latif on his own, Abd latif will be dead meat.It might end up with Abd latif and his son charged with every possibility Abd Latif may want to "deal" for lighter charges. Whatever "deal" Latif do will eventually drag Khaled and maybe others down.

Supporting Abd Latif, Khaled will be exposed to main stream newspapers playing up issues which might border on sensitivity. This may leads Khaled shown the door, either after GE 14 or before GE 14 itself depending on 1MPM6 mood. This is a better choice for Khaled as nobody can say for certain whether UMNO will still lead the country after GE 14.

Khaled can go all out and choose the toughest path by supporting Muhyiddein. This will let fly Johore UMNO's coop feelings which has been venting since Muhyiddein's departure. Johoreans are known to defend their Sultan ferociously and they identify themselves as UMNO die-hards. Having said that, how many of them will make the ultimate sacrifice for the betterment of Malaysia? Or will they be the ones who will sink with UMNO?

Johore maybe UMNO's bastion but it should remain so only if UMNO is performing. Johore should declare their stand supporting actions against bribery and fund misappropriation. Johore is UMNO's birthplace, could it also be UMNO's deathbed?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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