Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Of "fusion-like" politicians... BN and PKR alike

Reading Malaysiakini today is like experiencing fusion food. Fusion food is a blending of local and western cuisine make famous by Secret Recipe and today fusion takes a new meaning in Malaysian politics...

Forest City Johor is currently in the limelight especially when it comes to Johor EXCO who has been remanded for cases involving land deals and Bumi lots. On top of that, China's decision for capital control has indirectly hit Forest City project with the government taking steps to monior the situation.

Tun M continued touting BN with cliams of "freehold" land in Johor vis a viz Forest city. More importantly, Tun M managed to snare Sekinjang MP, Anuar Manap has to think hard to wriggle himself out of his own self-created mess. First Anuar Manap gallantly rebuts Tun M by declaring not an inch of Forest city is given out as freehold land only to u-turn and claim otherwise.

Now Anuar is claiming :-

1. Properties were constructed on reclaimed land;
2. Since it is reclaimed land, it did not exist before;
3. There are Malaysian buyers so selling to foreigners does not arise;

Is this the level of intelligence of our current MP? It is better for Anuar to shut up if he did not know the issue and worse, if he did not know what is freehold land.

Let's talk unintelligently for Anuar to understand and maybe can explain what he understands with the following :-

1. If reclaimation works is done within Malaysian boundary, what is te status of this reclaimed land? Free hold, Malay reserve, leasehold or undetermined?;
2. If a land next to the shores eroded into the sea, what happen to the said "lost" land? Will it still be Malay reserve, freehold, leasehold or classified as lost land?
3. If reclaimation land is not "a proper land", does that means the reclaimed land is excluded from paying quit rent and assessment?;
How many buyers are there in Forest city and how many % are non-Malaysians? If we go by normal convention of 30 % local, 70 % will be non-Malaysian owners. Isn't that selling to foreigners?

GE 14 is around the corner. Maybe Anuar is trying to bootlick Johor MB and 1MPM6 for a parliament seat. If this is his level of intelligence, BN can do without Anuar on board...

Remember Nurul Izzah? The one they called "Puteri Reformasi". The one who beat Shahrizat in Pantai Baru? PKR needs to rethink their strategy and not prioritising political votes over religious commitment.

Malaysiakini quoted Nurul Izzah on "Brothers' execution inconsistent with syariah objectives". Before proceeding further, let's list out what Nurul Izzah said :-

1. Execution of Batumalai's brothers is against syariah objectives;
2. Un-Islamic to hang the duo because application for pardon is still pending;
3. Convention of Islamic jurisprudence;

I am not going to dwell on whether the execution is right or wrong nor am I going to go through the case to determine the brothers guilt.

What I am highlighting is the fusion of politics whereby Nurul Izzah who has not state her stand on RUU 355 quoted Islam and Quranic verses in her argument against the execution. What Nurul Izzah failed to understand or pretending not to understand are :-

1. The Civil court found Batumalai brothers guilty and as such it is a civil court case and nothing to do with Syariah;
2. In ideal Islamic state, the brothers will be given an option to either be trialed under civil court or Islamic syariah system;
3. In fact, if Batumalai's brothers can also be subjected to their own religious courts if their religion has a complete legal system...;
4. Since RUU 355 is not yet implemented, syariah jurisprudence is not applicable here;
5. Even if RUU 355 beomes law, only Kelantan and Terengganu can impose RUU 355 as their state legislations have approved to follow syariah rule;
6. Other state including Negeri Sembilan where Batumalai's brothers hailed from and Selangor with majority PKR state legislators wll not be subject to RUU 355 until their states motion and approve syariah rule;
7. Syariah jurisprudence is for Muslims and non-Muslims has the options of which type of court system they want to use;

Saying that, I see both BN and PKR (and maybe other opposition parties) fused everything as long as they suit their politcal agenda. On one hand, Nurul Izzah is against RUU 355 and syariah jurisprudence but at the same time embrace the system when it suits her.

The same for Anuar who misinterpreted freehold status but still wanting to wriggle himself from his own ignorance.

What we need after GE14 are intelligent MPs and not chameleon MPs who act for their own political gains. Think carefully... it is still not too late..

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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