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Of persona non-grata ... right or wrong move?

Refraining from international news seems to be hard to do...

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It is not easy living the lives of an ambassador in foreign countries. Remember Sergey Kislyak? Even his name is tongue twisting...

Sergey Kislyak is the current Russian ambassador to USA. Recently, he has been accused as a Russian top spy in Washington. It is immaterial whether the accusation has basis or not, or whether it is true or false but there is an effort to paint him as a Russian spy who met with Trump's political delegation during the recently concluded USA Presidential election.

Russia and USA is always playing the highest level of cat and mouse game. Whether the accusation holds any water is not important. What is important is the possibility is there and maybe there are people in USA who are concern with the accusation.

Alexander Litvinenko is another example of what might happen to those with sensitive information. A former Russian spy, he was poisoned by his ex-colleague. Not easy to be those working if diplomatic mission.

Closer to home, Kim Jong Nam's death (or is it murder?) is putting Malaysia head to head against North Korea. Regardless whether the dead is really Kim Jong Nam or Kim Chol or anybody else, it is the manner of death that gives rise to suspicion that it is murder or at worst a prank gone wrong.

It is not a case of mistaken identitiy nor a case of "cheap shot" cheating the 2 women from comitting the "prank", it is more of a why it happens. Why it has to be on Malaysian soil? Why it has to be North Korean?

Let others speculate on the motive, this time let's ask some dumb intelligent question on unearthed issues due to the death. Something that most Malaysians were unaware and maybe still unaware of :-

1. South Korea is a democratic country, North Korea is a communist country. Why "visa-free" priviledge for North Korea?
2. North Korea face economic sanction from UN. Why are North Koreans company (with Malaysia Director) doing communication business?
3. Malaysia and North Korea has diplomatic ties. What makes Malaysia expelling North Korean ambassador to Malaysia?
4. If there is not enough evidence implicating Ri Chong Jol to Kim Jong Nam's untimely death, why is he deported immediately upon expiry of remand orders and not charged for overstaying?
5. If Ri Jong Col nevers works in Malaysian company (that sponsors his entry), where is his income source?;
6. If the sponsoring Malaysian company (Tombol?) is providing false information to facilitate Ri Chong Jol's entry, is there any legal action taken to the company?

The laundry list may go on but for now, let's go on point by point form.

Malaysia provided 90 days visa-free travel to South Koreans and 1 month visa-free travel for North Korea, which has been recently rescinded by Malaysian government.

Clearly, North Korea will be more isolated now when Malaysia rescinded the visa-free travel. The decision was made due to escalating diplomatic tiff between Malaysia and North Korea, all over the death of Kim Jong Nam. Does this action means there will be no more North Korean labour in Sarawak's coal mining industry? Is the visa-free decision primarily made to accomodate these "specialised" labour?

Kim Jong Nam's death unearthed a few others which is unknown to us. It seems that North Korea manage to by-pass UN sanction by using a front company operating in Malaysia. Worse, when it is further revealed that the front company, Glocom has a Malaysia Director, Mustapha Ya'akub is a leader in UMNO. For Mustapha to claim ignorance to Glocom's nature of business and UN's sanction towards North korean products is uncalled for. How can a leader of Malaysia's leading political parties ignorant of these issues and as a Director, is he not responsible for the company's business?

Malaysia had established diplomatic ties with North Korea since 1973. That was 43 years ago. That said, Malaysia and North Korea has gone through patches of relationships but the latest frosty relationship resulting the expulsion of North Korean diplomat is serious.

It is really because Kang Chol blew his top with regards to recent events or is it something more deeper than meets the eye? Kang Chol, understandbly is trying to do his job and please his political masters. He has to present North Korea views of the event and if possible brush off accusations against his country and at the same time point to other countries or potraying that the investigation is biased. It is his job whether he likes it or not. It is his duty regardless whether what he say is true or not. In part, Kang Chol managed to provide alternative views and perspective relating to Kim Jong Nam's death. That is diversionary tactic.

What is surprising is the speed to expelled him. Is it because he touch the nerves of Malaysian leaders? Or is it because there are attempts to silence him from putting forth his theory and prolonging the issue will unearthed more dirt on Malaysia-North Korea relationship?

Ri Jong Chol, the North Korean chemist was immediately deported upon expiry of remand. His work visa was issued under Tombo Enterprise Sdn Bhd in 2013 but the company says he never comes to the company. That is 3 years!!!

Tombo Enterprise did not carry out any due diligence on Jong Chol and this is reflected when he is said to be in IT department which he has no knowledge of. Instead, Jong Chol is a chemist. Is he what he claims to be or is he an operative facilitating other North Koreans?

Tombo owner admitted Jong Chol's work visa application is done by the company. If he never shows up for work, then isn't Tombo now an accessory or maybe a conduit to possible illegal activities? If a company provides the documentation for work-visa, isn't the company responsible for the person and should be answerable to his action? Maybe someone is not digging enough. Could it be Tombo owner is somehow related to another political party? Why is Tombo not investigated for falsyfing information to give work visa? How long has this happen? How many other companies do the same? How many are "illegally legal" persons with work visas in Malaysia?

Kim Jong Nam's death is now beginning opening up many cans of worms in Malaysia. This is not good, especially when 1MPM6 is preparing for a political battle of his lifetime. Deporting Jong Chol and announcing kang Chol "persona non-grata" will not shut the lid on North Korea. Brace for North Korea to fire their own propaganda salvos soon.

Additional questions need answers :-

1. Is this 1 incident has the weight to severe ties with North Korea?
2. Is it more than Kim Jong Nam's death?
3. So far, it is a one-sided action. Where is North Korea's reactions?

Jong Chol has started his in Beijing and maybe by the time this posting is out, kang Chol will be firing his own and more dirt will come out. Malaysia do not need this... but life has to go on....

Expect turbulences ahead...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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