Thursday, March 30, 2017

Of abandoned RUU355 and sidelining PAS...

Now that the leak is out, BN (read 1MPM6) quoted consensus as the reason for BN to spurn RU355.

Malaysiakini said Govt won't table bill.

I guess 1mPM6 is laughing at Hadi (and PAS) for being gullible and falling into BN's trap...

I say "Apa lagi PAS tunggu...

I read it simply as a double whammy for PAS...

1. Now that Najib has confirmed it is consensus for BN to shy away from taking over Hadi's RUU 355 private bill, PAS is left stranded on its dreams of pursuing RUU 355;
2. With Pakatan Harapan finalising its co-operation structure, PAS is also left out from the Pakatan political equation;

What is PAS going to do about it?

PAS has to realise by now that whatever UMNO does, it is for their own political benefit. There is nothing sentimental about it. Najib might be desperate to potray himself as the person promoting RUU 355 but in the end Najib realise that if he were to embrace RUU 355, then it's lights out for him and the field will be wide open for his political enemies to capitalise on his weakness.

Najib also realise that with his precarious position, he has to rely on Sabah and Sarawak to deliver the support. Turning his back on Sabaha and Sarawak's wishes will be suicidal. Najib, whether he like it or not, whether he admit it or not is currently hanging on his PMship through courtesy of Sabah and Sarawak politicians. Now that Sarawak and Sabah has openly defies his RUU 355 aspirations, Najib has no other choice but to make U-turn (lallang) on his decision. Nothing personal Hadi, it is just politics.

With Najib's supposedly backing, Hadi was confident that his RUU 355 will go through. He miscalculate and since Najib has backed down, Hadi and PAS is now the lone ranger in his RUU 355. Not only that, PAS has bypassed their opportunity to work together with other opposition parties.

PAS has again been fooled, hoodwinked by BN. This time Najib played out Hadi. What are PAS options?

PAS can go alone on RUU 355 and for sure it will not be tabled as govt papers will take priority over Hadis bill. In fact, RUU 355 may never be tabled. That is something Hadi has to accept.

So what now? PAS can continue fighting for their RUU 355. Nevr say never if PAS truly believes that it will strengthened their resolve for RUU 355. Never mind what others say. In this way, PAS will remain true to their original struggle to uphold Islam.

Being a lone, PAS can now focus on GE 14. Forget about working together. PAS can now choose where and when they ant to fight. If need be, let it be 3 or 4 cornered fights. But PAS must choose intelligently. This is not about payback. This is about strategy. You don't put your candidate against someone just because they are not in line with your thoughts. You put up your candidate because you believe in your chance of winning. This is not about reducing one's vote to help the other party wins.

PAS can forget about UMNO. They are now uselessly untrustworthy. Forget about it if someone whisper to Hadi that this is not their decision but boss decision. UMNO is UMNO and UMNO is PAS's political enemy. Forget about those soothtalkers who whisper that PAS is calling the shots in GE 14. That is all sweeteners. PAS need to rely on its stregth. Some may choose to leave pAs now since RUU 355 is defeated. Some may think Pakatan is a better option. Let them be.

PAS befriended failures since the 60's. There is nothing stopping PAS now.


Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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