Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Of brimming BRIM...

Line up, queu up.... BRIM is here

Young or old..it doesn't matter. Line up if you want to BRIM-up

Malaysiakini blares "BN leaders in three states request to hand out BR1M manually" Why BN leaders (read : not necessary MPs or ADUNs') of Perlis, Kelantan and Perak insist on dishing out BRIM manually? When one request for manual handouts, it must be for a reason. This time, BN leaders excuse is for them to meet the constituents and understand their problems.

Hello.. where are these BRIM distributors for the past year or years? Why the sudden urge to meet the constituents now? Is it something to do with GE 14? Out of nowhere, these BRIM distributors needs that few precious hours to propagate and self-advertise themselves, hoping these constituents will "repay" their gratitude with an "X" where and when it matters.

Just because someone says there will be 7 million BRIM recipients this year and so far 1MPM6 declared 5,153,238 has been approved, does that validate the government to handout BRIM to the balance 1,846,762? Does this provide a "solution" for small business owners to get their hands on BRIM? What about those political leeches who hang-out in BN leaders office waiting for their "dedak"? If they do not have stable income, do they need to "register" as small business owners to get BRIM?

If BN leaders are really caring as they claimed (during every election), will they let some BRIM recipients to faint?

Why make BRIM handouts difficult?

Me? I am not a BRIM recipient... guess need to take short break and go somewhere, as long as it is not North Korea...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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