Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Of monkey see, monkey do... pilferaging funds

Monkeys see, monkey do.

If the Alpha male escapes, the sub-alphas will follow suit.

Thse days there is no more feeling remorse if one gets caught for pilferaging funds from the state coffers. In fact, maybe these pilferagers are proud that they almost homefree from their acts, only to be caught with their pants down.

Johor EXCO member ropes in his son and special officer to jointly loot others of special priviledges. This is the type of politician that we have now. Their main aim is to fatten their own self, in case they are not considered for the upcoming GE 14. Even if their names are shortlisted, there is every chance that their party may lose big this time around. To prepare for future uncertainties, they took the easy way out by devising plans to divert RM 45 million into their accounts. This is entrepreneurship, Malaysian style. Product of 59 years under the same party.

Even GLCs have the same practise. FELDA top officer managed to siphon off RM 47 million into their accounts by breaching SOP and by-pass their board. This is not an isolated case. It seems that GLCs' with their politically-connected CEOs and Chairmen have various means to go about business at the expense of genuine businessmen. Political retreats are used as opportunities to "i scratch your back and hopefully you scratch mine".

One of the Board to promote an agricultural industry is trying hard to maintain its KPI with promises to supply their products and at the same time decided not to recognise the recognition bestowed by a Federal ministry, all vainly done to protect their Chairman and soon-to-retire Director General.

Government officers too has their share of looting whatever they can. One got caught on solar panel issue in the rural areas.

With the prevailing rate, no wonder Malaysia is slipping further and further down. When once we were the financial tiger of Asia, now we are paper tiger, easily shredded.

Monkey see, monkey do... what are we going to do?

As laymen, we have every right to be angry. The rots starts from the above... Politicians, GLCs even government staff are doing it rampantly. Of late, graft cases matches criminal cases in terms of numbers and if nothing is done to arrest the slide, all Malaysia funds will be gone into the pockets of alpha male and sub-alpha males aptly termed as donations, special services, consultancy and whatever name appropriate as long as the word "graft" or "bribe" is not mentioned.

If this is not a wake-up call for the masses to reject the corrupted, then it is bye-bye Malaysia...all will be forever lost...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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