Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Of untwisting the truth... heresay vs facts

There is always two sides of a coin, that's what they say. Sometimes, you come across same face coins... and this is not in movies.

2 issues worth visiting : 1 about the unfolding saga of Kim Jong Nam's "mysterious" death and the other about the state of Saudi Arabia. Choose which one you believe in because in the end, the truth may churns something uglier that you can ever imagine...

When Kim Jong Nam's death diverted the world's attention to Malaysia, it has been mentioned in past postings of "who is the clown". Without delving further, obviously Rahman Dahlan is trying hard to vie for the "clown" and kudos to PDRM for tackling the issue as objective as can be. The DIGP did a good job and when IGP steps in, North Korean ambassador starts reacting forcing Anifah Aman to be dragged in. Even 1MPM6 was forced to give his piece.

Of interest is the constant newsfeed regarding the arrested suspects and in particular, the Indonesian lady. Latest, her friends claimed the lady celebrated her birthday in a well-known nightclub in Kuala Lumpur the night before her murderous prank on Kim Jong Nam. There are a few unanswered questions here :-

1. Her family claimed that she worked in Batam. How can she be in Kuala Lumpur at the time of incident?;
2. She worked as a saleslady in Batam, is her earning sufficient to party in a well-known nightclub in Kuala Lumpur?;
3. How is it possible for a clubbing girl to remain alert in the morning to carry out the prank in KLIA2? Would it be better for her to sleep off her partying fatique?

Is it possible that the party is intentionally planned as an alibi to her movement? An alibi to claim that she might be too tired to carry out the prank? And who are her party guests? Any Koreans in the list?

Reporters are there to carry out their job. Is it possible for "hidden hands" involvement in splashing about the party story? IGP claimed that PDRM investigations showed otherwise. Further, IGP denied the theory of the Indonesian lady "framed" for the act. The next few days will be interesting...

Kim Jong Nam's death is putting extra pressure on North Korean ambassador. Free Malaysia Today posted a little known information regarding North Korean's previous ambassador to Malaysia and his name was Jang Yong Chol. Apparently, Jang Yong Chol was sentenced to death by firing squad in early 2014. It seems that being a top North Korean officer is no guarantee at all.

Will STAFOC be out in full force tomorrow providing ample security coverage on the 2 gals in Sepang court? Heard that the 2 gals will be formally charged tomorrow. What about the Korean guy with chemical knowledge? Will he be charged too? Or will he be charged on lesser count of legally illegally obtaining work permit in Malaysia? What about his sponsor? Will the fella charged in court for providing false information and harbouring a suspected agent?

Back to the "clown", can someone explain why it takes 2 weeks before HAZMAT sweep KLIA2? With thousands patronising KLIA2 daily, imagine what would have happen if there are really poisonous chemical agents and radioactive residue in KLIA2? It will be epidemic and how do we contain the threat?

Would it not be better if HAZMAT did not sweep KLIA2 at such late stage? Or are we trying hard to remain in the news for all the wrong reasons?

IGP now says that PDRM has no problem sharing VX evidence with UN if Wisma Putra gives the go ahead. Over to you, Wisma Putra...

Turning middle east, a MalaysiaKini article "The Kingdom in Malaysia" puts forth interesting views on the "custodian of 2 holy cities". You may find an article claiming House of saud is of Jewish origin here. True or false? Ask the historians...

For Malaysiakini article, the main points are :-

1. Saudi Arabia is heading into extremely choppy financial waters;
2. Saudi Arabia is waging an ideological and proxy war with Iran;
3. Saudi Arabia leading a “coalition” against Yemen;
4. Saudi Arabia promulgating its version of Islam which has resulted in blowback across the world;

After years of living lavishly, the present oil prices is forcing Saudi Arabia to consider planning a USD 10B loan from a number of International banks. If this plan comes in place, do you think Saudi Arabia prince could afford donating millions and perhaps billions to others including Malaysia's own 1MPM6?

It could well be the historic visit is to ask Putrajaya to "show me the money". If the donation has been put in good use, surely there will be an accounted audit trail of where the spending goes to. Even if it is a personal donation spent individually, there should be receipts to account for large portion of the spending. With Saudi Arabia feeling the "squeeze", it is hightime to share the "squeeze" with donour recipients.

Questions aloud - is there any hidden agenda with ARAMCO's 50 % investment in PETRONAS Rapid project? USD 7B is not a small amount and is it really necessary for ARAMCO to invest in Rapid? How much will the deal-maker gets? If this is a truly 50-50 venture, who is calling the shots?

Right or wrong, Saudi Arabia and Iran has been long in proxy wars, starting from Ayatollah Khoemeini. Saudi Arabia use the "custodian of 2 holy cities" to continuously remind others that Iran's brand of Shiah is against mainstream Islam. Learned scholars can debate on this. To Malaysian Muslims, Shiah is deviant of sunnah wal-jamaah.

Saudi Arabia should not enforce its brand of Islam onto others. The most important question is - is the "custodian of 2 holy cities" subscribed to Al-Quran and hadith as well as sunnah rasul or is he practising his own version to control his 30million citizens?

With whatever shortcomings of Saudi Arabia, it does not absolve our leaders from their responsibilities. For now, I see Saudi Arabia needing Malaysia more than we need them. Malaysia needs Saudi Arabia to increase our hajj quota but Saudi Arabia needs Malaysia support to fund part of their loan as well as their planned IPO of ARAMCO.

Saudi Arabia has not gone through recessions as Malaysia had. Saudi Arabia is not prepared to face the financial crunch. It is not easy to adjust their habits of living lavishly and extravagantly. This may a prelude of unrest in Saudi Arabia. The house of Sauds need to brace themselves with the possibilities of civil unrest. Dishing Malaysia-like BRIM is not an answer to possible financial woes. Is it possible for House of Saud making the trip to Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei to get a quick education on citizen-control?

Hopefully 1MPM6 has nothing much to offer as his own house of BN cards is shaking and waiting to collapse...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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