Monday, February 13, 2017

Of no extremism...really

Let's be short and straight to the point. 1MPM6 declares "We don't practise extremism". Really??

Extremism can comes in many faces. Whilst 1MPM6 declares that we don't practise extremism, he is limiting to :-
1. Practising moderation in Malaysia with respect to his concept of balance and moderation in every action;
2. Multi racial populance continued to be united and free to practise their respective religions;
3. The violence taking place now is due to religious extremism;

Well, 1MPM6, the problem lies with the narrow band of definition limited to religion. Now, the funny thing about 1mPM6 statement is - he make it in Chinese New Year gathering in Bentong, Pahang. My question - is Chinese New Year a religious or cultural celebration? I see CNY as more of a cultural celebration by Chinese throughout the world, be it Muslims, Budhist or Confucian. That said, why is 1MPM6 making that statement and relating it to religious diversity when it is a cultural diversity respected by all main races in Malaysia?

Another thing that fails to register in 1MPM6 mind is "Islam is a way of life". Being a self-confessed Muslim, 1MPM6 should embrace Islam in totality and that means moderation is not only tolerant to other religions but more so of how 1MPM6 present himself to the public. I did not see signs of his moderation when he goes zooming across the globe either during his vacation or under his capacity as PM.

Talking about extremism, what about Selangor henchman "Sekincan" Jam who at one time drops all his party-related post and the next day Selangor UMNO CHief said "We still need Sekincan Jam?". Is UMNO going devoid of leaders to such an extend that they have to go along with the antics of Sekincan Jam? If what Sekincan Jam does is not extremism is his own way, that what is?

The same goes to Hadi for being overtly extremist when it comes to forging a united front for the opposition? Hadi says NO if Bersatu works with both PAS and DAP. What is Hadi doing? Maybe too much sun lately? If Hadi rejected Bersatu for being friendly to both PAS and DAP, then why is Hadi did not say the same thing to UMNO for being friendly (in fact form an alliance) with MCA, MIC, PPP, Gerakan et al? If Hadi wants to apply his approach as a universal stand, then PAS should be working alone in GE 14. Is that what Hadi wants?

DAP is no better. Why 4 elected reps quit DAP? Their reason ?

1. Loss of confidence in the party;
2. Disappointed with current leadership;
3. DAP has diverted from its goals and objectives;
4. DAP worked with PAS in GE 13;

I see that as childish reasoning. The real reasons behind is mainly jostling for the chance to be selected as DAP candidates in GE 14. However, these 4 has the misfortunes of being sidelined in recent days and they see their political life coming to an end, thus the need to create spectacular claims to remain afloat in political seas.

In short, extremism is not confined to 1MPM6's definition but extended far beyond. With GE 14 breathing down soon, everyone needs to stay relevant for the chance to continue hoodwinking the Malaysian public for the next 5 years and along the way grab whatever they can to finance their empire.

Najib, Hishamuddin is a tag team and so is Anifah and Musa Aman of Sabah. We have the Lims in DAP, Mahathir and son in Bersatu, Azizah and Nurul from PKR. Don't forget Shahrir and Khalid of Johor too. Whatever clothing they wear, whatever flags they carry, they are there to grab the loot. No wonder Malaysia is slipping by the day....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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