Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Of hush-hush...Malaysian style

Here we go again. The circus bandwagon is back in town, ready to spin new tales... only this time, who will be the master clown??

It all started yesterday morning when an unidentified man complained of being targetted in KLIA 2. Fast forward - the man has been identified as Kim Jong Nam, half brother of the present North Korea leader. Fast forward still - the body was placed in Putrajaya mortuary waiting for post mortem. Fast fowrd (again?) - somehow, someone decided the post mortem should be done in HKL.

Reason given :-
1. Putrajaya mortuary is not suitable to conduct the post mortem;
2. HKL has bigger space and facilities;

The catchword is "bigger space". Does this implies that the whole gang of spies (from South Korea, North Korea, Malaysia, USA et all) will be present during the post mortem? It will be an embarassment to Malaysia and a disgrace to us if Putrajaya hospital, the hospital serving the administrative centre of Malaysia does not have the facilities to conduct important post mortem.

Apart from being in the heart of administrative centre of Malaysia, Putrajaya hospital is also strategically located close to KLIA and KLIA 2. That means the hospital should be well equipeed with all the facilities to conduct emergencies including post mortems if the need arise. Not only that, Putrajaya hospital is newer than HKL and as such should be far better than HKL. On top of that, those who has the priviledge to be treated in Putrajaya hospital can vouched that the hospital wards are much much better than HKL. So, if that is true, what gives?

Why choose HKL? Can someone out there explain? If Putrajaya hospital do not have the needed specialist, they can always calls in assisstance from HKL but not to physically moved the body. Is there something happening than meets the eye? Why the hush hush, leaving reporters in confusion?

Malaysia has been known before for giving reporters the run around with MH 370. Is this an encore performance? Can someone stands up and inform what really happen?

Kim Jong Nam has been known to arrived Malaysia on 6th Feb 2017. Than means he has been around for the past week. Is our intelligence on hand to monitor his movement and "ensure his safety". Or is he a "low risk"? If Kim Jong Nam can freely move for the past week, what triggers his murder when he is about to leave the country? Worst, it happens in KLIA 2, an international airport. What happens to our surveillance? Where is our "beefed up" security?

Talking about KLIA 2, do you guys notice our "security officers" there? Are they Malaysians or "imported" labour? This is an important gateway into and out of Malaysia. Are we entrusting our security in the hands of non-Malaysians?

I bet BBC and CNN will have a field day grilling whoever chosen to step up on the podium to explain the post mortem. Who will the clown be? As of this afternoon, none openly dare to step up and most skirted around with Khalid Abu Bakar confirming that the passport holder is Kim Chol whilst non-Malaysian sources claiming poison pen or killer spray is probably used in the "assassination".

Next stop - who will claim the body of Kim Jong Nam? Will it be North Korea or his next of kin? Malaysiakini reported that South Korea intelligence believed that Kim Jong Nam is under China protection. If this is true, then there will be a tussle for his remains, from both North Korea and his next of KIn. Will Malaysia go hush hush on who will get the final custody of his remains?

Let's hope that this will not be an "international" repeat of Kevin Morais remains. In his case, the brothers openly argue whether to bury or to cremate the remains and ...hush hush, the body was cremated eliminating all possibilities for further post mortem to determine the real cause of death, thus opening the case into speculation.

This time around, under the International glare, Malaysian authorities have to do it right and any questionable decision will open floodgates to speculations....

In practical consideration, if this assassination took place elsewhere, the suspects would have been zeroed in by now...and the manhunt begins. In Malaysia, it is still hush hush business as usual...

Even as I am penning down my thoughts, there are several foreign reports claiming that the 2 female assassins have been murdered and the bodies found by Malaysian police. Hope that is just rumours or else Malaysian police have 3 case instead of 1 to solve.

As I said earlier, Malaysians has been used to hush-hush policy. Politicians thinks they knows best and hush-hush everything and if things go wrong, they hope it can be silently and swiftly swept under the carpet or added as skeletons inside the already overstuffed cabinet.

The newly minted FELDA Chairman, Shahrir Samad who happens to be BN backbencher chief says FELDA is selling assets to stabilise its cash flow. Amongst others, he says :-

1. FELDA selling some of its "matured" assets to stabilise cash;
2. Sale of part of FELDA shares in Maybank;
3. Sell of Bayswater hotel, London is part of stabilising FELDA cash;
4. Selling bayswater hotel because the pound value is now more than 5 compared to before where the pound value is less than 5;

If the pound value gets up to more than 5, that does not mean the asset matures. It indicates our RM is slipping compared to the pound. If Shahrir's arguments is so wea, how can he be FELDA Chairman? Is he there to hoodwink the rakyat? He should be talking about how much the property has appreciated pound for pound and not on currency exchange rate.

Further, Shahrir says :-

1. Eagle High investment is not FELDA investment but Government investment;
2. Government investment parked in FELDA;
3. FELDA is experts in palm oil;

Shahrir should make clear that Government is investing in Eagle High and if that is so, what is FELDA's role in the investment? Is FELDA used to do the transaction or is FELDA appointed to manage Eagle High? And Shahrir himself admitted that FELDA is an expert in palm oil, then FELDA should not be doing things not in their field of expertise ie FGV.

Will Shahrir cry foul in Eagle High investment turns sour? I don't think so because he has already openly declare that Eagle High investment is a government (read : not FELDA's) investment. Shahrir - if Eagle High investment is government's investment, I don't see any value for you to be FELDA Chairman....

On educational front, it seems that SPM results will be delayed by 2 weeks. Instead of March 2, the new date will be 16th March 2017. Reason for the delay? Hush hush...OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) machine broke down.

Security breakdown, corporate governance breakdown and machine breakdown... what else is new in Malaysia? Hush hush...

Malaysia is a hush hush country. Hush here, hush there..alive also hush hush, dead also hush hush. Coming in undetected also hush hush, murderers also goes hush hush... we don't need to have a team of dogs to pull our sleigh...hush hush....oops mush mush

Malaysiakini and CNN reported that a female suspect holding Vietnamese travel documents has been arrested in Kuala Lumpur. She is believed to be involved with Kim Jong Un murder.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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