Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Of conflicting views...poison or not

2 opposing views and I see deteriorating relationship.

1 week has gone by and still Kim Jong Nam's murder remains a mystery. By now, Malaysian authorities believed that the mastermind had left the country. Slowly and surely, his death is becoming a an item for mysterious death. Malaysia should be commended for trying their best to handle the situation and defuse unwanted confrontation. However, sadly, I see that someone up there on the hills feels the need to spice up things by first getting STAFOC in baclavas guarding the building housing Kim's remains.

If this is a high profile case needing STAFOC's presence, as claimed by PDRM then why only activate them after 1 week? Is it because Kim's relatives are here in Malaysia to identify his body? And why was STAFOC deployed for 1 night only? Is this a one night stand kind of thing?

Salute to Malaysian authorities for putting their best foot forward in handling the case. That is, until IGP Khalid comes out with a press conference that invites immediate response from North Korean embassy. Honestly, I feel that it is wise for IGP Khalid to let his deputy to do the daily update on the case. Avoid doing a copy-cat on Rahman Dahlan statement of avoiding another possible airport attempted murder on Kim Han Sol.

Let's be fair on the North Korean embassy. He has to do his job and if that means lying through his teeth, so be it. On top of that, he needs to think hard whether to instruct one of his second secretary to go to PDRM to get his statement recorded or use his diplomatic immunity to answer questions pertaining to his movement during Kim Jong Nam incident. PDRM must have a strong reason to call the diplomat in. Maybe he can give a better picture of what really happen in KLIA 2.

Me? I want PDRM to solve Kim Jong Nam's death be it natural, murdered or even that body is not really Kim Jong Nam. Only 1 thing I ask - be credible. The world is watching us and many are waiting to laugh us off if we blunders...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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