Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Of Damages... DAP style

TH Sim and three other Melaka state reps quit DAP. Is that suppose to be a bombshell to counter DAP's grand coup of enlisting Zaid Ibrahim into their ranks?

The first thing that comes to mind is how much Sim's action will affect DAP? Will it be as big as when Lim LT left DAP years back?

Back in the 80's, Lee Lam Thye is mentioned is the same breath as Bukit Bintang. His close rapport with his constituents regardless of race put him several notches higher than the rest, Lim KS included. Something happened back then, and Bukit Bintang was void when Lee LT decided to quit politics.

TH Sim is different. He is a political animal who was once sidelined by DAP and Lim Sr brings him from political death to serve Melaka. TH Sim is beholden to Lm Sr and whatever he did now, including quitting the party serves nothing except he is throwing desperately for political lifeline from the half-dead BN. Does TH Sim sincerely believes BN will put his name forward as possible BN candidate for Melaka?

I see the four quitting DAP as another blessing to DAP as they can start house cleaning and ridding of deadwoods within the party. The planned Lims walkabout is nothing more than a PR giimmick to state the obvious - nothing can change Melaka's hearts to accept BN in their fold...

By the way, is someone out there going "bankcrupt" on ideas? "Sekincan" Jamal continues with his antics by bringing hearses to Selangor's State Secretariat building as symbolic protest against Selangors's SMUE (Skim Mesra Usia Emas) program.

It reminds me of the late MG Pandithan who started it all when he brought a coffin to MIC HQ during Samy's MIC watch. I guess Jamal is running out of ideas and to keep himself in the news, he resorted to the "coffin" show.

Is this the type of leaders left in UMNO? Mohd Noh Omar openly declares that Jamal is still Sg Besar UMNO Chief as long as UMNO MT did not accept Jamal's resignation. Maybe MT will keep on letting the rot continues as they have no more able leaders to lead UMNO. Gone were the days when the Malay elites scramble to join UMNO, now it seems those left behind are the desperate lot...of Jamal's standards...


Malaysiakini reported the death of Kim Jong Nam, the elder half brother of North Korean leader. Sincerely, let's hope that it is a natural death and no foul play is involved. Malaysia has been in the news for all the wrong reasons and let's not add anymore to the already tatteed image...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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