Friday, February 03, 2017

Of thunder,'s all FX

1MDB, Petronas, FELDA and MARA are all big names. Organisations that should propel Malaysia and to some extend Bumiputeras ahead in economy. However, it's all thunder and lightning... all sound and flashes with no effect. In short, is it going to be another window dressing?

Years ago, when Abdullah Badawi took over the reins, we have the same show of several high profile politicians exposed and drag to court by the then MACC equivalent. Months and years later, after GE 12, 13 - these politicians were led off the hook and everything is OK again.

Is the same thing brewing now? I am not going to touch on 1MDB eventhough the Swiss government has taken action on a bank dealing with 1MDB. Will it be another stage act by those who swear to uphold justice in Malaysia to keep deafingly silent on the issue? Can we still claim ignorance in this issue?

What was once heralded as a golden opportunity, it is now becoming a burden for those still carrying FELDA shares. Can someone enlighten me how can FELDA sell off its hotel because it is not profit making whilst another Malaysian company (YTL) bought one in the same place? 2 companies, both from malaysia. One from GLC whilst the other private-owned, and yet they make contrasting decision. One must be who is taken for a ride here?

FELDA, the world's 3rd largest plantation company is spiralling, so much so that the government need to call in Shahrir to take over the Chairmanship. In short, what happens to Isa Samad? If he is still FGV Chairman, then who is really in control? Or is this another "show" from Putrajaya, another spin perhaps?

Even before FELDA and FGV and a short parade of officers going into courts for corruption charges, MARA took over the news with their Chairman suspended from active duty.

Another day, another show. My questions are simple :-

1. How can a politician (and UMNO chief information) be suspended from MARA whose Minister is another UMNO who is dreaming to be UMNO's VP?
2. Do you think UMNO ministers dare to face the "wrath" of UMNO Information chief?;
3. Where is the thin line separating duty and political hierachy?
4. Shahrir is UMNO MT, Isa is UMNO warlord with delicate information on PD tryst. Do you think ISA Samad will fall?
5. 1MDB is just too stinky to talk...

Sad...saddd.... All our pride companies going down the drain. Maybe, it is time for the politicians to let go helming GLCs' and stop collecting freebies that comes with the titles. This is not about UMNO or DAP or PAS or MCA or MIC or Bersatu or Amanah anymore... this is about our pride.

Politicians spins tales to stay in power... do you think they care about those paying RM 2.30 for a litre of RON 95? Their lifes are spoilt with free cars, free allowance, free fuels to such an extend that they could no longer associate with the difficulties of the masses.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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