Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Of beating the drums...psywar

You know GE is around the corner when the ruling party starts making overtures, baiting and slow-dance the opposition.

Let's not be concerned with the date of the next GE. Suffice to say that it will be held in 2017, and this time the stakes are too high for UMNO to take the snobbish high roads which they are accustomed to...

First, Teuku Adenan, the BN secretary general cum UMNO's secretary general, released a time bomb when he professed that BN had reached a consensus regarding the Hudud bill or Act 355. You think that's the full story? NO! Not when MCA and MIC, the original members of Pakatan together with UMNO claimed they were either unaware of the consensus or chose to be elegantly silent on the claim.

With component parties breathing down his neck, Teuku Adenan choose to play safe and add confusion when he said the consensus is to have consensus on the Hudud bill. What is his true meaning? Or is he taking the safe way out.

Remember that BN acts on 1 party 1 vote system. If this is the case and still is the case, BN will have an overwhelming consensus to vote down Act 355. Why? Simply because there are not enough component parties who will go UMNO's way to charmed Hadis's PAS.

Hadi will be two-timed yet again with UMNO claiming they have done their best to pursuade its allies to support Act 355. Hadi should know that Najib and UMNO are political animals who will not satop at anything as long as they get what they wants. Although MCA, MIC, Gerakan is practically finish, UMNO needs them to bring the votes to BN candidates. PAS? They can fly kite as long as BN (read UMNO) can continue running the country, their way.

Before the drums died, Anuar Musa, UMNO's cum BN Information chief choose to introduce fissure to the already fragile understanding between opposition parties. Anuar Musa goes 1 step further in hinting that anybody can make a comeback in UMNO. Read it as an open invitation to Anwar Ibrahim, Ezam, Mukhriz to return to the fold including Muhyeiddin Yassin. Promises can be made to place the stars and the moon on their laps. Once BN wins the GE, these people can fly kite!!!

Maybe it's time to polish the shoes and walks through the power corners of Putrajaya...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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