Friday, September 30, 2016

Of one, two or more....doesn't matter

How does one keeps oneself to be relevant? Simple, by periodically comes out with catchy statementwhich entice the rakyat.

Whilst some die-hard supporters of Tg Razaleigh will camped outside his langgak mansion for a glimpse of his idea, I think Tg Razaleigh is now a relevantly irrelevant politician.


Tg Razaleigh once caught my attention when he chose to go against Mahathir Mohamed when he contested UMNO's President post way back in the 80's. Back then, it was too close to call but Mahathir with his strategic mastery managed to "change over" Najib and Anwar resulting in the defeat of Tg Razaleigh-Musa Hitam combo. You can browse the internet for their epic political battles!

After that, Tg Razaleigh's political fortunes is an Oreo's "kejap ada, kejap takde" where everytime there is a talk of succession, his name crops up, not as a serious contender but more of making up the numbers. Still, his die-hard supporters believe Tg Razaleigh will one day be the PM.

Through the years, the opposition front approached him but Tg Razaleigh, though interested, is not a risk taker. Being princely, he thought that he could get everything on a silver platter. He did not want to commit but he wanted to reap the rewards. That said, he would not put his eggs in the opposition basket. He would rather placed his "so called" loyalty to BN but at the same time send confusing signals to the opposition.

Now, with 1MDB about to be full blown, Tg Razaleigh needs to make himself relevant again. Noticing what happened to Tun Mahathir, Tg Razaleigh choose to belittle the opposition by making "Malay will be divided" statement. He claimed Amanah and BERSATU will further divides the Malays and this will not be good. There are many who said that Mahathir is getting senile but I guess Tg Razaleigh is not that far off.

Tg Razaleigh failed to remember when he quit UMNO in 80's, he started Semangat 46 and at the same time PAS were splittered to Berjasa and what not. If Tg Razaleigh claimed that BERSATU formation will split the Malay vortes, then what is he doing with Semangat 46? Consolidate Malay votes?

There is not much different what Tg Razaleigh did in the 80's with what Mahathir created in 2016. The physical difference is Semangat 46 gets a rousing start whilst Bersatu kicks off slowly. I see there is a non-issue in Malay voting split.

However, I look seriously on what Tg Razaleigh fails to do. He failed the nation to stand up and brings UMNO's Majlis Tertinggi to task and "open" up on 1MDB. It has been a see saw movement when Rahman Dahlan declared MO1 to be Najib whilst Noh Omar said he has no clue who is MO1. How can that be? Both are Cabinet members and Rahman Dahlan is BN's strategic communication director. Does this mean both of them are not talking? Or worse, are the ministers running their own agenda without guidance from 1MPM6?

Noh Omar should refrain from being ignorant as he is touted to be Selangor MB if BN wrest Selangor from Azmin Ali. His statement is unbecoming of a politician and expose his weakness. Rahman in one of his statement said "Only an idiot do not know whos is MO1". Does that mean we have 2 in UMNO when Langkawi MP dragged DYMM YDPA as MO1 whilst Noh Omar, a minister doesn't have a clue who is MO1?

Back to Tg Razaleigh. His antics lately bare his true self, a person who is revengeful and self-centered. To him, everything is OK if I get my way. Tg Razaleigh is still vengeful of Mahathir. After years gone by, he still bears hatred and revemge against Mahathir, not only on personal basis but to the extend that he fails to put the nation first before self. To Tg Razaleigh, i bade you good bye. You ahve been deleted from my list of those who can be called upon to defend Malaysia in its bad times.

With oil prices slumping, Malaysia is facing bad times when Europe is gunning for "no palm oil" products. Europe is doing that to punish the "slah and burn" approach which resulted in yearly haze. Malaysia may not be directly involved but there are Malaysian companies operating palm oil plantation in Indonesia. 1MPM6 may not be the one who "slah and burn" but what about Malaysian companies in Indonesia?

With Petronas going south, palm oil facing "no palm oil" campaign what else can we rely on? PETRONAS laid off 1,000 staffs and may be laying off more soon, we will be flooded with highly-paid O & G workers. How are they going to cope up with the lay-off?

Rubber, once our treasured commodity is facing bleak times. Malaysians have to buck up and be prepared to face the worst. It is time for politicians to stand up and protect our money from being siphoned off and only "transform" selected few whilst the rest will be doomed.

Tg Razaleigh is hopeless, Mahathir is over the hill, Hadi is suspected, Anwar is jailed - who else will lead the fight for a better Malaysia? Those who can contribute are druken with power, influence and greed. It is time for normal daily Joes' like you and me to state our stand : "Enough is enough".

Can we still pin our hopes on Tg Razaleigh? Yes, he maybe the longest serving MP of Malaysia and yes, he maybe genetically connected to the Kelantan household but NO, he is not the nation's saviour.

Eventhough Tg Razaleigh is highly respected within his Gua Musang constituency when every election sees him easing thorugh with Orang asal's support, Tg Razalaeigh fails to deliver his part of the mandate. Where is Tg Razaleigh when his orang asal stand against the loggers? What is his stand, personally as well as the elected MP of Gua Musang? Becoming an elected MP does not gives Tg Razaleigh the license to forever stay in Kuala Lumpur within his plosh mansion. Instead, it is Tg Razaleigh's moral duty to attend to his constituents...and goes through the thick and thin of any issues affecting them. Orang asal looks highly to Tg Razaleigh but Tg Razaleigh looks highly to those who can dine and "bodek" him. That is not the way to earn their respect and their votes. Tg are doomed.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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