Thursday, September 08, 2016

Of Alone Again... naturally

As I look around me, I see empty spaces once occupied by comrades-in-arms. Now, one by one, they are blown by the wind...and some meet Him... Fortunately or unfortunately, they do not know me when our paths crossed numerous times in the past. I am talking about Zorro, Harris "the lawyer" Ibrahim, Sakmongkol, Topeng Perak, Mrs MP and the rest...

But this posting is not about me...

One article in Malaysiakini caught my attention. It is something Rais "Bridge burner" Yatim said... regarding Jamal "Red shirt" and money politics in UMNO. You can read Malaysiakini's news "Don't hide behind blade of grass" here.

Rais Yatim being Rais Yatim goes with a pantun :

"Jangan dipanjat kelapa condong,
buahnya jatuh ke laman orang,
bumi dipijak langit dijunjung,
berdiri tegak bukannya lalang.”

(Do not climb a crooked palm tree,
its fruits fall into others’ yard,
where the land is trod the sky is shouldered
stand tall but be not like grass.)

Rais countered Jamal's insistence that the money is "donation" from his friends is considered money politics regardless whether this is UMNO's election year or not. Jamal stated that if money is distributed during UMNO's noon-election years then it is not money politics. Me? Simple... what is the money for? If it is to "buy" loyalty, then it is money politics regardless when, where, who, and how the money is transferred from the giver to the receiver.

Looking at the pantun, there is another malay proverb "Menegak benang yang basah" which literally means "To straightened a wet thread". What it means is to defend what is already obviously wrong.

Think - which one is bigger and broader? Lallang or benang? I believed that lallang is broader than benang. Years before, lallang is pictured as those whose stand (political or not) swayed with the wind. Back in the 80's, one such lallang is the present 1MPM6 when he last minute switched of allegiance change Mahathir - Tg Razaleigh power equation.

Now, benang is smaller than lallang and as "Bagai menegak benang basah", it is impossible o hide the truth. Years after 80's, we are faced with 1MDB. Are we still in the old cocoon believing that whatever UMNO does is right? If Rais Yatim who is an UMNO leader and currently UMNO adviser pointed out the "money" politics practised by Jamal (and many others not named) is destroying the party, then what about hiding the truth from the public?

Last few days in a flight (hey! I pay for the flight, OK?) an UMNO supporter make another stupid statement. It is about DOJ and kleptocracy case in USA. He lamented that MO1 is not named by DOJ and he further stressed that DOJ did not go after MO1.

First, to be a politician and to be a good and responsible politician, you have to appear whiter than white. That means you have to be seen almost a saint and not just innocent. In MO1's case, he may hide behind the legal jargons and legal manouvres, but the fact is MO1 is step-father of a person named by DOJ. On top of that, MO1 is a close acquitance to one Hollywood party goer. You add the sum and figure out MO1. If you cant, then just read Rahman Dahlan's statement on MO1's identity. Yes, MO1 may be legally right but is he morally clean? My answer "Tepuk dada, tanya selera".

What are you going to do about it? Start jogging in the park (not looking for pokemon) for November is calling you. See you all somewhere, sometime in November (God willing). Will you guys be there? Me? Yeah... I shall be there... in rememberence of and standing-in for Zorro... alas...Alone again, naturally...

By the way... look at the body language when 1MPM6 talked to P1 in Laos...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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