Friday, September 23, 2016

Of fragmentation, distrust... and silver platter

Malaysians like winners. If you win, especially the conveted Gold medal, you will be feted with financial rewards in the sidelines.

Malaysia boleh!!

This is not about their heroics and sacrifices. This post is about fragmentation, distrust which is not in the paralympics athletes vocabulary..

In case you haven't heard it, there are growing rumours that 1MPM6 may call for snap election sometime early next year. You can smell the taste of election when there is this sudden rush to register new parties.

However, in the accelerated mode to go uno to uno against BN, there is a growing concern regarding the readiness state of a united opposition.

Whilst Bersih is planning for a grand November "get together", Lim Guan Eng choose to spar with Ambiga. I guess Guan Eng has a personal vendetta against Ambiga when the she opinioned Guan Eng should take leave until his bungalowgate is resolved.

If Guan Eng has an issue with Tun M, Guan Eng should confront the old man directly and not "pukul anak, sindir menantu". Amongst others, Guan Eng claimed :-

1. why she was working with former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad;
2. she may be forgiving Tun M for what he has done (to the country);

Is Guan Eng seeding fragmentation between political parties and "opposition-friendly" NGOs'? If this persist, Guan Eng, in his capacity as DAP's Secretary General, may not be participating in the upcoming BERSIH5. This, in turn, will be fodder to BN as they go about preparing and strategising how to zerolimate opposition in the parliament.

Opposition is now in "headless chicken" situation. With Anwar tucked in Sg Besi, Nik Aziz, Harun Din, Karpal Singh gone, the opposition lost their standard bearer. Hadi is seen to be too cosy with BN, Azizah seen to be too indecisive, Mat Sabu is "lost in action', Muhyiddein is cautiously absent, Shafie Afdal is too "far" away, the opposition needs a rallying person, a mascot to go to. Tun M seems to be the next logical choice as Tg Razaleigh is forever brooding.

Tun M may be a "soldier from the past". He is old, disarmed and systemetically ridiculed. Even his latest "mengadap session' is being politicised. Instead of Tun M or DYMM YDPA, it is Najib who "almost" become their media man when he implied:-

1. Tun M presented the Citizen Declaration to DYMM YDPA;
2. Tun M had his audience on 15th september 2016;
3. DYMM YDPA in not empowered to dismiss him as PM although he can appoint one as PM. In short, the dismissing or terminating a PMship is not provided to DYMM YDPA;
4. Only the Parliament can terminate 1MPM6 service as PM through a vote of no confidence motion and after receiving majority votes;
5. DYMM YDPA can apply his goodwill to "pursuade" 1MPM6 to resign benefitting the rakyat;
6. It is a "four eye" meeting, one on one chat between Tun M and DYMM YDPA;

DYMM YDPA is not binded to reveal to 1MPM6 the details of his chat with Tun M. 1MPM6 is not privy to the discussion. What 1MPM6 implied may be true and may not be true. 1MPM6 can crows that DYMM YDPA advised Tun M to back off. If that is true, why meet in Kedah and not Istana Negara?

Let's ne practical. There are many hidden things for speculation. It may surface 10 years down the line when a party wants to score points. Lika what is presently going for Nalla. Wth full "Nambikei" spirit and Senatorship in hand, Nalla turn against his one-time tennis buddy (Anwar) claiming that Anwar two-timed him.

Nalla is having his "one-time" shot to fame in picturing Anwar as a back-stabber. Nalla is cleverly manipulated by KJ to paint Anwar in the nagative. Hopefully, this may prolong Anwar's vacation in Sg Buloh.

The opposition needs to gel fast if they ever want to capitalise on UMNO's (actually 1MPM6's) weakness. Opprtunity do not knock twice. However, the differences in opposition is too wide and the gap-filler is still unidentified.

For that, I say "Wake up, opposition". Unless, of course, if these brand of politicians still basked in becoming opposition forever...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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