Monday, September 19, 2016

Of Adios, goodbye and...

A long and refreshing week. I took a well-deserved break last week. Whilst I took the break, the Maker decided to invite Dr Harun Din to meet the Maker.

I am not going to dwell on why he chose San Francisco to undergo his treatment nor to sensationalise anything including how some claimed that California is translated as "Land of the Caliph". Let others do that.

What caught my attention is how divided the opposition is becoming. Agreed that DAP is not seeing eye to eye with PAS, but the action of Jeff Ooi in "re-tweeting" the message is unbecoming of a parlimentarian.

Way before Jeff Ooi chose DAP to be his party, I admired his exposures in many government projects where I see him working hand in hand with Hussam Musa. That was during the fnal days of Tun M's era!!!

However, now Jeff Ooi looked a different man. Is his MPship getting too much in his head that he can't help but to "unwittingly" jumped into the pits?

Unfortunately many are practising "undifferentiated hostility" whereby everything said and tweeted by their idols are all correct and whatever done by others who are not in their same wavelength is wrong.

"Adios (good bye) Harun Din. Let there be peace" - looks innocent enough. Adios means good bye. but the words after ADIOS is suspiciously questionable. What is Jeff trying to say? Is he implying that with Harus's demise, there will be peace? Or is Jeff praying Harun meet his Maker in peace?

I read "ADIOS. Let there be peace" as Jeff implying the former. Jeff, in his full DAP clothing is actually not belittling Harun as PAS's Murshidul Am but indirectly "attack" Harun as one of Malaysia's most learned Islamic scholar. That is where Jeff goes wrong.

We may have the right to disagree with other religions but at the same time we have to respect their religious views. Jeff crossed the invisible line and unfortunately the rest of Pakatan failed to reprimand him. Lim Guan Eng said Jeff's tweet is insensitive and does not represent party. What says AMANAH and PKR? Is AMANAH too deep entrenched that whatever said against their former colleague turned enemy is alright? What says PKR who is just as confused between party and individuals?

Me? Regardless of what Harun did or did not do, I consider his death as a great loss to Malaysia. We lost one of the pragmatic Islamic scholar... May he received "keradaanNya"...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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