Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Of healing times ... and hope

Nothing last forever. This time, it takes 18 years and 3 days for both of them to shake hands. All praise to The One. It may be exceedingly longer than 3 days but it is a good beginning to bury the hatchet...

It may be everything and at the same time it may be nothing...

18 years is a long lost time. If it takes 18 years to get a new start, so be it as long as Malaysia is on recovery mode. I see Said Keruak hyperventillating and hallucinating. Must be sweaty in his air cond room.

In politics, there are no such term as permanent foes. If this is true, then Mahathir-Anwar handshake carries a thousand words and a million hope. Unfortunately, not all are true as there are mirages everywhere. Remember Tg Razaleigh? He once drew swords against Mahathir many many years ago, longer than Anwar. Up to today, the prince fails to put nation first and his ego second. His fiddling to decide to heal Malaysia of its present woes throws Malaysia deeper and deeper into the non-returning abyss.

Forget about being ASEAN's first nation. On latest check, Indonesia and Thailand has leap frogged Malaysia and forging ahead whilst Malaysia is losing its shine and competitive edge. Don't blame Mahathir or Anwar for that. This is country management and Malaysia has been handed over to 1MPM6 to manage years ago and he has successfully reverse our fortunes.

Why does that happen? Simple!! 1MPM6 has been busy travelling abroad in his first years as PM that he forgot to take of the nation. Along the way, something got cooked and 1MDB dish is served to us now, and the smell is all the way to Los Angeles and Department of Justice whiffed the smell and placed assets under kleptoracy civil suit, the biggest in US history.

Topping it, 1MPM6 leave everything to his minions and he himself rarely spend time to understand, foresee and take necessary actions to stop the slide. Now, with kleptoracy case in US, IPIC claims in UK courts, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia donors mystery, 1MPM6 is booged down with his own created problems and barely have time, stamina and reputation to tackle Malaysia's economic problems. "Nasi sudah jadi bubur!!"

Forget about the look good feeling of TNB, DBKL, Bank Rakyat corruption remands. If Sime Darby CEO goes scot free, what makes you think it will stick this time? This is showtime. Feeling good whilst it last... for 3 years down the line, everything got swept under massive carpet with the usual "mutual scratching".

We have to look beyond GE 14. If Mahathir and Anwar can shake hands, why can't DAP and PAS do the same? Malaysia needs all the help to regain its position and dignity. Those who can't perform like Said, Rahman, Nazri, Azalina, A Maslan, Sabri should dumped themselves and let more able persons to take over. The fish rots from the head, and for that reason, 1MPM6 needs to make the ultimate sacrifice and leave his office and get somebody else to lead Malaysia. Maybe, that's the better solution for the time being.

By the way, relax and chill. Malaysia Chronicles's 1MDB Kebun Pisang is refreshingly nice...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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