Tuesday, October 27, 2009

PAS's torn between two lovers (or is it suitors?)...

I believe PAS will come out stronger after 28th October 2009...and beyond that UMNO will know that their Queen bee is bringing them down...the only thing is UMNO refuse to rid the Queen bee who is reigning supreme in Putrajaya...by the way, is she a queen bee or the black widow?

  1. The morning after the shocking results that trembled BN on 8th March 2008, I chanced on a strong BN supporter who looked as if the whole weight of the world is on his back. After the usual pleasantries, I asked him how he felt and he poured his heart out lambasting that the Malays had deserted UMNO/BN and he felt that DAP will be running the show from then on.
  2. My answer to him is short and simple "It is not that the Malays (or for that matter the Rakyat) abandoned UMNO/BN but it is UMNO/BN who has shunned the Malays (and the rakyats) by failing o hear the cries for justice, equality and transperancy".
  3. In that consoling moments, it has also been told to him that as long as PAS stands by its principle of universal justice and embracing Islam as their "way of life", then UMNO, DAP, PKR should not have any worries, Malaysia should be in safe and steady hands...
  4. PAS, as a party is not borne in palatial house nor is it considered as the "golden son" of the palaces. PAS is borne out of the inspiration of Muslims in Malaysia to see Malaysia ruled under the guidance of Islam (as it is also the official religion of Malaysia).
  5. And Islam, as a religion is no different from other religions in that they stressed their followers to be morally good and spiritually healthy. Then, there are of course those who discard religions and calls for humanity, equality but their humanity and equality is measured in humanistic values which may be different and out-of-synch from religous point of view.
  6. Back to PAS, although 8th March 2008 marked the first time BN failed to control 2/3 of the parliament, it is a party with the least number of parliamentary seats in the loose PR coalition. Even back then, I am not a believer of PR but more of Barisan Rakyat supporter. Alas...PKR/DAP/PAS chose PR over BR...
  7. After 8th March 2008, PAS came under the limelight when their leaders ar being wooed and charmed by BN with promises of "power sharing" to the extent that BN is willing to let PAS became MBs in Selangor, Perak. Even the "yellow bloods" were hesistant to recognise this new political powers of PR thus the delays in MB swearing-in ceremony in Selangor and Perak.
  8. All in a sudden, PAS became the bride of the year. PKR/DAP wants PAS to remain in PR whilst UMNO/BN tried their best to thaw PAS away from PR. PAS, through to the idealogy, stick to PR and they say that the rest is history. Not for long...though.
  9. In the 50 years of Malaysia, UMNO became the backbone of the government of the day with their tentacles gripping all...and UMNO use all their hidden powers to apply pressure to the new-born PR and PR-governed states. Apart from that, UMNO is also using their rare resources in prompting their "sleepers" in PAS to raise mischeavous issues amongst PR.
  10. Why do I call them "sleepers"? For UMNO, PAS is their sworn enemies. To UMNO, anything except PAS is OK. The sleepers are planted because UMNO understand that the day will come when the rakyats will rise against them. In preparation of that, UMNO also realised that for the Malays and the Muslims, the alternative is PAS and if UMNO can contain PAS's influence, then UMNO will retain their grip on Malaysia.
  11. PAS, in their continual evolution to become a better and acceptable party to all Malaysians accepted professionals in their ranks. Although the professionals are "naive" in the fiqh, their commitment towards Islam and PAS idealogy is beyond question. With the combination of tech-savvy professionals with theologist, PAS manage to draw Muslim and non-Muslim supports from both the rural and urban areas. Something that UMNO failed to do....
  12. However, due to the fact that Malaysian government scholars comes from different background, there are those who are "torn between two lovers". Their hearts are with PAS but their logical minds leaned towards UMNO. March 8 phenomenom scared these group who bought the idea of PR going to be DAP-ised and thus changes in the basic tenets of the constitution may occur ie will PR declare Islam as the official religion of Malaysia? Will Bumis lost their soecial priviledges? etc...
  13. Slowly, these sleepers subconciously take stands against the agreed principle of a just and fair society of PR. And these issues is inteliggently used bu UMNO to create a wedge between PKR/DAP and PAS. Not only that, UMNO/PR used all the media instruments available to hype these differences and create discord amongst the top leaders of PAS.
  14. Fortunately, old and wise Nik Aziz see through the trap laid by UMNO. Using his creative ways, Nik Aziz issued statements proposing for PAS EGM. And UMNO/BN is quick to jump to Nik Aziz's bait.
  15. What happens on 28th October 2009 will be another milestone for PAS. If PAS agree to stick to PR, then UMNO will have tough days ahead. It is time for PAS leaders to consolidate their strength, their expertise to blend both the professionals and the theologicians.
  16. What UMNO failed to see is the mutual respect both thses groups have towards each other in PAS. Even PR coalition partners failed to see this. For non-PAS members and supporters, they see the picture painted by UMNO/BN which is the erdogan versus the old school. A simple question should lay this issue to rest - Is there any such thing as Erdogan PAS? The answer is no...there is no such thing. Only UMNO wanted to paint PAS professionals as erdogans so that they can link Kamal Attarturk to PAS. Don't UMNO realise that PAS hated Kalamal Attarturk? And the only person this scribe knows of going overboard in praising Kamal Attarturk is Mahathir Mohamed.....
  17. PAS see the evil of Kamal Attarturk surpasses his good deeds...
  18. I believe PAS will come out stronger after 28th October 2009...and beyond that UMNO will know that their Queen bee is bringing them down...the only thing is UMNO refuse to rid the Queen bee who is reigning supreme in Putrajaya...by the way, is she a queen bee or the black widow?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Zahid Hamidi; Apa dah jadi...?

  1. Tak perlulah kita bermukadimah panjang-panjang. Ayuh, terus ke isinya...
  2. Apa dah jadi dengan ATM? Bukan ATM - Automatic Teller Machine tetapi ATM - Angkatan Tentera Malaysia?
  3. Tak perlulah pergi jauh hauh ke belakang. Kita mulai dengan kebakaran KD Sri Inderapura.
  4. Kapal pengangkut terbesar TLDM terbakar pada 8hb Oktober 2009. Bukan sekali terbakar tetapi dua kali dan kebakaran kali kedua berlaku keesokan harinya iaitu pada 9hb Oktober 2009.
  5. Pihak Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat (JBPM) mempercayai bahwa kebakaran bermula dari tempat simpanan tangki (tank stowage area).
  6. Pada 22hb Oktober 2009, dewan Wisma Perwira di kem Pulada pula terbakar.
  7. Apa dah jadi ni? Zahid Hamidi sebagai Menteri yang dipertanggungjawabkan dengan pertahanan negara perlu lebih peka.
  8. Apakah kita mulai lalai dengan aspek-aspek keselamatan dan membuat kerja secara endah tak endah hingga boleh mengakibatkan kerugian harta benda? Apatah lagi harta benda yang melibatkan pertahanan negara?
  9. Sekiranya kita tidak melengkapkan anggota ATM dengan sifat-sifat kerja yang tinggi, maka kepekaan anggota terhadap keadaan sekeliling menjadi lemah dan boleh mengundang bahaya.
  10. 2 kebakaran dalam masa sebulan bukanlah satu perkara yang boleh dipandang ringan. Bukan soal gantian kepada harta yang hilang tetapi yang lebih penting ia mungkin menggambarkan tahap kesedian anggota ATM terhadap ancaman negara.
  11. Zahid perlu bertindak sekarang dan sebagai menteri yang bertanggungjawab, Zahid perlu menyiasat punca sebenar kebakaran tersebut. Harap-harapnya sifat kerja sambil lewa bukanlah punca kebakaran tersebut.

Hingga ketemu lagi...selamat malam M'sia...dimana jua anda berada...
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

1M school, multiple teaching mediums?

An opinion poll in 7 schools in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur shows that 97 % of the parents (respondents) wanted the schools to continue teaching Mathematics and Science in English. 97 % is almost a unanimous decision. So how are you going to react, Mr Minister of Education, sir?

  1. 24 hours is a long way to go. Why worry about 1M PM6 Najib's budget presentation when his deputy Muhyiddein is getting mixed reaction on PPSMI (Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematiks dalam Bahasa Inggeris).
  2. An opinion poll in 7 schools in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur shows that 97 % of the parents (respondents) wanted the schools to continue teaching Mathematics and Science in English. 97 % is almost a unanimous decision. So how are you going to react, Mr Minister of Education, sir?
  3. Parents action group for education wants all national schools to be given the option to continue PPSMI.
  4. In August 2009, the education DG warned teachers to continue adapting PPSMI until 2012. Summarily, it means that the ministry is serious in discarding PPSMI policy.
  5. On 20th October 2009, Muhyiddein stated that his ministry is looking into the possibility of scrapping PPSMI in 2011, a year ahead of schedule.
  6. 2 days later, the opinion poll result is released to the public. What gives? How is the government going to react to this opinion poll?
  7. Granted that the poll is taken in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor where parents are more adaptable towards English as a teaching and learning tools. But the question posed to Muhyiddein - can we go on with PPSMI and offer that as an option in selective schools, especially in urban areas?
  8. The government has spent millions to train teachers in preparation of PPSMI. Are we going to lost that millions by abandoning PPSMI?
  9. Muhyiddein has been quick in coining the words "memertabatkan Bahasa Kebangsaan dan memperkasakan Bahasa Inggeris". So what now? Are we going to offer the options to urban schools?Only urban schools? What about rural schools? Are we going to abandon rural schools and will not offer them the option to continue PPSMI?
  10. 1M PM6 has been gunning for 1Malaysia, 1 Nation, 1this and 1that. Is he going for 1wife too? If we were to take the opinion poll at face value, maybe 1school system may not work...
  11. Instead, will it be probable for 1M school to be converted to 1M multiple medium schools? I mean will we be reverting back to the early Merdeka years when parents (and students) were given the option to study in English or Malay medium. Maybe we can expand that further to English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil medium? Or will we be expanding it further to include the Jawa, Bidayuh, Penan medium as well?
  12. It was a noble idea to abolish PPSMI for Bahasa Malaysia. Now, it seems that the parents (in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor) is sending a strong signal for the government to offer alternatives and options to their children.
  13. If the government has the peoples' welfare at heart, the following can be an alternative to please the majority of the parents with school-going children :-

    • Parents has the option to send their children either to National schools or to English medium schools at primary school levels;
    • Those who opt to go for English medium schools may need to go for entry test (if the demand is higher than the seats available);
    • At UPSR level, the children will sit for the exam in either Bahasa Malaysia or English;
    • Those who excel will be selected to attend boarding schools - with National schools students placed in MRSMs', SMSs' whilst the English medium students placed in MCKK, TKC, STAR, SDAR;
    • From Form One onwards, a new subject will be introduced ie Technical Malay or Technical English. If a student is in National schools, he will be taught Technical English whilst Technical Malay will be taught in non-National schools. The aim of the subject is to prepare students for higher learning class where National school students may be sent to overseas (UK, USA, Australia, NZ where English is the medium for learning) or when non-National school leavers enter local colleges and Universities (where Bahasa malaysia is the medium for learning);
    • Technical Malay and Technical English is a compulsory subject where Science students need to get good grades for entry to tertiary education;

  14. Of course, the proposal is still in raw condition and can be refined further. I believed that this is a better solution and a win-win solution to all parties involved. The question is - will the government listen?
  15. AAB used to say that he listen to the peoples voice. 1M PM6 Najib thrive on his ability to feel the peoples pulse. Is he feeling the peoples pulse now? If he does, what is his next action? Continue to abandon PPSMI? Will he nudge Muhyiddein to consider 1M multiple teaching medium?
  16. Muhyiddein cannot afford to suggest that the 97% of the parents from these 7 schools to send their children abroad if they prefer to study in English. That is not the solution. Will Muhyidden able to rise and meet this simple challenge from 95% parents from these 7 schools? Actually, it is not even a challenge. It is just a request for an option. Is it too much to ask?
  17. Muhyiddein can sleep on this, if he wants to...but I am looking anxiously at what 1M PM6 Najib may be tabling tomorrow...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Of news : Good, bad and ...

Maybe from now on, we have to be extra cautious with issues raised and issues "purposely" downplayed....for that we need more "eyes" to keep track of what's going on in big momma's head...

UPDATED : Mohamed Nor Yaakob, Minister in charge of EPU, clarified this afternoon (22nd October 2009) and picked up by RTM 2 news that there is no proposal of IJN takeover. He further stressed that the government will not privatise IJN. This should be good news to RAKYAT MALAYSIA. Thks big dog and Rocky for highlighting the possibility of IJN takeover part 2 which leads to Mohamed Nor's denials.
  1. Everytime the Auditor General released his yearly report, we are exposed to the many puzzling expenditures, purchases, business ventures undertaken by the states, the public sectors including various ministries.
  2. The Ministry of Education (as an example) purchase overpriced trees. The Ministry paid four to eight times more than the prevailing market price. For the record, Muhyiddein, our DPM is also the Minister of Education.
  3. Still on education, MARA paid RM 84,640 for 2 laptops whose market price is RM 9,000. Apart from that, MARA bought RM 350,000 teaching manuals which were never used.
  4. Pahang state government goes one up when their proton perdanas were recorded to fill up their tank by RM 113 and barely a minute later recorded another filling up of RM 112. Either the Perdanas has massive leakage or it has double tank like those Jags.
  5. Pempena, the subsidiary of Tourism Malaysia, did not escape the Auditor General's observation either. A quick glance revealed that Pempena is in RM 41M mess involving failed ventures and losses.
  6. Penang government is quick in inviting the Auditors to visit the state and discuss issues on how to improve the performances of government officials. So far, the Auditor General had raised about the frequent tyre changes of three Penang state owned vehicles.
  7. As for Selangor, the Auditor General is prompting the state government to allocate enough funds to gazette the sources of raw water.
  8. If Pahang and Penang were implicated with questionable practises of fuel fill up and tyre replacements, Terengganu goes big. Terengganu purchase 26 buses costing RM 10M which were grounded due to objections from existing operators. All because the state failed to carry out comprehensive study before implementing projects.
  9. In terms of poor forest management, the states of Kelantan, Pahang, Johor and Sarawak caused river pollution, erosion, landslides and destruction of flora and fauna ecological system.
  10. These are bad news for most of us as it shows that there are still bad practices by both the policy makers (politicians) as well as administrators (government officials). At the same time, the Auditor General's report is good news for suppliers and vendors as they see that there is nothing much the Auditor General can do with the report. They also know that the usual "noises" from parliaments will die down in time.
  11. For now, DAP is urging 1M PM6 Najib to take concrete actions against those behind reckless expenditure. Maybe 1M PM6 will reply affirmative in the parliament but no actions will be taken...believe me.
  12. The Auditor General's report will soon be overcast by the looming budget 2010. 1M PM6 is expected to table a feel good budget 2010. And TVs' and MSM will be singing praises for BN and Najib's leadership style comes Friday, 23rd October 2010.
  13. How good is the feel good budget? One thing for sure, it may make the smokers happy. I just chanced on 30 sen increase for a packet of cigarettes effective just after Eid Fitri. (Being a non-smoker, I was not aware of this) By 23rd October, the smokers will forget about the "minor" burn-hole in their pockets.
  14. Not only that, I also expect the feel good budget will somehow cause massive amnesia to those who fight against IJN privatisation. It may feel good but blogger bigdog highlighted the IJN disembowment in his posting. And yes, I understand that some of you hated Rockybru and consider him to cross over to the "dark side" but at least he still has some "force" left to highlight the IJN issue, again. Collectively, it is time to rise and fight off IJN's takeover attempt - part II. When I write collectively means that we all have to rise and make known our stand that IJN should not be privatised !
  15. In the end, there is always good news for some bad bad news for the rest. Those who receive financial gains will say that all these are good news. For the majority who will be suffering from those few reckless rascals who siphoned off our monies, it will be bad news. Heck! we may be made to pay extra for their blunders. Is it fair?
  16. 1M PM6 talks about people first, performance now. So far, the people first slogan is not biting. It is more of the "selected few first". Of course, to dress up 1M PM6's "concern" for the people, there will always be some "window dressing" like MACC arresting "millionaire" director or some low-rank police charged with CBT. So what? Is that the best they can do? Where are the sharks? Are we forever resign to catch bilis with our legal nets? What about "millionaire" politicians - when will MACC take action against them?
  17. 1M PM6 Najib has 3 good mentors. One is Mahathir Mohamed who knows how to tackle the masses. The other is AAB who "grabs" whilst sleeping and the third is Anwar who is brilliant in diverting attention. Combined all the 3 and you have 1M PM6 Najib.
  18. Mind you that 1M PM6 has something more than his previous 3 mentors combined - he has big momma beside him (or is it leading him?)
  19. Maybe from now on, we have to be extra cautious with issues raised and issues "purposely" downplayed....for that we need more "eyes" to keep track of what's going on in big momma's head...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Of special deals : Time, acceptance, hot item and...

There you have it, the special deals for the month of October. And comes 24th October 2009, there might be some icing on the cake for public servants, as well...Beware of these handouts as are mere baits to get us all hooked up...again.

  1. Now that UMNO circus has left the KL scene, some form of tranquility has returned to this financial hub of Malaysia. However, the calmness is only at the surface whilst there is still major underground movements ready to explode the surface. Time? Unknown. Venue? All over the place. The same as seismologists could not predict exactly the time and the location of the next "big one".
  2. Let's start with time. MACC chief effectively says that the people needs more time to judge its effectiveness. Essentially, MACC chief said :-

    • MACC wanted to be more professional in its work to gain the peoples' trust;
    • MACC are aware of the public's reduced confidence in the system;
    • Arrest of individuals from the ruling party does not get printed in the media because the ruling party members are media shy and does not want to publicise the matter;
    • MACC (then-ACA) arrested 3 BN members compared to 2 opposition members in 2008;
    • MACC arrested 7 BN members compared to none from opposition members in 2009;

  3. Reciprocating what MACC chief said, consider these :-

    • MACC should not only issue the statement that they want to be professional but they must also act professionally in dispensing their duties;
    • Being aware of public's reduce confidence is not the answer. MACC must also take radical steps to gain the public's confidence in the system;
    • MACC must take the necessary steps to hold PCs' revealing those prosecuted MACC to both MSM and alternative media as well as publish and update the names of those arrested in their official web-page;
    • It is not that the ruling party members are media shy. Has MACC thinks of the possibility of "intentional news black-out" so that those ruling party members names were not exposed?
    • On the numbers of BN members caught in 2008 and 2009, did the arrest take place during the party election? Is this not a method to "eliminate" those seeking better positions in the ruling party?
    • Is this another subtle way for the MACC chief to ask for "extension" of service?

  4. Next comes acceptance. No...it is not directly connected to MACC's request for more time to prove their worth. This is something to do with the coming Halloween galore in Perak's assembly sitting. After giving a rousing speech to the more than 2,000 delegates in UMNO's AGM, 1MPM6 Najib focussed Perak.
  5. Malaysian Insider carried a newsreport regarding some who claimed that they were paid to attend 1Malaysia launch in Ipoh, Perak. Even if we assume that 60 % of the 30,000 spectators (as counted by MSM) were paid RM 30 per head to attend the launch, it has already comes up to RM 540,000. That's a lot of money to maintain an already swelling ego. But 1MPM6 Najib's trip to Perak is not solely on 1Malaysia launching...his main agenda is to boost Zambry's fortunes in Perak and to prepare BN for the coming 28th October state budget sitting.
  6. In defending BN Perak, 1MPM6 Najib start the offense moving when he said :-

    • BN (Perak) have already formed the state government and this has been sanctioned by the law although certain processes are still incomplete;
    • The laws must be respected;
    • No reason for disturbances or conduct that should otherwise create a wrong impression about politics in Perak;
    • BN will follow the rules and conduct the sitting according to the law;
    • Whatever action taken will be within the ambit of the law;
    • BN will not do anything that is against the provisions of the law;
    • Najib claimed that the starting point is when they (PR) stole one of our assemblymen;

  7. As they say it "Offense is the best option of defense". That's what 1MPM6 did to defend Perak's BN's government. However, "there's always the other side of the coin" such as :-

    • Granted that BN has already formed the government, but isn't it also a fact that PR has formed Perak state government prior to this? Isn't PR's Perak state government sanctioned by the law too?
    • Najib admitted that certain processes of the law are still incomplete - if this is so, will it be better for both BN and PR to let the court decides and let all processes of the law be complete? In fact 1MPM6 Najib can help to accelerate the processes of the law by getting the courts to sit and issue final judgements with respect to Perak's rightfil government of the day;
    • There is a distinct separation between judiciary and legislative. It is common belief that the legislative reigns supreme within the assembly. Why wasn't this respected by 1MPM6 Najib? Or is Najib only interested and binding to laws that benefitted him?
    • If both parties strive to resolve the problems in Perak then I am sure that undue disturbances and misconducts will not surface in the assembly sitting. The question is - can both parties put aside their egos for the benefit of Perakians?
    • Since when did BN follow the rule and conduct of the sitting? Isn't BN the one who started the ruckus in May when the "legitimate" speaker was forcibly removed from his chair? And when did the "other speaker" sworn in? Which rule is BN following?;
    • Action taken within the ambit of the law? In May when PR speaker was conducting the assembly sitting, why didn't the assembly bentara follow his instructions? Whose instructions is he following?
    • 1MPM6 talked about starting point. When did PR stole BN's assembly man from Perak? Isn't it the other way round? The BN assemblyman declare that he left BN for PR. On the point of who stole who, isnt it another fact that both Behrang and Changkat assemblymen from PR "kept" in Pekan? Isn't that "stealing"? Or is it "turning over";
    • Why repeat the same defensive statement of "I did it because he did it first"? Or is it a syndrome? If it is, two wrongs does not make a right...
    • since this is currently on Perak, is there any truth in MT's claim on "concessions" given to the Yussuf Izzuddin's lineage? If there is a grain of truth, then the Perak fiasco happens not because BN has the law on their side but BN has a chokehold on a royal household. I am not saying that it's tru nor do I say it's false. You know that 2 plus 2 equals 4, so figure it out...

  8. 1M PM6 Najib uses BN's "charming ways" to first "pursuade" the royal lineage to accept BN as the "rightful" government of the day for Perak. Then, BN use the courts as tools to continuously frustrates PR in lengthy legal battles that is surprisingly slow in disposing cases involving interpreting Perak constitution. At the same time, BN is using its powerful machineries and MSM to paint the picture that everything is OK in Perak.
  9. Thus far, 1M PM6 did not walk the talk in Perak. He may hide behind the throne and he may pass the baton to Zambry but the best option to resolve Perak's case is to return to the rakyat to decide. That means dissolving the state assembly, something that PR has been calling for, something that BN is not willing (although they have openly declared that the rakyat has return to BN's fold).
  10. It would not be complete if Sabah or Sarawak is left out of the picture. It is not enough when 1M PM6 Najib announced that 16th September will be a public holiday from 2010 henceforth. Whilst some claimed that Sabah's PKR is having differences in opinion, Zaid Ibrahim's sabbatical leave should not be taken at face value. Malaysian Mirror's scoop should be given some weight because :-

    • Sarawak PKR leader, Gabriel Adit, is said to be ready to abandon PKR;
    • Adit is ready to launch a new party;
    • 1MPM6 Najib is said to be dealing directly with Adit who is facing personal problems and financial debts;
    • Adit is given a good offer to return to BN with promises of help that benefits Adit;
    • Adit may bring with him 12,000 supporters to cross over to BN;
    • If Adit did cross over, BN can safely call for state election and bury PR in Sarawak for years to come;

  11. Credit should be given where it is due. If Malaysian Mirror is correct, then 1M PM6 Najib has finally wear down his former mentor Anwar and in the process expose Anwar to his weaknesses. On that note, PR is bruising deep and the internal injuries may be too much for PR to absorb the continuous blows from 1M PM6.
  12. If Adit will really return to BN, then PR can say goodbye to their dreams of wresting Sarawak from BN. Pure and simple.
  13. There you have it, the special deals for the month of October. And comes 24th October 2009, there might be some icing on the cake for public servants, as well...Beware of these handouts as are mere baits to get us all hooked up...again.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, October 16, 2009

UMNO's 60th AGM - Winning support...?

  1. After the big win in Bagan Pinang, UMNO is on the roll. In fact, it is now a juggernaut passing the 7 UMNO constitution amendments in record time of barely 1.5 hours.
  2. Najib's maiden policy speech in UMNO's 60th AGM to UMNO's delegates is refreshing. Although he touched on many subjects, the one that grabs my attention is his honest observation on :-
    • delegates expecting to be housed in 5 star accomodation;
    • the loss of "voluntarism and service-oriented" in UMNO;
    • party members expecting project hand-outs from the government;
  3. If Najib can change the perception and expectation of delegates, it will be a major achievement. UMNO delegates, especially during the UMNO election assemblies, will be offered 5 star accompdation, 5 star lunches and dinners, 5 star entertainment and what nots. That is why, being a delegate is taken so seriously now. Everyone in UMNO wants to be a delegate as that is one of the short cut to projects.
  4. The same goes for "voluntarism and service-oriented". Today, those who volunteered are considered fools when there are money waiting to be scoop up. Najib may know it or he may choose to turn blind on that phenomenom. And that is why professionals spurn UMNO.
  5. As for project hand-outs, what Najib says is sweeteners to non-UMNO members. Just go to any of those delegates and they will tell so and so gets which projects.
  6. This posting is not about Najib's maiden speech. This posting should be more on the constitutional amendments.
  7. This is UMNO's house and they can choose whatever they want to do with their house. However, since what happen in the house has a direct impact on Malaysia (for now), UMNO shoud be aware of the following that may happen due to the constitutional amendments :-
    • If the number of delegates voting base for the party's leaders are increased, how will UMNO control the formation of branches? Some smart alex will do that to increase his chances of getting voted by creating more branches;
    • the person who controls the media (media prima, NST RTM) will have the best chance of getting voted. The reason is simple - through creative media coverage, these people will make full use of the media (and blogs) to promote themselves in time for UMNO election. Those who have no access to the media world will be at a disadvantage;
    • the abolition of annual membership may be good. The bigger question is - how do UMNO fund themselves if they are only collecting life membership fee? Isn't this expose UMNO to allegations of "making" money from various projects? Either through "political donations" or "commissions"?

  8. There will be more to observe later. For the time being, suffice to say that UMNO is fighting hard to regain the trust which they lost during the last GE 12.
  9. I will also concur with blogger Sakmongkol that Najib's approach (if he walks the talk of his speech) shows that he is a leader in making. That also means Anwar should get down and seriously strategise to hold PR's pact as well as get PKR back on track if he wants to stay relevant.
  10. Hey! That does not mean that I have mellowed. It just mean that Najib seems to be the best person to leads Malaysia for now. There are some unanswered issues that Najib has to answer before the rakyat starts feeding from his hand.
  11. In my previous postings, it has been suggested that Najib should take the bull by its horns and that means najib has to confront the issue regarding the model who was murdered.
  12. At the same time, as a leader, Najib must be seen to have a supportive wife (not a controlling QC). So far, he has not indicated that he is running the show fully. There have been accusations on his wife's treatment towards her relatives. When will Najib ended this issue?
  13. What about the unnecessary deaths in detention (as well as interogations/interviews). As the leader of Malaysia, Najib must answer to these and take firm steps to stop the unnecesary deaths.
  14. And most of all, if Najib wants to win the hearts of Malaysia, he has to win the hearts of Perakians first. When will Perak crisis will ends? Beating around the bush is a no go. Why not whack the issue smack on the head? Can Najib do that?
  15. To the delegates who will be making their way home today - have a safe journey. Remember that rhetorics is just rhetorics if it is not followed up by actions....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coming soon : Halloween thriller in Perak...(again)

Trick or treat - I won't know. Come 28th October, who will sit on the speaker's chair? Will the 2 assembly seating held at the same venue, at the same time? If not, who will declare open the state assembly and whose assembly will the Sultan attend?
  1. When things look calm, get ready for another roller coaster ride in Perak. Yes, both BN and PR decided to rumble again this coming 28th October 2009.
  2. BN's Ganesan issued the notices yesterday with PR's Sivakumar issued his today. The only difference on the notice is that Ganesan issued the notice to all 59 elected reps whilst Sivakumar issued the notice to only 49 reps. The reason? Pakatan's-controlled Rights and Priviledges committee suspended 10 BN state reps early this year.
  3. This time around, the seating will be about budget tabling and any disruption will cause a financial paralysis of the state's administration. That's how important this seating is...
  4. Before we go further, let's backtracked a few days and pored through the court sitting of Osman Jailu and Jamaluddin Radzi, both charged of accepting RM 100,000 bribe. On 13th October 2009, the court was told of the sting operation to nab the former PKR-duo. Amongst others :-

    • Businessman Mohamad Imran acted as agent provocateur for the then-ACA;
    • ACA agent, Norliza Mokhtar, acted as Imran's girlfriend;
    • Imran testified that he push a briefcase containing RM 100,000 towards Osman but Osman directed Imran to push it towards Usaili (another co-defendant);
    • On another occasion Imran pushed RM 5000 to Osman but he gestured that the money to be given to Usaili;
    • Imran stated that it was Usaili who asked for more money (up to RM 50,000);
    • Imran prompted for Osman to put a sum for a project to be approved (by Osman);
    • Imran mentioned that Osman requested him to deal with Usaili on the project approval;
    • Imran also mentioned that he arranged for a crate of beer and three foreign nationals to accompany three men through the night in Penang;

  5. The court will hear more on this later. To me, the sting operation is a deliberate and careful planning to trapped Osman and Jamaluddin Radzi. I am not saying that they are innocent but why such elaborate plans to nab the duo?
  6. Looking at it, there is high possibility that both Osman and Jamaluddin will walk out of court as free men.
  7. Osman and Jamaluddin should have read through the script by now and should realise that their "turn over" is pre-planned. It might be too late for them to make a complete u-turn but at least, I hope, they can make decisions based on their conscience at least for 1 last time to return Perak to the people. And the people has chose PR to govern Perak! It might be too much to ask but I feel that that is the only option available to bring Perak back on track, out of political and legal fire pan...
  8. Whilst touching on the legal fire pan, BN should at least wait until the federal court sitting on 5th November which will decide on who is the legal MB of Perak. Once the federal court has decided, then MB's legality will no longer be questioned.
  9. My question - why should BN and PR keep on cogging on the wheels of justice? When will this drama ends? Too many whys, no conclusive decision.
  10. If Germany is known for Octoberfest, America is known to celebrate halloween . Both happens in October. And being a "naive" person, I always take it that Halloween is celebrated every last Wedneday of October and this time around it falls on 28th October 2009.
  11. Trick or treat - I won't know. Come 28th October, who will sit on the speaker's chair? Will the 2 assembly seating held at the same venue, at the same time? If not, who will declare open the state assembly and whose assembly will the Sultan attend?
  12. 2 weeks to go...maybe by then a clearer picture will emerge.

Footnote : Ahhh...and you think that's the only Halloween in town?...Nah...there is another Halloween. Let' s call it the Royal Halloween...and you can read it here. It is up to your perception whether to accept the "hearsays" as presented or to dismiss it as "malicous lies". That choice is yours.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

He's not dead...yet, but the vultures are already circling...

Another thing that bothers me is why are they all gunning for Ong TK's post? Isn't Chua SL's post as good?

  1. Real friends especially political friends are becoming hot commodity item nowadays . Who else is better to talk about it, if not the current beleaguered MCA President Ong TK.
  2. 10th October has not been kind to him. First, MCA delegates voted that they have lost confidence in Ong TK's leadership followed by passing the resolution to annull Chua SL's membership suspension. Fortunately for Ong TK, the delegates agreed that Chua SL should not be reinstated as MCA's deputy President. I shuddered at the thoughts of what might happen to Ong TK (and MCA) if the delegates agreed on the third resolution...
  3. Ong TK wisely took leave and will return to announce his future political direction on 14th October, in time for UMNO's AGM.
  4. But, the vultures are already circling above, ready to pounce on Ong TK. This is when Ong TK can sort out his real friends from those superficial friends.
  5. When the EGM results was announced back then, Liow Tiong Lai was one of Ong's backers who left with him to discuss their next course of action. Days later, Liow was reported to have a not so "hush-hush" meeting with another MCA VP Kong Chong Ha. Yes, both are circling around Ong TK's presidential chair...
  6. As it is now, even Ng Yen Yen is harbouring hopes of becoming the first female MCA President. Just imagine what will happen to MCA when an Australian PR holder become its President....
  7. I wouldn't mind if Liow and Kong wanted to fight it out, but Ng? Isn't three a crowd?
  8. Another thing that bothers me is why are they all gunning for Ong TK's post? Isn't Chua SL's post as good?
  9. MCA is in dangerous waters now and to some extent so does UMNO. If Liow Tiong Lai can become MCA's President, will it not be a catalyst for UMNO's Rembau man to take the same steps? Najib may be advising MCA to sort out their problems but Najib better be aware that his chair is now targetted by "the man from Rembau".
  10. Back to MCA, not only the VP's are dreaming of replacing Ong TK, even Chua SL is urging MCA to go for election of MCA's President. Is Chua SL throwing his hat into the ring too?
  11. The shadowy 3rd force in MCA is also starting to show its colours. Everyone who has a name wants to be MCA's president.
  12. 14th October is getting interesting....MCA's central working committee will discuss their next course of action. If and when Ong TK choose to let go his position, the committee will decide how to elect the next President.
  13. As a teaser to 14th October, 1M PM6 Najib had dropped a hint that Ong TK should go by refering to MCA's EGM's decision as the highest authority in the party. Is Najib meddling into MCA affairs? Is big brother hinting something else?
  14. Ong TK has been known to be a "lone ranger". During the past election, he has steered clear of aligning himself to any particular faction. On top of that, Ong TK ruffled feathers when he opted to pursue PKFZ issue, including gunning for Kumpulan Dimensi and Tiong. Bear in mind that PKFZ is not about MCA alone. It has UMNO big wigs, SBDP treasurer lumped together with previous MCA presidents and deputy presidents.
  15. As a "square" of the society, engineer-trained Ong TK is just doing his job to clear up the RM 12B mess. Ong TK may not fit through the BN hole, but his no-nonsense action should be applauded. And maybe that no-nonsense action is getting a bit hot for 1M PM6.
  16. If Chua SL and the other vultures are circling above, is the hyenas in UMNO and 1M PM6 getting ready to gobble up Ong TK?
  17. By the way, since Chua SL is now an ordinary MCA member, what will become of his status as BN co-ordinator in Pakatan-ruled states? MCA sure knows how to give political headache to 1M PM6. Does Najib needs 1 Panadol too? If he needs it, PAS is willing (since the Chinese voters nickname PAS as panadol due to the likeliness of its full moon symbol and the all-round use of paracethamol)...:)
  18. Octoberfest in Germany, octoberfeast in Malaysia?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Bagan Pinang N31 : Congrats BN, back to the drawing boards for PR....

Now, Najib can start gloating on 14th October 2009. The warlords are back in business. If you don't believe me - just ask Isa Samad.

First, congratulations is in order for BN. Yes ! They win and win big in Bagan Pinang. Although the majority is 5,435 I will stick to my stand as per earlier posting that the actual majority for Bagan Pinang is slightly more than 1,000 (1,313 to be exact) votes. My prediction was BN to retain Bagan Pinang with a majority of not more than 2,000 votes.

Looking at the figures, my prediction is way off, right? Wrong! After omitting the postal votes which is considered 4,122 votes strong for BN (the 601 votes casted for PR is actually a non-issue), the actual majority is 1,313 votes. That's less than 2,000 majority. Does that mean my prediction is right? Hhhmmmmm...that will be how politicians justify their figures and today I am not in the mood to play with figures. Today, let's re-visit Bagan Pinang and try to understand why the results is so....

For that, let's put it into point forms. So, here are my takes :-
  1. Candidate

    BN, with its back on the walls have no other choice but to put in Isa Samad. Why? Isa Samad is considered a local there and BN banked on his roots to blank off whatever he had done wrong in the past. BN can't even afford to place Isa' son there as candidate because only Isa's stature is well known there.

    PR, on the other hand opted to put in PAS's Negeri's chief as candidate. It might be a right choice to PR leaders but as a strategist, I would stick to Ramli Ismail (unless he has done grave mistake). To me, by sticking to Ramli Ismail, PR will be showing Bagan Pinang that they have made the right choice before and they are offering the same right choice for Bagan Pinang.

    PR should have sense the confidence in BN when the so-called aspiring independent candidate "failed" to get his seconder and thus did not submit his nomination papers.

  2. Money politics

    There are two parts of money politics here.

    • One, involving Isa and leading to his suspension from UMNO and eventually leads to his failure to defend his VP's post;

      Bagan Pinang voters is sending a dangerous signal here. No doubt that Isa is their favourite son, but to a certain extent Bagan Pinang is saying that they are not bothered with the fact that Isa was found guilty of money politics in UMNO. Yes, Isa has not been charged in the court of law and his suspension is only in his party but is Bagan Pinang saying that it is alright to be involved in money politics at party level?

      Or is Bagan Pinang rightly sending a message that Isa is not the only one practising money politics in UMNO? If this is Bagan Pinang's stand, then money politics will be a continued tradition in UMNO politics.

    • Second is about the "flooding" of Bagan Pinang with financial inducement;

      This is not something unexpected. Most of the ministers visiting Bagan Pinang will pledge this and that, including the elusive swimming pool in the army camp. Bagan Pinang proves once again that the voters just don't care less about the inducement. It is nice to hear and if it materialise, then fine...if not, we can always wait for the promise again in next GE.

    Overall, Bagan Pinang is not listening to the hues and cries f money politics. To them, the issue is a distant sound and did not affect them. Thus, they are not bothered with the issue at all...as long as they can get Isa elected as their state rep for Bagan Pinang.

  3. Intimidation

    I will be crude here. No offence intended. This is what I hear from those returning from Bagan Pinang :-

    • there are party workers going into individual houses and intimidate the occupants to vote for their party;
    • some elderly party workers attacked by opponents, leading to bloody ears on the elderly party worker;
    • there are numerous skirmishes between opposing party workers;
    • on polling day, opposing parties continually jaunts each other leading to "missiles" flown from both sides and also skirmishes between two opposing groups;

    Let me qualify myself in saying that I am one person who do not subscribe to violence as a mean to get what I want. What I see is another dangerous trend. It reminds me of Ijok where intimidation rules the day. It also recollects what happened in Lubuk Merbau when judgement deserted party workers.

    My question is simple - do we need to resort to violence? Do we live by intimidating others? Couldn't we reason out why voters should support a party? Are we such poor orators that our party workers have to use "physical charm" to get the votes in?

    On one part, both parties are to blame. When thousands descended into Bagan Pinang, these genuine voters feel intimidated and choose to cocooned themselves. At the end, the voters feel it is better for them to follow the status quo and hand Bagan Pinang to BN on a silver platter.

    That said, whoever caused and promoted intimidation has given that little extra push for the voters to opts for BN in Bagan Pinang. After all, who is going to look after them once the dust settled in Bagan Pinang and when the party workers and the extra police beef left the scene?

  4. PR's confusing acts

    Some may say that this is irrelevant but I choose to say otherwise. PR's has not been blending well in Selangor with the continual bickerings between Hassan Ali and DAP. I say Hassan Ali because he is the only person coming out with statement after statement, contradicting to PR's wishes and aspirations.

    PAS failed to contain Hassan Ali and at the same time did not indicate that they are totally behind Hassan Ali's stand regarding the many issues surrounding PR government in Selangor. With the "not here, neither there" stand, PAS under the leadership of Hadi Awang fails to take a firm stand on those issues.

    Granted that PAS and DAP reached some sort of consensus during Bagan Pinang by-election campaign period. However, the consensus appears to be superficial at best. This can be sensed with the lack of "controversies" raised by the controversial Hassan Ali. If only someone in PAS monitors his statements then PAS would have anticipated that they are on the losing end in Bagan Pinang when Hassan Ali did not issue any controversial statement during the campaign period.

  5. PR's daily media statement

    As media coverage is scarce for PR, PR's decision to hold daily press conference is a novel idea. However, PR is slow in giving response to the many issues raised during the campaign. Amongst them :-

    • EC's response on the postal votes discrepancies;
    • PDRM's response on the alledged attacks by opposition parties;
    • Defense ministry response to the no-campaign policy in army camps;

    PAS's daily media conference did not stressed on the point of the alledged attacks and although PAS pointed out that they have lodged 8 police reports, PAS did not offer the police reports for the media's scrutiny especially the one circulating in the internet on the slashed t-shirts and blood trickling down the face.

  6. Postal votes

    As the postal votes in Bagan Pinang constitutes to almost 30 % of the total votes, it is a significant votes to both parties.

    Postal voting system is something that has been discussed where PR claimed of instances where the soldiers did not vote. PR came out with a few admissions by retired soldiers that they voted en-mass, under the watchful eyes of camp commandants.

    Fine! PR make the exposure but when confronting EC, the following happened :-

    • the person who make the admission "conveniently" forgot when he voted for the soldiers;
    • although he admitted voting for the rest under his camp's commandant's instructions, he can only remember that it was during Tun Mahathir's time;
    • PR failed to bring supplementary proof of cases where the soldiers registered in 2 voting places.
    • whilst EC agreed that they will check the accussations, PR failed to capitalise on this for better postal voting system

  7. Development issues and abandoned projects

    PAS is quite late in releasing its by-election manisfesto in Bagan Pinang. Instead of zooming in the current development issues, PAS chose to attack Isa's development and abandoned projects.

    In doing so, PAS is exposing itself by going for something in the past. Yes, Isa may be guilty for some of the development issues and abandoned projects but Bagan Pinang voters came to terms with the fact that Isa could not do anything much when his hands were tight. BN pushed him to contest for parliamentary seat against his will and then placed him in cold storage for money politics. Something that were practised by many UMNO politicians. The difference is Isa was caught practising it!

    PR could do a better jon if they were to focus on current projects and listed out abandoned projects under Mohd Hassan. Instead, PAS took a 22-year time tunnel journey back to the 80's.

  8. Personal life

    Here, maybe PR is not totally at fault. During the height of the campaign, some enterprising blogs supposedly Isa's misconduct. This is a grave mistake. Remember back in the 90's when BN use Anwar's supposedly misconduct to dismiss him as the DPM. What happen was an uproar and the Malays rise up questioning the wisdom of exposing such act and publicly humiliating him. The same goes for Isa.

    Isa may be wrong. He may be guilty of accusations but as Muslims, is this the way to humilate your own kins and fellow believers? How true is the accusations? Or is it hearsay to discredit Isa? The accusations and naming his supposedly "partner" and providing her background is totally unacceptable (at least to me). This also sways the voters to back Isa.

Of course there are other factors contributing to BN's routing PR in Bagan Pinang. If all the factors are listed here, then might as well do a proper paper on this and submit for University doctorate :) Whatever it is, the results are already there. BN got what it needed to stay alive. Maybe, this result will stablise BN more. This result will serve as a reminder to other component parties in BN, in the sense that :-

  1. UMNO do not really need other component parties in peninsular Malaysia to survive;
  2. UMNO, with its back on the walls, will outdo opposition parties to remain in power;
  3. UMNO is sending a signal to MCA that they better clean their own house before UMNO cleans MCA;
  4. UMNO is sending another signal to MIC to clean their act or UMNO will take in another Indian-based party (PMSM) to replace MIC which is losing the support of Indians;
  5. UMNO is also sending a signal to PPP that they should resolve their own internal bickering as there are no significant contributions made by PPP in Bagan Pinang;
  6. UMNO doesn't care whether Gerakan show up in Bagan Pinang or not;

For now Najib can breathe easy. PR can continue hyping on his possible connections with the model. As far as Najib is concerned, it is a non-issue in Bagan Pinang. The same goes with reveleatiuons on the carpet-man. It is a hot issue for gossipers but not hot enough to catch Bagan Pinang's voters attention.

BN play it right by maneuvering the polling day to fall on Sunday. The Indians are glued to the Tamil movies whilst the Chinese may be lounging in their homes and the Malays are sweating it out in the open.

UMNO knows the Malays teperaments very well. They play the tune better than PR. When the voters are angry, what UMNO did is to make personal courtesy call, a little pat at the back and the Malays are pecking UMNO's hands. A little bit of "incentive" and some words of encouragements, the Malays are back into UMNO's fold.

Now, Najib can start gloating on 14th October 2009. The warlords are back in business. If you don't believe me - just ask Isa Samad.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bagan Pinang N31 : Winnerless MCA, listless PMSM leads PR's late charge...

It's Octoberfest in Germany and it turns out to be a "slugfest" in MCA. If MCA's EGM results is taken into account, it seems that MCA is split into 3 factions. Those supporting Ong TK, those rooting for Chua SL and there is the 3rd force whose loyalty is to neither of them.

UPDATE : The polls stations are closed now. The Voters did not come out in full force and most probably falls short of the 80 % target. It is not good for PR...so let's see what the postal votes say. Is this the time for some "magic"? :)

  1. It's Octoberfest in Germany and it turns out to be a "slugfest" in MCA. If MCA's EGM results is taken into account, it seems that MCA is split into 3 factions. Those supporting Ong TK, those rooting for Chua SL and there is the 3rd force whose loyalty is to neither of them.
  2. MCA's EGM effectively ended Ong TK's tenure as MCA's President, dismissing Chua SL as the Deputy President leaving MCA into a chaotic state. Who will take over the Presidency? Whilst the debate is still on, MCA can say farewell to ringing in the votes for Isa Samad in Bagan Pinang....
  3. Najib's launching of Parti Makkal Sakhti Malaysia (PMSM) will not go down well with MIC. In launching the party, Najib said
    "The best way is to cooperate with the government through Makkal Sakti and we can sit down to discuss what needs to be done. This is the best way to build the future, to make the country strong, successful and respected," - Najib
    That statement is neither here nor there. Najib's Makkal Sakhti is open to interpretation. It is not something that PMSM is looking for.
  4. Najib is also silent on the possibility of PMSM joining BN. This may not be acceptable to PMSM and will not be a good selling point in Bagan Pinang.
  5. The 2 above will take care of the Chinese and Indian votes. The past few crucial days is working more to PR's favour, in terms of Chinese and Indian voters.
  6. As for the postal voting, the close scrutiny from polling agents leads to a more transparent voting process. All this is achievable wih PR's constant harping on postal voting shortcomings and possible abuse.
  7. That does not mean that postal voting is totally free from tampering. Although EC has stated that the postal votes will be under the responsibility of the Returning Officer, I would be happier if the postal votes are placed in a time lock safe. Could that be arranged in the future?
  8. The same goes for political campaigning in the army camps. Although the army cited security as the reason for banning political campaign in the camps, it has been recorded that BN has openly campaign in the camps via "official" and unofficial functions. I would rather call for the army head to arrange for allcandidates to present their views and aspirations to the rmy personnel in a specially arranged function in the future. All the candidates will be given an equal airtime to promote themselves. This could be done in the future with co-ordination from the camp commandants. For this, the political supporters will not be allowed in the camps - just the candidates and an equal number of supporting workers. It can be done, isn't it? Must everything be lined out sentence by sentence?
  9. As for the non-postal voters in Bagan Pinang, the mood on election day will tell the story.
  10. EC has warn vote canvassers on the process tomorrow. If both parties adhere to EC's advise, the voting pattern will still be in PR's favour.
  11. Based on past voting pattern, PR should have Bagan Pinang. PR's strong points (or rather BN's weak points) are :-
    • PR's campaign is cohesive, proof of better understanding between DAP-PAS-PKR;
    • PR is able to raised up issues, both local and national such as the infrastructure problems, land issues etc;
    • PR's candidate who is pictured to be people friendly and heads the Broga anti-incinerator project;
    • BN's lack of second echelon leaders and seems to back up tainted candidate;
    • MCA's internal problems and MCA EGM brings the Chinese voters closer to PR;
    • Najib did not promise inclusion of PMSM into BN. This may damper the spirit of PMSM and alienate Indian voters from BN;

  12. However, for continuity sake, BN needs to retain Bagan Pinang. BN's strong points are :-
    • Bagan Pinang is a traditionally BN strong post;
    • Traditional postal votes for BN;
    • Negeri Sembilan is governed by BN;
    • Strong support from BN's national leaders;
    • BN has the full support from MSM, government machinery, independent political analysts etc;
    • More physical presence in Bagan Pinang to "physically" convince the voters;

  13. After looking through the pros and cons, my gut feelings says PR will wrest Bagan Pinang from BN. However, the practical me will say that BN will retain Bagan Pinang but the majority will not be more than 2,000 votes.
  14. If my prediction is true, BN will have a hollow victory. BN's choice of candidate makes it difficult forthe voters to decide. Whilst it is a traditional BN stronghold, the choice of candidate force the voters to not only accept BN but to endorse money politics as a norm. This is dangerous precedent and BN should not have use Bagan Pinang as a test case.
  15. Winning Bagan Pinang will provide Najib's administration the confidence to carry through the projects in both state and national level. It will also provide the catalyst for Najib to come up with people friendly budget. As Najib has openly said before - A win is still a win, the majority is not important. (Think I have heard it before somewhere....)
  16. Winning Bagan Pinang will also give BN the chance to carry out the plans to develop the country. It will give the needed boost for BN to carry out its responsibilities before GE 13. This confidence is needed to steer Malaysia through the economic landmines until GE 13.
  17. For the sake of the nation, let's have a clean by election. No violence, please. We can have the fun but hey...we are Malaysians - violence is not our way of life.
  18. To both BN and PR - good luck...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, October 09, 2009

Bagan Pinang N31 : The "cow heads" are coming to town...

The beauty of travelling in mass transportation and being "anon" is here today.

  1. The beauty of travelling in mass transportation and being "anon" is here today.
  2. On one of those public transportation, had the luck to be seated next to an UMNO youth active member. How so? Well, he's proudly wearing the blue UMNO round teeshirt. That is not important but what comes next should be of some substance.
  3. Along the way, this guy make a phone call and urge the other party to be prepared to go down to Bagan Pinang to present their "side" of the story. And why is it important for the other party to make way to Bagan Pinang? He is one of the six charged in Shah Alam court regarding the cow head debacle.
  4. One thing that catch my mind is that the caller preferred to make the trip in a group. Why? Getting scared of being "Azeezed"?
  5. The caller voice lowered considerably when he noticed that there were some non-Malays on board and thus shorten his call.
  6. Another thing that shocked me is the nickname he used to call his friend. "Monyet", that's the word he use. Is this what UMNO/BN trained their youth? When parents log all out to give a nice name to their children, their peers opts to call the guy "monyet". What a pity. If this is the trend of UMNO youth, no doubt UMNO/BN is going down. They just failed to produce good and clean leaders.
  7. Back to the topic - do UMNO think that by roping in the "cow heads" , they can sway the votes? Honestly, the strategy may backfire on them. It is better for UMNO/BN to remain silent on the issue.
  8. Then, there are reports that PR is not doing that bad in postal votes. Is BN/UMNO losing their hold in postal votes? If UMNO is thinking that they can fight it out alone in Bagan Pinang, they will be in a surprise this 11th October 2009.
  9. MCA members are too engrossed in their EGM and whatever happen on 10th October 2009 will have a significant bearing in Bagan Pinang. Whichever group losing out in Bagan the EGM will definitely be "no-show" in Bagan Pinang. That said, the Chinese votes will be comfortably be PR's.
  10. There is also a new sense of concern for some when youths brigade from both opposing camps are making their way to Bagan Pinang. I appealed to both sides to refrain from provocation. Malaysians have better things to do than infighting.
  11. By the way, TV3 just flash the news of police making a statement that the alledge beating and hurt to a PAS youth member is false. For the sake of justice, I hope that the police makes the right statement and hope that both sides to stop wild accussations that worsen the scenario.
  12. It is also nice to mingle amongst the crowd and stay unknown...heh heh heh....
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Bagan Pinang N31 : No instruction = nothing happen? Pleaaseee....

He said he never instructed UMNO youth to take agressive action against PAS youth.

  1. Deputy UMNO President, Muhyiddein Yassin makes an interesting comment. He said he never instructed UMNO youth to take agressive action against PAS youth. In the report picked up by Malaysiakini, Muhyiddein said :-

    • he never instructed UMNO youth to take agressive action against AS youth;
    • he said that the allegation is just PAS psychological warfare in Bagan Pinang by-election;
    • he said it is head of PAS youth who called for jihad (holy war) in Bagan Pinang;

  2. Muhyiddein's statement is true to a point. It is half-truth statement which is the norm of politicians. Why?

    • So far, nobody is saying that Muhyiddein issue the instruction. So, why is he so defensive? A blogger, camped in Bagan Pinang wrote that they intercepted a message calling for registered Pekida members in Peninsular Malaysia to mass in Bagan Pinang;
    • A blogger, Perisik Rakyat, posted few photos of PAS youth members injured by UMNO youth. You can see the pictures there and judge yourself (Being a basically non-violent guy, the pictures are not posted here);
    • The police commented that no police report was lodged on the incident and so they could not investigate. I am sure the injured person seek treatment in a government hospital and thus the policeman on duty there should have proceeded to record the report;
    • Muhyiddein also failed to explain to the reporters the the full scope of the word jihad. Must Jihad be equated to holy war equated to violence? Isn't Jihad (holy war) also covers the inner war (in our own self) between good deeds and evil sins?
    • Now, do Muhyiddein really feels that he UMNO youth listen to him and him alone? Must all activities reported to him? I am sure the UMNO youth and Putra UMNO as well as Putri UMNO and women wings have their own agenda and their own programme. That said, Muhyiddein is "guilty" of acting "naive"?
    • UMNO youth is under KJ and Negeri Sembilan is KJ's territory. KJ has better control of UMNO youth than Muhyiddein. In short, please stop hoodwinking the people.
Now that Nik Aziz in in town, the election fever is getting up another notch...Is BN ready to lose Bagan Pinang now?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Bagan Pinang N31 : Are we ready for 2 UMNO MBs' for NS? (Translation provided)

Bagan Pinang is not ready for 2 UMNO MBs' governing Negeri Sembilan. Bagan Pinang is not ready to see 2 tigers occupying the same hill. In short, Bagan Pinang voters needs to reject BN/UMNO. The timing is right. Let's show to BN/UMNO who is the boss...

Bagan Pinang tidak bersedia untuk 2 pemimpin UMNO menjadi MB Nogori Sembilan. Bagan Pinang juga tidak bersedia untuk melihat 2 harimau diatas satu bukit yang sama. Secara ringkasnya, pengundi Bagan Pinang perlu menolak BN/UMNO. Masanya telah tiba. Ayuh! Kita sama-sama tunjukkan kepada BN/UMNO siapa sebenarnya bos...

Talk about Port Dickson and the first thing that raised through our minds should be the sea breeze and the beaches. They say even 1M PM6 has fond memories of his many stop-overs in PD :) . Talk about Teluk Kemang and the mind wanders back to the time when the stargazers searched for the "anak bulan" to determine the first day of Ramadan and more importantly when the eid Fitri will be.

That's years ago...time change and Port Dickson is now going to be known as the "army city", courtesy of 1M PM6 Najib whose wife is an NS born but who had disowned her own family and close friends on her way up.

This time around, let's discuss expectations. Yes! Expectations of what PD should be in relation to an army camp. The word army is almost synonymous with discipline. It conjurs the idea of precision. Its a picture of well planned logistics and support. That's my first impression of army camps and its population.

Does PD has that? No...a friend of mine first highlighted the problems of drainage, water supply, flash floods, pollution facing PD way before the nomination day. At first I dismissed it as hearsay of things in the past because BN has been governing NS since merdeka. It could not be that bad...alas its just wishful thinking.

PAS came out with their Bagan Pinang manifesto which includes solving the inefficient drainage system that caused flash floods, water pollution and breeding grounds for mosquitoes and flies...PAS also called for the government to complete the road upgrading works from Teluk Kemang to Pasir Panjang.

Both candidates bumped into each other at Teluk Kemang market. A trader there expressed her hopes that the by-election will help solve the problems faced by 40 traders including the need to upgrade he facilities of the 30 year old market. Isa said that the problems can be immediately solved by the local council. Hello! Isa...are you telling us that BN has neglected the 40 traders for the past 30 years? Are you implying that the present NS government under Mat Hassan is incompetent? Are you admitting that you have not paid enough attention to PD during the years that you were NS's MB? If that is so, tell us - why should Bagan Pinang vote for you when you have failed to administer the state (and PD/Bagan Pinang) when you were NS's MB for 22 years?

Agreed that PAS is currently trailing in Bagan Pinang. But that won't be for long. Bagan Pinang voters, as responsible and matured voters, should be clear in making the right choice. Bagan Pinang voters shall be paving the way to reject UMNO/BN as being a party who has forsaken the peoples' needs.

Is Bagan Pinang and for that matter Nogori Sembilan ready for 2 MBs' from UMNO to govern the state? When mentioned that PD has been neglected, Mat Hassan responded that PD will be developed based on zoning. What is he talking about? PD has been a tourist area for so long and only now Mat Hassan is talking about zoning? What has Isa Samad been doing when he was the MB? Sleeping on the job? And Isa has no shame to declare that he is Bagan Pinang local boy when he neglected Bagan Pinang when he was the Nogori's MB! Are the two MBs' (from UMNO) going to pass the rap to JPBD? Blame it on the planners for their incompetencies?

Isa, JE and Kg Pelanduk goes hand in hand. back in the 80's when Isa was the MB, 1,500 acres of land was acquired for the pig farmers to relocate their farms at RM 8,500 per acre. However, it turns out that the land was later offered to the farmers at RM145,000 per acre. Can Bagan Pinang ask Isa - who is the actual beneficiary of the land acquisition? What happen to the land now that the farmers rejected the offer? Who owns the land now? What is the land-use status - is it agriculture or is it commercial? Isa may not be wrong but the party subscribed by Isa definitely needs major revamp. That major revamp will only take place if Bagan Pinang choose to reject BN/UMNO in this by-election. That's one of the stories concerning the Nogori's MB for 22 years.

Mohd Hassan, Sime Darby and Air Asia is equated to KLIA east. Remember the prroposal by Sime-Air Asia to construct a new low-cost terminal to be known as KLIA east? Some said it will involved 3,000 acres of land. Who is the direct beneficiary of the project? Granted that the project was shelved due to intense public complains but the fact remains - who will benefit from this? Is this another get-rich quick, courtesy of BN/UMNO?

That said, Bagan Pinang voters need to rise up to this occassion. 25 million Malaysians are watching you. 25 million rakyats pray that Bagan Pinang will send a strong message to BN/UMNO. It is not that Bagan Pinang hate Isa, but Bagan Pinang loves Malaysia more...

Bagan Pinang is not ready for 2 UMNO MBs' governing Negeri Sembilan. Bagan Pinang is not ready to see 2 tigers occupying the same hill. In short, Bagan Pinang voters needs to reject BN/UMNO. The timing is right. Let's show to BN/UMNO who is the boss...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Mengulas mengenai PD dan perkara yang pertama yang diingati ialah angin sepoi bahasa dan pantainya. Ada juga yang berkata bahwa 1M PM6 juga mempunyai kenangan manis di PD ketika selalu mengunjunginya :) Bercerita mengenai Teluk Kemang dan teringat kembali ketikamana Ustaz dan pak lebai mencari anak bulan untuk mengistiharkan awal Ramadan dan lebih penting bila umat Islam menyambut aidil Fitri.

Itu dulu...dan masa berubah. Kini PD akan dikenali sebagai "Bandar Tentera", hasilusaha 1M PM6 Najib yang mempunyai isteri yang berasal dari Nogori Sembilan tetapi yang dikatakan telah menyahkan keluarga dan rakan taulan ketika mula menamuk dihati Najib.

Pusingan ini, mari kita berbicara tentang jangkaan. Ya! Jangkaan tentang PD dan hubungannya dengan kem tentera. Perkataan tentera menjuruskan kearah disiplin. Ia meyemarakkan tentang ketepatan. Ia memberi gambaran satu pelan logistik dan asas bantuan yang baik. Itulah pandangan saya mengenai kem tentera dan anggotanya.

Apakah PD mempunyai itu semua? Tidak...seorang sahabat menceritakan tentang masaalah longkang, bekalan air, banjir kilat, pencemaran sebelum hari penamaan calun lagi. Tapi saya menyanggah pendapat beliau sebagai berita lama kerana BN telah menguasai Negeri Sembilan sejak merdeka. Takkanlah teruk sangat kot...tapi nampaknya jangkaan saya melesit.

Parti PAS telah mengeluarkan manisfesto Bagan Pinang yang turut memuatkan hasrat untuk menyelesaikan masalah perparitan yang tidak efisyen yang menyebabkan banjir kilat, pencemaran dan menjadi kawasan pembiakan nyamuk dan lalat...PAS juga meminta kerajaan negeri/persekutuan untuk menyiapkan kerja-kerja menaiktaraf jalan dari Teluk Kemang hingga Pasir Panjang.

Kedua-dua calun terserempak di Pasar Teluk Kemang. Seorang peniaga berharap bahwa PRK ini akan membuka jalan untuk menyelesaikan masaalah yang dihadapi oleh 40 peniaga disitu termasuk menaiktaraf kemudahan di pasar yang berumur lebih 30 tahun itu. Isa mengatakan bahwa segala permasalahan itu dapat diselesaikan dengan mudah dan segera oleh majlis perbandaran PD. Hello Isa...adakah anda menyatakan bahwa kerajaan BN mengabaikan 40 peniaga ini selama 30 tahun? Adakah anda memberi gambaran bahwa kerajaan BN pimpinan Mohd Hassan sekarang tidak berbakat? Adakah kamu, Isa, mengakui bahwa anda tidak memberi tumpuan sepatutnya terhadap PD selama mana anda menjadi MB Nogori Sembilan? Sekiranya itu yang dimaksudkan - kenapa perlu Bagan Pinang mengundi anda apabila anda sendiri gagal untuk mentadbir nogori (dan PD/Bagan Pinang) selama 22 tahun anda menjadi MB?

Memang diakui bahwa buat ketika ini parti PAS terkebelakang di Bagan Pinang. Tapi itu semua bersifat sementara. Pengundi Bagan Pinang, sebagai pengundi yang bertanggungjawab dan matang, akan mengundi dengan hati yang terbuka. Pengundi Bagan Pinang akan membuka jalan untuk kita sama-sama menolak BN/UMNO sebagai parti yang telah mengabaikan keperluan rakyat.

Adakah Bagan Pinang dan Nogori Sembilan bersedia dengan 2MB dari UMNO mentadbir negeri ini? Apabila disebut bahwa PD ketinggalan, Mohd Hassan menjawab bahwa PD akan dibangunkan mengikut zon. Apa ni? PD, sebagai satu tarikan pelancung sekian lama dan hanya kini Mohd Hassan bercakap mengenai pensempadanan? Apa yang telah lakukan oleh Isa ketika beliau menjawat jawatan MB dulu? Adakah Isa tidur dimeja MB? Dan apakah Isa tidak malu untuk mengaku bahwa beliau orang tempatan walhal beliau mengabaikan Bagan Pinang ketika beliau mengemudi NS dahulu? Apakah kedua-dua MB (dari UMNO) ini akan menunding jari terhadap JPBD? Meletakkan kesalahan dibahu perancang bandar atas kegagalan mereka?

Isa, JE dan Kg Pelanduk berjalan seiringan. Dalam tahun 80'an ketika Isa menjadi MB, 1,500 ekar tanah telah diambilbalik untuk pengusaha khinzir menempatkan ladang mereka dengan kadar RM8,500 se ekar. Entah kenapa tanah tersebut akhirnya ditawarkan kepada pengusaha ternakan khinzir dengan harga RM 145,000 se ekar. Bagan Pinang ingin bertanya Isa - siapakah yang menjadi dalang dalam kes ini? Apa terjadi dengan tanah tersebut kerana pengusaha ternakan khinzir telah menolak dari membeli tanah pada harga sebegitu tinggi? Siapak pemilik tanah tersebut sekarang? Apakah status tanah itu - pertaniah atau komersial? Isa mungkin tidak bersalah tetapi parti yang dianuti Isa sememangnya memerlukan pembaikpulihan yang besar. Ini hanya dapat dilakukan sekiranya pengundi Bagan Pinang menolak BN/UMNO dalam PRK. Inilah salah satu isu yang terjadi ketika Isa menerajui Nogori Sembilan selama 22 tahun.

Mohd Hassan, Sime Darby dan Air Asia pula dikaitkan dengan KLIA east. Masih teringatkah cadangan Sime Darby untuk membina satu terminal pernerbangan rendah yang dikenali sebagai KLIA east? Ada yang mengatakan bahwa ianya melibatkan 3,000 ekar tanah. Siapakah yang akan mengaut keuntungan? Walaupun benar projek tersebut ditangguhkan kerana bantahan awam tetapi hakikatnya - siapa yang akan mengaut keuntungan? Adakah ini satu lagi skim cepat kaya tajaan BN/UMNO?

Perlu diingat bahwa pengundi Bagan Pinang perlu berdiri teguh kali ini. 25 juta rakyat Malaysia memerati anda. 25 juta rakyat Malaysia berdoa agar pengundi Bagan Pinang akan menghantar satu suara tegas kepada BN/UMNO. Ibi tidak bermakna pengundi Bagan Pinang membenci Isa Samad tetapi pengundi Bagan Pinang lebih mencintai Malaysia...

Bagan Pinang tidak bersedia untuk 2 pemimpin UMNO menjadi MB Nogori Sembilan. Bagan Pinang juga tidak bersedia untuk melihat 2 harimau diatas satu bukit yang sama. Secara ringkasnya, pengundi Bagan Pinang perlu menolak BN/UMNO. Masanya telah tiba. Ayuh! Kita sama-sama tunjukkan kepada BN/UMNO siapa sebenarnya bos...

Hingga ketemu lagi...selamat malam M'sia...dimana jua anda berada...
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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bagan Pinang N31 : Technical corruption, anyone? (Translation provided)

And if they do, corruption be it on legal or moral grounds are wrong in the eyes of customary standards. That said, Bagan Pinang voters must exercise their rights to reject BN (UMNO). Not because the voters reject Isa but show the nation that Bagan Pinang voters reject the technical corruption exercised by UMNO and BN.

Sekiranya mereka masih berpegang teguh pada adat, bukankah rasuah samada dari sudut kehakiman atau dari segi moralnya salah di mata adat? Pengundi Bagan Pinang perlu menggunakan hak mengundi mereka untuk menolak BN (UMNO). Bukan kerana pengundi menolak Isa tetapi untuk membuktikan kepada negara bahawa pengundi Bagan Pinang menolak rasuah teknikal yang di pelopori dan dihayati oleh BN/UMNO.

It's just another day in Bagan Pinang. BN claims that PR is not getting the crowd and Mat Hassan, NS MB, is pleading voters to stop the tsunami in Negeri Sembilan. The question is, will it stops in Negeri Sembilan?

Let's start with technicality. 1M PM6 Najib defended Isa when he said that Isa's offense (of subscribing to money politics) is a technical matter. The question is - if it is a technical matter, why didn't UMNO lodge a report to MACC (or BPR then)? If this is an internal party matters concerning UMNO, why did UMNO lodge a report to MACC on Mohamad Nor Awang (another UMNO politician from Seremban) on money politics allegations? Double standards in UMNO?

Exceptional case? What about Norza Zakaria's case involving alledged money politics in Temerloh? What about Ali Rustam's case on money politics? KJ was also found guilty of money politics (was let off with warning by UMNO disciplinary board). Remember Azalina Othman (former Minister of Tourism) ? She too was investigated by MACC on alledged money politics which lead her to losing her UMNO supreme council seat .

1M PM6 Najib's statement on corruption technicality is a dangerous precedent. If Isa wins, will that set a new trend for UMNO? If it does, then what is the point of UMNO fighting money politics when UMNO will choose those tainted with money politics as their candidate (if they have a good chance of winning?)

Let's cut it short and go straight to the point. Nogori is famous with its "Biar mati anak, jangan mati adat" or loosely translated (The customs are more important the blood relationship). Nogori voters especially those voting in Bagan Pinang should be asking themselves - do they want to uphold that saying? And if they do, corruption be it on legal or moral grounds are wrong in the eyes of customary standards. That said, Bagan Pinang voters must exercise their rights to reject BN (UMNO). Not because the voters reject Isa but show the nation that Bagan Pinang voters reject the technical corruption exercised by UMNO and BN.

Pass the word around. Let's send a strong message to BN and UMNO. A simple and straightforward message - We reject corruption and we reject BN (UMNO) for its corruption practices and double standards in handling coruption case. We need 8,000 strong-hearted voters to send the message to BN/UMNO. Can we do that? Yes, we can. We can do that collectively and send BN/UMNO a strong signal that we reject corruption practices of BN/UMNO.

By the way, is Ali Rustam, KJ, Azalina campaigning in Bagan Pinang? If they do, it sure is Birds of a feather flocks together...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


BN mendakwa ceramah PR tidak mendapat sambutan dan MB Nogori Sembilan merayu pengundi untuk menahan tsunami di Negeri Sembilan. Persoalannya, apakah ia akan berhenti di Negeri Sembilan?

Ayuh kita mulakan dengan teknikaliti. 1M PM6 Najib mempertahankan pencalunan Isa dengan mengatakan kesalahan Isa (dalam menggunakan politik wang) merupakan masaalah teknikal. Persoalannya - sekiranya ia merupakan masaalah teknikal, kenapa UMNO tidak membuat lapuran ke SPRM (pada masa itu BPR) ? Seandainya ia merupakan masaalah dalam parti UMNO, kenapakah UMNO mengambil tindakan melapurkannkepada SPRM mengenai Mohamad Nor Awang (salah seorang ahli politik UMNO dari Seremban) mengenai politik wang? Adakah ini yang diamalkan oleh UMNO? Double standards ?

Seandainya ada suara sumbang yang mengatakan itu merupakan kes terkecuali. Kes terkecuali? Bagaimana pula dengan kes Norza Zakaria's yang melibatkan politik wang di Temerloh? Bagaimana dengan Ali Rustam's dan politik wang? KJ juga didapati bersalah dalam kes politik wang (dan diberi amaran oleh jawatankuasa disiplin UMNO). Masih ingat Azalina Othman (mantan Menteri Pelancungan) ? Beliau juga disiasat oleh SPRM mengenai salahlaku politik wang yang mengakibatkan beliau gagal mempertahankan kerusi Majlis Tertinggi UMNO .

Kenyataan 1M PM6 Najib mengenai rasuah teknikal merupakan satu precedent yang mernahaya. Seandainya Isa memenangi kerusi Bagan Pinang, apakah ianya akan menjadi satu ikutan dalam UMNO? Seandainya benar, apa gunanya UMNO begitu beriya-iya mendakwa akan membenteras politik wang apabila UMNO memilih mereka yang tercemar dengan politik wang sebagai calun mereka (seandainya mereka ini mempunyai peluang yang cerah untuk memenangi pilihanraya?)

Secara ringkanya, Nogori terkenal dan kaya dengan adat perpatih dengan kata-kata "Biar mati anak, jangan mati adat". Pengundi Nogori khasnya pengundi Bagan Pinang seharusnya bertanya pada diri mereka sendiri - apakah mereka masih berpegang teguh kepada adat? Sekiranya mereka masih berpegang teguh pada adat, bukankah rasuah samada dari sudut kehakiman atau dari segi moralnya salah di mata adat? Pengundi Bagan Pinang perlu menggunakan hak mengundi mereka untuk menolak BN (UMNO). Bukan kerana pengundi menolak Isa tetapi untuk membuktikan kepada negara bahawa pengundi Bagan Pinang menolak rasuah teknikal yang di pelopori dan dihayati oleh BN/UMNO.

Mari kita sama-sama war-warkan. Ayuh, kita menghantar satu mesej kepada BN dan UMNO. Satu mesej yang senang dan berterus terang - Kita tolak rasuah dan jita tolak BN (UMNO) kerana amalan rasuah dan ketidakadilan mereka dalam menangani kes rasuah. Kita perlukan 8,000 pengundi Bagan Pinang untuk menyatakan pendirian tersebut. Apakah kita boleh membuatnya? Sudah tentu boleh!! Kita boleh membuat pendirian bersama dan menghantar satu pendirian tegas kepada BN/UMNO bahwa kita menolak amalan rasuah yang diamalkan oleh BN/UMNO.

Dalam hal yang sama, apakah Ali Rustam, KJ, Azalina berkempen di Bagan Pinang? Seandainya mereka berkempen, maka benarlah bahwa "Burung yang sama bulu akan berkumpul bersama...

Sehingga ketemu lagi...slamat malam Malaysia...dimana jua anda berada...
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Monday, October 05, 2009

Lobbying for job directly to 1M PM6 Najib...

Whilst some are busy campaigning in Bagan Pinang, let's get loose and think about public transportation system...afterall, some need a break from Bagan Pinang's hectic campaign schedules and rising food cost...

Nice strategy, beamed directly from Paris, France.

Taking advantage of 1M PM6 Najib's official 4 day visit to France, an Electrical Engineering student believed that his Malaysian peers (in France) and him can improve the Malaysian's transportation system. His selling point? Two years ago he had conducted a study on public transportation operated by RapidPenang.

This is what I termed as selling oneself as a product. Nothing wrong there, at least this guy has an innovative idea to secure a job back in Malaysia once he graduated from his study in France. Better still, he may end up as one of the fourth floor boys in the PM's department.

However, I see that his proposal is limited to Penang. If this person can offer himself to solve Penang transportation system, why not open up UTM to resolve JB's public transportation system, UiTM to resolve Shah Alam/Klang public transportation system with UM tackling KL's transportation system? Maybe, there is a grain of chance by giving these young upstarts the exposure they need to showcase their innovative design and skills in solving the many public transportation headache of major cities in Malaysia.

Back in mid 80's when recession hit our shores, young graduates were roped in and placed in various government departments for training and paid an allowance of roughly RM 600 per month. Some of these graduates became "shadow cabinet" of state administration, offering ideas and suggestions on various fields. Of course, their novel ideas were not fully accepted by the "establishment" who are more concern of protecting their interest than serving the state and the nation.

Since Najib is willing to listen, why not provide grants to our local universities so that they can come up with possible solutions to our never-ending public transportation system. Consider these :-
  1. What is the rationale of extending Kelana Jaya LRT line now from Lembah Subang – Kelana Business Centre, through Subang, USJ, Alam Megah and ending at the hub in Putra Heights?. The proposed line will consist of 13 new stations and approximately 17km of guideway.
  2. What is the rationale of extending Ampang LRT line now from the present Sri Petaling station, passing through Puchong, Kinrara and ending at the hub in Putra Heights? The proposed line will consist of 13 new stations and approximately 17.7km of guideway.
  3. Not only both extensions will cost a lot of money but will also include land acquistion and new trainsets. Are we ready to spend mega? Instead of extending the lines, the government should first solve the problems faced by thousands of komuters users daily plying Rawang - Seremban and Sentul - Port Klang routes.
  4. The authorities could not claim ignorance on this issue as it has been raised countless times in the newspapers and also in this blog. Do any of the officers from DOR, KTMB, Prasarana, MOT ever tried komuter services? If not, you guys who have relatives working in any of these so-called departments should urge them to try the komuter service (at peak hour operation).
  5. And since a relative of Rosmah is currently the third spouse of KTMB's top echelon leader, why not get the good doctor to try KTMB's service for a change (instead of chasing after beautiful "skirt wearers")
  6. What about RapidKL services? Have anyone tried their services in KL Sentral? Just imagine how many buses RapidKL provided for their VIP customers using route 82? Do these buses provide the services to Malaysian office workers or are they providing cheap transport to the many foreign workers in Damansara?
  7. Kl monorail services? Is somebody monitoring their deteriorating services? The frequency of "technical glitches" between stations is increasing. Is this signs of wear and tear? Or is it signs of poor maintenance? Signs of bad workmanship and sub-standard equipments, perhaps?
  8. Puduraya bus terminal? Honestly, I have not been there for a while. Remind me to make a trip there before I can provide my comments....
  9. Hentian Putra? Is it acceptable to have long queus of buses along the external road? Isn't this a safety hazard? What about the poor ventillation at the counters? It's stuffy inside the terminal.
  10. The new bus terminal at Bandar Tasik Selatan? My first impression is wow!!! That's all but look at it this way - how will the komuter service cope with the passenger load boarding from Bandar Tasik Selatan? How will STAR line cope with the expected increase passenger load?
  11. ERL service? Has anyone lodge an official complain on the possible safety hazard on the platform? I mean, imagine a 140 kph ERL whizzing through the platform and the waiting passengers have no safet guardrails to protect them from "incidentally" suck in. Is this the best YTL-ERL can do? Any comment from our guy in MOT? DOR?
  12. Klang bus station? Or is it the ever nostalgic "Toshiba" bus stand? Why isn't the place upgraded? It is still heaty waiting for the busses there...
  13. What about the "unofficial" bus stand in front of Pudu Raya? Has any so-called hardworking official or politician noticed the discomfort facing those waiting their bus to go home to Puncak Alam or Sungei Buloh? No seating, no shade - it is testing time, indeed...
  14. The bus stop near Pasar seni area? Observe how the buses revved their engines as if they are ready to go...only to move inches at a time. Waiting time for metro buses and Sri Jaya buses? 5 minutes (at least) before the buses departed for the next stop.
  15. And I am not touching the taxi services yet...
This is an SOS on our public transportation system. Much can be done but the relevant people are dragging their feet in solving the issues. Why? Because they are not public transport users. They are mostly car users who enjoy the comfort of air-cond cars, driving alone to their respective offices. Is this why the government failed to implement car-pooling system? Just because these guys are using their own transport to work (alone), they will delay (and most probably shoot down the idea of) car-pooling for their own benefit.

More can be said about this but who cares? Do you think Najib cares when he has the luxury of traffic policemen escort with sirens wailing? Do you think Ong TK and his band of merry-men from MOT, DOR, Prasarana cares? The answer - Najib don't care, Ong TK don't bother to care...unless the public transportation solution brings opportunities for mega-quick bucks projects.

Let us be open on this. I am not against the proposal of LRT extension line per se. What I am objecting is the timing and the priority. Why should we invest on extending the lines when our present public transportation system is still wanting? Shouldn't we be fixing the existing problems first before venturing into extending the lines or introducing new services? This is public money that we are talking about. Why not use it wisely to buy the needed hardware for the peoples' comfort or at least until the services are punctual? Remember that our productivity will be affected if the public transportation is lousy. Imagine the number of workers arriving late at workplaces and getting home dead tired because of poor public transport system.

If a friendly blogger boast his capability to predict share trading, maybe I too can lobby the job to solve the public transportation problems facing Malaysia. Will Najib give me the 1chance to prove my worth? Frankly I doubt it because my "political" involvement is not to 1M PM6's standard...However, I the practical and ever pragmatic Nightcaller believe that I can do the job better- much better than the so-called henchmen heading the respective GLCs' connected to Malaysian public transportation system. And for 1M PM6 Najib's information, I will not cost a bomb like the so many fortune seekers surrounding him. The choice is his, either to go for practical solutions or forever surrounded by henchmen hungry to chip away the goldmines in public transportation system.

By the way, if Najib can spend 4 days to officially tour France and Muhyiddein can spend most of this week wooing BN's Bagan Pinang "golden sons", I can provide 1 day guided tour of existing Malaysian public transportation system to Ong TK. And I will forego the normal charges of guide fees if Ong TK, the Mechanical Engineer, is willing to experience first hand the trappings of Malaysian public transportation system.

As proof of my capability in solving public transportation system (and dispensing off traffic jams), I can almost guarantee that I am confident of resolving the traffic problems in Bagan Pinang within 1 week. Yes, I can solve the Bagan Pinang traffic snarl by 12th October 2009. Why? You still don't believe ah????

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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