Tuesday, October 13, 2009

He's not dead...yet, but the vultures are already circling...

Another thing that bothers me is why are they all gunning for Ong TK's post? Isn't Chua SL's post as good?

  1. Real friends especially political friends are becoming hot commodity item nowadays . Who else is better to talk about it, if not the current beleaguered MCA President Ong TK.
  2. 10th October has not been kind to him. First, MCA delegates voted that they have lost confidence in Ong TK's leadership followed by passing the resolution to annull Chua SL's membership suspension. Fortunately for Ong TK, the delegates agreed that Chua SL should not be reinstated as MCA's deputy President. I shuddered at the thoughts of what might happen to Ong TK (and MCA) if the delegates agreed on the third resolution...
  3. Ong TK wisely took leave and will return to announce his future political direction on 14th October, in time for UMNO's AGM.
  4. But, the vultures are already circling above, ready to pounce on Ong TK. This is when Ong TK can sort out his real friends from those superficial friends.
  5. When the EGM results was announced back then, Liow Tiong Lai was one of Ong's backers who left with him to discuss their next course of action. Days later, Liow was reported to have a not so "hush-hush" meeting with another MCA VP Kong Chong Ha. Yes, both are circling around Ong TK's presidential chair...
  6. As it is now, even Ng Yen Yen is harbouring hopes of becoming the first female MCA President. Just imagine what will happen to MCA when an Australian PR holder become its President....
  7. I wouldn't mind if Liow and Kong wanted to fight it out, but Ng? Isn't three a crowd?
  8. Another thing that bothers me is why are they all gunning for Ong TK's post? Isn't Chua SL's post as good?
  9. MCA is in dangerous waters now and to some extent so does UMNO. If Liow Tiong Lai can become MCA's President, will it not be a catalyst for UMNO's Rembau man to take the same steps? Najib may be advising MCA to sort out their problems but Najib better be aware that his chair is now targetted by "the man from Rembau".
  10. Back to MCA, not only the VP's are dreaming of replacing Ong TK, even Chua SL is urging MCA to go for election of MCA's President. Is Chua SL throwing his hat into the ring too?
  11. The shadowy 3rd force in MCA is also starting to show its colours. Everyone who has a name wants to be MCA's president.
  12. 14th October is getting interesting....MCA's central working committee will discuss their next course of action. If and when Ong TK choose to let go his position, the committee will decide how to elect the next President.
  13. As a teaser to 14th October, 1M PM6 Najib had dropped a hint that Ong TK should go by refering to MCA's EGM's decision as the highest authority in the party. Is Najib meddling into MCA affairs? Is big brother hinting something else?
  14. Ong TK has been known to be a "lone ranger". During the past election, he has steered clear of aligning himself to any particular faction. On top of that, Ong TK ruffled feathers when he opted to pursue PKFZ issue, including gunning for Kumpulan Dimensi and Tiong. Bear in mind that PKFZ is not about MCA alone. It has UMNO big wigs, SBDP treasurer lumped together with previous MCA presidents and deputy presidents.
  15. As a "square" of the society, engineer-trained Ong TK is just doing his job to clear up the RM 12B mess. Ong TK may not fit through the BN hole, but his no-nonsense action should be applauded. And maybe that no-nonsense action is getting a bit hot for 1M PM6.
  16. If Chua SL and the other vultures are circling above, is the hyenas in UMNO and 1M PM6 getting ready to gobble up Ong TK?
  17. By the way, since Chua SL is now an ordinary MCA member, what will become of his status as BN co-ordinator in Pakatan-ruled states? MCA sure knows how to give political headache to 1M PM6. Does Najib needs 1 Panadol too? If he needs it, PAS is willing (since the Chinese voters nickname PAS as panadol due to the likeliness of its full moon symbol and the all-round use of paracethamol)...:)
  18. Octoberfest in Germany, octoberfeast in Malaysia?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


sunwayopal said...

The best conclusion for Pakatan is that OTK is kicked out.

Frankly, anyone of LTL, LCH and NYY taking over will condemn MCA into the status of Gerakan, a lame duck party who is nothing more than a 'bitch' for UMNO. This should b v apparent to the chinese community and condemn MCA to oblivion by PRU 13.

However my bigger worry is now how to read the Bagan Pinang issue.

We should not be complacent and think it means nothing. Why did the non Malay vote share go back to UMNO even when the component parties were in total disarray?

Ie what if UMNO decides to forget about all the components and fields motsly their candidates and reach out directly to the communities, how can we overcome this !!

Bagan Pinang may b a game changer to the way UMNO thinks.

Pakatan better come out with a quick counter in double quick time if u ask me


nightcaller said...


Of course Pakatan will be happy if Ong TK is kicked out. Ong TK has been brave enough to take the bull by its horns in PKFZ debacle.

MCA's VPs' have still a lot to learn and ppl like Donald Lim and the rest are knocking the doors to be given that chance to contest the Presidential post...whichever way will be a bigger loss to MCA.

As for Bagan Pinang, it is not an issue, really. Isa has been there for the past 22 years and that means he has been in their lives for that 22 years. It is not easy to thaw Bagan Pinang out when his elatives are there to support him. Bagan Pinang is not BN's win but Isa's win. Pure and simple.....

UMNO, on its own could not survive any election. Bagan Pinang is abnormal on 2 factors :- Isa and postal votes. As I said in my earlier posting, u take away the postal votes and Isa's majority is only 1,000. And given the normal circumstances,UMNO will lost the election....

UMNO may not change as easy as that. Their culture of being "spoon fed" with projects and financial rewards is too deep to be abolish overnight. Just look at the flashy cars of UMNO leaders. Do u think they can change?

sunwayopal said...

The system and the way how UMNO operates prevents change from happening, that I agree.

I hope u'r right, so effectively u r relegating Bagan Pinang to 'flash in a pan' status.

I would b slightly more cautious but thats me becoz we r dealing with UMNO, a 50 + year old monster that has all the instruments of govt fully compromised and biased in its favour.

The good thing though is .... we have the rakyat!!!!!

well, I hope we still have them .


as for MCA, my bet now is OTK will call for open elections and dissolve the CC, wonder if he can do that.

ahoo said...

My thoughts are that both CC as well as OTK will not resign. The task of re-election is the idea of those losers with hidden agenda.

As per the constitution, the EGM votes was less than 2/3, thus the position of the President is intact. OTK may had said that he will resign IF the delegates voted against him but in politics thing change when the game changes.

The other camp was waiting for the seat of Presidency with much envy but the votes was clear on this. Let the best man win the seat and I have no interest in MCA nor corrupted politics of any parties.

nightcaller said...


OTK did not resign...yes...but it has cause more than a simple commotion in the CC. Liow "promoted" but to the level that he wanted.

Overall, the 15th Oct CC meeting is not here nor there. OTK is right in calling for EGM and see what the delegates want.

Now, waiting game for the EGM resolution. Better stay healthy...yeah...we do not want anyone fainted ir have bouts of heart attack with this MCA ongoing saga...now it beats the MIC bollywood drama of Samy "King" Vel..