Friday, October 16, 2009

UMNO's 60th AGM - Winning support...?

  1. After the big win in Bagan Pinang, UMNO is on the roll. In fact, it is now a juggernaut passing the 7 UMNO constitution amendments in record time of barely 1.5 hours.
  2. Najib's maiden policy speech in UMNO's 60th AGM to UMNO's delegates is refreshing. Although he touched on many subjects, the one that grabs my attention is his honest observation on :-
    • delegates expecting to be housed in 5 star accomodation;
    • the loss of "voluntarism and service-oriented" in UMNO;
    • party members expecting project hand-outs from the government;
  3. If Najib can change the perception and expectation of delegates, it will be a major achievement. UMNO delegates, especially during the UMNO election assemblies, will be offered 5 star accompdation, 5 star lunches and dinners, 5 star entertainment and what nots. That is why, being a delegate is taken so seriously now. Everyone in UMNO wants to be a delegate as that is one of the short cut to projects.
  4. The same goes for "voluntarism and service-oriented". Today, those who volunteered are considered fools when there are money waiting to be scoop up. Najib may know it or he may choose to turn blind on that phenomenom. And that is why professionals spurn UMNO.
  5. As for project hand-outs, what Najib says is sweeteners to non-UMNO members. Just go to any of those delegates and they will tell so and so gets which projects.
  6. This posting is not about Najib's maiden speech. This posting should be more on the constitutional amendments.
  7. This is UMNO's house and they can choose whatever they want to do with their house. However, since what happen in the house has a direct impact on Malaysia (for now), UMNO shoud be aware of the following that may happen due to the constitutional amendments :-
    • If the number of delegates voting base for the party's leaders are increased, how will UMNO control the formation of branches? Some smart alex will do that to increase his chances of getting voted by creating more branches;
    • the person who controls the media (media prima, NST RTM) will have the best chance of getting voted. The reason is simple - through creative media coverage, these people will make full use of the media (and blogs) to promote themselves in time for UMNO election. Those who have no access to the media world will be at a disadvantage;
    • the abolition of annual membership may be good. The bigger question is - how do UMNO fund themselves if they are only collecting life membership fee? Isn't this expose UMNO to allegations of "making" money from various projects? Either through "political donations" or "commissions"?

  8. There will be more to observe later. For the time being, suffice to say that UMNO is fighting hard to regain the trust which they lost during the last GE 12.
  9. I will also concur with blogger Sakmongkol that Najib's approach (if he walks the talk of his speech) shows that he is a leader in making. That also means Anwar should get down and seriously strategise to hold PR's pact as well as get PKR back on track if he wants to stay relevant.
  10. Hey! That does not mean that I have mellowed. It just mean that Najib seems to be the best person to leads Malaysia for now. There are some unanswered issues that Najib has to answer before the rakyat starts feeding from his hand.
  11. In my previous postings, it has been suggested that Najib should take the bull by its horns and that means najib has to confront the issue regarding the model who was murdered.
  12. At the same time, as a leader, Najib must be seen to have a supportive wife (not a controlling QC). So far, he has not indicated that he is running the show fully. There have been accusations on his wife's treatment towards her relatives. When will Najib ended this issue?
  13. What about the unnecessary deaths in detention (as well as interogations/interviews). As the leader of Malaysia, Najib must answer to these and take firm steps to stop the unnecesary deaths.
  14. And most of all, if Najib wants to win the hearts of Malaysia, he has to win the hearts of Perakians first. When will Perak crisis will ends? Beating around the bush is a no go. Why not whack the issue smack on the head? Can Najib do that?
  15. To the delegates who will be making their way home today - have a safe journey. Remember that rhetorics is just rhetorics if it is not followed up by actions....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


ahoo said...

Never trust a political speech, I had learned since the time I heard the word, politic. Many speeches are prepared by speech writers and the contents are normally for the good of the masses. For those with light ears and it will be ooooh, aaarg and syiok sendiri.

You have rightly penned down what the PM6 needs to do. Walk the talk by asking for re-election in Perak and not just continue talking of this and that policies. People out there are not only watching but can certainly reads your heart as well.

Whether you are sincere or not can be judged easily not by what you say but by how you react when provoke. As the saying goes,.... we can give without loving BUT we cannot love without giving.

So, show us the Perakians that you are sincere in wanting performance first for the people by telling the backdoor MB of Perak to dissolve the state assembly. If you have the will then I beleive the people of Malaysia will be able to forgive you of all that you have had done wrong. Until then,.... let us continue hoping as the worse scenario that will arise is same same.

nightcaller said...


Yes, politicians will talk what the audience want to hear. Just like street salesmen, politicians know what the rakyat want and they will re-package their product to "meet" the rakyats needs.

But as Muhyiddein said, rhetorics in Dewan Merdeka is nothing if there is no change at ground zero. Muhyiddein hinted that the rhetorics will be rhetorics when the delegates return home and back to their safe enclave of supporters and cronies.

In short, expect little changes in UMNO's attitude. Even if they change, it is not out of their sincerity but more towards their political survival. And this is more dangerous. If they do it for their own political survival, then the Mr Hyde in hem will resurface once they win big again. By that time, it will be too late for the rakyats...

sunwayopal said...

In UMNO, I fully expect a lot of hot air and slogans that get nowhere.

I pity Khairy, no matter , even if he is correct, he will get whacked down. UMNO is such that it is built on an 'unchange-able' system or cronyism and rewards.

Nothing will change in UMNO even with the new system.

The TRUE agent of change for UMNO is only one.

Defeat at the Federal level elections.

But then lately i have been very dissapointed with Pakatan. Instead of rising up to the Bagan Pinang challenge they appear in even worse shape now.


nightcaller said...


It must be contagious. I mean, before BN has an identity crisis, seems to be PR's turn.

Have to see how PR responds to UMNO's GA.

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