Monday, October 19, 2009

Of special deals : Time, acceptance, hot item and...

There you have it, the special deals for the month of October. And comes 24th October 2009, there might be some icing on the cake for public servants, as well...Beware of these handouts as are mere baits to get us all hooked up...again.

  1. Now that UMNO circus has left the KL scene, some form of tranquility has returned to this financial hub of Malaysia. However, the calmness is only at the surface whilst there is still major underground movements ready to explode the surface. Time? Unknown. Venue? All over the place. The same as seismologists could not predict exactly the time and the location of the next "big one".
  2. Let's start with time. MACC chief effectively says that the people needs more time to judge its effectiveness. Essentially, MACC chief said :-

    • MACC wanted to be more professional in its work to gain the peoples' trust;
    • MACC are aware of the public's reduced confidence in the system;
    • Arrest of individuals from the ruling party does not get printed in the media because the ruling party members are media shy and does not want to publicise the matter;
    • MACC (then-ACA) arrested 3 BN members compared to 2 opposition members in 2008;
    • MACC arrested 7 BN members compared to none from opposition members in 2009;

  3. Reciprocating what MACC chief said, consider these :-

    • MACC should not only issue the statement that they want to be professional but they must also act professionally in dispensing their duties;
    • Being aware of public's reduce confidence is not the answer. MACC must also take radical steps to gain the public's confidence in the system;
    • MACC must take the necessary steps to hold PCs' revealing those prosecuted MACC to both MSM and alternative media as well as publish and update the names of those arrested in their official web-page;
    • It is not that the ruling party members are media shy. Has MACC thinks of the possibility of "intentional news black-out" so that those ruling party members names were not exposed?
    • On the numbers of BN members caught in 2008 and 2009, did the arrest take place during the party election? Is this not a method to "eliminate" those seeking better positions in the ruling party?
    • Is this another subtle way for the MACC chief to ask for "extension" of service?

  4. Next comes acceptance. is not directly connected to MACC's request for more time to prove their worth. This is something to do with the coming Halloween galore in Perak's assembly sitting. After giving a rousing speech to the more than 2,000 delegates in UMNO's AGM, 1MPM6 Najib focussed Perak.
  5. Malaysian Insider carried a newsreport regarding some who claimed that they were paid to attend 1Malaysia launch in Ipoh, Perak. Even if we assume that 60 % of the 30,000 spectators (as counted by MSM) were paid RM 30 per head to attend the launch, it has already comes up to RM 540,000. That's a lot of money to maintain an already swelling ego. But 1MPM6 Najib's trip to Perak is not solely on 1Malaysia launching...his main agenda is to boost Zambry's fortunes in Perak and to prepare BN for the coming 28th October state budget sitting.
  6. In defending BN Perak, 1MPM6 Najib start the offense moving when he said :-

    • BN (Perak) have already formed the state government and this has been sanctioned by the law although certain processes are still incomplete;
    • The laws must be respected;
    • No reason for disturbances or conduct that should otherwise create a wrong impression about politics in Perak;
    • BN will follow the rules and conduct the sitting according to the law;
    • Whatever action taken will be within the ambit of the law;
    • BN will not do anything that is against the provisions of the law;
    • Najib claimed that the starting point is when they (PR) stole one of our assemblymen;

  7. As they say it "Offense is the best option of defense". That's what 1MPM6 did to defend Perak's BN's government. However, "there's always the other side of the coin" such as :-

    • Granted that BN has already formed the government, but isn't it also a fact that PR has formed Perak state government prior to this? Isn't PR's Perak state government sanctioned by the law too?
    • Najib admitted that certain processes of the law are still incomplete - if this is so, will it be better for both BN and PR to let the court decides and let all processes of the law be complete? In fact 1MPM6 Najib can help to accelerate the processes of the law by getting the courts to sit and issue final judgements with respect to Perak's rightfil government of the day;
    • There is a distinct separation between judiciary and legislative. It is common belief that the legislative reigns supreme within the assembly. Why wasn't this respected by 1MPM6 Najib? Or is Najib only interested and binding to laws that benefitted him?
    • If both parties strive to resolve the problems in Perak then I am sure that undue disturbances and misconducts will not surface in the assembly sitting. The question is - can both parties put aside their egos for the benefit of Perakians?
    • Since when did BN follow the rule and conduct of the sitting? Isn't BN the one who started the ruckus in May when the "legitimate" speaker was forcibly removed from his chair? And when did the "other speaker" sworn in? Which rule is BN following?;
    • Action taken within the ambit of the law? In May when PR speaker was conducting the assembly sitting, why didn't the assembly bentara follow his instructions? Whose instructions is he following?
    • 1MPM6 talked about starting point. When did PR stole BN's assembly man from Perak? Isn't it the other way round? The BN assemblyman declare that he left BN for PR. On the point of who stole who, isnt it another fact that both Behrang and Changkat assemblymen from PR "kept" in Pekan? Isn't that "stealing"? Or is it "turning over";
    • Why repeat the same defensive statement of "I did it because he did it first"? Or is it a syndrome? If it is, two wrongs does not make a right...
    • since this is currently on Perak, is there any truth in MT's claim on "concessions" given to the Yussuf Izzuddin's lineage? If there is a grain of truth, then the Perak fiasco happens not because BN has the law on their side but BN has a chokehold on a royal household. I am not saying that it's tru nor do I say it's false. You know that 2 plus 2 equals 4, so figure it out...

  8. 1M PM6 Najib uses BN's "charming ways" to first "pursuade" the royal lineage to accept BN as the "rightful" government of the day for Perak. Then, BN use the courts as tools to continuously frustrates PR in lengthy legal battles that is surprisingly slow in disposing cases involving interpreting Perak constitution. At the same time, BN is using its powerful machineries and MSM to paint the picture that everything is OK in Perak.
  9. Thus far, 1M PM6 did not walk the talk in Perak. He may hide behind the throne and he may pass the baton to Zambry but the best option to resolve Perak's case is to return to the rakyat to decide. That means dissolving the state assembly, something that PR has been calling for, something that BN is not willing (although they have openly declared that the rakyat has return to BN's fold).
  10. It would not be complete if Sabah or Sarawak is left out of the picture. It is not enough when 1M PM6 Najib announced that 16th September will be a public holiday from 2010 henceforth. Whilst some claimed that Sabah's PKR is having differences in opinion, Zaid Ibrahim's sabbatical leave should not be taken at face value. Malaysian Mirror's scoop should be given some weight because :-

    • Sarawak PKR leader, Gabriel Adit, is said to be ready to abandon PKR;
    • Adit is ready to launch a new party;
    • 1MPM6 Najib is said to be dealing directly with Adit who is facing personal problems and financial debts;
    • Adit is given a good offer to return to BN with promises of help that benefits Adit;
    • Adit may bring with him 12,000 supporters to cross over to BN;
    • If Adit did cross over, BN can safely call for state election and bury PR in Sarawak for years to come;

  11. Credit should be given where it is due. If Malaysian Mirror is correct, then 1M PM6 Najib has finally wear down his former mentor Anwar and in the process expose Anwar to his weaknesses. On that note, PR is bruising deep and the internal injuries may be too much for PR to absorb the continuous blows from 1M PM6.
  12. If Adit will really return to BN, then PR can say goodbye to their dreams of wresting Sarawak from BN. Pure and simple.
  13. There you have it, the special deals for the month of October. And comes 24th October 2009, there might be some icing on the cake for public servants, as well...Beware of these handouts as are mere baits to get us all hooked up...again.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


ahoo said...

Thank you once again for the very detailed analysis !!! The game of rude politic is played by the man who knows the real meaning of what deceit meant. What more, with millions in cash and kind waiting to be dispensed, one can easily get even the " devil " to work for you.

Well, let history be the best teacher. Whatever a man gives, which is not out of his own pocket will not count for anything. He is giving out of others generosities. Until and unless he is giving out of his own worth, it is still meaningless.

As far as Perak is concern, nothing other than a state re-election will count to anything. Whatever plan or goodies are just for public show as behind the scene the rampage and plundering are already going on with respect to land matter. I care not what bn is showering to the people of Perak. I care much that bn has hijacked and robbed the state of my ancestor's with impunity and utter disgrace to democracy.

sunwayopal said...

Nothing much to comment, watch for coming session of the Perak assembly. It will be totally biased, the cops and the civil servants.

Never trust the civil service, they r under directions from a vested bugger ie Chief Secretary.

Its all compromised like the MACC, PDUM, Army, even the Sultans etc, semua all bought and fully UMNO prostitutes.


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