Saturday, October 03, 2009

NS N31: 1 for 1Malaysia, V for victory and 3 is no show...

Some believe in timing, some look for signs in the weather, most go by the numbers whilst a few looks for image presentation. That's how one looks at the tell tale signs of the candidates and their supporters. To me, it's deja vu of soccer teams choosing the teams' angle of entrance, the choice of goal post, the timing of making entrance - all for that extra teenie weenie feel good feeling that the game is theirs for the losing. And Bagan Pinang is just that...

Consider these :-

  1. Just look at BN frontliners in Bagang Pinang. Do they look like going to nomination centre in Bagan Pinang or are they celebrating Songkran in Bagan Pinang?

    UMNO hailed that they represent the Malay nationalist party and throughout most of the elections held before, their candidate almost automatically donned the Baju Melayu complete with samping and songkok. A traditional costume amongst the Malays. Today, UMNO and BN opts to be different. Isa Samad, BN's candidate choose to go with bush jacket, and Muhyidein goes along with tuckless shirt. In short, they look disorganised and directionless. That's not good for BN's image. BN's image consultant is making a shoddy job.

    It seems that BN did not consult their "feng shui" this time around. Out of their brimming over-confidence, they walk into the ring out of synch, handing the upperhand to their opponent, PR. Why? BN exported their "oommph" factor to Pekan where Najib held his open house...

  2. Yes, it rains in Bagan Pinang. Reports said it rained heavily in Bagan Pinang. An omen that BN will be washed this time around? They say a picture paints a thousand words so why not see the picture. Is that a picture of confidence? It looks more of a worried and forlorn supporters and that is the overall feeling in BN...

    BN supporters were damped somewhat with the rain. If rains can dampen their spirits, just think what a lose will do to their already tattered and bruised ego?

  3. When the Returning officer (RO) announced that this will be a straight fight, mano to mano, it becomes more apparent that BN is banking on 1Malaysia theme.

    Even before the RO make his appointment, TV3's live telecast showed Isa Samad leaning on the rostrum and tapping it. Nervous? It depends...and let me leave it to the body language experts to provide their views. I will say that Isa Samad is sub-consciously nervous and is "tapping out". In wrestling, they will say that Isa "submits" to Zulkefly. In wrestling, the winning belt will be around Zulkefly's waist.

    Back to RO's announcement. When RO mentioned Isa Samad as contestant number 1, Isa responded by wagging his index finger. To him, number 1 is 1Malaysia. And he is happy that he got number 1 and thinking that it will please his 1Boss, Najib.

    When it comes to Zulkefly's turn, he responded by waving the "V sign" potraying his number 2 slot and the V for victory. That is another psycho victory for PR.

  4. The numbers can go on endlessly but it will not be fair if Sharuddin Abdul Hamid's name is not mentioned. The once PKR member who quit the party to contest as an independent is a no show. He showed up at the nomination centre, handed his nomination papers to the RO but his papers were not accepted because he just could not managed to convince 1 out of the 13,664 voters to be his proposer and seconder.

    If Shaharuddin cannot get a registered voter of Bagan Pinang to back him up, why did he unnecesarily quit PKR? Does he want to become a gold digger? Digging gold from BN's backyard.

    And that is how 3 became a no show...

  5. It is also reported that Ong TK (MCA), Koh Tsu Koon (Gerakan), Samy Vellu (MIC), Kayveas (PPP) were present in BN tent during the nomination process. 1 happy family? It should be so but Malaysian Insider reported that all's not that well.

    Malaysian Insider taglined 3rd October reported that "UMNO losing faith in Barisan partners". This is something that UMNO's multiple partners should be worried about. Basically in a rare 193 UMNO division leaders retreat in Janda Baik, the general consensus by the leaders were that UMNO should be less charitable to its partners with UMNO's patience and confidence towards its BN coalition partners are wearing thin.

    Did Ong TK, Koh TK, Samy and Kayveas knew about this? If they do, why did they show up? If it is true that UMNO leaders are going to be less charitable, will these non-UMNO leaders willing to pick up the bits and crumbs left by UMNO? Wll they fight for the left-overs? I guess good times are coming to an end in BN...

  6. From the same retreat, some rival UMNO leaders were seen hugging each other. Is that for real or for show? If this is for show, then Isa Samad is going to have tough time to differentiate genuine supporters from back-stabbers in Bagan Pinang...
And tonite, the show begins in Bagan Pinang. Will PR reaps another box-office? Will BN stops the rot? We will see and follow...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


looes74 said...

I think that Malaysia Insider tagline would kill off any non malay supports to Isa Samad. Plus, just got to know that 3400 voters are retirees. I mean ex-servicemen. I mean no supervision. PAS should go after those ex-servicemen. This time aim for 2/3 of them

nightcaller said...


Yes, The Malaysian tagline is gonna blow BN's non-Malay supports away.

As for the ex-servicemen, they will be wooed endlessly by PR canvassers...

As I wrote, Isa's body language is telling...BN's in trouble when they can't even provide escort to their VVIP leaders, as in the case of the Minister and the UMNO's putra boss...

looes74 said...

Just read Malaysia Insider again! I am damned sure that that Rocky Bru is saying that Malaysia Insider is creating psychological warfare.
This time, Isa is shooting his own foot plus creating his own enemies. By saying that he is a better Menteri Besar than Nik Aziz would definitely anger the malays. I am absolutely sure PAS would be capitalising on this
Plus saying that Isa is a better MB, hmmm......what happen to Mohammad Hassan? Lousy MB?
Oh boy this is going to be fun......Maurice Gamelin lost the France to Nazi.....Oh boy, Isa is Malaysia version of Maurice Gamelin.

Wenger would be definitely pissed if he can see Writings on the Walls. Or is it Man Overboard for Isa Samad? Isa Samad, the fall guy.......Tell, Zorro.....Just proceed as planned.....Tell him to obey God just as Moses did. When God ask Moses to speak to the rock so as water flowing out from it, speak to it not whacking it with the stick. Zorro would understand.

Not sure got such stories in Quran

sunwayopal said...

I think the Chinese and Indian is a foregone conclusion for Pakatan. No worries here.

The rural Malay vote though worries me, throughout all the by elections , as much as the Chinese and Indian votes have cemented behind Pakatan, the rural Malay vote have firmed behind BeeEnd.

We need a VERY GOOD delivery channel to bring the message of change to them. ONline media alone wont do it.

As for OTK, Semi Value, all of these is good news that UMNO is going more racist in their campaigns, these almost guarantees 70% vote from these 2 channels from here on in.

As for Bagan Pinang and the EC and postal votes, needless to say , everything is stacked in favour of BeeEnd.

Sakmongkol trying to defend the undefensible, firstly with Isa Samad's nomination and then secondly with ECs purported fairness with postal votes?

My rejoinder there , which he dare not post, was basically this, the EC in Malaysia is totally biased, 110% ! Not crooked yet which is the status of our Judiciary, PDUM (Polis Di UMNO Malaysia) and MACC but biased definitely.

How do you explain for :-

1) Weekday by elections for Pakatan favoured seats but weekends for BeeEnd seats?

2) Pakatan wins 49% of the popular votes in Peninsular but ends up with only so much lesser parliamentary seats

3) Postal votes - needless to say this is bullshit.

I dont even know who is sakmongkol trying to convince.

If he thinks its so fair, dont take our word that its unfair, ask for an independent 3rd party overseas MANFREL equivalent to come out with a report on Malaysian EC performance , the way numbers of voters in differing parliamentary seats, the whole process of postal voting in Malaysia.

If they can say its fair, then I agree, time for everyone to keep quiet.

But u think this is somehting he and UMNO will subscribe to?

The report will come out blacker than BLACK!


nightcaller said...


Whatever Rocky choose to say, Malaysian Insider will stick to its version and that will be advantageous to PR.

Isa can claim whatever he wants but his claims may backfire on him specially on the JE outbreak because Isa failed to contain the problem early and he failed to foresee the problems beforehand.

Hope that Z gets the message across and Wenger has hetached himself from Bagan Pinang when he opted to concentrate on Dow Jones for this week or so.

In Quran, Moses tap his staff onto the rock and 12 springs sprouted from the rock.


If we talk about those Malays who are not related (relatives) to Isa, their votes will be leaning towards PR.

As for EC postal votes, EC has agreed that the postal votes will be kept under the watchful eyes of the Returning Officer (RO). Now, let's see if EC's elected RO can dispense his responsibilities with utmost integrity or not.

As for the rest of ur comments :-

1.BN as the incumbent government will surely try to capitalise on whatever minor things that is advantageous hence the polling day on Sunday. Don't worry, it might backfire on BN :)

2. PR wins 49 % of popular votes but bear in mind that in some of the parliamentary seats won by PR, the voters in that constituents can come up to 60K or more whereelse in certain areas where BN won, the voters are far less than that...

3. Postal votes - yes, it might be manipulated but there are comforting reports coming in after knowing that our guys abroad are PR-postal voters :)

Sakmongkol has been quite fair in his posting. He criticised what BN did if it is wrong. It is also understndable that he will defend BN as there are some bloggers who will defend PR...and not many can stand non-commital...

Just one question - will u be in Bagan Pinang, come polling day?

sunwayopal said...


Sak can defend UMNO and BeeEnd till the cows comes home.

My issue is he hasnt posted my comment on his 'EC is so fair article'. I wonder why ?

Dont really know what I can do in Bagan Pinang? So far my political involvement is limited to :-

1) On line participation as much as possible.

2) Political donations.

Became a PKR member a year + back but so far havent heard anything from them.


nightcaller said...


To be fair,pls understand that sometimes Sak choose to moderate comments in his blog and that may takes time. I believe he did not intentionally block any comment including yours...

As for Bagan Pinang, participation can be done in many ways. If you want, you can always join the BR bloggers who will be there. Moral support for PR by being there is a good start. "Reporting" from the locality through various channels ie through online participations via several blogs on the pollig day is another. Joining the PR crowd at polling station is also an option...

Of course, your current political involvement is already a good start :) And as for your PKR membership, you can always check your membership status with PKR...

sunwayopal said...

Okay, not that I am extremely upset.

Will think about Bagan Pinang, I want to help sure but dont want to go and end up loitering around since I dont know anybody! :)

nightcaller said...


If u are interested, can try to hook u up with the BR bloggers. Email private to

looes74 said...

More damning news coming......Isa really doesn't know what's coming....Even PAP also never think that they would rule in pepertuity.
UMNO is beyond redemption

nightcaller said...


I am not sure why Malaysian Insider is recycling the story (from a different perspective) but it works to PR's advantage.

Reports filtering in that Isa is not having an easy time in Bagan Pinang. As I see it, his charisma will be dipping with time unless he can spring up to bolster his image.

BN may be leading but PR is catching up...and BN's non-UMNO component parties are providing the catalyst for the voters to abandon BN....

looes74 said...

I am damned sure Rocky Bru would be complaining about Malaysia Insider's damning reports. Hehehe, Isa would be trying to nail the leak. In attempting the leak, creating another one. Hahaha!
However, I have seen Sin Chew's reports that no many people turned at Pakatan's ceramah. Sin Chew is quite independent one. Especially one reporter kenna imprisoned under Internal Security Act for her safety. Remember, hehehhe. Anyway, Pakatan got to look into this. Of course, it does not mean that supports for Isa is better
Rally turnouts does not always turn into votes. LKY learned the heart way. Hey, not just Anwar can woo people at Suleiman Court. LKY did it at Suleiman Court 40 years ago & his candidate lost deposit

nightcaller said...


No doubt Sin Chew's report is correct. The turnouts at PR's ceramah is not that encouraging. This may be attributed to the "fear" factor of voters since Bagan Pinang has been BN's bastion since time immemorial.

Another "lawan tetap lawan" friend admitted taht it is an uphill battle but nothing is lost yet. Time to put ears to the ground and do whatever possible...