Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy weeks ahead...all related to Bagan Pinang

For Najib, nothing else is important except for a thumping victory in Bagan Pinang. Najib may think that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, for Najib's sake, it is not another mirage - courtesy of PR

Whilst all eyes are focusing on Bagan Pinang proper, let's take time off to see what's coming up during the busy "Visit Bagan Pinang week".

  1. First up will be the expected explosive MCA EGM slated to take place on 10th October 2009. The EGM will discuss on the following resolutions :-

    • Move a motion of no-confidence against Ong Tee Kiat;
    • Declare as null and void the decision of the Presidential council to accept the recommendation by the Disciplinary board to expel Chua Soi Lek (he had since been suspended for a period of 4 years);
    • Reinstate Chua Soi Lek as MCA's Deputy President;
    • Revoke any appointment made prior to the EGM;
    • Dismiss all possible disciplinary actions and sentences against the requisitionists;

    News are surfacing that there is the "third force" in MCA who are working on installing a new team to replace both Ong Tee Kiat and Chua Soi Lek as President and Deputy President respectively. Bear in mind that the MCA EGM will be held just a day before Bagan Pinang by-election and it will be hawkishly scrutinised by the approximately 1,490 Chinese voters. As it is now, the Chinese voters are swaying towards PR and the MCA EGM results will reinforce their commitments to vote PR, this time around.

  2. On the same date, Najib will be launching Parti Makkal Sakhti Malaysia (PMSM) in Taman Pameran Pertanian Malaysia, Serdang. Although MIC wont accept PMSM as an alternative Indian-based party, Najib may has his own ideas on this.

    And that leads to another pertinent question. Why is PMSM so important to Najib? Remember IPF (Indian Progressive Party) which was formed by the late Pandithan in the mid 90's? Even with open support from IPF towards BN, the party is still waiting in the wings to join BN. Further, how does IPF felt when their GA was only officiated by Tg Adnan's replacement. Not only Najib did not officiate their GA, even Tg Adnan failed to show up...and yet IPF is still begging to join BN ranks. What happen if PMSM were to be accepted into BN? Will MIC cry foul? Will IPF still stands behind BN?

    If 1,490 Chinese voters are tuning in on MCA's EGM, approximately 2,824 Indian voters in Bagan Pinang will be following Najib's speech during PMSM's launching. So far, Indian voters are still seething with the "moo-head" protest in Selangor. (I have to abide to Murugiah's warning not to mention the sacred word, as it is forbidden in Bagan Pinang).

    That leads to 1 question. Will Najib officiate MCA's EGM? If he will, he will be a busy man indeed on 10th October 2009 (10 10 10) rushing from MCA EGM to launching PMSM to monitoring Bagan Pinang final preparation before polling day. And what will Najib use to boost his energy? 100 plus? Or does he need to steam off in PD, someplace reminiscence of the many escapades some people do in PD? And who will be his partner to steam off this time? Will it be Zahid Hamidi, Mooyidein or Moorugiah? Or will it be someone fairer this time around?

  3. In the spirit on 1Malaysia, it is impossible to leave the other race out of discussion. Yes, the Malays. Najib is banking on Isa Samad to win Bagan Pinang so that he can drool on 13th October 2009. It's UMNO GA time then and Najib need the feel good factor by then.

    Remember that whilst all eyes are looking Bagan Pinang direction, Najib managed to slip in Omar Ong as Petronas board director member. Blogger Big Dog has posted his reservations way back in May 2009. Another and A voice covered Omar in his October 2008 posting. And both bloggers are "big boys" in blogosphere ! Looking on, the following needs to be addressed properly by BN media spinners :-

    • When did Omar Ong paid his RM 120,000 penalty for supposed breach in Petronas scholarship? Was it done when his name was put up to sit in the Petronas board? If that is so, is it ethically correct? Is it morally acceptable?
    • Is it true that he is an UMNO treasurer in one of UMNO divisions in Johore? Is his appointment has anything to do with his father, Mustapha Ong, who was a former private secretary to Mohamed Rahmat (former Minister of Information)?
    • If Omar's appointment is due to his leadership skill gained from his working experience and studies in Oxford, will his appointment diminish the other Oxford's garduate, whom I just learnt graduated in History from the same prestigous college? (Hint : He hails from the same state as Isa Samad)
    • Is Omar Ong's appointment a teaser to Hamid Albar's possible appointment as Petronas Chairman? If this is true, then Mooyiddein will be happy because two Johoreans will be leading Petronas. By coincidence, Petronas has explorations in Terengganu, Kelantan and Sabah but no oil platforms in Johore and yet 2 Johoreans may control Petronas and its funds. One up for Mooyiddein?
    • Since we are in this subject, Najib can fare better if he choose to appoint Idris Jusoh to warm Petromnas chair. If Najib do that, he can appease the 10 black boys of Terengganu and stabilise Ahmad Said's position. Will Najib do that or is he too afraid of Hishamuddein, another Johorean who happens to head Terengganu UMNO?
    • As Omar Ong has been known to be an ardent supporter of Najib, is there any "behind the scene" drama coming in? More cash outflow from Petronas to certain selected companies and individuals, perhaps?

    Say what you want but Omar Ong's appointment as Board member of Petronas will not ruffle any feathers in Bagan Pinang. The Malay votes will remain status quo at 55:45.

  4. If the first three paragraphs above touches on the three major races who will be playing a major role in Bagan Pinang by election, there is the fourth factor which is BN's safe haven - that of postal voters.

    Najib has started courting the postal voters by naming PD as "Port Dickson - Army Town". His rationale is simple. PD housed a large number of army camps and training centres. Well, that is fine. If that is the case, will Taiping (with apology to Zorro, Looes74 and CS Cheah) be known as "Taiping - Prison town"? I mean Taiping has one of the oldest prisons in Malaysia and is the home of ISA detainees who has prominent "graduates", amongst them Lim KS, Karpal, Anwar Ibrahim, Ibrahim Ali, Zahid Hamidi etc.

    Then, will we have "Tg Malim - Proton city", "Nilai - Education town", "Kerteh - Petronas town", "Gurun - Perwaja town" coming soon?

    By the way, what do PD residents feel naming PD as army town? Are they warming up to Najib's idea? Why not just named PD as "PD - 1Army town" since Najib is so fond of naming everything as 1x ?

This, in a nutshell is distance politics. It may not happen directly in Bagan Pinang but the ripples will reach Bagan Pinang. It also shows that Najib is desperate for a BN win, and he wants a thumping victory so that he can drool himself silly on 13th October 2009. Never mind what Tun Mahathir said about selecting Isa as the candidate, forget about Abdullah's disdain against Isa Samad.

For Najib, nothing else is important except for a thumping victory in Bagan Pinang. Najib may think that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, for Najib's sake, it is not another mirage - courtesy of PR...before the all important Federal court sitting on 5th November to determine the righful MB of Perak.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

Federal Court case on 5 Nov is a foregone conclusion. They have been already 'instructed' to ensure a Pakatan loss. 3-0. Our judiciary is more crooked than crooked !


nightcaller said...


It cannot be 3-0 because the federal court sitting this time will either be 7 or full sitting....

However, during my recent trip to Perak, there are persistent talks that tere will be assembly let's wait and see...

Ur prediction may come true if BN wins big in Bagan Pinang because if that happens, BN will return to its original arrogant, self-centered entity. If they lose in Bagan Pinang, the federal court sitting will be postpone due to "technical glitches". And if they wins with a small majority (in Bagan Pinang), they may dissolve Perak state assembly...that's how I read it for now...

sunwayopal said...

All the conventional wisdom says with Isa Samad, UMNO will have Bagan Pinang in the bag and should b nothing less than a thumping walkover.

Something though tells me UMNO is in for a surprise !!!!


Anonymous said...

That means there is nothing to lose for Pakatan Rakyat....Prison City.....Hahaha! Good one......Luckily people like NH Chan or the CJ across the causeway was not born in Taiping. Else, they would be fuming mad.....Come on....Chief Justice of Singapore leh.....
Anyway, Bagan Pinang would go either way......Pakatan Rakyat just got to choose the "Ardennes" carefully.....Or Bagan Pinang would be decoy just like the captured German general in UK just before blitkreig in France....Hehehe

nightcaller said...


As some of the PR bloggers put it "Leave the past and go for Pas"...

BN is still dreaming of their lost era...and PR is creeping in, stalking and waiting for the decisive pounce.


Are u talking about Rudolf Hess this time?

Anonymous said...

Woops! You are right about Rudolph Hess but he's not the one who pass the phoney information to the Allies.
It's the Mechelen incident, I am talking about. Anyway, it's collection of events leading to teh fall of France. Just look at tthe link

Anonymous said...


MCA EGM doesn't need anybody to officiate its opening.

Only for its AGM by convention it invites BN taikoh to open.


nightcaller said...


By convention, no need to officiate its opening is right. But remember that the MCA AGM was supposed to be held on 13th October (or whereabouts) before the EGM issue crops up.

By that argument, since MCA AGM is normally officiated by BN Taiko, shouldn't this EGM officiated by him? Just wondering out loud....

Ong TK may needs the taiko to officiate and soften the delegates heart before the crucial voting...don't u think so?

sunwayopal said...


Going by what happened at the MIC AGM, where Najib discreetly said he supported Subra and what happened there, maybe OTK will pray that Najib dont attend and even if he does, he keeps his mouth shut.

I think any UMNO leader supporting whether OTK or Pornstar is like a kiss of death now.

UMNO have absolutely no idea the amount of hatred the other communities have at present of anything to do with UMNO.

Even now, they think the sole solution to their problem is Semi Value, ie replace MIC with another called Makkal Sakthti Party and the Indians will flock back to BeeEnd.


nightcaller said...


That part i don't understand. Why is Najib so supportive of PMSM compared to IPF or the other party led by Nalla? Is it because of the "Hindraf" factor?

Or is it a way for Najib to "regain" Indian support, in lieu of MIC's failure?

Anonymous said...

Elementary, Watson! Divide & conquer/rule.....Just like the british always leave behind certain conflicts once these countries acheived independence so that they people to fight with
Once Indians support divided, Najib thinks he can rely on malays(UMNO) votes to rule. It merely diversionary tactics

nightcaller said...


Maybe it is but why too over in doing so? And BN supporters think they are smelling blood in BG. THey are making beeline to BG in droves to bask in the spotlight tomorrow (and hopefully in Najib/Muyiddein good books).

Everbody wants to claim credit in BG...and I hope they are in for a surprise...

Najib's approach for divide and conquer for the Indian support is an overkill. The Indians support to BN has already waned and for Najib to back PMSM is tactically wrong. Not when PMSM strength has not been positively determined. It is better for Najib to bank on the support that he has in his pocket ie MIC/IPF.

Early reports coming in that Md Hassan banners is not conspicous in BG and another reported that the BN and PAS flags are even. If that is true, BN is not getting it easy. Tomorrow will be more telling.

Anonymous said...

You know chinese history can be very interesting. You would have heard of Battle of Red Cliff weher the powerful Wei with 1 millions armies planning to have mano o mano showdown at that area.
On paper, Wei led by Cao Cao would win......Hmm........However, series of events leading to its defeat.......It would be similar in Bagan Pinang.

It's Mano o Mano between PAS & UMNO

nightcaller said...


Yes mano to mano...and my first take on the candidates will be out 10:30 pm tonite...