Saturday, September 12, 2009

Of expectation, guidelines and things in-between...

It is quite obvious that PR could not shake off its "opposition" mentality eventhough they have 5 states to run since March 2008. And if the leaders could not differentiate their role as "government of the day" then what can we expect from their followers?

Before proceeding further, let me offer my apologies first. This posting may hurt some nerves but hey...reality hurts. So, if by the end of this posting, some of you feel offended then relax and cool down because I have already offered my apologies even before I penned down the rest of the posting :)

It seems that the government loves to congregate at problematic areas, just like ants attracted to anything sweet and bees crowding flowers. Take PKFZ, for example. After years of persistence highlights by various parties and independent newspapers, the government finally admitted that PKFZ has problems. Whether it is a RM 4.2B or RM 12B does not matter anymore. It shows that someone up there has screw up big time.

Not only that, with new PKA Chairperson's guidance and admittance, the PKFZ bleeps and blunders goes under intense microscope, with special teams formed and tasked to get to the bottom of things. So it goes..reports, audits come filing in, police reports, MACC reports comes filtering in and Najib decided that there should be another super-high powered taskforce to find whether the project is carried out in good governance and to chart out its future direction. This time, the task force will be headed by KSN, Mohamad Sidek Hassan. Some think that the tskforce is one too many considering that the police, MACC and what nots are also getting a piece of action in PKFZ.

Whether it is one too many or one too late is no longer an issue. The issue here is how and why it happens? If it is done in slipshod way, by all means get those involved and put them on trial. It doesn't matter whether they are the backbone of UMNO or a member of the ruling coalition, it does not matter. If these entrepreneurs can do "magic" and makes our RM 12B vanish without a trace, then something is definitely wrong and it begins from the top.

That has been said and mentioned countless times. However what I am focussing is on the person entrusted to head the super task force, Mohamad Sidek Hassan. As if on cue, Malaysiakini posted a 2 part interview with Sidek Hassan that includes his defense on Perak state secretary's decision during the Perak fiasco. In the second part, Sidek mentioned that only a small number of the civil servants are politically active. That, in itself is an honest observation from the top civil servant.

However, for opposition stalwart Lim KS, he took the liberty to question the super taskforce formation and predicted that it is going to be a super "cover-up" taskforce. In other fronts, some of the independent bloggers think that Sidek will bring back happy days to BN people. In short, he is shot before he can even begins. Is that fair?

Remember back in 2007, Citizen Nades of the Sun commended Sidek's swift response to his enquiries. And it is not easy to get commendation from citizan Nades! Apart from that, Sidek is also responsible in setting up Permudah and his continuous unannounced checks to government offices are bearing fruits.

Now, we come to the core part. It is quite obvious that PR could not shake off its "opposition" mentality eventhough they have 5 states to run since March 2008. And if the leaders could not differentiate their role as "government of the day" then what can we expect from their followers? Why did I say that? Consider these :-

  1. Mohamad Sidek Hassan is right when he mentioned in the Malaysiakini interview that the role of the civil servants is to serve the government of the day;
  2. As there are federal list, state list and concurrent list, the position of the civil servants is clearly stated and it is up to the state government to make use of them;
  3. Mohamad Sidek has also stressed that the loyalty of the civil servants is to the government of the day (either state or federal dpending on which department they are serving);
  4. If the state government is unhappy with the performance of the civil servants seconded to the state from PTD (Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik), the state can request for the officer to be replaced and transferred;
  5. In the event that the state government faced a crisis similar to Perak, the civil servant has to make a judgement call, based on the available information (in this case Sidek was silent on the role of the civil servant to abide to HRH Sultan's command);
  6. The civil servant (including the police) serve the government of the day which is suppose to be serving the public (and that means the police has to indirectly serve the public, subject to the government of the day's instruction);
  7. Most government servants are trying to do the best they can;
  8. Sidek commended the media for highlighting various lapses in the civil services and encouraged the media to continue chastitising those deemed to be "political" in performing their jobs;
  9. He however said that credit should be given where it is due;
  10. Sidek agreed that those civil servants who are not doing their job should be chastised;
  11. Sidek foresee that the civil servants are professional enough to know that loyalty lies with the paymasters;
  12. The civil servants have started to practise cross fertilisation of ideas and practises or exchange of officers where 20 top civil servants going into private practises whilst 20 from private practises join the civil servants;
Let me stop at 12. Take a minute or two to digest what Sidek is trying to say and the subtle message he is sending. His points are well delivered and it is up to the public to digest what he said.

Now, what is our expectation on super taskforce ? As mentioned earlier that their scope of work is to determine whether PKFZ project is carried out with good governance and to chart out its future directions. My expectation from this taskforce is easy :-
  1. The super taskforce to determine whether it is done with good governance. If it is not, where did they go wrong? Who are responsible? What are the actions to be taken? And since the AG is one of the members of the taskforce, what are the legal recourses that can be taken? Can Malaysia get back the money it spends? Is PKFZ value for money?
  2. what is the taskforce recommendations on its future directions? Do the public sector runs the show or farm it our to the private sector? What is the ideal price if need to dispose the project. Will the taskforce provide guidelines for future undertakings to prevent a second PKFZ? Who will approve the taskforce findings? who will implement its recommendations?
Looking beyond the taskforce, what will happen after that? Who will be held accountable for the past, present and future of PKFZ? I see that Sidek Hassan will carry out his task in good faith and once he handed his findings, the ball is back onto the government's foot. After that? Will the report be archived and become a home for cobwebs? Will it be hidden in the many reports submitted to the government? Will it be ever discussed in the parliament? Is it another whitewash by the powers that control Malaysia?

Coming back to the "opposition mentality", it is also evidently clear that the opposition's approach is always of mistrust. The opposition has a pre-set and pre-conceived ideas that the public sector are BN's apparatus. It is not. The public sector is there to implement the policies set by the government of the day. This is where the opposition need to go for "Admin 101" classes and learn to differentiate the functions and responsibilities of public sector.

Let us take a case in point of say Perak under PR. What was their mistake when they govern Perak? Nizar, in his haste to show that he can do things has incidentally step on the royalty when he make the decision to transfer out an official from JAIP. No doubt that the officer is BN-biased but Nizar's mistake is to transfer him without consulting and getting HRH's blessing. The point is PR may govern Perak but PR must learn to respect the ruler ie HRH Sultan.

Need another point? Again concerning the Islamic religous council but this time in Penang. Lim GE in celebrating PAS's victory in Permatang Pasir indicated that Ismail will be heading Penang Islamic religous council. Granted Lim GE is the CM of Penang but Penang's Islamic religous council falls under HRH Agung's purview. Wouldn't it be more proper and "beradat" if Lim GE sought the blessing of HRH Agung before announcing his intention? And this is not Lim GE's fault alone. The bigger culprit is Anwar Ibrahim, the once DPM of Malaysia who also said the same thing. Anwar, of all people should know the " raja-raja Melayu" heads the states' islamic religous council. And Anwar, fails big time here...

What about Hassan Ali of Selangor? Same thing...he announced something that he should not. He should be getting HRH Sultan's blessing first and not jump the gun. The way I see it, Hassan Ali is trying to show off his "muscles" and he falls flat when HRH Sultan Selangor called him for a private audience.

Do I need to say more? Do you want me to tell where PAS Terengganu failed during their tenure to govern the state of Terengganu?

Briefly, what PR should be doing now is to give their full backing to Sidek Hassan to do his job in heading the super taskforce. If possible, arrange for aan appointment and offer whatever help available to facilitate his work. Sidek is facing an undaunting task, an additional work burdening his already overloaded scope of work. And all this because of the failures of politicians to keep PKFZ in check. Yes, it is the politicians from both camps who failed us. They failed to highlight the issues early and even when they highlight the issues, it has not been proprly addressed. PR can seek consolation to say that they do not have the numbers then but theyhave sufficient now to highlight it. Did they? And when things do not fall in places, a civil servant by the name of Sidek has been roped in to head the taskforce. So, is it fair to judge him when he has not even started? When he is not the cause of the problem?

PR, up to now a year after 2008, stills see themselves as opposition. They are not! They are running 5 states and in those 5 states, they are the Government of the day. If PR feels that their police chief is not doing the job, call him in, reprimand him and if he still fails then seek audience with HRH Sultan to plead their case to get the inefficient officer replaced. You think that it cannot be done? It has happened before in Selangor. It has happened before in Pahang. In those 2 cases, it's sufficient to say that the officials involved are not from police cotingent but higher up. One of the officials were caught in close proximity or as they say "khalwat". So replacing incompetent officials are nothing new.

It is funny to see that PR is always blaming the system when it is not to their advantageous. Blaming the system is not the answer. The key is how to work within the system and make use of the system to the fullest advantage. This is where PR is lacking. PR has strong willed leaders like Anwar, Karpal, Lim KS, Hadi Awang but none of them has experience working in the public sector. Anwar was parachuted in and never understand the mechanics of civil service. Karpal and Lim KS are outsiders whose life is to criticise and up to now have failed to realise that they are at a threshold of taking over the federal government. Their inexperience in running the government shows where idealism didn't work. The same goes for Hadi Awang.

PR is bent at picking up small issue. PR should be tackling major issues and not the small issues. Picking up and solving small issues are fine but it does not reflect their full commitment. PR has been seen to come into office in a confrontational stance and such, what ever the civil servants are doing is wrong (to PR). But PR itself failed to realise how the system works, how the public servants are tied by bureaucracy created by the government of the day, past and present. That's what PR should be looking at - how to improve the stystem and convert it to people-friendly system.

PR has to act as a responsible opposition (at federal level) and that means to act maturedly. THis is no longer the "us against them" era. PR could not just oppose for the sake of opposing. There are issues where both BN and PR can work together and there are issues where PR can take the lead. PR has level headed MPs' who are ready, but are the leaders ready? Are the supporters ready?

To Lim KS everything must be placed under royal commission. Why? Is it a necessity? A report is only as good as it is and the difference is the followup. The super taskforce will produce its reports, findings and recommendation, then? It is back to the politicians to make out how the reports will be handled. What I am saying is that, it all leads back to the politicians. So, don't blame others and make others punching bags for the politicians' failure to address the issue.

The lists go on but suffice for me to say it again - PR needs to understand the system and make use of the system. And if PR still could not understand, help is just a phone call away...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


sunwayopal said...


Very long post and many relevant points , think i'll just break it up so that the message dont get lost.

(quote) And all this because of the failures of politicians to keep PKFZ in check. Yes, it is the politicians from both camps who failed us. They failed to highlight the issues early and even when they highlight the issues, it has not been proprly addressed. PR can seek consolation to say that they do not have the numbers then but theyhave sufficient now to highlight it. Did they (unquote)

I dont agree, if you check back as far back as 3 or 4 years ago, Lim Kit Siang had already raised PKFZ scandal on the land price and was in Parliament hentaming Chan Kong Choy.

But BeeEnd as per normal, voted him down or no discussions.

So its not true Pakatan kept quiet !

Just like now, many things is being raised, Kugan death and Teoh death claiming many things wrong with BOTH the PUDM and MACC but govt dont want to do anything what more can we say.

sunwayopal said...

As for Mhd Sidek Hassan and his spin on independence of civil servants, thats bullshit.

Cakap tak serupa bikin i say.

Whats with the dragging out of the House Speaker?

Seriously, as civil servants, werent they supposed to take instructions form Sivakumar who was still the legal speaker.

Now, Zambry may be MB, fine !! But Sivakumar was still epaker!!! they should have taken HIS INSTRUCTION!!!!

Somebody should fire this question to Sidek Hassan , bloody hypocrite!!!

Anonymous said...

(Quote) PR could not just oppose for the sake of opposing. There are issues where both BN and PR can work together and there are issues where PR can take the lead. PR has level headed MPs' who are ready, but are the leaders ready? Are the supporters ready?

Again, let me correct a misconception. I doubt very much Sir that its Pakatan that is not wanting to work together.

Its the bastard Federal Govt that practices a beggar they state policy if it ever falls to Opposition.


What has happened to Kelantan the past 20 years? you call this working together? starving a state for 20 + years just because Kelantanese wants to be morally correct instead of makan UMNO punya duit haram, you dont give them legally what belongs to them?

And Trengganu, whats that crap about oil royalty suddenly becoming wang ehsan when PAS took power?

You call thsi wanting to work together?

This is all smoke screen and bullshit. All UMNO wants is to take back the crown jewels of Selangor, Perak and Penang and if they have to pretend to work together, so be it.

But many of us can see through their lies, they have ZERO intention of working together. If they did, they wouldnt have treated Kelantan like that for so long.

sunwayopal said...

(Quote)Anwar was parachuted in and never understand the mechanics of civil service. Karpal and Lim KS are outsiders whose life is to criticise and up to now have failed to realise that they are at a threshold of taking over the federal government. Their inexperience in running the government shows where idealism didn't work(Unquote)

This Sir I agree 110%.

The only thing working in Pakatan's favour at the moment I think is majority of the pro-Pakatan supporters simply hate UMNO and what they are doing more than anything else in the world.


if we have to suffer some administrative difficulties, so be it.


But u'r right, Pakatan should take this honeymoon period to buck up and learn they are no longer in Opposition. They really should not waste this opportunity.

In fact BeeEnd is THE OPPOSITION in Selangor!!!

sunwayopal said...

End of day though, the choice is pretty simple really and very straightforward :-

The choice is really down to choosing :-

1) A corrupt leader or boss that can find u a job that pays u RM 10,000 a month but he steals RM 7,000 from you and does nothing. You do all the donkey work but get RM 3,000.


2) A honest leader or boss but not a very smart boss lah this one. He tries his best but he can only get for u a job that pays RM 1,000 every month. But he dont steal your RM lah, that much u know.

So, the question is who would you rather choose as the boss!!!

nightcaller said...

OK here we goes..


OK, Lim KS raised it in the parliament about the land price and was voted down. Then what? Quiest...nothing else. 4 years back,we are already in cyberworld, what was it not constantly highlighted and bring up? Why wasn't the issue repeatedly brought up and let the rakyats kept informed of the progess and the multi blunders of PKFZ? Is once enough to raise the civic conscious of the rakyat?

Anon 2:52

Ok, let's say that BN do not want to co-operate with opposition in BN held areas, what about in PR-led states? Did PR offer BN the space to work together?

So far, I can only recall an instance when Lim GE offer a Gerakan member to lead Penang state in of of the folios. Wat about the rest?

And if Najib has been calling for co-operation, why not PR accept his offer? Accept it and nego ur way it too much to ask?

Back to Sunwayopal

It's not a matter of which boss u choose. Are u saying that you are willing to work for RM 1000 because the boss don't steal from u? When u are worth RM 10,000?

I would rather go for a boss who is willing to pay what u are worth and stand by your decision (and may dress u down late, in private, if you make a wrong decision) That is a trademark of a good boss.

nightcaller said...


Maybe you know Sidek Hassan, maybe you don't but I "know" him way back when he was an embassy officer in Japan under PTD and that was a long long time ago.

In his years as KSN, he has been known to be firm and has reprimanded many of his officers for not serving the people including those who "work" on the golf courses. I can say that he is trying his best to make sure his officers serve the people with his PERMUDAH going in the right direction.

What happen in Perak about the speaker being dragged out of the assembly is not his choosing. Malaysiakini did not asked him about that and what Malaysiakini asked is about his stand on Perak's state secretary decision during the first part of Perak fiasco when HRH make the decision to appoint Zambry. That is a right call because as a public servant, his loyalty goes to HRH first.

For Perak, my choice of decision during the black monday state assembly is for Nizar to go for vote of confidence. PR miht lose in the vote of confidence and if they do, the lose it with dignity. What happen was PR goes in with "confrontational mode" which is just not correct.

Do you expect the Perak regent to wait for Siva, Ganesan, Nizar, Zambry to fight ity out in the state assembly before he can officiate open the state assembly sitting? Siva was adamant and so is BN. Why can't Siva declare the sitting null and void on reasons that the house is not under control and the Bentara has failed to perform his duty? How to do that? Siva to seek audience with Perak regent and brief him of the situation. Is it too difficult to do?

What happen? the "confrontation mode" has been set from the beginning and make everybody look stupid and 65 rakyat spend the day being processed by the police...

sunwayopal said...

(Quote) Lim KS raised it in the parliament about the land price and was voted down. Then what? Quiest...nothing else. 4 years back,we are already in cyberworld, what was it not constantly highlighted and bring up? Why wasn't the issue repeatedly brought up and let the rakyats kept informed of the progess and the multi blunders of PKFZ (Unquote)

Because theres a certain limit to the amt of knowledge u have of the scandal. You dont have the info. Like PKFZ, if OTK didnt explode and embarass his own govt, nobody would have known also. You have to credit Lim KIt Siang for pressing and pressing and pressing but mana he will have the details.

The details and decision to release is down to OTK leh.

Like Kugan case, Teoh case, Altantuya case, Malaysians mudah lupa. Pakatan reps can make noise but if govt choose to clam up, theres nothing anybody can do. But in so choosing to clam up, more and more now believe this current govt is sirty beyond belief.

sunwayopal said...

(Quote) Ok, let's say that BN do not want to co-operate with opposition in BN held areas, what about in PR-led states? Did PR offer BN the space to work together? (Unquote)

This is EXACTLY my point. BeeEnd where will want to cooperate in Pakatan states. Their exact policy is to destroy and impoverish the Pakatan states.

Look at what happened to Kelantan, look at what happened to Trengganu the moment PAS won it.

These states have been wilfully and purposefully starved of development to teach the people there a lesson.

BeeEnd must be blind if they think we cannot see what they are doing.

or maybe you and I are seeing things differently. To me, its BeeEnd whos not cooperating with the Pakatan states.

Its not the other way round.

looes74 said...

It's not your choice. It shall be the perogative of the Menteri Besar. Derhaka or no derhaka, I got to say this. It's stated in the constuition, HRH has no right to sack Nizar. Not till HRH has acknowledged the surat Aku Janji from all original 31 assemblymen. Demanded by HRH Perak
Like it or not, it's the fact that the chief secretary has been vague on many things. Particularly The Perak fiasco. Like it or not, Rule of Law is still paramount in Malaysia as enshrined in the constuition.
Thus, my adamant advocacy that Malaysia shall always be a secular state. Tunku, Najib's daddy, Ismail & Tun Hussein agrees to this fact. Like it or not, Only A Secular Malaysia, all religion including Islam can live peacefully.
Good examples are France & Turkey. I do hope that Malaysian armed forces are fervently as secular as Turkish army

nightcaller said...


On PKFZ, the Sun repeatedly highlights the issue and so did one of the blogs. How did they get the info? through grapevines, my fiend :)

Yes, BN will go all out to demonise PR especially in Kelantan and Terengganu but as I said earlier, Lim GE breaks the duck by offering one Gerakan member to head one of the state's institutions. That should remind BN that co-operation can be fostered if both sides are willing.


You are correct to a point. Remember that when PR call for the 2 seats to be declared vacant, SPR said otherwise. What does that leave HRH? To hold to akujanji when spr said the 2 seats are not vacant?

The chief secretary will reply to the questions. Its how Malaysiakini phrased the questions. U ask correct and he will reply accordingly. :)

sunwayopal said...

(quote) asked is about his stand on Perak's state secretary decision during the first part of Perak fiasco when HRH make the decision to appoint Zambry. That is a right call because as a public servant, his loyalty goes to HRH first.


I think theres some contradiction here. As a civil servant, whos loyalty first? And this is very improtant, is the loyalty first to the Royalty or to the govt of the day?

That is the crux of the matter here. Once a govt is appointed and a MB or PM is appointed, the loyalty is to the govt of the day and NOT to the Royalty.

No 2 ways about it.

Malaysia is not an absolute monarchy rule.

This is precisely because rules were not followed that Perak is plunged into a constituitional crisis.

Royalty must understand there are constituitional procedures to follow punya. Mana bole sack as and when they want.

Malaysia will b in turmoil, well potentially.

But anyway, what does this matter to BeeEnd, the Juduciary can just rubber stamp all the executive decisions even tough morally wrong.

Like the Court throwing out Sivakumar decision, they say they cannot interfere with the Legislative asembly but yet at the same time can say Ganesan is th erightful speaker!!

what nonsense, if the courts cannot interfere, then the right decision is to say they dont know who the rightful speaker is! Period! to be decided by the assembly itself!

You can see the favouritism there!

looes74 said...

As regards to Sidek, he reminds me of Humphery Appleby. Top echelon civil servants are very scheming one. I don't think you can get the exact answer when you ask the questions. Any please enjoy watching these links. A Question of Loyalty




I believe Teng, Selangor Speaker must be watching this. Teng was not meeting with the first class Slimy civil servant such as Humphery. Sidek could be one of them too.

Watch them thoroughly!

nightcaller said...


In all the states, HRH heads the religous authority and there the state secretary needs to abide to HRH when it comes to religous matters. In certain states like Kedah, Johor, Kelantan, Terengganu there is the state civil services which are directly employed by the state and they are "commissioned by HRH". They can become the state secretary, District officers and other officers in the respective states. There are on occassions that PTD take some of the state civil services but their tenure is at HRH's pleasure.

What is my point there? Yes, the civil services answer to the government of the day but their final loyalty is to HRH. The same like the 3 branches of the army because HRH Agung is their supreme commander. In day to day running of the state, these officers is subject to follow the policies set out by the government of the day ie the politicians. In Perak's unique case, at that point of time there is 2 bodies claiming to represent the government and since HRH calls that BN has the majority, the state secretary has to make judgement call.

Of course, there are many ifs, buts and what ifs - for the time being BN has the majority and whether we like it or not there how it stays and the judiciary did not seems to be in a hurry to resolve the impasse (remember that the federal court is suppose to sit to determine who is the rightful MB of Perak and the judiciary agree that it is a matter of urgency. However after more than 2 months, the federal court has not deliberated on the issue).

No doubt that PR is at a disadvantage now but if they play their cards correctly, Perak may well be on the way back to PR. And if they do this time, do not gloat on the possible switch of sides from certain BN members because by doing that PR is exposing themselves to BN's counterstrike.

And since I am on it (and feeling like writing), the other handicap that PR has is their disability to make use of their resources and also coming from a long line of "we are the downtrodden", many of PR's decisions are clouded between what can be done legally and what they are fond of doing (and accussing). That, PR need to have some polished advise...

And btw, HRH Perak never sacked Nizar. He just accept Zambry to be sworn in. There's a catch there somewhere...all PR needs to do is to get the right tuning :)

looes74 said...

By the item 2, the state government has understood it perfectly clear & so does the civil servants. However, because of the political inclined civil servants, especially those slimy ones who know inside out of administration, it's clear there is a sense of biasness going on
For item 3, there lies the problems especially some civil servants who have "personal interests". Singapore dealt with such civil servants rotating them to various departments in very short time before they become entrenched in their comfy zone.
Though for item 4, HRH has residual power, HRH still need to listen to the advices of government of the day. Nizar might be rude but he's not wrong. Else, King Charles would have his head intact if he follows the Magna Charter strictly.
For Item 6, Police is simply unprofessional. This would never happen even in Singapore.
HRH or Agung has residual powers but they must remember that they must act upon the constituition of the day. When one decide to commit ultra vires, the others follow, it shall be one final conclusion. ANARCHY

Watch the whole series of Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister. It's recommended by many folks including LKY, Margaret Tharacher, RPK & even the Deputy Speaker
You see the purpose is any internal inquiry within the government......The answer is in

1) Yes Minister.......Bed of Nails & Yes Prime Minsiter.....Official Secrets. Go straight to Part 3.

Humphery is said that all leak inquiry normally not pursued. So lies LKS's worry. The Super Task Force staff with folks from Sidek's folk might not......Royal Commission of Inquiry made up of INDEPENDENT PEOPLE. WITH NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST. LKS's demand is therefore justified.

I have been watching those series over & over again. It can be very refreshing

looes74 said...

Loyalty to HRH who exrecised authority based upon the constuition of the day. HRH reigns not rule. HRH is no absolute monarch. Whatever his or her actions lest has been accorded to the constuition must relies on the advice of the government & The Head of the Government for Perak happens to be Nizar Jamaluddin
Thus, Sultan Idris went bongkos when MB Perak (UMNO) told Sultan straight in the face that Sultan has no right to sack MB. That MB was the father of Tajol Rosli.
The Sultan of Perak has made too much blunders that create a disaster for Perak. It's Ultra Vires. Thanks to Mahathir, the Sultan can be ahem.......Be it derhaka or no derhaka.

Like it or not, it's still the people that wields the power. Queen Elizabeth II played his role extremely well on this

nightcaller said...


It took some time but I manage to scrap through all the 3 videos on loyalty from Yes Minister series :)

In parts u are correct. That is why the PTD rotates its officer every 3 or 4 years or so so that the officers did not become "too attached" to the place and position. At least that happen for MACC (except for the "special case" in Selangor MACC) and also the customs, immigration and PTD officers assigned to the states).

As for the politically-biased officers, it is there and it is quite difficult to weed them out but I believe Sidek is trying his best to rotate them, with the help of other DGs'.

As for Perak's case, Nizar was caught wrong footed in the game. He should have request for dissolution when the 2 (Changkat Jering and Behrang) went to Pahang (Najib's homestate) for "treatment". Instead, PR was rejoicing for getting a )sleeper" jining them from BN and that is just smokescreen before Perak PR govt collapse.

In the super taskforce creation, what LKS and the rest should pursue is to get all these reports (auditors, MACC, police, super task, PAC) centralised and compiled by a parliament committee headed by members of both parties and both august houses. From there, see what are the remedial measures and the actions to be taken.

Yes, its correct that HRH reigns and not rules but it has also been customary for the head of the government of the day to brief HRH on the day to day running of the state. This is where the wisdom and HRH views are sought. It may not be official but through this regular audience, HRH guided the government on the issues at hand.

IN QE II case, the model works because of the 2 party political system in UK whereby change of goverment happens in democratic process, something that Malaysia seems to be heading to (and hope can be done democratically).

What I look forward to is the US model whereby politics emerged during the election year and those government officials are not penalised for their political affliation. Something that BN government is not ready whereby BN offer carrots for those openly seen to support BN political parties.

What happens in Perak is a grim reminder to the royal house that in order for them to gain the respect of the rakyat, they have to clean their act and their own house, be it in Perak or any other balance 8 states with sultans.

looes74 said...

In understanding Sidek, I would draw you to the last episode of Yes, Prime Minister. Humphery's interview with BBC. By then, Humphery was then the Cabinet Secretary. Cabinet Secretary is the same as Chief Secretary. See!
The title of the episode is Tangled Web

nightcaller said...


I have read the synopsis of the tangled web (whilst waiting for downloading which will take ages). That's bad...something eerily familiar with us down here where some "files" are kept as "security".

If that happens, nothing can help you but I am quite sure our friend in Putrajaya had the self control and self discipline to avoid having personal "secret files" kept in politicians' cupboard :)

looes74 said...

Well, that lies the problems. Why LKS has been yelling for Royal Commisssion on all things? Perhaps, I got to apologise to Sidek insinuating that there is a possibility of biasness. But some culprits are civil servants. Sidek is top civil servant. A conflict of interest
As for self control, I am not as sure as you are. Well, we just got to draw the line somewhere

looes74 said...

In The "Diplomatic Incidence in Yes Prime Minister", the Prime Minister asked the Home Office Secretary to get around with the Quarantine Rules. France is creating a diplomatic incident by bringing in the dog. Quarantine rule in UK requires animals including dogs from all people including dignitaries to be quarantined for 6 months. Home Office said nonsense. The Queen can't her own laws signed by herself
From this instance, Karpal's argument is valid on HRH Perak on issues

1) Transfer of one civil servant
2) Perak constituition crisis

You should have known. Najib met up with Perak Sultan before Nizar menghadap Sultan Perak. Protocol sudah salah. Macam nak valid.

The only snack Pakatan Rakyat has is that they don't have guns. Though BN hates communists but they practise communist doctrine
Power comes from the Barrel of the Gun. Know why I say Turkey is better. The Army there extremely secular

zorro said...

I just tagged you in my latest posting for a good cause. I am also extending an invitation to you as my guest at Rumah Anak Bangsa Malaysia on Wednesday 16 Sept 6pm.

sampalee said...

PR are really good as fire alarms[many years being in opposition],but when it come to fighting fire they are clueless and worse they drown out helpful suggestion by increasing the level of their Alarm.Politiking and governance require very DIFFERENT sets of skill.
The rakyats want to see PR deliver on their promises and really not interested in the pile excuses they are good at generating.

nightcaller said...


The pleasure is all mine...thks for the invitation.


During the CNY, PR is too happy celebrating the "migration" of Anwar's university's housemate to PR thus letting the backdoor expose for BN's assault. That's why Nizar is a step behind Najib in seeking audience with HRH Sultan of Perak.

In short, PR is lacking in protocol and PR with HRH. A very expensive lesson indeed for PR.


That's a new one - PR seen as the fire alarm panel and smoke/fire detectors but never fire fighting devices :)

That is why I stressed that PR is having "opposition mentality" and having difficulty to transform to "government mentality". 1 year is more than enough time for PR to learn the tricks and should be ready to run Kedah, Penang, Selangor and Perak.

And that is thereason why PR should not be picking little issues but to concentrate on bigger issues at hand, if they want to continue their bullish run right up to GE 13.

looes74 said...

I agree with the comment that Nizar has been too "slow". But I disagree with the protocol thingy.
If you follow the proper protocol, Najib has no right to see Sultan of Perak. Hence, Karpal said that Perak Sultan was ultra vires in his act

It would be very funny if a regal person who promulgated laws, bills, enactments & etc, later on reneged on it.
Hmmm......How does it reflect the hmmm.......? QEII can't bring in dogs from overseas without being quarantined for 6 months. Even OEII is The Queen of England, Scotland, Wales & The Northern Ireland, Oueen Elizabeth can't break her own law & protocol
So does Sultan of Perak? Expensive lesson for PR only? You sure not for BN? Such action shows that power can be grabbed from The Barrel of The Gun. Communist Idea. And Irony when UMNO ban ex-communists from entering Malaysia but practising Mao's doctrine

Pedra Branca issue not settled yet. So does Water Issue? Yup, Singapore government allows the water contract to lapse on 2011.....But water supplies to Singapore enshrined in Malaysia & Singapore's constuitition......Malaysia must supply water to Singapore.......Since Najib does not follow the right protocol, hmmm......what does it lead to?

Perak's fiasco's a Phyrric victory for Najib where Najib did a Samson Act & buried under the heap......

nightcaller said...


We agree that Nizar is "too slow" to stop the Perak fiasco. HRH could not stop Najib from seeing him as Najib may seek audience on the pretext of courtesy call and bring up the issue during the audience, something that the palace protocol did not expect?

On the rules, it is noticed that although there are set rules for things but there is always these "escape" clauses (or rather exception) which is applicable in certain cases, to the discretion of the minister concerned. It is good that QEII abide buy her own rules and maybe refuse to ask for Minister's "special preference treatment" because she knows well that "nothing is free in this world".

In our local cases, they too know the limits and the exception but they would rather choose the "i scratch ur back and u scratch mine" approach which in the long run, detrimental to the nation.

The last time I recall, Pulau Batu Putih issue has be resolved where Rais yatim said it is a "win-win" situation :) I know that Pulau Batu Putih's judgement has grey area which needs to be sort up by both countries.

On water supply issue, isn't the contract extended and to be reviewed somewhere in 2030's?

Najib's victory in Perak is short term. The long term repurcussion is still to be determined in GE 13 (or hopefully in a special election if BN agrees to dissolve the state assembly)

looes74 said...

Water Issue would still be the contentious issue so long that it still remain in Malaysia & Singapore constuition.
It's something Muhyiddin, Najib, BN would never tell you about it. You can expect Anwar can't do much when he comes into power.
Of course, it's not the courtesy of HRH Perak rejecting Najib's visit. As a Sultan who is the chief of adat2 resam as well as Head of the State as accorded in the constituition, HRH Perak can't break his own law. Hence, Ultra Vires comment by Karpal in which some clowns manipulate into the derhaka thingy.
Constituition must be paramount. If there are escape clauses, what makes you think others would not use it? Remember Iran!
QEII would never reneged on her laws. Yes, there are monarchs who does. One of them was King Charles I. Subsequently, England become republic under Oliver Cromwell & King Charles ahem......

It's conclusion. It's a Phyrric Victory for Perak. Nizar & Co would carry on & on haranguing Zambry till Kingdom comes. Netherland lost Indonesia that way you know