Friday, September 04, 2009

Al- Fatihah : Azman Mohd Noor

Bagan Pinang state representative, Azman Mohd Noor 55 years of age passed away this afternoon.

Our condolence to the family. Al fatihah

For teaser, please note that the postal votes for Bagan Pinang is 4,925 which is up and over the 2,333 majority.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


sunwayopal said...

Man plans but GOD disposes.

Even though we are political enemies, may he rest in peace.

looes74 said...

Lets call in the calvary. Been in PAS Negeri Sembilan website. Found one quite impressive. PKR & DAP can't find. Stick to this
Mission is to get half of 4925 votes. If one can beat the dirtiness of postal votes

nightcaller said...


Thks for the kind words.


Assuming that the postal votes are mainly from the soldiers, the new voter composition is actually as follows :-

postal votes 34.8 %
malay votes 31.3 %
indian votes 19.9 %
chinese vote 10.5 %
others 3.5 %

This line of composition will be use for the by-election analysis.

It will be a tough by-election and the candidate will be a major factor.

If Bagan Pinang falls to PR, BN's defense will be breached..and expect fallouts in Terengganu, Perak, NS to take place in PR's favour.

In short, this is a by-election that BN can't afford to lose.

sunwayopal said...

Lets assume one thing if above compostion is correct.

Postal votes = chinese + indian votes.

Assume majority postal = BeeEnd
Assume majority chinese + indian = Pakatan

So really, whos takes the balance Malay votes really wins.

nightcaller said...


U get my initial drift. Now it all depends on who is the candidate.

ahoo said...

How on earth can there be a postal votes of about 5000 in this area ??
Would the socalled army personnel doubled up as voters on that by-election day ?

I think in any normal by-election without any added " spices " bn is history as they are still behaving and living in the dinosaur era. Let the people of Malaysia wakes up to reality and take this nation back from the corrupt politicians.

nightcaller said...


If u are a PD lover (port Dickson), you will notice the army camp in that area. That's where the postal votes come from.

One of BN's ingenious idea of having "reserves" votes to be used where necessary during GEs'. As for Bagan Pinang, hope MAFREL can look into this matter and ensure that the postal voting are done in a proper manner and to avoid finger pointing and accusations, the postal votes should be talliued up first before tallying the other votes from numerous polling stations.