Friday, September 11, 2009

For Samy, the countdown begins tonight...

Samy's countdown begins tonight...and by tomorrow, his fate is in the hands of 1,464 voting delegates. Samy has show his cards, tomorrow the delegates will show theirs. The winning cards will determine the direction and future of the beleagured MIC

The boys are back and they will paint the town red tonight. Whatever they do, my advice is for them to stay off toddy tonight because tomorrow is D-day. Not the D-day of Normandy but Decision day on the future direction of MIC.

Come 12th September 2009, 1,464 MIC delegates will perform their duty to elect 2009-2012 MIC office bearers. Samy is hoping that his "Presidential team 2009" will prevail so that his dream of a smooth succession plan can be put in place.

The key fight will be the 3-way tussle for the deputy president post with Samy praying that his choice of G Palanivel will retain the post. However, today's Samy is a pale shadow of past years Samy.

Once, a long long time ago, Samy's words is MIC's commandment. Now, even Sothinathan did not heed his wishes to let Palanivel comfortably defend his post. Sothinathan who was Samy's ex-blue-eyed boy has decided to contect the deputy post, leaving Samu fuming mad and accussing Sothinathan of being too ambitious.

But Samy's headache is not Sothinathan. His headache or rather intense migrane is caused by his long time nemesis S. Subramaniam. Samy may not show it but he is bend in making certain G Palanivel wins the deputy President's post. Samy has place obstacles into Subramaniam path when Samy, through teh CWC, decided to ask Subramaniam to show cause for tarnishing the party's image. And only Samy knows what party image he is referring to because MIC has failed big time during GE 12 and at the same time one time MIC strongman V Govindaraj admitted that he pocketed 30 votes to help Samy beat Subramaniam in the all-important 1977 deputy presidency contest. That pocketed 30 votes pushed Samy to MIC presidency.

Subramaniam's matram (change) battlecry is getting into Samy's nerves. Subra alone is not a threat to Samy but Nammavar-backed Subra is another story altogether. Samy's choice words of President team is no longer relevant to MIC. Maybe Samy fail to acknowledge it but his supporters are deserting him.

Makkal Osai's exclusive interview with Mahathir is another blow to samy. There, Mahathir has openly declare his support for Subramaniam. To diffuse the situation, Samy blamed Subramaniam for getting outside help and at the same time MIC youth came out to defend Samy.

For Samy, the writings are on the wall. Just a few night back, Palanivel hinted that he did not follow Samy's instructions. If that is not an indication, then what is Samy waiting for? Is Samy waiting for a voice from the sky to instruct him to step down?

Whoever wins the deputy president's post tomorrow, the message will be the same - move out now Samy. It is only the method will be different. G Palanivel will ask Samy to honour his words that he will step down and pass the baton to Palanivel. Sothinathan will request Samy to heed the voice of change and Samy to pack his bags. Subramaniam? If Subramaniam wins, Samy will be having daylight nightmares and every steps will be a painful journey.

Samy came in when MIC was rising together with Perikatan and later BN. Samy overstayed and brought MIC to the ground because of his penchant for power. Makkal Sakhti has swept Samy off the pedestal, Najib has bypassed Samy in Batu Caves and all indications pointed to Samy's exit. If Samy is smart, he will step down now and wait for his Tunship.

Samy's countdown begins tonight...and by tomorrow, his fate is in the hands of 1,464 voting delegates. Samy has show his cards, tomorrow the delegates will show theirs. The winning cards will determine the direction and future of the beleagured MIC.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

MIC politics is like a mosquito bite for the nation. Bygone can do the job.

The more important issue is the attempts to overthrow the current Selangor state government.

This was a reply given in the Malaysian Parliament, in response to a question by DAP MP Loke Siew Fook:

"Sejumlah 10 cabutan khas (special draw) yang telah dibenarkan oleh Kerajaan pada tahun 2008. Jumlah kutipan cukai yang diperolehi daripada cabutan khas tersebut adalah sebanyak RM77,026,171.04. Kerajaan membenarkan cabutan khas diadakan berdasarkan kepada keperluan semasa yang bertujuan untuk membiayai pelbagai program/projek pembangunan yang berbentuk sukan, kebajikan, pendidikan, kesihatan dan kemasyarakatan."

That works out to around RM7,702,600 per draw in the government's kitty.

Fast forward to 2009. Do you all know how many special draws have been allowed till this date?

Da Ma Cai

Magnum 4D

Sports Toto

Thats a total of 34 special draws todate.

At the conservative estimate of RM7.7 million taxes per draw based on the reply in the parliament, the Federal government, (with a 'premier' partner UMNO, which the PM claimed is an Islamic party) would have collected RM 261.8million 'halal' money.

One wonders how much of 'halal' money went actually for "pelbagai program/projek pembangunan yang berbentuk sukan, kebajikan, pendidikan, kesihatan dan kemasyarakatan"?

Or did any of this amount go to nurturing frogs?

Look at the trend of the draw dates.
See any concentration of dates, before the Perak state government was hijacked?

And is there any concentration of dates, co-inciding with the time where the Selangor state government ex-co members and their assistants were being 'invited' to co-operate with Federal government agencies' investigations? And the 'special' blog on TBH that surfaced around that time?

When all that failed, then the 'religious' angle came into the picture with
a. beer confiscation from 7-Eleven (which ironically is from the same business group that Sports Toto also belongs)
b. self-proclaimed edits about state suthorities being given powers to go after Muslims 'dealing' with alcoholic beverages
c. Cow-Head march
d. Disruption in the dialogue session called by the Selangor State government

Too many co-incidences. Very difficult to ignore.
Malayians need to remember these carefully when they want to cast their votes and select the people that they want as their MPs and ADUNs


sunwayopal said...

Boss to be honest, although i agree with you 110%, for Pakatan Rakyat's sake in PRU 13, I pray and hope his boy Palanivel wins and all of Samy's boss pulls through also.

This would then confirm the obliteration of MIC in PRU 13.

If Subra wins, a headache for Pakatan to address.

nightcaller said...


Your point is well taken. As for the draw dates and the monies spent on "pelbagai program/projek pembangunan yang berbentuk sukan, kebajikan, pendidikan, kesihatan dan kemasyarakatan", most must be going to the "kebajikan" but not for the poor. The "kebajikan" is for the selected "toll collectors" from BN department :)


I am looking for a good fight between BN and PR in GE 13. For that reason, i wish for a strong BN and a healthy PR. May the better group's no fun winning over a handicapped party.

WENGER said...

Palanivel has been playing the stiff upper lip, no quarter given. Subra has been taking his message to the entire nation. Realpolitik indicates Palanivel to win I think. (ie. politikos do what is in their best interest)

sunwayopal said...


For me your scenario doesnt work, 2 healthy party i agree so long as the rules are fair and the referee is fair.

But its not, the EC is one sided. The media is one sided. BeeEnd mi-uses the govt apparatus and govt machiner to berkempen.

Mana ada fair ?

I will take whatever advantage I can get.

Pakatan needs all the help it can get just to off-set all these disadvantages.!!!

Thats why I also wish this MCA fight had not happened now, 2 years from now would b perfect timing.

nightcaller said...


I am getting sentimental here. My take Subramaniam will win..(hope there is no sudden electric blackouts and such) because if Palanivel wins tomorrow, he may get serious tongue lashing from Samy for things he said (and indicated) in TV3 interview...


Just because the other party don't play fair, PR also wants to fall into the same category?

If BN don't play fair, let them because they are now paying the price of unfair play (cheating etc) through their noses...

Wenger J Khairy said...

Oh nooo...My head told me Palanivel, but for BN sake, MIC needs Subra, now Rembau Times is embarrassed .. sigh

nightcaller said...


This time we are on the same boat...BN needs Subra but MIC thinks otherwise, maybe Sothi's factor chips away Subra's voters.

Back to the drawing boards...

sunwayopal said...

My only wish is Samy Vellu stays healthy at least for the next 3 years.

Whatever little mercies we can get, we take.

Every small advantage counts for PRU 13.

looes74 said...

Well, in the party that's similar to Facist party ( I am talking about Italy),Mussolini Samy would always win.
Rejoice! You knew what would happen next....I love Italians.....Italy switch knowing that they are in the losing side
Franco lagi best.....Got Hitler's help to finish off the republicans & communists in Spain & stay neutral throughout WWII. Bijak! Bijak!

nightcaller said...


Don't worry about Samy..he will be around in 3 years time but the question is - will he run for Sg Siput in GE 13? He has openly declare that he will be retiring in 2012 but maybe "the last call' may be too great for him to resist...


Samy will always win for now but the effect of today's voting is far and reaching. Samy's man G Palanivel cannot muster mosr than 50 % of the total votes (thanks to Sothi) what will Samy do? Continue to haunt Subra with his CWC? and sack Subra?

So who will switch sides first ? Samy or Subra :)

sunwayopal said...


the best thing is this. MIC has full say who they select as the candidates for PRU 13.

So even if not Samy, expect people like Palanivel, his son Vell Paari all semua his crony to b selected.

And watch the Pakatan shock and awe tactics, we will completely obliterate MIC to pieces.

The Indian community will wreak vengeance on Samy man.

I think the Malays from UMNO also will not vote for MIC punya man.

All in, I would say perfect night tonight for Pakatan.

We shall see how this plays out beginning with the Indian vote for Bagan Pinang.

All components for BeeEnd at least in Semanajung is collapsing.

MIC - Samy Vellu still leading the party.

PPP - Kayveas and Murugiah will destroy the party.

Gerakan - whole of penang hates Koh Tsu Koon to the last man, expect Gerakan to b wiped out totally.

MCA - actually porn star winning will b good for us coz I see OTK as the stronger person but lets hope MCA completely shatters as a result.

End result = UMNO all alone in Peninsular and only counting on Taib Mahmud plus their Sabah gang left.

looes74 said...

Taib Mahmud reminds me Franco. PBB need BN/UMNO help in certain areas for Sarawak but bar them from entering Sarawak politically.
See everybody is on the waiting mode....Waiting for the Humpty Dumty to fall......You see The Allies ( I mean Pakatan Rakyat) has begun to repel the Battle of Bulge strategy orchestrated by Najib/Hitler. Now massing at the Rhine waiting to breach......Once the Rhine has been breached, it's bye bye BN

Don't mind who would switch sides......MIC is no PAP. Subra is no Lee Siew Choh & definitely Samy is no LKY. Without able lieutenants left, it's a dead end for MIC
I am into Men in Whites now. Anwar's PKR & Husam's PAS is entering the stage LKY & his lieutenants was in the 50s
UMNO condemned PAP being a chinese chauvinist. However, PAP was saved by a malay housewife, Salmah, Siglap MP who is hospitalised. Dramatic as it was, there was a tie on the Motion of Confidence on LKY's PAP. PAP won by 26 to 25 against the onslaught of Barisan Sosialis.

sunwayopal said...

Bagan Pinang has now taken on earth shaterring, complete game changing importance to everybody.

Can you guys just imagine if UMNO so called saviour and certain winner Isa is selected but come polling day 8.00 p.m. is declared LOSER, lost by 86 votes!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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