Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hmmmm...another new party?

if PCM is slick, it should be offering membership to Hee Jit Foong, Osman and Zailani, the three independent reps in Perak. To top it up, PCM can also offer membership to Ibrahim Ali, the MP from Pasir Mas. If they can do that, PCM can be transformed into a relevant party overnight just by being a party with 1 senator, 2 MP and 3 ADUN.

It must be profitable to be Malaysian politicians. If not, how can we explain the many political parties mushrooming under Malaysian skies?

Just back in May 2009, several key Hindraf members formed Makkal Sakthi party. Then in July 2009, Hindraf's Uthayakumar launches Human Rights Party. Two months later in September 2009, another party is launched and named Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM). 6 months, 3 political parties and yet GE 13 is more than 2 years away...

For the purpose of discussion, let's forget Makkal Sakthi and Human Rights party. Both of them are born from Hindraf and proved that Hindraf has lost its cause. Their leaders are leaning towards political ambitions and using the respective parties as bargaining tools to either join BN or PR. Fullstop. So, that means we are left with Parti Cinta Malaysia...

At first glance, PCM came about with the ejection of Chua Soil Lek from MCA. Does that mean PCM is formed by Chua's supporters? If they are Chua's ardent supporters, why is the party's registered address in Perai, Penang? Is there something else than meets the eye?

Before we start speculating, let's look at Malaysia's political picture. Right now, we have partyless T Murugiah ex-PPP, expelled ex-MCA's Chua Soil Lek , suspended Gerakan's Huan Cheng Guan, questionable SPDP's Tiong King Sing, going to be disciplined MIC's Subramaniam to name a few. Some of these leaders are partyless whilst a few have the ambition to expand their party to peninsular Malaysia and one will be facing his party's disciplinary committee soon. In a nutshell, these leaders are urgently looking for a shell party to remain relevant in Malaysian politics.

They could not possibly join Makkal Sakthi as it is an Indian based-party and they could not afford to stay under Human Rights party when the party's "actual leader" is in UK. They may find PKR and DAP getting too crowded and PAS is too foreign for them. As such, these leaders may take over the mantle of Parti Cinta Malaysia, if given half a chance.

Wait, before concluding their next move, let's look at the party itself. As in any commercial ventures, the branding is important and you can't afford to have a weak brand name. Does Parti Cinta Malaysia get the right vibes? It doesn't have the sparkle and the glitter of success. In fact, one blogger mentioned that it reminds him of Parti Communist Malaysia.

Me? I see PCM as a back-up to whatever these few politicians are fishing. For Chua, he may use PCM as his base should his MCA's EGM agenda failed. T Murugiah is a different story. He still has a slight chance of being re-admitted to PPP since Kayveas is having some problems with the Bar council and has lost his court case.

As for Tiong King Sing, he is having his hands full with PKFZ issue that he may need to put his ambition to spread his politics to peninsular Malaysia on a burner and keep it warm. Subramaniam? With the heat on MIC, I did not see Samy Vellu going for Subra's jugular. Not when Palanivel could not muster more than 50 % of the votes in the recently concluded MIC election. After all, Samy is still eyeing for his elusive Tunship and he don't want to be seen in the bad books of Najib.

Who's left? Right...Huan Cheng Guan. I see PCM as a political vehicle for Huan Cheng Guan for these coming 3 years where he will fight tooth and nail with Gerakan in Penang. I see PCM as a party concentrating its strength in Penang and solely registered to bash Gerakan.

Is that all? No, not yet, I am not done...if PCM is slick, it should be offering membership to Hee Jit Foong, Osman and Zailani, the three independent reps in Perak. To top it up, PCM can also offer membership to Ibrahim Ali, the MP from Pasir Mas. If they can do that, PCM can be transformed into a relevant party overnight just by being a party with 1 senator, 2 MP and 3 ADUN.

And since we are at it, why not PCM sniffed around PR. Who knows, if they are lucky, they can bagged a few more ADUNs and MPs....and if that happens, PCM may be invited to join BN pronto...

The chances of it happening is quite remote but anything is possible. What PCM need to do is to entice those few independents to join them. If they cannot be pursuaded, then use whatever resources available to rope them in. I know that Osman and Zailani maybe interested to re-visit their "nostalgic" place in Penang, Hee has been too "lonely" without political companion for more than 6 months and Ibrahim Ali can always be counted on whenever the words "Cinta Malaysia" is on the air.

Well, it is not fair for me to say Parti Cinta Malaysia has no glitter without giving an alternative name. Why not named it Parti Citarasa Malaysia or loosely translated as "Taste of Malaysia party". I have my reasons to say that. Consider this :-

  1. President T Murugiah (since he wanted to head a party so much)
  2. Deputy President - Chua Soi Lek and Subramaniam (as per their previous party position)
  3. Vice President Huan Cheng Guan (he was suspended from that post before)
  4. Treasurer Tiong Sing King (now he can expand his wings to peninsular Malaysia)
Now where else can you find a new party with 1 senator, 2 MPs and 3 ADUNs? In fact, this new party has better representation in parliament than some other component parties in BN. To top it up, this new party will surely bring the smiles to Najib and the rest because with a stroke, all BN internal problems and bickering is solved - by PCM. As long as PCM is not the abbreviation for Parti Cepat mati, then everything will be fine :) (I am switching off my mild sarcastic mode now)

Are we going to see another new party formed in November? Why not make it a new political party for every 2 months? That way, politicians can always scout around for better political platform. By the way, when is PIS going to be registered ?

Hope that nobody come up with the idea of registering Parti Anak Malaysia (PAM). If they do, Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia (another PAM) will be suing them left and right for trademark infringement, same like McD vs McCurry....heh heh

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


sunwayopal said...

Hee, Osman and Jamaludin wont b 'lonely'. They have lots and lots of cash to keep them company every night.

nightcaller said...


They won't be lonely with the money but hey...the more the merrier...:)
Cash don't talk back, people do...