Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A blogger in need : Yvonne Foong meme

When you are tagged by Zorro, better don't play-play...:) { I hope Z will spare me the rod for being late in putting up this posting}

This posting will be about Yvonne Foong who blogs under Yvonne Foong : Fighting NF. NF stands for Neurofibromatosis which is hereditary in nature. Basically, it is a non-malignant tumour affecting two of our senses ie sight and hearing. She has lost her hearing and the tumour is affecting her eyesight now. She is planning to go on the operation table in December 2009 to remove her tumour.

Yvonne is currently working on raising her funds to cover the medical expenses which comes up to USD 44,000 (RM 154,000) excluding her hospitalisation (USD 915) and travelling expenses.
As of 15th september 2009, she has collected RM 57,094 and still needs all the support and donations to cover her operation expenses.

Her book "I'm not sick, just a bit unwell" in English and Chinese at RM 5.70 each can be purchased from either Malaysian bookstores or from her website store. Visiting her website store will reveal that she also sells other books like "Wild Orchids of Cameron Highlands", T-shirts and her latest product is mooncake.

Two ladies and the unmasked one wrote about her here, here and here.

Give the chance for Yvonne to see and experience together the three things I love :-

1. A unified bangsa Malaysia
2. Healthy discussions
3. Good governance


In keeping with meme tradition, I am tagging :-

1. Hati yang terusik - they say that knowledge open the windows to the world
2. Since the dreamer choose one, I choose Pkari a true blooded defender of our statesman.
3.When looking for latest news, look no more as long as Anil is here.
4. Truth hurts ! Trust Nobisha for frank and candid assessment of issues at hand.
5. He's been there before, proving that economics and politics do mix, so say sakmongkol ak47

For meme rules, please refer here.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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