Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Of team MIC, MCA EGM and ...

  1. Now that Merdeka celebration is over, the rakyat has been loaded with extra burden of increases in petrol price, bus fare, taxi fare - what else is new?
  2. Two of the original UMNO's partners in Perikatan will be having their own "Merdeka bash" in September.
  3. MIC will be going first with their party election on 12th September 2009. Samy Vellu is currently touring the country with "team MIC" promoting G Palanivel for MIC's no 2 spot together with "preferred list" for VPs' and CWCs'.
  4. Along the way, Samy Vellu labelled those not in his "preferred list" as part-time leaders. Samy says :-

    • get rid the party of "part-time" leaders;
    • not to elect leaders who come to MIC HQ to spend time signing cheques and documents;
    • elect service-oriented, capable and dedicated leaders;
    • MIC is not an entertainment club;
    • he will work with G Panivel on political front;
    • VPs' to implement party policies with the help of the government;

  5. As for Samy, he may be thinking of getting hold of his Tun-ship soon now that there is a vacancy at Tun level with the demise of Hamid Omar (al-fatihah). Then, maybe Samy Vellu will be overly-satisfied and willing to let go MIC to the younger generation. But don't expect a tame affair during MIC's election for 2009-2012 office bearers.
  6. MCA, meanwhile is going for another explosive finale of the never ending saga of President vs Deputy. This time, it will be Ong TK vs Chua SL.
  7. Although the Presidential council has unanimously agreed to sack Chua SL, there are genuine attempts to reinstate Chua and put Ong's head on a platter with 5 EGM resolutions :-

    • no confidence vote against Ong TK;
    • revoke Presidential's council (or any other council) decisions to sack Chua SL;
    • reinstate Chua SL as MCA's deputy president;
    • reject any appointment by CC for party posts, including deputy prior to EGM;
    • reject disciplinary actions against those who supported EGM;

  8. Ong TK himself has also initiated move on his own calling for EGM. However, Ong TK has not set the agenda of his EGM. Whatever it is, the EGM will be held within 30 days from 31st August 2009. And that, my friends is the Merdeka spirit of MCA...
  9. Whichever way you look at it, MCA is going to split in the middle and this will benefit PR to no end...
  10. That's not all...UMNO, the "superglue" that holds Perikatan and later BN together for the past 50 years is also on trial here.
  11. The 28th August "cow head" incident will not be let off easy. Although police reports have been lodged and the police promising swift action due to the sensitivity of the case, Hishamuddein still wants to come out tops by agreeing to an appointment with the "residents representatives".
  12. His reasons?

    • the residents have seek an appointment with him;
    • police are still conducting an investigation;
    • police probe has to be completed before arrests can be made;
    • police will take actions against anybody who have affected sensitive issues BUT need to be fair to the residents concerned;

  13. Can someone enlightened me here? Is Hishamuddein the MB of Selangor? Can he make decisions where the temple will be relocated? Can he make decisions whether the temple will be relocated? Can he pardoned those who raise sensitive issues?
  14. If he can, why not Kg Buah Pala residents make an appointment to see Hishamuddein? They want to stay in their village and fear eviction by the developer.
  15. Since Hishamuddein loves appointment, why not Kuantan syariah court meet him on the caning sentence? See whether Hishamuddein can carry out the caning sentence for syariah cases himself?
  16. And whilst we are at it, why not the Kedah residents who are against the abattoir relocation makes an appointment to see him? Let's see what he wants to say then? Will he re-locate the abattoir to a new place? Will he re-erect the abattoir at the old place?
  17. Hishamuddein is eating more than he can chew and soon he may suffocate on his own doings...
  18. Hopefully, 2009 Merdeka will give Malaysians the true independence from the gang of three ie UMNO, MCA and MIC. If Japan can dream of life after LDP, why not Malaysians advancing without UMNO, MCA and MIC?
  19. Que sera sera....
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


sunwayopal said...

The only difference between Japan and us is there.

LDP is a party of honourable gentlemen. If they lose, so be it.

As for UMNO, I seriously dread the day if they lose PRU 13 and what will happen the next morning.

You never know with some of the more 'racist' elements in UMNO and if they really wake up to a day when they have lost total control of govt, you never know what these bunch of racists will really really do.

nightcaller said...

One at a time. Let's cross the bridge when we reach the river :)

Trust that it will be a smooth transition...

sunwayopal said...

Lets see, Perak proves they are sore losers.

Granted, they managed to get the frogs but they miscalculated badly when the Speaker was still with Pakatan.

And then they used brute force to get him out.

This tells me these bunch will use whatever they have in their hands (EC lah, PDRM lah, the Army lah etc etc etc) to get out of handing over power peacefully.

ahoo said...

We live in a land that is more truly than Asia !!! Never anyday goes without excitement and we do not need intimacy with opposite sex to have an adrenalin rush. Each time we read the many happenings will cause the mental high in us.

What a place to be and no wonder so many foreigners are fleeing in here by the plane load (or the agent are conning them in w/o job). We better be prepared to be strong and healthy for our children sake as the ongoing battle cries may cause permanent head damage. ( PhD lah )