Friday, October 09, 2009

Bagan Pinang N31 : The "cow heads" are coming to town...

The beauty of travelling in mass transportation and being "anon" is here today.

  1. The beauty of travelling in mass transportation and being "anon" is here today.
  2. On one of those public transportation, had the luck to be seated next to an UMNO youth active member. How so? Well, he's proudly wearing the blue UMNO round teeshirt. That is not important but what comes next should be of some substance.
  3. Along the way, this guy make a phone call and urge the other party to be prepared to go down to Bagan Pinang to present their "side" of the story. And why is it important for the other party to make way to Bagan Pinang? He is one of the six charged in Shah Alam court regarding the cow head debacle.
  4. One thing that catch my mind is that the caller preferred to make the trip in a group. Why? Getting scared of being "Azeezed"?
  5. The caller voice lowered considerably when he noticed that there were some non-Malays on board and thus shorten his call.
  6. Another thing that shocked me is the nickname he used to call his friend. "Monyet", that's the word he use. Is this what UMNO/BN trained their youth? When parents log all out to give a nice name to their children, their peers opts to call the guy "monyet". What a pity. If this is the trend of UMNO youth, no doubt UMNO/BN is going down. They just failed to produce good and clean leaders.
  7. Back to the topic - do UMNO think that by roping in the "cow heads" , they can sway the votes? Honestly, the strategy may backfire on them. It is better for UMNO/BN to remain silent on the issue.
  8. Then, there are reports that PR is not doing that bad in postal votes. Is BN/UMNO losing their hold in postal votes? If UMNO is thinking that they can fight it out alone in Bagan Pinang, they will be in a surprise this 11th October 2009.
  9. MCA members are too engrossed in their EGM and whatever happen on 10th October 2009 will have a significant bearing in Bagan Pinang. Whichever group losing out in Bagan the EGM will definitely be "no-show" in Bagan Pinang. That said, the Chinese votes will be comfortably be PR's.
  10. There is also a new sense of concern for some when youths brigade from both opposing camps are making their way to Bagan Pinang. I appealed to both sides to refrain from provocation. Malaysians have better things to do than infighting.
  11. By the way, TV3 just flash the news of police making a statement that the alledge beating and hurt to a PAS youth member is false. For the sake of justice, I hope that the police makes the right statement and hope that both sides to stop wild accussations that worsen the scenario.
  12. It is also nice to mingle amongst the crowd and stay unknown...heh heh heh....
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


sunwayopal said...

The PDUM (Polis Di UMNO Malaysia) is so vested.

If nobody has made a report, how can they investigate and if they didnt , how can they make a declaration its false?

Total misinformation going on!

Good for nothing PDUM !!! Biased like sh*t.

Azeez punya 'false claim' they take so long to investigate ie they dont declare its false pulak, this one so fast!!!!!

Stinks man


nightcaller said...


PAS issued a statement to say that they lodge 5 police reports regarding the incident.

PDRM claimed that the person doing the report is not the same photographed. Too much watching CSI?

It is utmost important for PDRM to keep its integrity intact because once its lost, it will be eternity before they can recover the lost integrity...

looes74 said...

Looking at the increase of negativity in the mainstream media, it would be seen that indeed that BN or UMNO is indeed very scared.
What are few hulubalang2 including the so called one of the founder who decided to switch sides would really cast aspercions on PKR or PR? PAP has splitted to the core 40 years ago & survived. An obscure founder & 63 followers can create impact? Hahaha!
I say the chances in Bagan Pinang would still be 50 - 50. Even Isa wins, nobody can deny the fact that Mohammad Hassan would be in big trouble.

Lets not count the eggs before being hatched. Call BN's bluff. Play the gallery to the end. See the last person who laugh would never be the one from the establishment
Huge difference between PAP & UMNO? PAP realised the danger head on (perhaps, kiasuism got the better of them), keep on evolving. UMNO still stucj in denial mode.
Last statement by Hisham is simply amazing. Just read

sunwayopal said...


I think our PDUM punya integfity long long time ago already lost.

Najib had one and ONE major chance to salvage some hope from them last month by taking a clear stand and not reappointing Musa Hassan.

Too bad Najib's husband told him no can do, must continue Musa.


nightcaller said...


U got that spot on. The MSM negativity on PR is contributed to PR's strong showing in Bagan Pinang. Last night PR brought in Nik Aziz and tonite, it's Anwar's turn to rock the house. BN's backpedalling now...

EC's statement requesting supporters and tourist to stay away from Port Dickson is another clear sign of possible changing tide...

That Shaharuddin fella can jump wherever he wants because his defection is a non-issue in Bagan Pinang.


PDRM better buck up and arrest continual degradation of service. Or else whatever PDRM says will be suspicously look upon by the rakyat. MSM has failed in their duty..and PDRM should learn from experience what happen when a uniformed body lost its integrity...